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Sports News
AllDetroit Sports Web Guide All Sports CBC Sports (Canadian) CBS Sportsline
CNN/SI (Sports Illustrated) Detroit Free Press Sports ESPN.Com FansOnly.Com
Great Outdoor Recreation Page MSNBC Sports Online NandoNet Sport Server NCAA News Online New York Times Sports Page
Sporting News Sports Illustrated for Kids The Sports Network Total News Sports
TSN: The Sports Network (Canadian) USA Today Sports Web Sports Parents Yahoo's Directory of Sports Sites Yahoo Sports Broadcasts

All Sports
This site is a collection of the finest fan sites from around the world, developed For The Fans! By The Fans!™ Each team is covered by a Fan Reporter™ who has a loyalty to that team that most people can only imagine and they want to prove it to you.
(Last checked 5/21/03)

CBC Sports
Courtesy of the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation.
(Last checked 5/21/03)

CBS Sportsline
Lots of info, great fantasy games, celebrity columnists. Lacks the slick graphics of ESPNET but features innovative on-line betting games,similar to office pools. Basic services are free; premium services are $4.95 a month or $39.95 a year.
(Last checked 5/21/03)

Sports News from Cable News Network(CNN) and Sports Illustrated Magazine.
(Last checked 5/21/03)

Detroit Free Press Sports Page
Provides coverage of Michigan State, University of Michigan, and other Michigan and Detroit area sports events.
(Last checked 5/21/03)

Formerly called ESPNET SportsZone, ESPN.COM is widely regarded as one of the best sources for sports news and stories on the Net. Well executed and very current, ESPN offers daily news and columns, SportsTalk with athletes answers to questions from readers, Industry Insider with "Quotables" and "Read What the Insiders Read", interviews, schedules for today's games, and more. Did you know that "On Thursday, Jan. 11, Cleveland Browns fans held Save Our Browns (SOB) Internet Day. Cleveland fans bombarded NFL owners, NFL sponsors, media and politicians with e-mail to try to keep the Browns in Cleveland." See the Zoned-Out section for details.Probably the most popular sports service in cyberspace. Basic services are free; premium services are $4.95 a month or $39.95 a year.
(Last checked 5/21/03)

FansOnly.Com: Your Ticket to College Sports
FANSonly is your ticket to college sports news, stats, scores, recruiting information and more.
(Last checked 5/21/03)

GORP : Great Outdoor Recreation Pages Guide Section
GORP contains a wealth of information on what to do and where to go in the great outdoors! Whether you are planning a trip or just gathering information on you favorite recreational activity, GORP has something for you!
(Last checked 5/21/03)

MSNBC Sports
As the only news organization to embrace three media technologies -- broadcast, cable and the Internet -- MSNBC brings you up-to-the-minute news from around the globe.
(Last checked 5/21/03)

NandoNet Sport Server
Contains various stories and photos off the national and international wires, courtesy of the Raleigh (N.C.) News and Observer.
(Last checked 5/21/03)

NCAA News Online
Find out the latest happenings at the NCAA on this e-zine.
(Last checked 5/21/03)

New York Times Sports Page
Requires registration. Free.
(Last checked 5/21/03)

The Sporting News Online
Provides current coverage of NBA, NHL, NFL, Baseball, College Football, College Basketball, and other sports. [Also listed under Web Magazines]
(Last checked 5/21/03)

Sports Illustrated for Kids
Games, fantasy leagues, cartoons, sports news and more.
(Last checked 5/21/03)

The Sports Network
Now that The Sports Network has joined the Cyberworld, it is unwavering in its focus on providing the most accurate and best sports service on the Internet...the most information, fastest, and the easiest to use. The result is an award winning web site with scores as they happen, news, trends and predictions, statistics, pre- and post-game reports, historical data, weather updates, injuries for both college and professional teams, features and a great deal more.
(Last checked 5/21/03)

Total News Sports
Choose sports from main menu for an extensive directory of web links to news sources.
(Last checked 5/21/03)

TSN (The Sports Network)
Canadian sports coverage.
(Last checked 5/21/03)

USA Today Sports Web Site
Provides comprehensive coverage, colorful updates, vivid writing, and entertaining information 24 hours a day. Features include the cover story, latest sports digest, yesterday's and today's scores, and much more.
(Last checked 5/21/03)

Yahoo's Recreation and Sports Links
Where to find everything, from archery to World Cup soccer. Free.
(Last checked 5/21/03)

Yahoo Sports Broadcasts
If you are interested in live sports broadcasts over the web, this site is for you.
(Last checked 5/21/03)

Specific Sports and Games Resources

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