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Grants for Nonprofits : Computer Technology


A compilation of web pages and books of potential interest to nonprofit organizations seeking funding opportunities related to computer technology.

Web Sites

Note: Some listings are filed by surname

Acclinet Technology Grant
Acclinet regularly presents qualifying college students, teachers and nonprofit organizations with free industry-best Sun server and workstation equipment they need to do what they do best. What do we ask in return? Only that they put it to good use. Our technology grant program focusses on two groups: college students and teachers learning or teaching UNIX and open-source technologies and nonprofit organizations dedicated to bettering the lives of children. // In this economy, many schools and nonprofits, relying heavily on government funding and donations, are cutting back on their technology spending to stay afloat. With local, state and federal governments struggling to stay within budget and people having less disposable income, there's just not as much available funding as there used to be. Unfortunately, this hinders progress. We want to help. // Available equipment includes entry-level Sun servers and Sun workstations include Sun servers and Sun workstations such as Sun V210, Sun V240, Sun V440, Sun Blade 1500, Sun Blade 2000, Sun Ultra 40, Sun Ultra 45, as well as enterprise-class solutions for qualifying organizations including Sun Fire servers from E4800 to E15K. // Our t echnology grant program is open to any school, student or organization that is not seeking profit. To qualify, you must provide details about your situation, what kind of equipment you're seeking and how you intend to use it. Applications can be submitted on this web site, via e-mail or by postal mail. // Technology grant recipients are determined monthly by a committee of volunteers who review all the application materials. We will post information about each month's recipient on this web site.
(Last checked 06/11/18)

Best Buy Community Grants Program
Funds for Technology Skills Programs Serving Teens in Company Communities
Provides support to community-based organizations that are located within 50 miles of a Best Buy facility. Grants promote programs that offer hands-on learning opportunities for underserved teens to engage in learning, experimenting, and interacting with the latest technologies to build 21st century skills. Eligible programs must deliver community-based youth programs for teens, ages 13-18, during out of school time, and serve a diverse population. Examples of program activities include computer programming, digital imaging, music production, robotics, and gaming and mobile app development. The average grant amount is $5,000; grants will not exceed $10,000. Public and nonprofit community-based organizations (e.g., community centers, schools, and libraries) are eligible to apply. Online proposals may be submitted between April 1 and May 19, 2017. Visit the Best Buy website to review the program guidelines.
(Last checked 06/11/18)

Bill and Melinda Gates, see Gates

Cisco Corporate Social Responsability
Based on the company's core values of education, leveraging technology, and the involvement of employees, Cisco Systems pursues its philanthropic goals through three initiatives: workforce development, with a focus on investments in technology and training that help people develop skills to enter or re-enter today's workforce; partnerships with nonprofits that give them access to technology solutions; and helping employees to become successful volunteers and informed philanthropists.
(Last checked 06/11/18)

Compumentor's TechSoup
A one-stop resource for anything and everything having to do with technology created expressly for nonprofits. TechSoup, a new service from CompuMentor, promises to offer nonprofits clear, non-commercial recommendations for the best places to acquire donated or discounted software; equipment; advice on technology funding; technology planning; computer training; and listings of volunteers and consultants available to assist them.
(Last checked 06/11/18)

Computer Technology Grants from the State of Michigan, try the Michigan Electronic Gants Administration and Management System Portal (EGrAMS).

Educators of America, Inc.
Classroom Technology Grants
Deadline: Applications are accepted year-round.
Educators of America, Inc. offers Classroom Technology Grants to promote student achievement and technology integration. Funding allows schools to furnish a classroom or entire building with needed technology tools with the goal of enhancing students' skills, effective teaching, and instructional methods. Grants may be used to purchase technology such as web-connected devices; electronic whiteboards; tablets; and science, technology, engineering, and mathematics lab equipment.
(Last checked 06/11/18)

Fundsnet Computers and Technology Grants
(Last checked 06/11/18)

Gates Foundation (Bill and Melinda)
Bill and Melinda Gates hope to make an enduring contribution toward increasing access to innovations in education, technology, and global health. More than seventeen billion dollars in endowments have been set aside for these causes.
(Last checked 06/11/18)

Regularly posts new grant opportunities related to education, including computer technology.
(Last checked 06/11/18)

Hewlett-Packard Technology for Teaching Grant Initiative
Deadline: Feb. 15
This grant initiative is designed to support K-16 educators who are using mobile technology in innovative ways, and to help identify K-12 schools and higher education institutions that HP might support with future grants. Based on the outcomes of the projects funded through this initiative in 2005, HP will offer grant recipients the opportunity to receive higher-value grants in 2006. $5 million in cash and equipment is being offered.
(Last checked 06/11/18)

Intel Corporate Responsibility
Intel, the world's largest chip maker, makes direct charitable contributions to nonprofit organizations in the form of donated equipment and products, fellowships and scholarship funds, general/operating support, program development, research, and technical assistance. Visit the Intel Web site to learn more about the company's philanthropic activities by community and country.
(Last checked 06/11/18)

Magic Johnson Foundation Community Empowerment Centers
The Magic Johnson Foundation Technology Initiative is a program that has been created to provide technology access and education to inner-city communities. It is our intent to work in conjunction with program partners and sponsors to provide not only access, but also education regarding Information Technology to the underserved urban population. Information Technology has been identified as the cornerstone of an emerging market economy in which only those individuals that are able to comprehend and utilize this proficiency will be able to benefit and compete for jobs. Grants have been awarded to 21 different centers in fifteen urban and one rural area, including Lansing, Michigan, Magic Johnson's boyhood home.
(Last checked 06/11/18)

Michigan Association for Computer-Related Technology Users in Learning (MACUL)
Grants and Awards Page
Look for the Grants and Awards tab.
Also listed under Grants for Nonprofits : Education.
(Last checked 06/11/18)

Microsoft Nonprofit Donations and Support
Redmond, Washington-based Microsoft makes grants of cash, software, and technical support to nonprofit organizations worldwide in order to help bring the benefits of information technology to people and communities, provide support to organizations in communities in which its employees live and work, and support its employees taking an active role in their community through volunteer and matching-gift programs.
(Last checked 06/11/18)

Surplus Equipment
Local, State and Federal Surplus programs around the country are also good sources worth checking for older computer equipment. "States sell surplus state and federal property to state agencies, local governments and non-profit institutions. Many states also sell surplus property to the general public - including a wide variety of furniture, supplies, equipment, vehicles and more. " - From the USA.gov web site. Here are a few web pages to check:
(1) Federal Governmetn Surplus
(2) State of Michigan Surplus
(Last checked 06/11/18)

Teacher Planet
Grants for Teachers
Your complete online resource for information related to K-12 grants.
(Last checked 06/11/18)

Technology Grant News
Grants for School Technology
(Last checked 06/11/18)

TechSoup Discount Software for Nonprofits
Offers very inexpensive pricing on software from Microsoft, Symantec, Lotus, WebGecko, B2P, Intuit, and others. There are limits on quantity and proof of non-profit status muct be furnished, but what a resource.
(Last checked 06/11/18)


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