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Grants for Nonprofits : Community Development


A compilation of web pages of potential interest to nonprofit organizations seeking funding opportunities related to community development. Also note there is a separate category for farms and rural development.

Web Sites

Note: Some listings are filed by surname

Bank of America Corporation and Foundation
Working in partnership with community leaders, Bank of America's local market leadership directs the majority of its foundation's giving through local grants that address pressing needs of communities across United States. Improvement of education is often at the core of many initiatives. The company's local grant making activities vary, depending on what each community needs. Its local market presidents and their teams develop relationships with other community leaders to determine the best use of philanthropic dollars in each community.
(Last checked 06/11/18)

Blackstone Charitable Foundation
Grants and Funding for Entrepreneurship/Innovation
The Blackstone Charitable Foundation has announced the Blackstone Entrepreneurship Initiative -- a five-year, $50 million commitment to foster entrepreneurship and economic recovery in communities hardest hit by the global economic crisis.
(Last checked 06/11/18)

Catholic Campaign for Human Development Grants
CCHD is committed to supporting groups of low-income individuals as they work to break the cycle of poverty and improve their communities. By helping the poor to participate in the decisions and actions that affect their lives, CCHD empowers them to move beyond poverty. CCHD funds two categories of projects: organizing and economic development.
Also listed under Grants for Nonprofits - Religion and Social Services.
(Last checked 06/11/18)

Charles Stewart Mott Foundation,
see Mott Foundation

Coca-Cola Foundation: Community Requests
At The Coca-Cola Company, we recognize that we cannot have a healthy and growing business unless the communities we serve are healthy and sustainable. As a global beverage company, we have committed ourselves to improving the quality of life in the communities where we do business. Our community investment priorities reflect the global and local nature of our business and focuses on those global pillars where The Coca-Cola Company can make a unique and sustainable difference: water stewardship, active healthy living, community recycling, and education.
(Last checked 06/11/18)

Community Development Grants Available through the State of Michigan, try the Michigan Electronic Grants Administration and Management System Portal (EGrAMS).

Community Development Grants Available from the U.S. Government
Posted on Grants.gov
Some of the most current grant opportunities posted by the federal government.
(Last checked 06/11/18)

Community Development / Improvement RFPs Posted by the Foundation Center Philanthropy News Digest
(Last checked 06/11/18)

Community Economic Development Association of Michigan (CEDAM)
CEDAM advances community-based economic development to revitalize and rebuild Michigan communities and neighborhoods.
(Last checked 06/11/18)

Community Improvement/Development Funding Opportunities Posted by the Foundation Center PND Digest
Each RFP listing provides a brief overview of a current funding opportunity offered by a foundation or other grantmaking organization. Interested applicants should read the full RFP at the grantmaker's Web site or contact the grantmaker directly for complete program guidelines and eligibility requirements before submitting a proposal to that grantmaker.
(Last checked 06/11/18)

Cooperative Development Foundation
The Cooperative Development Foundation promotes self-help and mutual aid in community, economic, and social development through cooperative enterprise. CDF works to bring together the funds and partners to incubate and replicate cooperative solutions to people's needs. CDF administers a number of funds supporting cooperative activities ranging from helping people move from welfare to work, creating affordable housing co-ops for rural seniors, and creating value-added agriculture co-ops to help farmers increase their market share.
Also listed under Grants for Farms and Rural Development
(Last checked 06/11/18)

Downtown Lansing Economic Area Partnership (LEAP)
Fund Lansing is aimed to assist companies and individuals in greater Lansing who are raising investment through web-based crowd funding platforms.
(Last checked 06/11/18)

Economic Development Grants from the State of Michigan, try the Michigan Electronic Gants Administration and Management System Portal (EGrAMS).

Enterprise Community Partners
Enterprise helps build affordable housing for low-income Americans by providing financing and expertise to community and housing developers. Every 80 minutes, someone moves into a house we helped create. Enterprise Community Partners is a national nonprofit that provides loans, grants and information resources.
(Last checked 06/11/18)

Federal Resources for Sustainable Rural Communities
Environmental Protection Agency, 2012.
(Last checked 06/11/18)

Fundsnet Community and Economic Grants
(Last checked 06/11/18)

Gannett Foundation
The Gannett Foundation serves those communities in which Gannett Co., Inc., has operations, such as Battle Creek, Detroit, Grand Rapids, Lansing, and Port Huron in Michigan. The program makes contributions to qualified nonprofit organizations to improve the education, health and advancement of the people who live in Gannett communities. The contributions are our way of helping to improve the quality of life and addressing the most pressing community problems. The web site includes guidelines, how to apply for funds, limitations on funding, and an e-mail and fax address.
(Last checked 06/11/18)

Georgia Municipal Association
Grant Advisory
Shares a wide variety of possible grants.
(Last checked 06/11/18)

