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Library Work Tools:

Abbreviation Sources
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Books you thought you never find.
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American Libraries Online
(Last checked 03/08/18)

World's Largest Bookseller Online. Claims an inventory of over 1 million titles. Provides search engine.
(Last checked 03/08/18)

Biblio.Com Out of Print Service
Welcome to biblio.com, the online marketplace for buying and selling used, rare, and out-of-print books. We take pride in bringing together over 1600 professional, independent booksellers from around the world, to offer you over 10 million high quality used books to choose from. So, whether you're looking for antiquarian books, first editions, signed books, or just great used books at even better prices, you've found the right place!
(Last checked 03/08/18)

An aggregated inventory of over 750 sellers of old, rare, and used books in the U.S. and abroad. If your search turns up empty, the database can keep your query on file for up to six months and send you an automatic e-mail notification if the elusive volume crosses its transom.
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(Last checked 03/08/18)

Charleston Advisor
(Last checked 03/08/18)

COLD Website
Michigan Council of Library Directors (COLD) Cooperative Collection Development Group
(Last checked 03/08/18)

The use of online information resources is growing rapidly. It is widely agreed by producers and purchasers of information that the use of these resources should be measured in a more consistent way. Librarians want to understand better how the information they buy from a variety of sources is being used; publishers want to know how the information products they disseminate are being accessed. An essential requirement to meet these objectives is an agreed international set of standards and protocols governing the recording and exchange of online usage data. The COUNTER Codes of Practice provide these standards and protocols and are published in full on this website.
(Last checked 03/08/18)

Currency Converter
Need help with that overseas expense report? This fast and easy currency converter is based on U.S. dollar rates as cited by the Federal Reserve Bank of New York at approximately noon (ET) on the given date.
(Last checked 03/08/18)

Information Today, Inc.
Contains links to Information Today, Computers in Libraries, etc.
(Last checked 03/08/18)

ISBN.nu provides access to (FREE) a searchable database with information on over 3 million book titles. At the moment the searchable database is "powered" with data from Books-in-Print/Bowker. In the next few weeks ISBN.nu will switch to data provided by Baker & Taylor. B&T will also provide info on over 750,000 out-of-print titles. After retrieving basic title info, a second click allows you to compare pricing/shipping info from 10 new and used online bookstores on a single page. Click one more time and you're now able to order the material from any of these vendors. Want More? In the future many entries will contain brief annotations, table-of-contents, etc. The BETA interface allows you to search the database by: words in the title, author name, subject, and ISBN . You can also limit your search by publication date and/or publisher. A full-text search will soon be available. Using the MyISBN.nu option allows you to personalize the interface to reflect shipping costs depending on shipping location (a currency converter can be configured to assist searchers outside the U.S.) and the delivery service you select. ISBN.nu is being developed by Seattle based writer (Fortune, Wired, New York Times, Seattle Times) industry commentator, and database guru, Glenn Fleishman.
(Last checked 03/08/18)

Library Journal
(Last checked 03/08/18)

Library Juice Blog
Library Juice is a current awareness blog for librarians and other information professionals, published weekly by editor-librarian Rory Litwin. Each issue of Library Juice compiles recent news, articles, and announcements gleaned from a wide range of mailing lists related to librarianship, information science, intellectual freedom, and social responsibility. The Website posts the current issue of the newsletter and maintains an archive of all past issues.
(Last checked 03/08/18)

Library Link of the Day
(Last checked 03/08/18)

Library News from Topix
(Last checked 03/08/18)

Created in November 1999 by librarians Blake Carver and Steve Galbraith, this (usually) twice-daily updated metasite links to a large variety of news stories from around the world that relate to library and information science. In addition to scanning the list of latest stories featured on the main page, users can browse for past news in over 50 categories. In the future, the site will also feature user-submitted columns and editorials. Readers are welcome to submit ideas for stories. A fine current awareness resource for librarians.
(Last checked 03/08/18)

LOCKSS (Lots of Copies Keep Stuff Safe) is an international non-profit community initiative that provides tools and support so libraries can easily and cost-effectively preserve today's web-published materials for tomorrow's readers.
(Last checked 03/08/18)

Michigan Academic Library Association
(Last checked 03/08/18)

Michigan Library Association
Articles from Michigan librarians.
(Last checked 03/08/18)

No Shelf Required : E-Books in Libraries
(Last checked 03/08/18)

(Last checked 03/08/18)

The Researching Librarian
This site was created for librarians--new or experienced--who find themselves needing to perform research for purposes of publication, promotion, tenure, or other reasons. I hope that it also might be useful for other audiences and needs. Intended as a supplement to the print and electronic resources available in library collections, this site gathers links to selected web resources useful for research: freely searchable citation and full-text databases, funding information, relevant journals, statistics and statistical methods, useful research tools, current awareness sources, and conference papers and proceedings.
(Last checked 03/08/18)

Searcher : The Magazine for Database Professionals
A unique publication that explores and deliberates on a comprehensive range of issues important to the professional database searcher. The magazine is targeted to experienced, knowledgeable searchers and combines evaluations of data content with discussions of delivery media. Searcher includes evaluated online news, searching tips and techniques, reviews of search aid software and database documentation, revealing interviews with leaders and entrepreneurs of the industry, and trenchant editorials. Whatever the experienced database searcher needs to know to get the job done is covered in Searcher. The MSU Libraries has a subscription to this magazine starting with Volume 3, (1995). Current issues are in the Periodical Reading Room and older volumes are bound under the call number Z699.A1 S4 and located in the Main Library Stacks.
(Last checked 03/08/18)

Stephen's Lighthouse
Illuminating library industry trends, innovation, and information.
(Last checked 03/08/18)

Wired News
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