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Criminal Justice Resources :

Academic and Special Libraries

Australian Institute of Criminology Library
Provide access to online catalog.
(Last checked 05/21/14)

Australian Institute of Police Management Library
Provides access to online catalog.
(Last checked 05/21/14)

Canadian Police College Library
Contains link to catalog and what's new in the library.
(Last checked 05/21/14)

Federal Bureau of Investigation Library
(Last checked 05/21/14)

Federal Bureau of Prisons Library
Not a traditional academic library, but provides access to its online catalog and a wonderful list of criminal justice periodicals.
(Last checked 05/21/14)

John Jay College of Criminal Justice
Lloyd Sealy Library
(Last checked 05/21/14)

Library of Congress Online Catalog
(Last checked 05/21/14)

Michigan State University Libraries Online Catalog
(Last checked 05/21/14)

National Emergency Training Center
Learning Resource Center
An All-Hazards information portal for the fire and emergency management communities.
(Last checked 05/21/14)

National Institute of Corrections
Digital Resource Library
NIC's online publications database includes information on NIC resources and on other corrections-related materials available on the Internet. The database reflects items added to the NIC Information Center collection on a weekly basis.
(Last checked 05/21/14)

National Library of Canada Online Catalog (AMICUS)
(Last checked 05/21/14)

Northwestern University Transportation Library
Provides criminal justice resources for the campus.
(Last checked 05/21/14)

Sam Houston State University
Newton Gresham Library
(Last checked 05/21/14)

United Nations Dag Hammarskjold Library UNBISnet Search
Catalogue of UN publications and documentation indexed by the United Nations Dag Hammarskj÷ld Library and the Library of the UN Office at Geneva. Also included are non-UN publications held in the collection of the Dag Hammarskj÷ld Library. UNBISnet coverage is primarily from 1979 forward, however, indexing for resolutions of the General Assembly, Economic and Social Council, Security Council and Trusteeship Council are included back to 1945.
Although not a criminal justice library as such, the catalog does cover criminal justice topics and MSU owns many of these materials mentioned on microfiche or in paper. Key search terms (using the Topical Subjects - Alphabetic search) are "crime", "crime prevention", "drugs of abuse", "laundering of funds", "organized crime", "trafficking", "weapons of mass destruction," "biological weapons," "chemical weapons," "nuclear weapons," and "radiological weapons."
(Last checked 05/21/14)

United Nations Interregional Crime and Justice Research Institute Library
The UNICRI Documentation Centre maintains an exhaustive library on the prevention and control of criminality and deviance as well as related social problems, such as drug abuse, maladjustment, etc. The library collection is catalogued in the LMS Bibliographic Database, that includes some 6000 authors, as well as more than 300 series and 600 publishers. Documents are classified according to the LMS Bibliographic field structure and subjects that are described according to the UNICRI Thesaurus. For access, look under the Documentation Centre.
(Last checked 05/21/14)

University of Albany
(Last checked 05/21/14)

University of California Library Catalog (Melvyl)
(Last checked 05/21/14)

University of Cambridge
Institute of Criminology
Radzinowicz Library
(Last checked 10/06/09)

University of Indiana Library Catalog (IUCAT)
(Last checked 05/21/14)

University of Toronto
Centre for Criminology Library
Search the University catalog for available books and journals. But don't forget to take a look at the Center of Crimnology page for access to CRIMDOC which covers gray literature and JURISTAT which covers Canadian government statistical publications.
(Last checked 05/21/14)

World Criminal Justice Electronic Library Network
Enables users to access international criminal justice library resources. Includes information on the WCJLN, links to member libraries, international organisations and world wide criminal justice sources. Sponsored by Rutgers University, School of Criminal Justice, 15 Washington St., Newark, NJ 07102.
(Last checked 05/21/14)

LibDex: Library Catalog Finder
Looking for another library? Try LibDex.
(Last checked 05/21/14)


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