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December 2006-December 2009

Criminal Justice Titles

  1. Community policing : the past, present, and future. Lorie Fridell and Mary Ann Wycoff, Police Executive Research Forum, 2004.
  2. Corruption in Policing : Causes and Consequences, A Review of the Literature. Don Loree, Royal Canadian Mounted Police, 2005.
  3. The Force Factor : Measuring Police Use of Force Relative to Suspect Resistance. Geoffrey P Alpert; Roger G Dunham. Police Executive Research Forum, 1997
  4. Gang Wars : the failure of enforcement tactics and the need for effective public safety strategies. Judith Greene and Kevin Pranis, Justice Policy Institute, July 2007.
  5. Global economic crime survey 2005. Pricewaterhousecoopers. 2006
  6. Organized Crime and Policing in Rural and Remote Canadian Communities. Marcel-Eugene LeBeuf, Royal Canadian Mounted Police, 2005.
  7. Policing in the Post 9/11 Era. Dr. Frederick Desroches, Royal Canadian Mounted Police, 2005.
  8. Reducing racial disparity in the criminal justice system : a manual for practitioners and policymakers. Sentencing Project, October 2000
  9. School violence and no child left behind : best practices to keep kids safe. Lisa Snell. Reason Foundation, Policy Study 330. January 2005.
  10. Second chances : juveniles serving life without parole in Michigan prisons. Deborah LaBelle. ACLU of Michigan 2004.
  11. Study in blue and grey : police interventions with people with mental illness : review of challenges and responses. Judity Adelman, 2003.
  12. Uneven justice : state rates of incarceration by race and ethnicity. Marc Mauer and Ryan S. King. Sentencing Project. July 2007
  13. Violent crime in America : 24 Months of Alarming Trends. Police Executive Research Forum. 2007.

