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Grants for Nonprofits : Religion and Social Change

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A compilation of web pages and books of potential interest to nonprofit organizations seeking funding opportunities related to religion. For additional resources on world relief organizations, see Grants for Nonprofits : Disaster/World Relief.

Web Sites

Note: Some listings are filed by surname.

Calvin Institute of Christian Worship
Grants Program
Designed to foster well-grounded worship renewal in congregations throughout North America. Made possible through the generous support of Lilly Endowment Inc., these grants are intended to serve a grass-roots constituency of those concerned for the vitality of the worship life in their local Christian communities in a variety of denominations. Through its grantmaking, the Calvin Institute of Christian Worship intends to stimulate thoughtful and energetic work that will result in worship services that exhibit renewed creativity, theological integrity, and relevance.
(Last checked 06/12/18)

Capital Regional Community Foundation
At least once a year, the CRCF seeks grant applications from churches in the tri-county area of Ingham, Clinton, and Eaton, for charitable work benefiting the community. Programs including food banks, clothing distribution, after-school and programs assisting the needy, excluding church building funds, will be considered. Grants up to $1000 are awarded. To obtain a church grant application form for the Patrons Fund or to discuss a grant idea, call the community foundation at (517) 272-2870.
(Last checked 06/12/18)

Catholic Campaign for Human Development Grants
CCHD is committed to supporting groups of low-income individuals as they work to break the cycle of poverty and improve their communities. By helping the poor to participate in the decisions and actions that affect their lives, CCHD empowers them to move beyond poverty. CCHD funds two categories of projects: organizing and economic development.
Also listed under Grants for Nonprofits - Community Development and Social Services.
(Last checked 06/12/18)

Catholic Charities USA
Supporting families, reducing poverty, and building communities. Follow the links to find local offices in each state.
(Last checked 06/12/18)

Center for Faith-Based and Neighborhood Partnerships
The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services sponsors this page in an effort to provide a central information resource for programs and opportunities for faith-based and community organizations. The site features a compilation of HHS funding opportunities listed by topic and program office, with guidance on how organizations should apply. In addition to HHS resources, the site also provides links to funding opportunities from private-sector donors and other federal government agencies, as well as descriptions of successful HHS partnerships with faith-based and community organizations. New funding announcements and relevant grant programs will be added to the site on a regular basis. "Faith-based and community organizations have a long history of providing the types of services at the core of HHS' mission -- health and social services that help those people most unable to help themselves," said HHS secretary Tommy G. Thompson. "The President's Faith-Based and Community Initiative is designed to help the federal government better collaborate with grassroots and nonprofit groups to reinforce and support the work they do. This new Web site will be an excellent resource for community organizations to do just that."
(Last checked 06/12/18)

(Harry) Chapin Foundation
Provides funding for Community education, programs to identify community needs and mobilize resources to meet them, fostering social and economic justice.
(Last checked 06/12/18)

Chatlos Foundation
The Chatlos Foundation proclaims the Glory of God by funding nonprofit organizations in the USA and around the globe. Support is provided to organizations currently exempt by the Internal Revenue Service of the United States. The Foundation's areas of interest are: Bible Colleges/Seminaries, Religious Causes, Medical Concerns, Liberal Arts Colleges and Social Concerns.
(Last checked 06/12/18)

Church Women United
Through Intercontinental Grants For Mission, CWU funds global and domestic microeconomic projects that develop and empower women or are led by women. Projects are judged by committee (application deadline is August 1) and grants range from $250-$5000.
(Last checked 06/12/18)

(Joanne Cross) Coon Foundation
Provides grants to Seventh Day Adventist organizations and activities.
(Last checked 06/12/18)

Episcopal Diocese of Michigan
The parent body for most Episcopal Churches in Michigan provides consulting services and two types of grants. (1) Program Development Grants are designed to provide support for the identification, development, and start up of specific programmatic initiatives within congregations or Area Councils. (2) Congregational Assistance Grants increasingly focus on funding specific and extraordinary or unexpected operational expenses for activities which clearly enhance the health and functioning of the congregational body.
(Last checked 06/12/18)

