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Academy of American Poets (Poet.Org)
Book Awards
Funding opportunities include:
(1) Academy Fellowship : $25,000 for distinguished poetic achievement
(2) Wallace Stevens Award : $100,000 to recognize outstanding and proven mastery in the art of poetry
(3) Lenore Marshall Poetry Prize : $25,000 for the best book of poetry published in the previous year
(4) James Laughlin Award : $5,000 to recognize and support a poet's second book
(5) Walt Whitman Award : First-book publication, $5,000, and a one-month residency at the Vermont Studio Center for an American who has not yet published a book of poetry
(6) Raiziss/de Palchi Translation Awards : $5,000 book prize and $20,000 fellowship to recognize outstanding translations into English of modern Italian poetry
(7) Harold Morton Landon Translation Award : $1,000 for a published translation of poetry from any language into English
(8) University & College Poetry Prizes : Annual prizes at nearly 200 schools around the country
(9) Past Awards & Grants : Historical information about awards that are no longer offered by the Academy.
(Last checked 03/27/17)

Academy of Motion Pictures and Sciences
Nicholl Fellowships in Screenwriting
The Nicholl Fellowships in Screenwriting program is an international competition open to screenwriters who have not earned more than $25,000 writing for film or television. Entry scripts must be the original work of a sole author or of exactly two collaborative authors. Entries must have been written originally in English. Adaptations and translated scripts are not eligible. Up to five $35,000 fellowships are awarded each year.
(Last checked 03/27/17)

Alliance for Young Artists & Writers
Scholastic Art & Writing Awards
Deadline : Applications accepted each year starting October 1
The Alliance for Young Artists & Writers invites students in grades 7 - 12 to participate in The Scholastic Art & Writing Awards Program, the nation's longest-running, largest, most prestigious recognition program for creative teenagers in the visual and literary arts. Scholarships are provided from a pool of $3.25 million in tuition support, the largest source of funding for teens in the arts. The top five writing portfolios submitted by graduating seniors are recognized with Portfolio Gold Awards of $10,000 each.
(Last checked 03/27/17)

American Institute of Physics
Awards, Prizes, Fellowships, and Scholarships
AIP honors outstanding achievements in physics and raises public awareness of the contributions that physicists make to society. In addition to its awards program, AIP supports the profession with government fellowships and undergraduate scholarships and teaching awards.
(Last checked 03/27/17)

American-Scandinavian Foundation (ASF) Translation Prize
This prize recognizes the best translations of poetry, fiction, drama, or literary prose written by a Scandinavian author born after 1800. The prize is for outstanding English translations of poetry, fiction, drama, or literary prose originally written in a Nordic language. Translations must be from the writing of one author, although not necessarily from a single work. The translation submitted in the competition may not have been previously published in the English language by the submission deadline. (If the translation being submitted to this competition is also under consideration by a publisher, the translator must inform the ASF of the expected publication date.) Translators may submit one entry only and may not submit the same entry in more than two competitions. This prize cannot be won more than three times by the same translator. The prize includes a $2,000 award, publication of an excerpt in Scandinavian Review, and a commemorative bronze medallion. The entry deadline is June 4, 2012.
(Last checked 03/27/17)

Amy Foundation Writing Awards
To be eligible, submitted articles must be published in a secular, non-religious publication and must be reinforced with at least one passage of scripture.
(Last checked 03/27/17)

Arch and Bruce Brown Foundation
The Arch and Bruce Brown Foundation awards yearly grants to writers in three rotating disciplines: Theatre, Full-length Fiction, and Short Stories. All works submitted must present the gay and lesbian lifestyle in a positive manner and be based on, or inspired by, a historic person, culture, event, or work of art. Writing contests close on November 30th of each year. Grants are $1000 and are not limited to a single winner. The Foundation also offers grants (usually of $1000) to production companies to offset expenses in producing gay-positive theatrical works based on history.
Listed under Grants for Individuals -- arts, humanities, writing.
(Last checked 03/27/17)

