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Actuarial Foundation
The Actuarial Foundation currently supports four scholarships:
(1) Actuarial Diversity Scholarship
(2) Actuary of Tomorrow - Stuart A. Robertson Memorial Scholarship
(3) Caribbean Actuarial Scholarship
(4) John Culver Wooddy Scholarship
(Last checked 06/18/14)

American Mathematical Society
Funding and Fellowships
(Last checked 06/18/14)

American Mathematical Society
Stipends for Study and Travel
Possibilities are sorted into the following categories : Graduate Support, Postdoctoral Support, Study in the U.S. for Foreign Nationals, Travel and Study Abroad.
(Last checked 06/18/14)

Association for Women in Mathematics (AWM)
The Association was founded in 1971 at the Joint Meetings in Atlantic City. The purpose of the association is to encourage women to study and to have active careers in the mathematical sciences. Equal opportunity and the equal treatment of women in the mathematical sciences are promoted.
(Last checked 06/18/14)

Association for Women in Mathematics
Travel Grants
The objective of the NSF-AWM Travel Grants program is to enable women to attend research conferences in their fields, thereby providing a valuable opportunity to advance their research activities and their visibility in the research community. By having more women attend such meetings, we also increase the size of the pool from which speakers at subsequent meetings may be drawn and thus address the persistent problem of the absence of women speakers at some research conferences. Includes information about:
(1) Travel Grants for Women Researchers - Deadlines February 1, May 1 and October 1 each year.
(2) Mentoring Travel Grants for Women - Deadline is February 1 each year.
(3) Collaborative Research Grants for Women - Deadline is February 1.
(4) Advice for Travel Grant Applicants
(Last checked 06/18/14)

Barry M. Goldwater Scholarship
The Barry M. Goldwater Scholarship and Excellence in Education Program was established by Congress in 1986 to honor Senator Barry M. Goldwater, who served his country for 56 years as a soldier and statesman, including 30 years of service in the U.S. Senate. The purpose of the Foundation is to provide a continuing source of highly qualified scientists, mathematicians, and engineers by awarding scholarships to college students who intend to pursue careers in these fields. Note: Students must be nominated for a Goldwater Scholarship by their institution's Goldwater faculty representative; direct applications are not accepted. Web page provides name of MSU faculty representative.
(Last checked 06/18/14)

(Winston) Churchill Foundation of the United States (Nomination Required)
Scholarships for Graduate Study
Deadlines for next 4 years: November 8, 2011; November 13, 2012; November 12, 2013, November 11, 2014
Established in 1963 at the recommendation of Winston Churchill himself, the Winston Churchill Foundation is the only organization in the United States that bears his name and that was authorized by Sir Winston.  The Foundation’s Scholarship Program offers American students of exceptional ability and outstanding achievement the opportunity to pursue graduate studies for a year in engineering, mathematics, or the sciences at Churchill College, the University of Cambridge  The newest of the colleges at the University of Cambridge, Churchill College was built in tribute to Winston Churchill, who in the years after the Second World War presciently recognized the growing importance of science and technology for prosperity and security.  Churchill College focusses on the sciences, engineering, and mathematics.
In addition to the academic splendors of Cambridge University, the Churchill Scholarships provide the opportunity to experience life in England and to visit the country’s archeological, historical, and artistic treasures, to forge friendships with students from Great Britain and from around the world, to see the United States from a new perspective, and to gain the many personal insights that come from living abroad and adjusting to new ways and new challenges.
Fourteen awards between $45,000 and $50,000 are usually awarded annually. Note: The MSU Honors College can submit nominations.
(Last checked 06/18/14)

German National Merit Foundation
Offers an exchange program with the MSU Department of Physics and Mathematics.
(Last checked 06/18/14)

Mathematical Association of America
Awards Programs
(Last checked 06/18/14)

Michigan Mathematics Prize Competition
Offered by the Michigan Section of the Mathematical Association of America to encourage students to develop their interests and abilities in mathematics. Part I of the MMPC is open to all students in Michigan high schools. Approximately $20,000 in scholarships ranging from $250 to $2500 are awarded each year.
(Last checked 06/18/14)

Michigan State University
Department of Mathematics
Paul and Wilma Dressel Endowed Scholarships
The Paul and Wilma Dressel Endowed Scholarships are intended for students with an interest in Mathematics and a demonstrated financial need. Recipients will be selected based on academic achievement, professional goals, and financial need.
(Last checked 06/18/14)

Michigan State University
Department of Mathematics
R. E. Philips Memorial Scholarship
The Department of Mathematics is pleased to announce that the R.E. Philips Memorial Scholarship will be awarded this spring to an undergraduate with an interest in mathematics and with a demonstrated financial need.
(Last checked 06/18/14)

National Council of Teachers of Mathematics (NCTM)
Connecting Mathematics to Other Subject Areas (Grants for Grades 9-12 Teachers)
Deadline : Nov. 13
The purpose of this grant is to create high school classroom materials or lessons connecting mathematics to other fields. For 2009-10, grants with a maximum of $3,000 will be awarded to persons currently teaching mathematics in grades 9-12. Both public school and private/charter schools can apply.
(Last checked 06/18/14)

