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Grants for Nonprofits : Farm or Rural Development


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A compilation of web pages and books related to farms or rural development. Not limited to nonprofits.

Web Sites

Cooperative Development Foundation
The Cooperative Development Foundation promotes self-help and mutual aid in community, economic, and social development through cooperative enterprise. CDF works to bring together the funds and partners to incubate and replicate cooperative solutions to people's needs. CDF administers a number of funds supporting cooperative activities ranging from helping people move from welfare to work, creating affordable housing co-ops for rural seniors, and creating value-added agriculture co-ops to help farmers increase their market share.
Also listed under Grants for Nonprofits : Community Development
(Last checked 04/16/18)

Farm Aid Grant Program
Since its beginning in September of 1985, Farm Aid has granted over $17 million to farm organizations. Grants are awarded to organizations that work to maintain a family farm system of agriculture. Farm Aid supports projects that help farm families stay on their land and find solutions to the challenges rural communities face. Farm Aid grants are awarded in the following categories: (1) Emergency Needs, (2) Hotlines, (3) Legal, (4) Education, and (5) Outreach/Organizational Development.
(Last checked 04/16/18)

Farm Grants Available through the State of Michigan, try the Michigan Electronic Grants Administration and Management System Portal (EGrAMS).

Federal Resources for Sustainable Rural Communities
Environmental Protection Agency, 2012.
(Last checked 04/16/18)

Grants.Gov : Federal Funding Opportunities for Agriculture
(Last checked 04/16/18)

National Agricultural Library
Rural Federal Funding Database
Subset of the Catalog of Federal Domestic Assistance.
(Last checked 04/16/18)

Michigan Agricultural Preservation Fund
A fund established to assist local units of government in implementing a local purchase of development rights program.
(Last checked 04/16/18)

Rural Assistance Center
Capital Funding Sources
Rural Capital Assistance Funding is funding used to expand or renovate a building, purchase major equipment or construct a new facility for a rural health provider. Funding for capital expenditures usually needs to be secured from a variety of sources, both public and private.
(Last checked 04/16/18)

Rural Assistance Center
Michigan Funding & Opportunities
(Last checked 04/16/18)

Rural Housing Preservation Grants Program (CFDA 10.433)
Search by CFDA number : 10.433
This program helps very low- and low-income rural residents individual homeowners, rental property owners (single/multi-unit) or by providing the consumer cooperative housing projects (co-ops) the necessary assistance to repair or rehabilitate their dwellings. These objectives will be accomplished through the establishment of repair/rehabilitation, projects run by eligible applicants. This program is intended to make use of and leverage any other available housing programs which provide resources to very low and low-income rural residents to bring their dwellings up to development standards. Contact your local office of the U.S. Department of Agriculture Rural Housing Service.
(Last checked 04/16/18)

Rural Information Center
Small Farm Funding Resources
(Last checked 04/16/18)

U.S. Department of Agriculture
Community Facilities Direct Loan & Grant Program
This program provides affordable funding to develop essential community facilities in rural areas. An essential community facility is defined as a facility that provides an essential service to the local community for the orderly development of the community in a primarily rural area, and does not include private, commercial or business undertakings. The Community Facilities loan program at the U.S. Department of Agriculture makes very low-cost loans to build things like clinics, child-care centers, schools, and food pantries in distressed rural communities. The terms are terrific: Forty-year loans at a 2.75 percent interest rate. Yet last year, nearly $500 million of available funds went unused. So the agency teamed up with the Mary Reynolds Babcock Foundation to figure out how to get more capital into the communities that need it by channeling the funds to community-development finance institutions, which can then re-lend the money. Thanks in large part to that partnership, the Department of Agriculture today announced $401 million in loans to nonprofit lenders. The foundation created the Uplift America Fund as a combination of grant money and loan guarantees from financial institutions to make the nonprofit lenders better candidates for the USDA loans
(Last checked 04/16/18)

U.S. Department of Agriculture
Farm Service Agency
Disaster Assistance Programs
Natural disaster is a constant threat to America's farmers and ranchers and rural residents. The Farm Service Agency provides assistance for losses that result from drought, flood, fire, freeze, tornadoes, pest infestation, and other calamities.
(Last checked 04/16/18)

USDA Rural Development
Rural Economic Development and Loan Program
For more information about these programs, or to file an application, contact the local Rural Development office in your area.
(Last checked 04/16/18)


The books mentioned on this page are available for public use in the Michigan State University Libraries. If you are unable to visit our library, consider visiting a Foundation Center Funding Information Network Partner in your home state or a local public library in your home town. If the books are not available there, ask about interlibrary loan or visit a local bookstore to find out whether they can be purchased.

Food, Farm and Garden Funding: 300+ Grants, Scholarships and More in U.S. and Canada! book cover

Food, Farm, and Garden Funding : 300+ Grants, Scholarships, and More in the U.S. and Canada. Pamela Burke. Amazon.com Create Space, 2015. 133pp. Funding Center S441 .B87 2015 : Offering healthier food and menu options is now the norm. But funding is often the missing key ingredient. Food, farm, and garden groups have an abundance of passion -- but financing is often an issue. All across North America, community, school and farm groups, nonprofit organizations, students and local governments are seeking funding for community and school gardens, farm markets, value added products, hubs, best practice education and more. With this book you can search among 300+ food, farm, and garden supporters to find possible funding partners. Bonus sections include information includes information about writing a grant, technical assistance providers and other fundraising methods.

RURAL RESOURCES GUIDE : A DIRECTORY OF PUBLIC AND PRIVATE ASSISTANCE FOR SMALL COMMUNITIES. John R. Block. Washington, D.C. : U.S. Office of Rural Development Policy, 1985. 476pp. plus appendices. Available online.
A guide designed for rural officials, including tribal governments and community leaders, for locating sources of financial assistance. Covers approximately 440 sources, public and private.
Listed under Business and Economic Development.


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