Authors League Fund -- Emergency Funds
The Authors League Fund was established by the Authors League of America, Inc., to help career authors and dramatists in the United States and in financial distress due to an urgent situation. The Fund makes interest-free loans to professional writers in need; for example, writers with health problems and inadequate health insurance, or older writers whose income has ceased. Loan-seekers must show need and documentation of their professional status.
(Last checked 03/27/17)

Ayn Rand Writing Contests
Over $70,500 are awarded each year to high school and college students.
(Last checked 03/27/17)

The Big Dig Scholarship
Deadline: June 1, 2012
( Only One $3000 Scholarship Available ) To be eligible for the Big Dig Scholarship you must be currently in Grade 12 or in your first year of college/university. You also must submit a short essay answering the question on the company's website.
(Last checked 03/27/17)

Clayton Memorial Medical Fund
The fund helps professional science fiction and fantasy writers living in the Northwest states of Oregon, Washington, Idaho, and Alaska deal with the financial burden of illness.
(Last checked 03/27/17)

Dactyl Foundation for the Arts and Humanities
The Dactyl Foundation, 64 Grand Street, New York, NY 10013; Tel: (212) 219-2344; Fax: (212) 226-7320; e-mail email@dactyl.org.
A not-for-profit organization established for the purposes of investigating the role of art in the contemporary world. Currently offers a $3,000 award for essays that present a "reading" of a text, art object, natural object or event. Inter-disciplinary approaches are especially encouraged. Include a one-page abstract. Essays may be submitted by the author or nominated by another individual. Length open. Published or unpublished. Send to Victoria N. Alexander and include SASE. No application is required. [Also listed under Arts, Humanities]
(Last checked 03/27/17)

Elder & Leemaur Publishers
University Writing Scholarship
The University Writing Scholarship (UWS) is a program available to all post secondary students across North America. The UWS is designed to continue the development of young authors, and bring awareness of the employment opportunities in the field of writing. The UWS Program will provide university students with the opportunity to have their literature works published at no cost, while at the same time entering them into scholarships that can be used to help further their academic career.
(Last checked 03/27/17)

Emergency Funds for Writers
Couresy of the Pen American Center.
(Last checked 03/27/17)

Financial Aid, Scholarships, Fellowships and Postdoctoral Awards in Media Communications
Covers Advertising, Communications, Filmmaking, Journalism, Marketing, Motion Pictures, Print, Radio, Television, Writing. A compilation of resources by Francisco Alberto Tomei Torres, Ph.D. Covers Advertising, Communications, Filmmaking, Journalism, Marketing, Motion Pictures, Print, Radio, Television, Writing.
(Last checked 03/27/17)

Foundation Center's GrantSpace
Funding for Writers
If you are a writer and are looking for information on grants, this user aid will help you in your search. We have selected a few of the most important print and electronic resources for you to begin your search.
(Last checked 03/27/17)

Fund for Central and East European Book Projects
Support for translation, publication and dissemination of seminal critical works in history, in particular in Balkan history (Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Croatia, Macedonia (FYROM), Slovenia, Romania, Fed. Republic of Yugoslavia) Target group: publishers of quality books, whose publishing profile answers the aims of the programme, aimed at educated public, university lecturers and students, and secondary schools teachers.
(Last checked 03/27/17)

Funds for Writers
Funds for Writers reveals funding sources for struggling writers with a dream. Specializes in grants and competitions for the serious writer. Also serves as advertisement for subscription newsletter.
(Last checked 03/27/17)

Furthermore Publishing Grants
Applications from 501(c)(3) organizations are being accepted for grants to assist in publishing nonfiction books.
(Last checked 03/27/17)

Grants and Awards Available to American Writers
Access available to the MSU Community
A comprehensive list of awards by the P.E.N. American Center available to American and Canadian writers for use in the U.S. or abroad.
(Last checked 03/27/17)

