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Grants for Nonprofits : Energy / Heating Assistance


A compilation of web pages and books of potential interest to nonprofit organizations seeking funding opportunities related to energy initiatives or emergency heating assistance.

Web Sites

Energy Efficiency Financing for Michigan Communities
This document contains opportunities and resources for energy efficiency financing that may be available to Michigan Municipalities, districts, public buildings, and other public entities. These resources and opportunities are not an exhaustive list, but rather certain financing opportunities that have been brought to the attention of the Michigan Energy Office. We encourage those looking for energy efficiency financing opportunities to review the financing resources listed below for additional opportunities.
(Last checked 06/11/18)

Energy Foundation
The Energy Foundation's mission is to assist in the nation's transition to a sustainable energy future by promoting energy efficiency and renewable energy. The Foundation's geographic focus is the United States, with special emphasis on regional initiatives. The Foundation awards grants in the following areas: power, buildings, transportation, climate programs and the China Sustainable Energy Program.
(Last checked 06/11/18)

Energy Grants Available through the State of Michigan, try the Michigan Electronic Grants Administration and Management System Portal (EGrAMS).

Grants.gov : Current Federal Funding Opportunities for Energy
(Last checked 06/11/18)

The Heat and Warmth Fund (THAW)
THAW Fund is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization that provides emergency energy assistance to low-income families, individuals and senior citizens throughout Michigan who are in danger of losing essential heat or electricity. THAW Fund's first assistance was distributed in the winter of 1986. Funds are ordinarily disbursed between November and June each year, depending on available funding. Applications are taken at more than 100 community agencies serving as THAW screening sites in 65 counties across upper and lower Michigan. THAW's administrative office is located at 1212 Griswold in Detroit.
Applicants may be referred by utility companies, friends, or other agencies. By calling 1-800-866-THAW, customers are referred to a THAW community agency site in their area. An agency caseworker interviews the applicant, verifies eligibility and determines the amount to be paid, then sends the information via THAW's web-based SafetyNet to prevent shut-off or restore service. THAW then approves the electronic voucher and makes the payments directly to the utility or fuel provider.
(Last checked 06/11/18)

Michigan Helping Hand
This site helps Michigan citizens facing economic hardship find the services they need. Simply click on one of the five tabs below for links to information about jobs and training, unemployment benefits, health care, family support and housing. Then click on the particular link that describes the help you're seeking.
(Last checked 06/11/18)

Michigan Public Service Commission
Winter Energy Bill Payment Assistance Help
Winter Energy Bill Payment Assistance Help with winter heating bills is available to senior citizens, unemployed, and low-income utility customers. Find out how to enroll in the Winter Protection Plan, Home Heating Credit, Earned Income Credit, and other available assistance and energy conservation programs. Consumer Alert, Feb. 2002.
(Last checked 06/11/18)

MiEnergy : Energy Grants / Michigan Energy Efficiency Program
The Customer Choice and Electricity Reliability Act of 2000 authorized the creation of a Low-Income and Energy Efficiency Fund, administered by the Michigan Public Service Commission via grants to qualifying organizations. The purpose of the fund is to provide shut-off and other protection for low-income customers and to promote energy efficiency by all customer classes.
(Last checked 06/11/18)

U.S. Department of Energy
Funding and Financing Opportunities
find capital for energy efficiency and renewable energy projects.
(Last checked 06/11/18)

Mid-Michigan's Energy Assistance Directory
Courtesy of the Michigan Propane Gas Association
(Last checked 06/11/18)

Northern Michigan Energy Assistance Directory
Courtesy of the Michigan Propane Gas Association
(Last checked 06/11/18)

Southeast Michigan Energy Assistance Directory
Courtesy of the Michigan Propane Gas Association
(Last checked 06/11/18)

Tri-City and Thumb Energy Assistance Directory
Courtesy of the Michigan Propane Gas Association
(Last checked 06/11/18)

Upper Peninsula Energy Assistance Directory
Courtesy of the Michigan Propane Gas Association
(Last checked 06/11/18)

West Michigan Energy Assistance Directory
Courtesy of the Michigan Propane Gas Association
(Last checked 06/11/18)


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