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The Funding Center : An Overview


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The Funding Center contains information about all kinds of funders, the grants, scholarships and fellowships they offer, and related topics such as proposal writing and nonprofit administration.

What is the Funding Center?

Over 100,000 funders give out over $50 billion in grants every year to non-profit institutions.

The Funding Center contains all the tools you need to identify these funders, including private foundations, corporate foundations, community foundations, corporations, government agencies, associations, and individuals.

Many of the available tools are now electronic, making research easier than ever. Be sure to check out the available databases listed on the Library Home Page or more specifically on the Grants and Related Resources Home Page. Take a look at what is available over the world wide web. But don't forget to use the traditional print and video materials as well.

In short, the Funding Center is a basic starting place for anyone interested in grants or funding.

Additional points to remember about the MSU Funding Center.

Who Can Use It?

Anyone can use the Funding Center.

People from non-profit organizations around Lansing and the rest of the state often drop by to do research.

And of course, there are always numerous faculty, staff, and students using the collection looking for funding sources.

Where Is It Located?

The Funding Center is now located in the east wing of the first floor. If you have any problems locating it, ask for assistance at the Main Library Reference desk.

If you are traveling to MSU from off campus, you may wish to consult a Campus Map or read the following Driving Instructions.

When Is It Available for Use?

The Funding Center is available for use anytime the first floor is open. Check Main Library hours for specifics. During the fall and winter terms that means the Funding Center is available for your use 143 hours a week! Summer hours however are more limited.

Reference assistance is available whenever the Main Library Reference desk is open for business. Check Main Library Reference hours for specifics. However, please note that hours of operation may vary over semester breaks or holidays. For further information, call the MSU Library at (517) 432-6123 or the Funding Center Supervisor at (517) 884-0855.

What are some of the Special Services Available?

Additional Services Provided to Cooperating Collections by the Foundation Center

Primary contact: Kate Tkacik
Funding Information Network Coordinator
Telephone: 212-807-2576
Internet: kat@foundationcenter.org


Cynthia Nuara
Funding Information Network Specialist
Telephone: 212-807-2587
Internet: cmn@foundationcenter.org

Interested in becoming a member of the Foundation Center's Funding Information Network?

Mailing Address: Foundation Center
32 Old Slip, 24th Floor
New York, NY 10005
Working Hours: Monday through Friday
9 A.M. - 5 P.M. (Eastern Standard Time)
Voice Mail: Dial 1-800-752-3514, 24 hours a day to connect to the direct line of the coordinator of Cooperating Collections, or to his or her voicemail box.

Reference Assistance: Call, fax, or voicemail us -- we'll try to give you an immediate answer, or we'll call you back. We encourage you to call us at any time with questions, problems, issues, or concerns -- we want to hear from you!
Core Collection Publications: Single copies of each book are shipped automatically as published. Membership fee invoiced yearly in January. Payable within 30 days.
Other Publication Orders: Single copies of FC publications : 40% discount
2-24 copies : 20% discount
25-49 copies : 25% discount
50-99 copies : 30% discount
To order call, fax, voicemail or write.
Prepayment and/or purchase orders not required for Cooperating Collections.
Brochures: Bulk quantities of Foundation Center publication catalogs, Associates Program, and other brochures, Cooperating Collections network lists, etc., can be shipped to you at no charge. If you would like to receive bulk quantities of publications catalogs on a quarterly basis, that can also be arranged. Request this service by phone, fax, voicemail, or write to us.

Are there other Funding Information Network Partner Collections?

The Funding Center is part of a nationwide network of libraries sponsored by the Foundation Center.

For a complete list of all Funding Information Network partners located in Michigan, click here.

There are also Funding Information Network partners in other states. If you need to know where they are located, click here.

Resources and services vary from one collection to the next. Be sure to contact your closest Funding Information Network partner to find out what resources and services are available there. Then you can decide whether you want to travel further afield.


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