Grants, Awards, Residencies
Courtesy of the PEN American Center.
(Last checked 03/27/17)

Interlochen Arts Academy
Virginia B. Ball Creative Writing Competititon
Application deadline : December 15
This contest is open to students in grades 8-11. First prize is a $30,000 scholarship to the Interlochen Arts Academy, a fine arts boarding school, and publication in the Interlochen Review.
(Last checked 03/27/17)

Jane Austen Society of North America Essay Contest
Deadline : May 15
To foster the study and appreciation of Jane Austen, JASNA conducts an annual student Essay Contest, with support generously provided by the Sonia Raiziss Giop Charitable Foundation. Students interested in the life and works of Jane Austen are encouraged to enter. The Essay Contest is open to students world-wide at the high school, college/university, and post-graduate levels of study. Entrants do not need to be members of JASNA. Students must be enrolled full-time or part-time in coursework during one or more semesters/quarters of the contest year. Home-schooled students at the high school level are also eligible. Part-time is defined for the college/university level as a minimum of six credit hours and for the post-graduate level as a minimum of three credit hours.
(Last checked 03/27/17)

John F. Kennedy "Profile in Courage" Essay Contest
Submission Deadline: January 5
The "Profile in Courage" Essay Contest invites high school students to consider the concept of political courage by writing an essay on a U.S. official who has chosen to do what is right, rather than what is expedient. A "Profile in Courage" essay is a carefully researched recounting of a story: the story of how an elected official risked his or her career to take a stand based on moral principles. The contest is open to any high school student in the U.S. Essays must not exceed 1,000 words and must be nominated by a teacher. The winner receives $10,000, second place receives $1,000, and five third place winners receive $500!
(Last checked 03/27/17)

Lannan Literary Grants
Grant-making activities in the Literary Program aim to increase public appreciation, understanding, and support for contemporary literature in the English language. Since the grant making program was established in 1987, the foundation has supported more than 150 nonprofit organizations nationwide. Primarily, the program has supported publishers and distributors, literary journals, residency programs, educational programs, and literary centers.
(Last checked 03/27/17)

Medieval Academy of America
Book Subvention Program
The Medieval Academy Book Subvention Program provides subventions of up to $2,500 to university or other non-profit scholarly presses to support the publication of first books by Medieval Academy members. Applications for subventions will be accepted only from the publisher and only for books that have already been approved for publication. Eligible Academy members who wish to have their books considered for a subvention should ask their publishers to apply directly to the Academy.
(Last checked 03/27/17)

Michigan Author Award
Nominees must either be a current Michigan resident, a recently relocated long-time Michigan resident, or an author whose works are identified with Michigan. A panel of judges representing a broad sprectrum of expertise in writing, publishing and book collecting determines the recipient based on overall literary merit. In addition to a plaque, the Michigan Author Award winner may receive $500 if money is available. Application forms are available on the MLA website at or by calling 517-694-6615.
(Last checked 03/27/17)

Michigan State University Library
Science Article Publication Subvention
Biomed Central provides MSU authors a 10% discount on the APC fees, and the library splits the remaining APC cost with the author. In addition, the Royal Society of Chemistry has provided a limited number of vouchers to distribute to authors wishing to publish in RSC journals. The vouchers allow authors to publish Gold OA articles free of charge rather than pay the normal article publication fees.
(Last checked 03/27/17)

Mystery Writers of America (MWA)
Helen McCloy/MWA Scholarship for Mystery Writing
Deadline : Feb. 28
The Helen McCloy/MWA Scholarship for Mystery Writing seeks to nurture talent in mystery writing -- in fiction, nonfiction, playwriting, and screenwriting. The scholarship may be used to offset tuition and fees for U.S. writing workshops, writing seminars, or university/college-level writing programs. Applicants must select a specific writing class/workshop/seminar to which scholarship funds would be applied. Anticipate awarding two scholarships for up to $500 each.
(Last checked 03/27/17)

