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Criminal Justice Resources :


Criminal Courts entry from the Encyclopedia of Crime and Punishment, Vol. 1, 2002
In addition to overview, this entry contains sections on Early American Courts, The Constitution And The Courts, Creating A National Court System, Federal Courts, Structure Of Federal Courts, State Courts, Selecting State Judges, International Criminal Courts, Prosecutors And Defenders, Bringing A Case To Trial, and Seeking A Decision.
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The Media and the Courts entry from the Encyclopedia of Crime and Punishment, Vol. 1, 2002
Criminal trials, by their very nature, are public events. Prosecuting attorneys are public officers of the court, judges are often elected officials, and juries who decide the fate of the accused consist of members of the community. As with all public events of importance, the news media play a major role in relaying information to the public and providing access to events the public otherwise would not have. Despite this vital public service, the rights of the media have sometimes clashed with the rights of those on trial. Contents include: History Of The Media And The Courts, Tried In The Media, The Crime Of The Century, Cameras In The Courtroom, Detectives And The Courtroom As Entertainment, Movies, Radio, And Television, True Crime, The Modern Media And Sensational Trials, The O.J. Simpson Case, and Unanswered Questions.
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National Center for State Courts
The National Center for State Courts is an independent, nonprofit organization dedicated to the improvement of justice. It was founded in 1971 at the urging of Chief Justice Warren E. Burger. NCSC accomplishes its mission by providing leadership and service to the state courts.
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NCJRS Virtual Library: Courts
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