Evangelical Lutheran Church in America
Domestic Hunger Grants
The goal of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America (ELCA) Domestic Hunger Program is to provide relief and development assistance for those who suffer from hunger and injustices related to hunger in the United States. Priority is given to nonprofit organizations that help people with the least resources for meeting their basic needs as well as to women and children living in poverty. Grants ranging from $500 to $10,000 are provided in the following categories: Relief, Sustainable Development, Community Organizing, Education and Advocacy. Funded projects should have, whenever possible, some formal or informal connection with the ELCA, its synods, congregations, affiliated organizations, or ministries.
Also listed under Grants for Nonprofits : Hunger
(Last checked 06/12/18)

FADICA: Foundations and Donors Interested in Catholic Charities
While FADICA is an association of private grant making foundations, its main function is to provide continuing education on trends impacting Catholic philanthropy. It is unable to provide grant assistance or direction for grant seekers. It does, however, publish a comprehensive book for those seeking to locate sources of funding for Catholic projects entitled, The Catholic Funding Guide, available in the MSU Main Library Reference Funding Center. Readers of FADICA's web page can also find valuable links to funding sources.
(Last checked 06/12/18)

Fund for Nonviolence
The Fund for Nonviolence cultivates and supports community based efforts to bring about social change that moves humanity towards a more just and compassionate coexistence.
(Last checked 06/12/18)

Fundsnet Religion Grants
(Last checked 06/12/18)

(Mertz) Gilmore Foundation
The Mertz Gilmore Foundation's new human rights program works to advance human rights in the U.S. Support is provided for projects that demonstrate what and how human rights can contribute to social justice in the U.S.; networks and coalitions that build and strengthen cross-issue and/or cross-constituency linkages; and capacity building through human rights training. Projects will be considered across the full spectrum of human rights -- economic, social and cultural as well as civil and political -- and support a variety of constituencies, and/or methods. Nonprofit organizations and coalitions or networks of organizations throughout the United States are eligible to apply. Letters of inquiry are accepted throughout the year.
(Last checked 06/12/18)

Impact Fund
The deadline for pre-applications is November 26; December 3 for full applications.
The Impact Fund provides funding for public interest litigation that will potentially benefit a large number of people, lead to significant law reform, or raise the public consciousness. The Fund makes grants of up to $25,000 to pay for out-of-pocket costs and expenses of substantial class action and impact cases. Grants are made in the general areas of poverty law, environmental justice, elimination of discrimination, and civil and human rights. For more information contact: Brad Seligman, 510-845-3473, email: impactfund@inpact.org. Source: Grants and Foundations Review, November 6, 2001.
(Last checked 06/12/18)

International Association of Hebrew Free Loans
(Last checked 06/12/18)

Jewish Federation of Metropolitan Detroit
In partnership with its agencies, Federation plays the leadership role in identifying needs within the Jewish community and in mobilizing human and financial resources, engaging in communal planning and allocation and advocating to meet those needs.
(Last checked 06/12/18)

Lilly Endowment
In recent years Lilly Endowment's religion grantmaking has been focused on major, interlocking efforts aimed at enhancing and sustaining the quality of ministry in American congregations and parishes. The Endowment has focused on supporting programs and projects that address four broad questions: How do we identify, recruit and call forth a new generation of talented Christian pastors? How do we best prepare and train new ministers for effective and faithful pastoral leadership? How do we improve the skills and sustain the excellence of pastors currently serving congregations? What are basic questions about the current state of the practice of ministry that we need to answer to improve the quality of ministry?
(Last checked 06/12/18)

Lilly Endowment
Resources for American Christianity
Grants Info
Several agencies with funding from the Religion division of the Lilly Endowment provide grants or fellowships to individuals or institutions.
(Last checked 06/12/18)

The Loyola Foundation
The Foundation supports overseas Catholic mission communities primarily in less developed countries such as Africa, India, Central and South America. The Foundation awards capital grants only, for items such as construction, equipment, and vehicles. The Foundation does not accept requests for operating expenses, scholarships, tuition, endowment funds, travel expenses, or meeting costs. It also does not make multi-year grants or grants for emergency needs, minor seminaries, or individuals. The Foundation generally does not consider requests for projects located in the United States. Additional information can be found on the Web site.
(Last checked 06/12/18)

Lutheran Church Extension Fund
Affiliated with the Lutheran Church, Missouri Synod, this fund provides loans for local church outreach programs.
(Last checked 06/12/18)