(Irving S.) Gilmore Foundation
Community Development Funding
The Irving S. Gilmore Foundation provides funding for Kalamazoo area projects.
(Last checked 06/11/18)

Grant Resources & Responsibilities for Townships
Is your township planning a new project, but coming up a little short on funding? A wide area of untapped funds is available to townships--in the form of grants from state and federal government, and from private corporations. Although the grant writing process may seem daunting, this article shows you where to look for grants, what to include in a grant proposal and how to prepare yourself for grant writing success. Beverly A. Browning.
(Last checked 06/11/18)

Grants & Loans : A Guide to Municipal Financing for Michigan Communities
Looking for funding options? Request a copy of Prein & Newhof's annual Grants & Loans Guide by emailing info@preinnewhof.com. The Guide includes: (1) Facts and contact information for more than 25 funding programs; (2) Grant-winning tips; (3) Examples of creatively-funded projects; (4) An extensive list of print and online funding resources.
(Last checked 06/11/18)

Grants.gov : Current Federal Funding Opportunities for Community Development
Lists some of the most recent funding opportunities.
(Last checked 06/11/18)

Grants.Gov : Current Federal Funding Opportunities for Employment, Labor, and Training
Posts the most recently announced opportunities. Click on employment, labor, and training.
(Last checked 06/11/18)

Grants.gov : Current Federal Funding Opportunities for Regional Development
Lists some of the most recently announced funding opportunities.
(Last checked 06/11/18)

Grants.gov : Current Federal Funding Opportunities for Transportation
Lists some of the most recently announced funding opportunities.
(Last checked 06/11/18)

Michigan Community Development Block Grant Contacts
(Last checked 06/11/18)

Michigan Economic Development Corporation
MiPlace is a website dedicated to community development and placemaking in Michigan. Content on this site is relevant for communities, developers and individuals interested in topics ranging from redevelopment and brownfield tools to crowdfunding. You can also follow us on Facebook and Twitter @miplacenews to find updates and latest news.
(Last checked 06/11/18)

Michigan MiDEAL Program
Extended Purchasing Program
Not a grant program as such, but this program does offer local governments the capability of reducing their purchasing costs through cooperative purchases. Any city, village, county, township, school district, intermediate school district, non-profit hospital, institution of higher education, community or junior college is eligible to participate.
(Last checked 06/11/18)

Michigan Municipal League
Grant Resources
(Last checked 06/11/18)

Michigan Opportunity Resource Fund : A Catylist for Michigan Communities
People have the right to affordable housing, good jobs, vibrant communities and the ability to start their own businesses. For many people and communities, access to the resources that support these rights may be blocked by institutional barriers such as:
-Race or class
-Cost of borrowing
-Exclusive traditional credit standards
-Financial institutions may no longer even be present
The Opportunity Resource Fund seeks to assist people in leading healthy, productive lives, no matter their race or financial situation. Help us help others by investing in safe, affordable housing, community development and entrepreneurship.
(Last checked 06/11/18)

(Charles Stewart) Mott Foundation
Flint Area Economic Revitalization
(1) Housing and Neighborhoods: To support community development activities that promote affordable housing and livable neighborhoods.
(2) Workforce Development: To support innovative strategies that increase the employment of Flint area residents who face multiple barriers to good jobs in the regional labor market.
(3) Economic Development: To help Flint build a strong and vibrant regional economy.
(Last checked 06/11/18)

New Detroit
New Detroit's primary mission is to combat racial injustice and polarization, which are the major stumbling blocks to the growth and prosperity of the city, the region, and the state. We believe that problems are best addressed through collaboration and compromise. To this end, New Detroit will act as a coalition-builder, facilitating communication and interaction between the disparate ethnic and economic groups that comprise the metropolitan area. Giving limited to the Detroit, Michigan metropolitan area.
(Last checked 06/11/18)

Norman Foundation
The Norman Foundation supports efforts that strengthen the ability of communities to determine their own economic, environmental, and social well-being, and that help people control those forces that affect their lives. These efforts may
(1) promote community-based economic development efforts that try out new ownership structures and financing mechanisms;
(2) work to prevent the disposal of toxics in communities, and to link environmental issues with economic and social justice; or
(3) promote civil rights by fighting discrimination and violence and working for equity.
The foundation provides grants for general support, projects, and collaborative efforts. It also welcomes innovative proposals designed to build the capacity of social change organizations working in the listed areas of interest. The foundation does not make grants to support conferences, scholarships, research, films, media or arts projects, or to capital funding projects, fundraising drives, or direct social service programs, such as shelters or community health programs.
Also listed under Grants for Nonprofits : Environment
(Last checked 06/11/18)

Senator Debbie Stabenow's Grant Assistance and Procurement Page
(Last checked 06/11/18)

