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Criminal Justice Resources

Academic Destinations: A Few Personal Favorites

Florida State University
College of Criminology and Criminal Justice
(Last checked 05/21/14)

John Jay College of Criminal Justice
(Last checked 05/21/14)

King's College (London)
Center for Crime and Justice Studies
Publish Criminal Justice Matters. Provide web links.
(Last checked 05/21/14)

MSU School of Criminal Justice
The School of Criminal Justice dates back to 1935 when the Criminal Justice program was established at MSU and currently has approximately 18 full-time faculty as well as a large Outreach Unit. The School has nationally recognized programs in policing, security administration, crime analysis, and internet security as well as established relationships with the FBI, Michigan State Police, local law enforcement, and private industry and security firms. The web page includes faculty and staff profiles, degree program information, upcoming training seminar descriptions and schedules, Forensic Science program information, criminal justice alumni information, and information on the Schools's Leadership and Management Program in Security.
Contains a complete list of the National Center for Community Policing "Green Books"; some are available for downloading. Also contains selected articles from the "Footprints" Newsletter.
Contains information about the Jeritt Project, including publications and databases pertaining to judicial education.
(Last checked 05/21/14)

MSU School of Criminal Justice
The History of the School of Criminal Justice at Michigan State University 1935-1963
A Master of Science thesis by Wilbur Lewis Rykert, MSU School of Criminal Justice, 1985.
(Last checked 05/21/14)

MSU Master's Program in Forensic Science
(Last checked 05/21/14)

Rutgers University
School of Criminal Justice
The Rutgers University Libraries provide annotations for Criminal Justice Abstracts and also produce the World Criminal Justice Network Library.
(Last checked 05/21/14)

Sam Houston State University
College of Criminal Justice
(Last checked 05/21/14)

University of Alaska Justice Center
(Last checked 05/21/14)

University of Albany
School of Criminal Justice
Help compile the Sourcebook of Criminal Justice Statistics. Provides an extensive collection of web links.
(Last checked 05/21/14)

University of Cambridge
Institute of Criminology
Contains links to the resources of the Radzinowicz Library, including a current accession list, web links to European Criminology resources and International Criminology Resources.
(Last checked 05/21/14)

University of Maryland
Department of Criminology and Criminal Justice
(Last checked 05/21/14)

University of Pennsylvania
Jerry Lee Center of Criminology
(Last checked 05/21/14)

University of Toronto
Centre for Criminology and Sociolegal Studies
Designed to facilitate resource sharing for Criminology and Criminal Justice Information, with a particular commitment to identifying and developing Canadian resources. Contains a search engine which can be used to identify materials available for research in the Center of Crimnology Library.
(Last checked 05/21/14)


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