Lutheran Immigration and Refugee Service (LIRS)
Lutheran Immigration and Refugee Service (LIRS) provides assistance, loans, and job counseling to immigrants and refugees.
(Last checked 06/12/18)

Lutheran Social Services of Northestern Ohio
(Last checked 06/12/18)

Lutheran Social Services of Wisconsin and Upper Michigan
A non-profit agency providing community, residential, and health services to more than 100,000 people annually -- Lutheran and non-Lutheran -- in Wisconsin and Upper Michigan.
(Last checked 06/12/18)

Mustard Seed Foundation
Inspired by the parable of the mustard seed found in Mark 4 and Matthew 13, we seek to be stewards by participating in the expansion and realization of the kingdom of God on earth. We do this by providing grants to churches and Christian organizations worldwide as they initiate a variety of Christian ministries including evangelism, discipleship, and economic empowerment. In addition, the Foundation provides scholarships to Christians pursuing advanced education. The Foundation accepts grant applications from churches representing Protestant, Catholic, and Orthodox traditions. Mustard Seed grant recipients proclaim faith in Christ as Savior and Lord, affirm the basic tenets of orthodox Christianity, and desire to serve and witness in Christ's name.
Churches in Detroit are eligible, particularly those that are ministering to the homeless, gangs, mentally ill, refugees, prostitutes, and addicts in their neighborhoods. Our biggest joy is to partner with local churches that are raising up indigenous minority leadership into their staff teams. We are most interested in receiving applications from smaller multi-ethnic churches that are actively living out racial reconciliation in the leadership of the church and ministry.
(Last checked 06/12/18)

National Benevolent Association of the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ)
(Last checked 06/12/18)

North American Mission Board
For over 100 years, we have assisted local Southern Baptist churches in obtaining financing for their building needs. We offer both consultation services and loans to qualified Southern Baptist churches. Our consultation is freely given as a means to assist your church as you plan for its financial future. Our lending programs may be used for purchasing properties, refinance of existing debt, as well as for construction and renovation projects.
(Last checked 06/12/18)

Partners for Sacred Places (PSP)
Partners is the only national, non-sectarian, non-profit organization devoted to helping congregations and their communities sustain and actively use older and historic sacred places.
(Last checked 06/12/18)

Reformed Church in America
Church Growth Fund
(RCACGF) supports the work and witness of the RCA by making loans to RCA churches, classes and other agencies and affiliates so they can purchase, construct or improve church property or facilities. The RCACGF also provides funds for New Congregation Matching Grants. Loans of up to $25,000 are made on an unsecured basis. Larger loans (up to the current loan limit of $2,000,000) are secured.
(Last checked 06/12/18)

Religion RFPs Posted by the Foundation Center's Philanthropy News Digest
Each RFP listing provides a brief overview of a current funding opportunity offered by a foundation or other grantmaking organization. Interested applicants should read the full RFP at the grantmaker's Web site or contact the grantmaker directly for complete program guidelines and eligibility requirements before submitting a proposal to that grantmaker.
Also listed under Grants for Individuals - Religion
(Last checked 06/12/18)

Resist, Inc.
Since our founding in 1967, Resist has given more than 5,000 small, timely grants and loans to groups and organizations working for social justice. At its core, Resist remains a political organization committed to radial social change, and groups that are funded reflect Resist's political commmitment. Be sure to check out the organizations guide to Finding Funding: A Beginner's Guide to Foundation Research, which contains numerous foundation addresses.
(Last checked 06/12/18)

Resources for American Christianity
Information on Grants
Several agencies with funding from the Religion division of the Lilly Endowment provide grants or fellowships to individuals or institutions. The list here is organized according to the focus or purpose of the assistance provided.
(Last checked 06/12/18)

Righteous Persons Foundation
The Righteous Persons Foundation is dedicated to supporting efforts that build a diverse and vibrant Jewish community in the United States. Steven Spielberg initially established the Foundation with his profits from the film Schindler's List. The Foundation has developed a particular focus on supporting national programs that promote the development of Jewish arts, culture, and media. In addition, the Foundation supports programs that empower and engage the next generation; identify and train "transmitters" -- individuals who can make the Jewish community's rich history and culture accessible; inspire social activism based on the Jewish values of justice and responsibility for others; and promote understanding between Jews and those of other faiths and backgrounds, with emphasis on efforts that use media to humanize the "other" and amplify more moderate voices both in the United States and in the Middle East. Letters of inquiry are reviewed two times a year; the upcoming deadline is March 1, 2016. Guidelines for developing letters of inquiry are available on the Foundation's website.
(Last checked 06/12/18)