National Endowment for the Arts
Grants Page
Click on grants, then individuals
Although primarily a funder of nonprofit organizations, the National Endowment for the Arts also offers fellowships in the areas of poetry and prose.
Also listed under Grants for Nonprofits.
(Last checked 03/27/17)

National Endowment for the Humanities
Scholarly Editions and Translations Grants
Scholarly Editions Grants support the preparation by a team of at least two editors and staff of texts and documents that are currently inaccessible or available in inadequate editions. Projects involving significant literary, philosophical, and historical materials are typical in this grant program, but other types of work, such as musical notation, are also eligible. In applying, applicants will need to demonstrate familiarity with the best practices recommended by the Association for Documentary Editing or the Modern Language Association Committee on Scholarly Editions. This year, there is a new twist on the application process that has caused some consternation within the documentary edition community: in keeping with the goals of the NEH Digital Humanities Initiative, the Scholarly Editions Program now requires that applicants employ digital technology in the preparation, management, and online publication of all critical and documentary editions. Also projects that include TEI (Text Encoding Initiative) conformant transcription and offer free online access are encouraged and will be given preference.
(Last checked 03/27/17)

National Writers Union
NWU is the trade union for freelance writers of all genres who work for American publishers or employers. The site offers a useful job hotline as well as information about how to file grievances, internships, apply for funding, and obtain union documents.
(Last checked 03/27/17)

Nicholl Fellowship in Screenwriting
Deadline: May 2
The Nicholl Fellowships in Screenwriting program is an international competition open to screenwriters who have not earned more than $5,000 writing for film or television. Entry scripts must be the original work of a sole author or of exactly two collaborative authors. Entries must have been written originally in English. Adaptations and translated scripts are not eligible. Up to five $30,000 fellowships are awarded each year.
(Last checked 03/27/17)

PEN American Center
A membership association of prominent literary writers and editors, the PEN American Web site offers many useful resources for grants, awards and other creative writing competitions.
The MSU community and visitors to the MSU Main Library may want to check out the separate entry for Grants and Awards Available to American Writers.
(Last checked 03/27/17)

Poets and Writers Online
Funding for Events
Since its inception in 1970, Poets & Writers has provided fees to writers who give readings or conduct writing workshops. Each year, our Readings/Workshops program supports hundreds of writers participating in events in large cities and small towns throughout New York and California, as well as in Atlanta, Chicago, Detroit, Houston, Seattle, New Orleans, Tucson, and Washington D.C.
(Last checked 03/27/17)

Poets and Writers Online
Writing Contests, Grants and Awards
Currently posts information on over 350 grants and awards for poets and writers.
(Last checked 03/27/17)

Rare Foundation
Everyday Hero Writing Scholarship
Deadline : December 1
The RARE Foundation "Everyday Hero" Writing Scholarship is for high school seniors planning to attend a Michigan college, university or post secondary school after graduating. RARE's purpose is to engage more young people in identifying everyday heroes throughout our state and through the process of discovery and writing, to become inspired about life's possibilities. Winning students will receive a $2,500 scholarship toward tuition while the subject of the Everyday Hero essay will receive the RARE Foundation's Everyday Hero Award and special recognition at the annual Night of Heroes Dinner. For more information about the scholarship and an entry form, visit the web site or call 586-294-8449.
(Last checked 03/27/17)

(John D.) Voelker Foundation
Robert Traver Fly Fishing Fiction Award
Writers from around the globe compete for this award, and the winning submission is published in Fly Rod and Reel. The award is currently in the amount of $2,500, to authors who have gone on to distinguish themselves in this field.
(Last checked 03/27/17)

Warhol Foundation for the Visual Arts (Andy)
Arts Writing Initiative
The Arts Writing Initiative addresses another essential but under-funded area in the arts: criticism and general writing about the visual arts. The project has two components: grants to writers, which support various types of projects, from books to essays to experimental writing in new media; and grants to non-profit arts publications.
(Last checked 03/27/17)

