Public Policy PDF Serial Titles Cataloged for the MSU Libraries
December 2005-November 2006

  1. ACJS today (Online)
    Academy of Criminal Justice Sciences today
    Richmond, VA : Academy of Criminal Justice Sciences
  2. The annual report on the economic status of the profession (online).
    Washington, D.C. : American Association of University Professors
  3. [electronic resource] : Palestinian-Israeli crossfire.
    [Israel?] :, 2001-
  4. The Canadian review of policing research (online).
    Online issues are posted at Athabasca, Alta. : International Consortium for the Advancement of Academic Publication, c2004-
  5. Ecological studies of wolves on Isle Royale (Online) / Rolf Olin Peterson.
    [Houghton, Mich. : Michigan Technological University]
  6. EJ (Online)
    EJ magazine
    East Lansing, Mich. : Knight Center for Environmental Journalism, 2002-
  7. Global corruption report [electronic resource] / Transparency International.
    Berlin : Transparency International, 2001-
  8. NCAA gender-equity report (Online) / National Collegiate Athletic Association.
    Indianapolis : National Collegiate Athletic Association
  9. Peace and conflict [electronic resource].
    College Park, Md. : Center for International Development and Conflict Management, c2000-
  10. The state of our nation's youth (Online)
    Alexandria, Va. : Horatio Alger Association of Distinguished Americans, c1997-



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