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25 Ideas for Publicizing Corporate Sponsorship

Logo and Message Placement
(1) Newsletter
(2) Flyers
(3) Brochures
(4) Annual Reports
(5) Directories, resource books and educational publications
(6) Advertising campaigns for organization, cause and programs
(7) Media Coverage of the Organization

Event Publicity
(8) Invitations
(9) Posters
(10) Tickets
(11) Print Advertisements
(12) Broadcast Advertisements
(13) Internet/Web Advertisements

Event Tie-Ins
(14) Program Book
(15) Table to Promote Product to Event Attendees
(16) Distribute Product to Attendees at Event

(17) At Sponsored Event
(18) At Organization's Location

Visibility of Corporate Representatives
(19) Ribbon Cutting, Kick Off Events, Announcing New Programs, Press Conferences
(20) Welcome at Events, Introduction of Esteemed Guests
(21) Award Presenter
(22) Open House Attendee, Participant, Honoree

(23) Distribute products to service participants and other organizational constituents
(24) Promote the product at your organization

Be Creative
(25) Corporate sponsorship is all around us; observe how others publicize corporate sponsorship to create personal ideas for your organization

5 Tips to make it happen
(1) Create a distribution plan for all publicity materials and share it with your sponsors
(2) Create a timeline for all of your publicity activities
(3) Offer as much as you can but stay within your budget
(4) Be flexible and responsive
(5) Build relationships

A compilation by the Gill Foundation, 2005.  



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