Public Policy Titles

  1. America's North Coast : A Benefit-Cost Analysis of a Program to Protect and Restore the Great Lakes. John C. Austin. Healing Our Waters/Great Lakes Coalition and Council of Great Lakes Industries. September 2007.
  2. Behind the pay gap. AAUW Education Foundation. April 2007.
  3. Benchmarking for Success : A comparison of state infrastructure. Prepared by Anderson Economic Group for the Michigan House of Representatives. December 2006.
  4. Bosnia and Herzegovina : hopes betrayed : trafficking of women and girls to post-conflict Bosnia and Herzegovina for forced prostitution. Human Rights Watch, 2002.
  5. A Case for political reform in Michigan. Michigan Campaign Finance Network. 2007.
  6. Challenging Nuclear Power in the States : Policy and Organizing Tools for Slowing the "Nuclear Renaissance". Tony Dutzik and Rob Sargent, Environment Michigan, Spring 2006.
  7. A Collective Bargaining Primer for Michigan School Board Members. Thomas W. Washburne, and Michael D. Jahr. Midland, MI : Mackinac Center for Public Policy, 2007.
  8. Craft Works! Michigan : a report on traditional crafts and economic development in Michigan. Marsha MacDowell and Julie Avery. East Lansing, MI : Michigan State University Prison, 2006.
  9. The Economic Impact of Michigan State University. Anderson Economic Group. May 7, 2007
  10. The Effects of Michigan's Prevailing Wage Law. Paul Kersey. Mackinac Center for Public Policy, 2007.
  11. Energizing Michigan's Economy : creating jobs and reducing pollution with energy efficiency and and renewable electric power. Travis Madsen et al. Environment Michigan, February 2007.
  12. Government secrecy : decisions without democracy. David Banisar. People for the American Way Foundation; OpentheGovernment.org, 2007.
  13. Hidden slaves : forced labor in the United States. Washington, D.C. : Free the Slaves ; [Berkeley, Calif.] : Human Rights Center, University of California, Berkeley, 2004.
  14. Homelessness Counts. National Alliance to End Homelessness. 2007.
  15. How to Write a Grant Proposal : Everything You Need to Create A Winning Proposal. Matthew Lesko and Sarah Priestman. 2003.
  16. Michigan's Environment At Risk : The Local Impacts of the Bush Administration's Environmental Policies. Alison Cassidy, Public Research Interest Group in Michigan (PIRGIM), April 2004.
  17. A Michigan School Money Primer for Policymakers, School Officials, Media, and Residents. Ryan S. Olson and Michael D. LaFaive. Midland, MI : Mackinac Center for Public Policy, 2007.
  18. Michigan stem cell economics study. Allen C. Goodman, Sam Berger. Okemos, MI : Michigan Prospect, [2008]
  19. Muslim Americans : Middle Class and Mostly Mainstream. Pew Research Center, 2007.
  20. National parks of the Great Lakes : resources assessments of Pictured Rocks National Lakeshore, Apostle Islands National Lakeshore, Isle Royale National Park, Keweenaw National Historical Park, Sleeping Bear Dunes National Lakeshore, Indiana Dunes National Lakeshore. National Parks and Conservation Association. 2007.
  21. Pandemic flu and the potential for U.S. economic recession : a state-by-state analysis. Jeffrey Levy et al. Trust for America's Health, 2007.
  22. Paying the Price : the High Cost of Prescription Drugs for Uninsured Americans. Lindsey Johnson, Public Interest Research Group in Michigan, October 2004.
  23. A Pediatrician's Guide to Proposal Writing. Jenne Cabrera. American Academy of Pediatrics, 2000
  24. Pure Michigan? Protecting One Million Acres of Our Natural Heritage. Mike Shriberg, Environment Michigan, August 2006.
  25. Road to a New Energy Future: Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy Technologies for a Cleaner, More Secure Energy Future. Tony Dutzik et al., Environment Michigan, October 2006.
  26. A School Privatization Primer for Michigan School Officials, Media and Residents. Michael D. LaFaive. Midland, MI : Mackinac Center for Public Policy, 2007
  27. Sex Trafficking of Women in the United States : International and Domestic Trends. Janice G. Raymond and Donna M. Hughes. Coalition Against Trafficking in Women, March 2001.
  28. Shrinking the carbon footprint of metropolitan America . Marilyn A. Brown, Frank Southworth, and Andrea Sarzynski. Washington, DC : Brookings Institution, 2008
  29. The 2007 state new economy index : benchmarking economic transformation in the states. Robert D. Atkinson et al. Ewing Marian Kaufmann Foundation, 2007.
  30. Toxic wastes and race at twenty : a report prepared for the United Church of Christ Justice & Witness Ministries. 2007
  31. Trouble in Toyland : Annual Toy Safety Survey. PIRGIM Education Fund.
  32. Understanding stem cells : an overview of the science and issues from National Academies. National Academy of Sciences, 2005
  33. University Investment Commission. Public Sector Consultants, Inc. 2002.
  34. Unnatural Disaster: Global Warming and Our National Parks Jennie Hoffman and Eric Mielbrecht. Washington, D.C. : National Parks Conservation Association, [2007]
  35. Using Data to Support Grant Applications and Other Funding Opportuntiies. Grand Valley State University, Dorothy A. Johnson Center for Philanthropy and Nonprofit Leadership, 2004.
  36. Walking a Mile : A First Step Toward Mutual Understanding. A Qualitative Study Exploring How Indians and Non-Indians Think About Each Other. John Doble and Andrew L. Yarrow. Public Agenda. 2007.
  37. More Recent Electronic Reports

  38. 2008-2009 national directory of scholarships, internships, and fellowships for Latino students. Congressional Hispanic Caucus Institute. Washington, DC : Congressional Hispanic Caucus Institute, [2008?]
  39. Full record 03/20/09