State Farm Foundation
The State Farm Companies Foundation makes charitable contributions to nonprofit, tax-exempt organizations under Section 501(c)(3) of the U.S. Internal Revenue Code, Canadian charitable organizations, and educational institutions. The Foundation does not fund individuals seeking personal help or scholarships, banquets, tours, competitions, teams, or clubs, politically partisan programs, religious programs, and organizations outside the United States and Canada. The State Farm Foundation was established in 1922. The Foundation's philanthropic interests are meeting the needs of their communities by focusing their giving in three areas: education, safety, and community development. Proposals are accepted year-round and are reviewed in a timely manner. However, approval time depends on the requesting amount and completeness of the proposal. Requests exceeding $100,000 are considered quarterly. For more information contact, Public Affairs Office, Michigan Operations Center, 410 East Drive, Marshall, Michigan 49069-0001; Telephone: (616) 789-5000; E-mail: jobopps.mich@statefarm.com.
(Last checked 06/11/18)

Survey of Economic Development Programs in Michigan
The Survey of Economic Development Programs organizes the major programs into Federal Zone Programs, Grants or Direct Subsidies, Loans, Tax Abatements or Credits, Financing Programs and Tax Authorities, and Job and Employment Training programs. Programs not befitting these are listed as Other Local Unit Economic Development Options and Miscellaneous Authorities, Miscellaneous Grants and Loan Programs, and Miscellaneous Statewide Programs. These program categories include sundry economic development programs, and non-program, statutory adjuncts that facilitate development activities. It is important to note, however, that several programs could be categorized by more than 1 heading. For example, the Freight Economic Development Program is structured as a loan program, but functions as a grant program if employment targets and other incentives are met by the participant. Program classification was predicated, ultimately, on the primary mission of the program.... These program descriptions are designed to give users a thumbnail description of the programs, an explanation of the eligibility and benefits, and some discussion, when applicable, of the value of the programs. Each description provides the enabling act, major amendments, and a statutory citation. Whenever possible, web addresses are provided to link to more information or program applications on the government websites. Citizens Research Council of Michigan Report, 3rd edition, February 2016.
(Last checked 06/11/18)

Survey of Economic Development Programs in Michigan
An update to CRC Report no. 334, describing 35 federal and state economic development initiatives still in effect, analyzing 8 new initiatives, and expounding program concepts to further aid the reader. Citizens Research Council of Michigan Report No. 347, June 2007. 2nd edition.
(Last checked 06/11/18)

Transportation Grants Available from the State of Michigan, try the Michigan Electronic Gants Administration and Management System Portal (EGrAMS).

Transportation Grants/Programs from the U.S. Government
Posted on Grants.gov
Some of the most current grant opportunities posted by the federal government. Select transportation as funding activity category.
(Last checked 06/11/18)

Trickle Up Organization
Founded in 1979, the Trickle Up Program's mission is to help the lowest income people worldwide take the first step up out of poverty, by providing conditional seed capital and business training essential to the launch of a microenterprise. This proven social and economic empowerment model is implemented in partnership with local agencies.
Trickle Up currently works with nearly 50 Coordinating Partner Agencies to help implement our program in the United States. Our domestic partners are generally community-based organizations or community development corporations that have an established track record of reaching the economically disadvantaged in underserved neighborhoods. In addition, we aim to work with partners who provide Trickle Up entrepreneurs with links to credit or savings, vocational training and/or technical assistance to support their enterprises. Implementation of Trickle Up requires that our partners identify grantees/entrepreneurs, disburse seed capital, and provide them with business training. Coordinating Partner Agencies find that incorporating Trickle Up into their program strengthens their organizational capacity, the skills of their staff, the ability to do outreach, and the overall success of their programs. None of these partnering agencies are located in Michigan as of yet.
(Last checked 06/11/18)

WalMart Foundation
Through its community involvement program, WalMart provides funding to a number of nonprofits working in the areas of children, community, education, and environment. WalMart also provides scholarships to associates.
(Last checked 06/11/18)

WalMart Foundation
Community Grants Program
Walmart and the Walmart Foundation have identified four core areas of giving: Hunger Relief & Healthy Eating, Sustainability, Women's Economic Empowerment and Opportunity. To ensure that your application has the best chance of being funded, the proposed use of the grant should fit within one of these areas of giving. Primary consideration for the Community Grant program is to support local organizations with programs that align with Walmart and the Foundation's areas of giving. However, programs that do not align with these areas may also be given consideration. These include programs that are geared toward strengthening the local communities, for example: local organizations providing health and dental screenings, support for local police and fire departments and local school-based initiatives. If you are applying for funding through a Sam's Club location, additional focus areas are considered. Learn more about the Sam's Club Giving Program.
(Last checked 06/11/18)


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