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Grants for Nonprofits : Women In International Development


A compilation of web pages of potential interest to nonprofit organizations seeking funding opportunities related to women in international development. Some of the organizations focus on providing economic security to women around the world and in the United States.

AMURT (Ananda Marga Universal Relief Team) Global Network
AMURTEL was formed in 1975 as a sister organization to respond specifically to the problems faced by women and children in their struggle to develop. AMURTEL is managed by women and initiates programs that raise the standard of health and education of women and their children. The programs also permit women to gain greater self-determination and economic independence. With the passage of tiem, the organization has expanded its focus toimprove the quality of life for the poor and underprivileged people of the world, and to assist the victims of natural and man-made disasters.
(Last checked 05/19/17)

Asia Foundation Women's Enpowerment Program
For more than half a century, The Asia Foundation has been a leader in helping women to realize their potential. We believe that investing in women fundamentally strengthens families and societies. Our Women's Program develops women's leadership, strengthens women's organizations, increases women's rights and ensures their personal security, and creates new political and economic opportunities for women across the Asia-Pacific region.
(Last checked 05/19/17)

Astraea Lesbian Foundation for Justice
A dynamic global foundation providing critically needed financial support to lesbian-lded, LGBTI and progressive organizations. Separated by continents, language and culture, Astraea grantees are seizing opportunities, and laying the groundwork necessary for women and LGBTI people to claim their human rights.
(Last checked 05/19/17)

FINCA International
FINCA (The Foundation for International Community Assistance), launched in 1984, now serves 121,120 borrowers through approximately 6,092 Village Banking groups. Our mission is to support the economic and human development of families trapped in severe poverty. To do this, we create "village banks" : peer groups of 10 to 50 members, predominantly women.
(Last checked 05/19/17)

Freedom from Hunger
In 13 of the world's poorest countries, more than 150,000 women are working toward healthy lives for their children with Freedom from Hunger, a nonprofit, international development organization. Our program, Credit with Education, is really so simple: give very poor, rural women two powerful resources -- loans and education -- to grow small businesses. They add their own hard work and determination, plus the love and hopes they have for their children. The results: life-saving victories in the war against chronic hunger.
Also listed under Disaster/World Relief.
(Last checked 05/19/17)

Global Fund for Women
GFW grants support work on issues such as the advancement of women in political life, ending violence against women, reproductive health and choice, and improved access to media and communications for women's voices."
(Last checked 05/19/17)

Heifer Project International: Ending Hunger and Poverty
While all HPI programs include women, Heifer Project funds more than 80 Women in Livestock Development projects, which provide women with food- and income-producing animals, as well as training in leadership, community development and environmentally sound farming.
(Last checked 05/19/17)

Joint Japan/World Bank Graduate Scholarship Program (JJ/WBGSP)
In 1987, the World Bank, with funding from the Government of Japan, established the World Bank Graduate Scholarship Program (WBGSP) for graduate studies in subjects related to economic development. Each year, the Program awards scholarships to individuals from World Bank member countries to undertake graduate studies at renowned universities throughout member countries of the Bank. Now in its 19th year, from nearly 50,000 applicants. In addition, 906 scholarships have been awarded in the various JJ/WBGSP Partnership Programs for a total of 3,427 awards. The objective is to help create an international community of highly-trained professionals working in the field of economic and social development. The community will actively participate in the capacity building efforts in the developing countries.
(Last checked 05/19/17)

Mama Cash Fund for Women
Founded by feminists in the Netherlands in 1983, Mama Cash gives grants to projects by women's groups who want to change the socio-political and cultural position of women and/or who work for women's legal and sexual rights in Africa, Asia, Latin America, the Caribbean, the Middle East, in Central and Eastern Europe, and in The Netherlands.
(Last checked 05/19/17)

McKnight Foundation
The Africa Grants Program is a discrete part of the McKnight Foundation's overall philanthropy. Its goal is to foster women's social and economic empowerment in Tanzania, Uganda, and Zimbabwe. It seeks to increase women's access to skills and economic opportunities that will help them gain greater control over their lives and participate more fully in their households and communities as equal decision makers.
(Last checked 05/19/17)

Ms. Foundation for Women
Funds programs related to women and economic security, primarily in the United States.
(Last checked 05/19/17)

Open Society Institute
International Women's Program
The three focus areas include:
(1) Reducing Discrimination and Violence Against Women : The International Women's Program supports organizations that reduce discrimination and violence against women.
(2) Strengthening Women's Access to Justice : The International Women's Program supports organizations that strengthen women's access to justice.
(3) Increasing Women's Participation as Decision Makers and Leaders : The International Women's Program supports organizations that increase women's participation as decision makers and leaders.
(Last checked 05/19/17)

Opportunity International
Christian, nonprofit organization fighting poverty by providing loans for small businesses. Over 85% of the loans go to women.
(Last checked 05/19/17)

Summit Foundation
Focuses its grants on youth and women, and efforts to stabilize global population growth and protect the earth's bio-diversity. Grants support expanding education and economic opportunities for women and youth; promoting universal access to high-quality, voluntary family planning services and reproductive health care, providing market incentives for the sustainable use of natural resources; and promoting linkages and connections among population, health and environmental services and the constituencies. Grants should focus on developing countries, conservation and development projects that focus on the Atlantic rainforest of central America and the Mesoamerican coral reef are given priority. Initial approach should be in the form of a letter of inquiry. If the foundation is interested, the foundation will request a full proposal. For more information, contact: Vicki Sant, President, Summit Foundation, 2099 Pennsylvania Avenue, Northwest, 10th Floor, Washington, DC 2006. Telephone: 202.912.2900; fax 202.912.2901
(Last checked 05/19/17)

Trickle Up Program
Helps the poorest of the poor take their first step up out of poverty by providing them with conditional seed grants and business training to help them start or expand their own business ventures. The organization empowers the world's neediest people in Africa, the Americas, Asia and the United States, to realize their potential and strengthen their communities. There is no deadline for applications. For more information, call 212-255-9980 or send an e-mail to program@trickleup.org. Source: Grants and Foundations Review, Dec. 11, 2001.
(Last checked 05/19/17)

UNDP Women's Empowerment Fund
The Fund is intended to serve as a catalyst for promoting and supporting the empowerment of women and women's participation in economic and social life. Highest priority will be given to project proposals which focus on promoting an enabling environment for the advancement of women's advancement through entrepreneurship development; provision of micro-credit and establishing income-generating activities; promotion of educational opportunities for women and girls; and, support to women's reproductive health. Related issues include capacity building for policy and legal frameworks and for gender equality. We encourage submission of projects that last a duration of one to three years, and cost in the region of $300,000.
(Last checked 05/19/17)

United Nations Entity for Gender Equality and the Empowerment of Women
Promotes the Political and Economic Empowerment of Women in Developing Countries.
(Last checked 05/19/17)

Urgent Action Fund
Grants small amounts of money at crucial and strategic moments to support the human rights of women and girls.
(Last checked 05/19/17)

Women's World Banking
Organizes support to affiliates who offer services to low income women, builds networks of microfinance institutions, and works with policy makers to build financial systems that work for the poor majority.
(Last checked 05/19/17)


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