  40. African-American Presence at Michigan State University: Pioneers, Groundbreakers, and Leaders, 1900-1970 Full record 02/09/09
  41. Analysis of case practice and compliance with standards in Michigan's foster care. Children's Research Center. 2008
  42. APIRS database : aquatic plant information retrieval system (APIRS) Full record 04/16/09
  43. Citizen's Guide to Michigan Campaign Reform. Michigan Campaign Finance Network. 2007.
  44. Comprehensive study on economic valuation, economic impact assessment, and state conservation funding of green infrastructure assets in Michigan. MSU Land Policy Institute Report # CS-2008-01.
  45. Cycle of Failure : How Michigan Keeps “Throwing the Fight” For Children -– And How to Make the State A Contender Again. http://www.nccpr.org/reports/michigan1976.pdf
  46. Denying parole at first eligibility: How much public safety does it actually buy? A study of prisoner release and recidivism in Michigan
  47. The DNA Field Experiment : Cost-Effectiveness Analysis of the Use of DNA in the Investigation of High-Volume Crimes. Urban Institute. 2008. Electronic version only
  48. Economic Cost of Methamphetamine Use in the United States, 2005
  49. Economic Impact of Big Ten Football Games in Michigan. Anderson Economic Group. 2007.
  50. Estimating Economic Impacts of Michigan Museums. Brief record 04/27/09.
  51. Evaluation of Michigan's Foster Care Structured Decision Making® Case Management System
  52. GlobalEdge International Internship Directory Full record 04/16/09
  53. Great Lakes sewage report card written by Dr. Elaine MacDonald. [Vancouver : Sierra Legal Defence Fund], 2006.
  54. Higher Education in Michigan : Overcoming Challenges to Expand Access. Brief record 04/28/09.
  55. Importance of postsecondary education increases while financial aid eludes many. Michigan League for Human Services. September 2008.
  56. Indian Biography
  57. Informing the Debate: Stored Blood Spots. Ethical and Policy Challenges Stored Blood Spots. Ethical and Policy Challenges
  58. MI-Great Lakes plan : our path to protect, restore, and sustain Michigan's natural treasures/ produced by the Office of the Great Lakes, Michigan Department of Environmental Quality. [Lansing, Mich : Office of the Great Lakes, Michigan Dept. of Environmental Quality, 2009]
  59. Full record 04/16/09

  60. Michigan Department of Social Services Structured Decision Making System: An Evaluation of Its Impact on Child Protection Services
  61. Michigan's Business Tax Incentives
  62. Michigan's Defining Moment : A common ground agenda for Michigan's transformation. Center for Michigan. 2008
  63. Michigan's offshore wind potential by Soji Adelaja, Charles McKeown. East Lansing, MI : Land Policy Institute, Michigan State University, [2008].
  64. Need a Lift? College Financial Aid Handbook. 58th ed., 2009.
  65. Projects impacts of renewable portfolio standards on wind industry development in Michigan. MSU Land Policy Institute, Dec. 12, 2008.
  66. Role of Blue Cross in Michigan's health insurance market. Anderson Economic Group, LLC. 2007.
  67. Shaping future water policy : the role of science. MSU Center for Water Sciences. 2007?
  68. State Conservation Spending in the United States : A Political Economy Analysis, Report #1 Series on Economic Impact and Valuation Studies In Natural Resources and Conservation. Land Polity Institute of Michigan State University LPI Report # 2007-08, November 7, 2007.
  69. State of Michigan's Environment 2008 (First Triennial Report)
  70. Full record 04/14/09

  71. Tapeworm in the System : How Michigan's Latter-Day Orphanages Starve the Child Welfare System -- And Hurt the Children
  72. Tax Dollars At Work : Public Spending for Selected Health and Social Programs in Michigan, By County, FY2007. Michigan League for Human Services, August 2008.
  73. Unintended consequences of corrections. Vera Institute of Justice. January 1996. Full record 04/21/09.
  74. Up to the Gills : pollution in Great Lakes Fish. Environmental Defence. 2007. Electronic version cataloged. Print copy in process.
  75. Waterborne pathogens : where Michigan stands now and recommendation for our future. MSU Center for Water Sciences. 2007.


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