National Council of Teachers of Mathematics (NCTM)
Emerging Teacher-Leaders in Elementary School Mathematics (Grants for Grades K-5 Teachers)
Deadline : November 13
The purpose of this grant is to increase the breadth and depth of the mathematics content knowledge of elementary teachers who have demonstrated commitment to mathematics teaching and learning. The applicant must have the support of the school principal in becoming a mathematics teacher-leader within her or his school or district. Both public and private/charter schools are eligible to apply. For the 2009-10 school year, grants with a maximum of $6,000 each will be awarded. Only one teacher per school may receive the award. The desired outcome of the funded project is the development of an elementary school mathematics teacher with mathematics content expertise.
(Last checked 06/18/14)

National Council of Teachers of Mathematics (NCTM)
Improving Students’ Understanding of Geometry Grants for Grades K–8 Teachers
The purpose of this grant is to develop activities that will enable students to better appreciate and understand some aspect of geometry that is consistent with the Principles and Standards for School Mathematics of NCTM. For 2009–2010, grants with a maximum of $3,000 each will be awarded to persons currently teaching at the grades K–8 level. The project should include applications of geometry to, for example, art, literature, music, architecture, nature, or some other relevant area and may integrate the use of technology into the teaching of geometry. The activities may use published materials. Any published sources must be documented. Any acquisition of equipment or payment of personal stipends must be critical to the grant proposal and may not be a major portion of the proposed budget. Proposals must address the following: geometry content, the appropriateness of the application, the link between the Geometry Standard and the project’s activities, and the anticipated impact on students’ learning.
(Last checked 06/18/14)

National Council of Teachers of Mathematics (NCTM)
Mathematics Education Trust
Check this site for the latest information on NCTM awards and grants, including:
(1) Clarence Olander Grants for In-Service Training for Elementary Schools
(2) Dale Seymour Scholarships for Grades K 12 Teachers
(3) E. Glenadine Gibb Grants for Implementing the NCTM Standards
(4) Edward G. Begle Award for Classroom-Based Research
(5) Ernest Duncan Scholarships for Grades K 6 Teachers
(6) Future Leaders Annual Meeting Support (FLAMeS) Project Awards
(7) Mary Dolciani Scholarships for Grades 7-12 Teachers
(8) Toyota's Investment in Mathematics Excellence (TOYOTA TIME) Grants for Grades K 12 Teachers
(Last checked 06/18/14)

National Physical Science Consortium
Graduate Fellowships in Science and Engineering
Application deadline: November 30
Applicants should have research experience in one of the following fields: Astronomy, Chemistry, Computer Science, Geology, Materials Science, Mathematical Sciences, Physics, or in related engineering fields such as Chemical, Computer, Electrical, Environmental, Mechanical.
(Last checked 06/18/14)

National Science Foundation
Directorate for Mathematical and Physical Sciences
The National Science Foundation makes grants and awards in all areas of mathematical and physical sciences. Most NSF programs in these areas are funded through the Directorate for Mathematical and Physical Sciences.
(Last checked 06/18/14)

Robert Noyce Teacher Scholarship Program
The Robert Noyce Teacher Scholarship Program seeks to encourage talented science, technology, engineering, and mathematics majors and professionals to become K-12 mathematics and science teachers. The program provides funds to institutions of higher education to support scholarships, stipends, and academic programs for undergraduate STEM majors and post-baccalaureate students holding STEM degrees who commit to teaching in high-need K-12 school districts. A new component of the program supports STEM professionals who enroll as NSF Teaching Fellows in master's degree programs leading to teacher certification by providing academic courses, professional development, and salary supplements while they are fulfilling a four-year teaching commitment in a high need school district. This new component also supports the development of NSF Master Teaching Fellows by providing professional development and salary supplements for exemplary math and science teachers to become Master Teachers in high need school districts.
(Last checked 06/18/14)

Scholarships, Fellowships, and Postdoctoral Awards : Applied Math and Physical Sciences
Covers applied math and sciences (actuarial science, astrophysics, energy research, meteorology, oceanography, remote sensing, statistics), mathematics, and physical sciences (chemistry, physics, geology). A compilation of resources by Francisco Alberto Tomei Torres, Ph.D.
(Last checked 06/18/14)

Science, Mathematics & Research for Transformation (SMART) Undergraduate and Graduate Scholarships
An opportunity for students pursuing an undergraduate or graduate degree in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM) disciplines to receive a full scholarship and be gainfully employed upon degree completion.
(Last checked 06/18/14)

Sloan Research Fellowships
These awards are intended to enhance the careers of the very best young faculty members in specified fields of science. Currently a total of 112 fellowships are awarded annually in seven fields: chemistry, computational and evolutionary molecular biology, computer science, economics, mathematics, neuroscience, and physics.
(Last checked 06/18/14)

