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Security guards and gaming surveillance officers held over 1.0 million jobs in 2006. Source : Occupational Outlook Handbook (OOH), 2008-09 Edition : Security Guards and Gaming Surveillance Officers

In 2003, approximately one million security guards (including airport screeners) were employed in the United States. Paul W. Parfomak, Guarding America : Security Guards and U.S. Critical Infrastructure Protection, Congressional Research Service, November 12, 2004.


Security Management Web Sites | Articles and Reports | Journals and Newsletters
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Web Sites

  • Federation of American Scientists (FAS) Intelligence Resource Program
  • Granite Island Group : Counterterrorism & Technical Security
  • Information Security Resources
  • Information Warfare Site
  • International Association of Counterterrorism and Security Professionals (IACSP)
  • International Foundation for Protection Officers
  • National Homeland Security Knowledgebase
  • National Security Institute/Security Resource Net
  • PlanetData : The Security News Network
  • The Real CIA
  • Security Surfer
  • Terrorism Research Center

    Articles, Publications, Etc.

  • Active Shooter : How to Respond
  • Armed and Dangerous: Private Police on the March
  • Commission Criticizes Embassy Security Efforts
  • Emergency Response Protocols to Active Shooters
  • Guarding America : Security Guards and U.S. Critical Infrastructure Protection
  • Making Federal Buildings Safe
  • Protecting Your Community From Terrorism: Strategies for Local Law Enforcement
  • Protective Intelligence and Threat Assessment Investigations

    Journals and Articles

    Journals and Newsletters are listed on a separate web page.

    Source Links With Annotations

    Active Shooter : How to Respond
    Advice of managers and employees by the Department of Homeland Security. October 2008.
    (Last checked 03/19/12)

    Armed and Dangerous: Private Police on the March
    The era of dual law enforcement is here as government and corporations hire rent-a-cops to guard businesses and gated communities and to break strikes. Now, abuses by the private security industry and its employees themselves threaten public security. Article by by Mike Zielinski appearing in Covert Action Quarterly, no. 54 (Fall 1995).
    (Last checked 03/19/12)

    Commission Criticizes Embassy Security Efforts
    The executive and legislative branches have failed to provide adequate resources to reduce the vulnerability of U.S. embassies to terrorist attacks, according to a special commission appointed to investigate last year's African embassy bombings.
    (Last checked 03/19/12)

    Emergency Response Protocols to Active Shooters
    Advice for malls and retail establishments on how to deal with such emergency situations. National Retail Federation.
    (Last checked 03/19/12)

    Federation of American Scientists (FAS) Intelligence Resource Program
    The American intelligence community was shaped by nearly half a century of Cold War with the Soviet Union. With the end of the Cold War the community faces extraordinary challenges. This site is a comprehensive resource on the past and future of the American intelligence community. Web site is broken out into many categories including:
    (1) Intelligence Reform Analysis
    (2) Intelligence Systems and Programs
    (3) Intelligence Agencies and Budgets
    (4) Worldwide Intelligence Agencies
    (5) Intell - Threats, Imagery and Gulf War
    (6) Documents and Records
    (7) Congressional Material
    (8) News Reports and Analysis
    (9) Guide to Web Resources
    (Last checked 03/19/12)

    Granite Island Group : Counterintelligence & Technical Security
    The first, the largest, the most popular, and the most complete TSCM Counterterrorism & Counterintelligence Site on the Internet, at least according to the webmaster. Check out the Intelligence Reference Library (3500 pages of documents and growing). Lots of references to bugging and countermeasures.
    (Last checked 03/19/12)

    Guarding America : Security Guards and U.S. Critical Infrastructure Protection
    Examines current employment, compensation, and training trends for security guards as issues for Congress to consider. Employment levels for security guards have declined since 9/11 and pay is half that of police officers. From the Congressional Research Service, posted by the Federation of American Scientists. Nov. 12, 2004. 32pp.
    (Last checked 03/19/12)

    Information Systems Security Association, Inc. (ISSA)
    The Voice of the Information Security Professional. The Information Systems Security Association (ISSA) is an international organization of information security professionals and practitioners. It provides education forums, publications and peer interaction opportunities that enhance the knowledge, skill and professional growth of its members. In addition to membership information, the web site features security papers and publications as well as additional security resources links.
    (Last checked 03/19/12)

