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Criminal Justice Resources :

Michigan State Government Sites

Michigan Attorney General's Office
(Last checked 09/18/12)

Michigan Committee on Juvenile Justice
To advise the Governor on matters related to juvenile justice legislation and administration, to mobilize communities to develop and implement prevention services, and to create a strategic plan that sets standards, determines priorities and allocates funds for successful delinquency prevention and rehabilitative programs.
(Last checked 09/18/12)

Michigan Criminal Justice Information Center
"We strive to provide timely, complete, and accurate information to the criminal justice community and to all users. This is done by providing services regarding fingerprints, criminal records, crime statistics, traffic crash statistics, firearms, and departmental records and by making that information easily accessible and useful.
(Last checked 09/18/12)

Michigan Department of Community Health
Office of Public Health Preparedness
The office will manage the $31.2 million received from the federal government for the express purpose of upgrading state and local public health preparedness for and response to bioterrorism, other outbreaks of infectious disease, and other public health threats and emergencies. Michigan has received $27.1 million from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and $4.1 million from the Health Resources and Services Administration (HRSA) in public health preparedness and response for bioterrorism funding.
(Last checked 09/18/12)

Michigan Department of Community Health
Office of Public Safety and Environmental Health
All Americans should begin a process of learning about potential threats so we are better prepared to react during an attack. While there is no way to predict what will happen, or what your personal circumstances will be, there are simple things you can do now to prepare yourself and your loved ones.
(Last checked 09/18/12)

Michigan Department of Corrections
The newly created Corrections Web site offers victims resources, information on prisons, job postings, and press releases. It was the last of 19 state departments to go online.
(Last checked 09/18/12)

Michigan Gaming Control Board
Serving Michigan citizens by licensing and regulating commercial casinos in Detroit, their suppliers and employees; and by overseeing Native American casinos in Michigan.
(Last checked 09/18/12)

Michigan State Police
(Last checked 09/18/12)

Michigan State Police
Tip Lines

Michigan State Police
Emergency Management and Homeland Security Division Page
(Last checked 09/18/12)

Michigan State Police
Forensic Science Division
Includes address of crime laboratories and links to the services the division supplies.
(Last checked 09/18/12)

State Appellate Defender Office
Criminal Defense Resource Center
The State Appellate Defender Office's Legal Resources Project has been serving Michigan's criminal defense community since 1977, offering a variety of useful publications, on-line services, and advice to attorneys. SADO is a state agency representing indigent criminal appellants; its collective legal expertise and resources are shared with attorneys through the LRP.
The SADO web site provides useful information such as mailing addresses for County Jails in Michigan, Corrections Centers, Prisons, Federal Prisons, County Prosecutors, Circuit Courts, and Appellate Courts. There is also a section on "How to find Criminal Defense Attorneys" and a section providing bulletin and newsletter information on criminal law developments.
(Last checked 09/18/12)

Official Directory of State Patrol and State Police Sites
(Last checked 09/18/12)


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