U.S. Army's eCYBERMISSION Competition
Solving Community Problems Through Math & Science
For the U.S. Army's eCYBERMISSION competition, teams of three or four students apply what they have learned in math, science, and technology to solve problems within their own communities. The students conduct research and experiments to test their hypotheses, reach out to community leaders, and communicate with on-line CyberGuides, Army personnel who are experts in science, math, and technology. In this Web-based competition, students in grades 6-9 solve community problems in health and safety, arts and entertainment, sports and recreation, and the environment.
(Last checked 06/18/14)


SciVal Funding
Provides access to a searchable database of more than 12,000 active opportunities, 2.25M awards (back to 2004), and 4500 funding bodies. Geographic coverage is strongest for the United States, Canada, United Kingdom, European Commission, Australia, Ireland, Singapore, India, South Africa, and New Zealand. At present academic discipline coverage is strongest in the sciences and business; hopefully it will beef up funding information in the arts, humanities, and social sciences as time goes by.
For more information see Frequently Asked Questions: MSU Scholars (SciVal Experts/SciVal Funding)
(Last checked 06/18/14)

Foundation Grants to Individuals Online (Main Library Access Only)
Includes descriptions of more than 6,000 foundations and public charities that fund individual grantseekers, and is searchable by nine different criteria. Records provide contact information, financial data, application information, and program descriptions, with links to more than 500 foundation Web sites. Updated quarterly.
(Last checked 06/18/14)

An extensive online grants database owned and operated by Schoolhouse Partners, and it contains more than 16,000 funding opportunities provided by more than 5,100 unique sponsoring organizations. Also provides a selection of funding news.
(Last checked 06/18/14)

MSU Scholarship Search
MSU offers a wide variety of scholarships, some of which have criteria which severely limit the number of students who might be eligible for the scholarship, while others have much broader criteria. This facility should help you find those MSU scholarships for which you might be eligible. You can search either by unit (College/Department) within the University or by criteria such as major/specialization, Michigan county of permanent residence, high school, or study abroad.
(Last checked 06/18/14)

Cornell University
Graduate School Fellowships Database
(Last checked 06/18/14)

If you have access to the world wide web and are willing to fill in the online forms, this service promises a free customized list of financial aid sources. FastWeb is actually a searchable database of more than 400,000 private sector scholarships, fellowships, grants, and loans from more than 3,000 sources for all levels of higher education. First-time visitors have to register (first and last name and a user ID), then complete a profile, including background and fields of study. Registrants then receive a list of all currently relevant funding sources. The registration information is stored and can be used on subsequent visits. The entire sign-up process, and delivery of available funding sources, can be a bit tedious: about five to twenty minutes, depending on the connection speed. Approximately 500 new scholarships are added to the database daily, so registrants can stay current. Provided courtesy of Financial Aid Information Page and Student Services, Inc. created by Mark Kantrowitz and sponsored by the National Association of Student Financial Aid Administrators.
(Last checked 06/18/14)


The books mentioned on this page are available for public use in the Michigan State University Libraries. If you are unable to visit our library, consider visiting a Foundation Center Cooperating Collection in your home state or a local public library in your home town. If the books are not available there, ask about interlibrary loan or visit a local bookstore to find out whether they can be purchased.

Assistantships and Graduate Fellowships in the Mathematical Sciences.
Providence, Rhode Island : American Mathematical Society, annual. Math Library QA1 .A453
Presents a comprehensive list of assistantships and fellowships in mathematics available at about 280 U.S. and Canadian universities. Also includes information on financial support for study and travel abroad by U.S. students and for study in the U.S. by foreign students.

Annual Register of Grant Support
Wilmette, Ill. : National Register Publishing Co., annual. Funding Center (1 East) LB2336 .A7
Includes information on programs sponsored by government agencies, public and private foundations, educational and professional associations, special interest organizations and corporations. Covers a broad range of interests including academic and scientific research, publication support, equipment and construction support, in-service training, competitions and prizes, and travel and exchange programs. Organized by broad subject areas with four indexes: subject, organization and program, geographic and personnel.

Directory of Research Grants
Phoenix, Ariz. : The Oryx Press, annual. Funding Center (1 East) LB2338 .D5
An annual print version of the Grants Database. Contains information about grants and fellowships available for research projects from federal and state governments, private foundations, professional organizations, and corporations. List grants programs by specific funding areas; indexed by sponsoring organization and grant name.

Foundation Grants to Individuals
New York, N.Y. : Foundation Center, biennial. Funding Center (1 East) LB2336 .F6
The most comprehensive listing available of private foundations which provide financial assistance to individuals. The foundations described have made grants to students, artists, scholars, foreign individuals, minorities, musicians, scientists and writers for scholarships, fellowships, student loans, internships, residencies, arts and cultural projects, medical and emergency assistance, residencies and travel programs.

The Grants Register
New York, N.Y. : St. Martin's Press, annual. Funding Center (1 East) LB2338 .G7
The complete guide to postgraduate funding worldwide.


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