Robert Wood Johnson Faith in Action Program, see Johnson Faith in Action Program

Rubin Foundation (Samuel)
Application deadline: Sept. 3, 2004
The Samuel Rubin Foundation is dedicated to the pursuit of peace and justice and the search for an equitable reallocation of the world's resources. Grants are awarded to support projects that address the issues of implementation of social, economic, political, civil, and cultural rights for all the world's people.
(Last checked 06/12/18)

Salvation Army
Provide emergency relief both domestic and worldwide.
(Last checked 06/12/18)

A service-organization of the Evangelical Lutheran Church of America.
(Last checked 06/12/18)

Samuel Rubin Foundation, see Rubin Foundation

Save the Children
Provide services in 18 states across the United States and in 46 developing nations around the world.
(Last checked 06/12/18)

(Charles and Lynn) Schusterman Family Foundation
The Charles and Lynn Schusterman Family Foundation was established in 1987 to support programs that enhance Jewish life in the United States, Israel, and the former Soviet Union. The foundation also funds Oklahoma based, non-sectarian charitable groups that focus on education, children and community service.
Also listed under International and Foreign Grant Makers.
(Last checked 06/12/18)

Singing for Change Charitable Foundation
The Singing for Change Charitable Foundation, created by Jimmy Buffet in 1995, is dedicated to supporting nonprofit organizations that inspire personal growth, community integration, and the enhanced awareness that collectively people can bring about positive social change. The Foundation provides grants to progressive, community-based nonprofit organizations nationwide that address the root causes of social or environmental problems. The Foundation primarily provides grants ranging from $1,000 to $10,000 for projects that serve children and families, the environment, and disenfranchised groups. Priority is given to inclusive, grassroots organizations that rely strongly on volunteer efforts, where Foundation support makes a significant difference. The deadline for letters of interest is May 1, 2017. Visit the Foundationís website to review the funding guidelines and to submit an online letter of interest.
(Last checked 06/12/18)

Thrivent Financial for Lutherans Foundation

E-mail: mail@thrivent.com
Provides loans for new churches, schools and church buildings; renovations and remodeling For more information, contact: Church Loan Staff, Thrivent Financial for Lutherans, 4321 North Ballard Road, Appleton, Wisconsin 54919-0001; Telephone: 800) 847-4836, extension 85701.

Top 50 FC 1000 Foundations Awarding Grants to Recipients in Michigan, for Religion, 2011
Source: Foundation Stats, 2013, from the Foundation Center.
(Last checked 06/12/18)

Top 50 FC 1000 Foundations Awarding Grants to Recipients in Michigan, for Religion, 2012
Source: Foundation Stats, 2014, from the Foundation Center.
(Last checked 06/12/18)

Unitarian Universalist Funding Program
The Unitarian Universalist Funding Program is a denominational grantmaking program of the Unitarian Universalist Association. Inspired by the richness and diversity of our liberal religious tradition, our mission is to promote the influence of Unitarian Universalist principles through grantmaking. With funds generously provided by the Unitarian Universalist Veatch Program at Shelter Rock, the UU Funding Program awards grants to UU and non-UU projects and organizations. Grants are awarded through four Funds with distinct priorities and guidelines.
(Last checked 06/12/18)

United Jewish Communities
The merger of the United Jewish Appeal, Council of Jewish Federations, and United Israel Appeal has created a new national organization dedicated to seizing this opportunity to improve people's lives - around the corner and around the globe. Take a look at the Local Links for local affiliates.
(Last checked 06/12/18)

U.S. Department of Education
Center for Faith-Based and Neighborhood Partnerships
Welcome to the U.S. Department of Education's Center for Faith-Based and Community Initiatives. The goal of the Center is to break down existing barriers and empower faith-based and community groups, enlisting them in support of the Department's mission to ensure equal access to education and to promote educational excellence for all Americans.
(Last checked 06/12/18)