Wiesel Foundation for Humanity (Elie)
Ethics Essay Contest
The Elie Wiesel Foundation sponsors an annual Prize in Ethics Essay Contest which awards $10,000 to a college juniors and seniors who submit a personal essay in the field of ethics.
Also listed under Writing.
(Last checked 03/27/17)

Witter Bynner Foundation for Poetry
Grants for Poetry Translators
The translation of poetry from languages not currently available to English readers and poetry which has not been translated or merits a new translation. Projects, which explore the art and the process of translation, are also encouraged. The foundation does not fund publications of poetry-in-translation; it rather makes it a priority to give grants to individual translators. Samples from the proposed translation should accompany the application.
(Last checked 03/27/17)

Visit our writing contests and competitions page for information about "Your Assignment," "Chronicle" and other competitions—including lists of previous winners.
(Last checked 03/27/17)

Writers' Contests
A compilation of web sites provided by FreelanceWriting.com
(Last checked 03/27/17)


SciVal Funding
Provides access to a searchable database of more than 12,000 active opportunities, 2.25M awards (back to 2004), and 4500 funding bodies. Geographic coverage is strongest for the United States, Canada, United Kingdom, European Commission, Australia, Ireland, Singapore, India, South Africa, and New Zealand. At present academic discipline coverage is strongest in the sciences and business; hopefully it will beef up funding information in the arts, humanities, and social sciences as time goes by.
For more information see Frequently Asked Questions: MSU Scholars (SciVal Experts/SciVal Funding)
(Last checked 03/27/17)

Foundation Grants to Individuals Online (Main Library Access Only)
Includes descriptions of more than 6,000 foundations and public charities that fund individual grantseekers, and is searchable by nine different criteria. Records provide contact information, financial data, application information, and program descriptions, with links to more than 500 foundation Web sites. Updated quarterly.
(Last checked 03/27/17)

An extensive online grants database owned and operated by Schoolhouse Partners, and it contains more than 16,000 funding opportunities provided by more than 5,100 unique sponsoring organizations. Also provides a selection of funding news.
(Last checked 03/27/17)

MSU Scholarship Search
MSU offers a wide variety of scholarships, some of which have criteria which severely limit the number of students who might be eligible for the scholarship, while others have much broader criteria. This facility should help you find those MSU scholarships for which you might be eligible. You can search either by unit (College/Department) within the University or by criteria such as major/specialization, Michigan county of permanent residence, high school, or study abroad.
(Last checked 03/27/17)

Cornell University
Graduate School Fellowships Database
(Last checked 03/27/17)

If you have access to the world wide web and are willing to fill in the online forms, this service promises a free customized list of financial aid sources. FastWeb is actually a searchable database of more than 400,000 private sector scholarships, fellowships, grants, and loans from more than 3,000 sources for all levels of higher education. First-time visitors have to register (first and last name and a user ID), then complete a profile, including background and fields of study. Registrants then receive a list of all currently relevant funding sources. The registration information is stored and can be used on subsequent visits. The entire sign-up process, and delivery of available funding sources, can be a bit tedious: about five to twenty minutes, depending on the connection speed. Approximately 500 new scholarships are added to the database daily, so registrants can stay current. Provided courtesy of Financial Aid Information Page and Student Services, Inc. created by Mark Kantrowitz and sponsored by the National Association of Student Financial Aid Administrators.
(Last checked 03/27/17)


The books mentioned on this page are available for public use in the Michigan State University Libraries. If you are unable to visit our library, consider visiting a Foundation Center Cooperating Collection in your home state or a local public library in your home town. If the books are not available there, ask about interlibrary loan or visit a local bookstore to find out whether they can be purchased.

Artists and Writers Colonies : Retreats, Residencies, and Respites for the Creative Mind.
Robyn Middleton. 2nd edition. Portland, Or. : Blue Heron Publishing Co., 2000. 330pp. Funding Center (1 East) NX110 .B695 2000
Main section contains descriptive entries for residencies, retreats, and fellowships for artists and writers. Entries provide the colony's name, address, telephone number, history, application information, provisos, and deadline. Also includes a list of foreign artists and writers centers and programs.
Earlier edition available in Fine Arts Library.

