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Criminal Justice Resources :

Comprehensive Sites

Crime Spider Page
Crime spider crawls the web to find the best sites related to crimes such as homicides, serial murders, missing persons, unsolved mysteries, law enforcement, criminalistics, criminology, behavioral sciences, profiling, DNA, and crime prevention.
(Last checked 09/22/11)

The CrimeLynx site was developed in 1996 by a criminal defense lawyer and is geared to criminal law practitioners, policy makers, forensic scientists, and expert witnesses. The site includes more than 100 crime-related links, spanning crime scene investigation, DNA, pathology, wrongful convictions, prosecutorial misconduct, and famous criminal trials. It also has legal research links covering criminal statutes, Justice Department criminal guidelines, online legal libraries, and treaties and other international documents.
(Last checked 09/22/11)

Criminal Justice Mega-Sites : The Best Links on the Web
Includes links to top pages by criminal justice professors, comprehensive sites, research sites, police , courts, corrections, criminal justice publishers, web journals, discussion, and professional association links. Courtesy of Tom O'Connor, Austin Peay State University.
(Last checked 09/22/11)

Dr. Cecil Greek's Criminal Justice Links (Florida State University)
An excellent collection of criminal justice resources courtesy of Dr. Cecil Greek, Florida State University. The resources are broken out into the following categories:

  • Criminal Justice Books,
  • Federal Criminal Justice Agencies,
  • International Criminal Justice Sources,
  • Criminal Justice Information,
  • Crime & Crime Prevention,
  • Juvenile Delinquency,
  • Drug and Alcohol Info,
  • Police Agencies & Resources,
  • The Courts : Due Process and Civil Liberties,
  • Obscenity, Censorship, and the Communications Decency Act,
  • Prisons, the Death Penalty, and Community Corrections,
  • Searchable Law Databases,
  • Other Law Sites on the Web,
  • Criminal Justice Education (including Forensics),
  • On-line Criminal Justice Discussion Groups & E-Journals,
  • Criminal Justice Images
  • Criminal Justice and the Media,
  • Criminal Justice Photos, and
  • OJ Trial Photos.
    (Last checked 09/22/11)

    National Criminal Justice Reference Service (NCJRS)
    NCJRS is a federally funded resource offering justice and substance abuse information to support research, policy, and program development worldwide. Included on the website are extensive publications on Corrections, Courts, Crime, Crime Prevention, Drugs, the Justice System, Juvenile Justice, Law Enforcement, and Victims.
    (Last checked 09/22/11)

    Public Agenda Online Crime Topics
    (Last checked 09/22/11)

    The Redwood Highway: Crime, Law, and Related Information Links (Western Society of Criminologists)
    A collection of web links provided by the Western Society of Criminologists.
    (Last checked 09/22/11)

    Sam Houston State University
    College of Criminal Justice
    Criminal Justice Links
    Extensive compilation of web links.
    (Last checked 09/22/11)

    Tom O'Connor's MegaLinks in Criminal Justice
    An extensive directory of online resources related to criminal justice topics compiled by Tom O'Connor, Austin Peay State University. Categories covered include: crime analysis, criminology, current events information, course syllabi, employment, juvenile, law, community policing, traditional policing, prison, reform, internet security, and shareware. Includes an essay on teaching criminal justice and tips on writing criminal justice term papers.
    (Last checked 09/22/11)

    Vera Institute of Justice
    (Last checked 09/22/11)

    World Criminal Justice Library Electronic Network
    Very impressive collection of links compiled by librarians and CJ specialists. Provides sections on reference sources, statistics, links arranged by country, etc.
    (Last checked 09/22/11)

    Yahoo's Crime Links
    Extensive collection of web links, constantly revised.
    (Last checked 09/22/11)


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