U.S. Department of Health and Human Services
Center for Faith-Based and Neighborhood Partnerships
Current funding opportunities are available in the areas of : After-school programs, Aging Programs, Children and Families, Crisis Counseling Programs, Developmental Disabilities, Economic Development, Fatherhood Initiative, Food/Nutrition Programs, Health, HIV/AIDS Prevention/Treatment, Housing Programs/HUD, Mentoring Programs, National Institutes of Health, Native American Programs, Refugee Assistance, Rural Health, Substance Abuse Prevention/Treatment, Technical Assistance, Welfare Reform/TANF, and Youth>
(Last checked 06/12/18)

(John and Elizabeth) Whitely Foundation
Support Episcopal churches and seminaries in Ingham County.
(Last checked 06/12/18)

Widow's Mite Foundation
A non profit 501c tax deductible private foundation designed to financially support high impact, doctrinally sound, Christian ministries though counseling, mentoring, training, consulting, nurturing, and furnishing. Widow's Mite specifically desires to be a stabilizing spiritual and cultural source of support with African American individuals and families.
(Last checked 06/12/18)

Women of the ECLA
Grants Programs
(Last checked 06/12/18)


The books mentioned on this page are available for public use in the Michigan State University Libraries. If you are unable to visit our library, consider visiting a Foundation Center Funding Information Network Partner in your home state or a local public library in your home town. If the books are not available there, ask about interlibrary loan or visit a local bookstore to find out whether they can be purchased.

CATHOLIC FUNDING GUIDE; A DIRECTORY OF RESOURCES FOR CATHOLIC ACTIVITIES. Kerry A. Robinson, ed. Washington, D.C. : Foundations and Donors Interested in Catholic Charities Funding Center (1 East) BX2347 .C39
This 554 page reference book (5th edition) is designed to provide the non-professional fund raiser with basic information to help prepare grant proposals and locate funding sources. The Guide contains short easy to understand essays and commentary that can prove invaluable information when setting out to raise funds from private foundations, fraternal organizations, religious communities, and church-sponsored charities. Contact information includes addresses, principal representatives, funding interests, grant ranges, information on deadlines, and other requirements. The Catholic Funding Guide also provides reference library information, internet resources, and other tools that will lighten the burden of the grantseeker. Includes:
(1) Over $4 billion in annual grants by private foundations
(2) 1,065 sources of funding for Catholic institutions and programs
(3) 319 new entries and substantial editing
(4) Significant new Catholic health care related funding sources
(5) European based Catholic grant making
[Catholic Church--United States--charities--finance]

FOUNDATION GUIDE FOR RELIGIOUS GRANT SEEKERS. Kerry A. Robinson, ed. Atlanta, Ga : Scholars Press, 1995. 5th edition, 384pp. Main Library Reference (1 East) Funding Center BV774.5 .B87 1995
Provides information on 795 foundations with a history of making grants for religious purposes, general information about the grant seeking process, facts about religious philanthropy, and tips on borad-based fund raising. Foundations are sorted by faith : Catholic, Jewish, Protestant, interfaith, and other. Each entry provides a contact name and address, geographic limitations, special grant-making interests, typical grant amounts, and application information. Earlier editions available in the Main Library Stacks.
[Catholic Church--United States--charities--finance]

GRANTSEEKERS GUIDE TO FAITH-BASE FUNDING. Silver Spring, MD: CD Publications, 2003. 40pp. Main Library Reference (1 East) Funding Center HV530 .G73 2003
Provides brief information, along with Web site addresses, about resources on federal grantmaking to faith-based programs.
[Church charities -- Government policy -- United States]
[Church charities -- United States -- Finance]

NATIONAL GUIDE TO FUNDING IN RELIGION. New York, N.Y. : Foundation Center, May 2005. 8th edition, 1756pp. Main Library Reference (1 East) Funding Center BV772.5 .N3
Rely on the National Guide to Funding in Religion for detailed fundraising information on grantmakers that have proven their commitment to the subject by funding churches, synagogues, and mosques, as well as building preservation, humanitarian aid, missionary societies, religious schools, welfare, youth groups, and many other religious-affiliated programs. Fact filled descriptions of over 8,900 grantmakers provide easy access to addresses and contact names; financial data to help you determine giving potential; giving statements and limitations; application guidelines; the names of key officials; and more. Selected grants are included to further illustrate the giving priorities of potential funders. You'll find more that 14,000 sample grants in this volume.
[Religion -- United States -- Endowments -- Directories]

For additional resources, check Grants for Individuals : Religion and Religion Affiliated.


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