Artists Communities : a Directory of Residencies That Offer Time and Space for Creativity.
Introduction by Robert MacNeil ; edited by Deborah Obalil and Caitlin S. Glass. [Portland, Or.] : Alliance of Artists' Communities ; New York : Allworth Press, c2005. 3rd ed., 273pp. Funding Center (1 East) NX110 .A767 2005
Identifies communities that provide studios and housing for artists in a communal environment. Includes scholarship, fellowship, and stipend opportunities.
2000 edition also available in Fine Arts Library - Art Reference
1996 edition also available in Fine Arts Library - Art Reference

Dramatists sourcebook. New York, NY : Theatre Communications Group, c2010. 2010 edition available online. Contains a fellowships and grants section listing foundations and organizations that offer funding to playwrights, composers, translators, librettists, and lyricists. This directory also includes information about script production resources, sources of emergency funds for writers in severe temporary financial difficulties, the addresses and phone numbers of state art agencies, and artists colonies and residencies

Foundation Grants to Individuals.
New York, N.Y. : Foundation Center, biennial. Funding Center (1 East) LB2336 .F6
The most comprehensive listing available of private foundations which provide financial assistance to individuals. The foundations described have made grants to students, artists, scholars, foreign individuals, minorities, musicians, scientists and writers for scholarships, fellowships, student loans, internships, residencies, arts and cultural projects, medical and emergency assistance, residencies and travel programs. Latest edition availalble : 2014.

Literary Market Place : The Directory of American Book Publishing.
New York, New York, N.Y. : R.R. Bowker Co., annual. Main Library Reference (1 East) PN161 .L525
Includes a section on literary awards, contests, fellowships, and grants.

Money for Writers : Grants, Awards, Prizes, Contests, Scholarships, Retreats, Resources, Conferences, and Internet Information
Diane Billot, ed. New York, N.Y. : Owl/Henry Holt, 1997. Rev. ed., 230pp. Funding Center (1 East) PN161 .M58 1997
Covers hundreds of opportunities for writers of all genres, whether established or just starting out, to be recognized or financially rewarded for their work.

Novel and Short Story Writer's Market
Laurie Henry, ed. Cincinnati, Ohio : Writer's Digest Books, annual. Main Library Reference (1 East) PN161 .F5
How and where to get your fiction published. Includes a section on contests, awards, fellowships, residencies, and grants. Latest edition available: 2015; earlier editions available in Main Library Stacks.

Poet's Market
Judson Jerome, ed. Cincinnati, Ohio : Writer's Digest Books, annual. Main Library Reference (1 East) PN1059 .M3 P59
Where and how to publish your poetry. Includes sections on contests and awards, writing colonies, and organizations helpful to poets. Latest edition available: 2015; earlier editions available in Main Library Stacks.

Publication Grants for Writers and Publishers : How to Find Them, Win Them, and Manage Them
Karin R. Park and Beth Luey. Phoenix, Az. : Oryx Press, 1991. 124pp. Funding Center (1 East) Z283 .P37 1991
Lists nearly 250 sources of support for authors and publishers of scholarly or literary works. The guide provides step-by-step information on investigating sources of funds and preparing and submitting grant proposals. The authors discuss publication costs, federal and non-federal program opportunities, institutional support, and grant administration. Also provided are sample application forms, mission statements, budgets, questionnaires, and an annotated bibliography of related resources.

Writer's Market
Glenda Tennant Neff, ed. Cincinnati, Ohio : Writer's Digest Books, annual. 1046pp. Main Library Reference (1 East) PN161 .W83
Where and how to sell what you write. Also includes a section on contests and awards. Latest edition available : 2015; earlier editions available in Main Library Stacks.


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