    Information Warfare Site
    The Information Warfare Site is an online resource that aims to stimulate debate about a range of subjects from information security to information operations and e-commerce. It is the aim of the site to develop a special emphasis on Europe. IWS first went online in December 1999.
    (Last checked 03/19/12)

    International Association of Counterterrorism and Security Professionals (IACSP)
    Provides membership information plus sample articles from the association's International Counterterrorism and Security: the Magazine.
    (Last checked 03/19/12)

    International Foundation for Protection Officers
    (Last checked 03/19/12)

    Making Federal Buildings Safe
    This card provides tips and guidance on ways to make your Federal building a safer place. Employees should increase awareness of any suspicious activity and report concerns to the appropriate security and law enforcement personnel. The better we prepare ourselves to respond to emergencies, the better we will be able to care for ourselves and our customers in the event of a real threat or act of violence.
    Also listed under Emergency Management.
    (Last checked 03/19/12)

    National Homeland Security Knowledgebase
    The National Homeland Security Knowledgebase includes comprehensive Homeland Security information resources, Homeland Security news, directories, newsletter, investment research, technology sectors, a Homeland Security marketplace, and a collection of links on Homeland Security related topics.
    (Last checked 03/19/12)

    National Security Institute/Security Resource Net
    The National Security Institute Web site is the premier resource for the security industry. The site features industry and product news, computer alerts, travel advisories, a calendar of events, a directory of products and services, and access to an extensive virtual security library. NSI is continually improving and updating this Web site. "An exceptional collection of on-line materials and links, covering a wide range of security interests."
    (Last checked 03/19/12)

    PlanetData : The Security News Network
    (Last checked 03/19/12)

    Protecting Your Community From Terrorism:
    Strategies for Local Law Enforcement
    Volume 1: Local-Federal Partnerships
    Volume 2: Working With Diverse Communities
    Volume 3: Preparing for and Responding to Bioterrorism
    Volume 4: The Production and Sharing of Intelligence
    Volume 5 : Partnerships to Promote Homeland Security
    (Last checked 03/19/12)

    Protective Intelligence and Threat Assessment Investigations : a Guide for State and Local Law Enforcement Officials
    A 1998 report by Robert A. Fein and Bryan Vossekuil from the United States Secret Service.
    (Last checked 03/19/12)

    The Real CIA
    This special report is based on the New York Times Television documentary, "The Real C.I.A.: Enemies, Secrets and Spies." With text by Tim Weiner, the Times Washington correspondent who narrated the report, it includes video clips from the documentary and articles from the New York Times archives. Note: the New York Times requires you to register. Registration is free.
    (Last checked 03/19/12)

    Security Surfer
    Hundreds of the Industry's hottest sites, with links to over 10,000 more.
    (Last checked 03/19/12)

    Terrorism Research Center
    The Terrorism Research Center is an independent institute dedicated to the research of terrorism, information warfare, and other issues related to low-intensity political violence and gray-area phenomena. In the spirit of independent, objective research and analysis, the TRC shuns sensationalism and "platforming" that is often associated with extremism and adherents of extremist causes. The TRC is a "virtual" institute, which is to say it does not occupy office space but rather cyberspace.
    The TRC staff represents academic expertise in terrorism, information warfare, low-intensity political violence, computer security, cryptography, law enforcement, national security, and defense policy. A limited number of interns also serve on the TRC staff, on a rotating basis. The TRC welcomes well-prepared, objective research and analyses for publication at the TRC website. The TRC also welcomes questions relevant to the issues discussed.
    Selections on the web site include:
    (1) research, featuring numerous topics including the "Basics of Combatting Terrorism", "Frequently Asked Questions About Terrorism", "Oklahoma City Bombing Remembered", "Definitions of Terrorism", plus an essay on a monthly topic of discussion, a monthly terrorist profile, and a monthly profile of a counterterrorism organization
    (2) documents, featuring an extensive collection of online essays about terrorism from various sources
    (3) an extensive collection of web links
    (4) and a bulletin board and archives for visitors to interact with others on terrorism topics.
    (Last checked 03/19/12)

    Additional Web Sites To Consider

    Corporate and Private Security


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