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Grantsmanship Techniques : A Titles

This bibliography lists books and videos available in the Michigan State University library collections. It is intended as a starting point for those who are interested in learning more about foundations, fundraising, proposal writing, nonprofit organizations, nonprofit organization administration, government funding, planned giving, prospect research, and voluntarism.

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Recommended subject headings include:
  • Arts fund raising
  • Nonprofit organizations
  • Charitable uses, trusts, and foundations
  • Promotion of special events
  • Charities
  • Proposal writing for grants
  • Church fund raising
  • Proposal writing in education
  • Corporations -- charitable contributions
  • Proposal writing in medicine
  • Direct mail fund raising
  • Proposal writing in research
  • Educational fund raising
  • Proposal writing in the social sciences
  • Endowments
  • Research grants
  • Fund raisers (persons)
  • Telephone fund raising
  • Fund raising
  • Voluntarism
  • Library fundraising
  • Volunteers
  • Also note that the various books and videos listed in this bibligraphy are assigned subject headings which you can try as well.

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    Video Titles Only

    THE ABC'S OF EVALUATION : TIMELESS TECHNIQUES FOR PROGRAM AND PROJECT MANAGERS. John Boulmetis and Phyllis Dutwin. San Francisco, Ca.: Jossey-Bass Publishers, 2000. xvi, 207pp. Funding Center (1 East) HD31 .B633 2000
    Too often, managers who face downsizing or reorganization must conduct program evaluations without having any background or formal training. This comprehensive resource is a straightforward guide to the concepts and methods of evaluation. It explains each component of the evaluation design--first detailing principles and theories and then showing how to apply them in real-life situations.

    THE ABC'S OF GRANTSMANSHIP. S. Harold Smith and Daniel D. McLean. Reston, Va. : American Alliance for Health, Physical Education, Recreation, and Dance, 1988. 114pp. Funding Center (1 East) HG177.5 .U6 S64 1988
    Also available in some ERIC microfiche collections as ED291745
    This book is written for the parks and recreation practitioner and the municpal manager who has the overall responsibility for program operations and for preparing proposals for external funding. The marketing plan targets such groups as the municipal director of parks and recreation, city managers, outdoor recreation specialists, and nature center directors. Subjects discussed include locating funding sources, applying for funding, writing the proposal, submitting the proposal, and administering the project. Sample grant applications and a list of state liaison officers for land and water conservation fund monies are appended.
    [Proposal writing for grants]
    [Recreation -- United States -- finance -- case studies]

    THE ABCS OF NONPROFITS. Lisa A. Runquist. Chicago, IL : American Bar Association, c2005. 122pp. MSU College of Law Library KF1388.Z9 R86 2005
    Covers the major legal considerations for establishing and operating a nonprofit organization. One section deals with dissolution, and the special issues for membership organizations are discussed.
    [Nonprofit organizations -- Law and legislation -- United States]

    THE ABC'S OF PLANNED GIVING : A PLANNED GIVING PRIMER FOR BEGINNERS IN THIS FINE ART. Leonard G. Clough. West Hartford, Ct. : Cricket Press, 1992. 64pp. Main Library Stacks HV41.3 .C56 1992
    [Deferred giving]
    [Fund raising]
    [Fund Raisers (Persons)]

    ACADEMIC HEALTH CARE FUND RAISING : PLANNING AND OPERATING A SUCCESSFUL DEVELOPMENT PROGRAM. Howard B. Newman. Falls Church, Va. : Association for Healthcare Philanthropy, 1996. 20pp. Funding Center (1 East) R743 .N49 1996
    This publication assists academic medical deans, CEOs, and board members to better articulate their case for support, establish effective fund-raising programs, and build strong links between and maong other external affairs functions.

    THE ACCIDENTAL FUNDRAISER : A STEP-BY-STEP GUIDE TO RAISING MONEY FOR YOUR CAUSE. Stephanie Roth, Mimi Ho. San Francisco, Cal. : Jossey-Bass, 2005. 303pp. Funding Center (1 East) HG177 .R68 2005
    Geared toward the person who finds that they need to raise money for a cause, but do not have training in development, and toward the smaller nonprofit that does not have development personnel on staff. The primary options offered by Roth include personal solicitation, door-to-door canvassing, phone-a-thons, house parties, and other low-cost special events. Each of these techniques is discussed, with ideas for implementation, an estimate of funds that can be raised, and a realistic timetable for completion. Worksheets, sample scripts, tracking forms, and many other practical documents are included.

    ACCOUNTABILITY : A CHALLENGE FOR CHARITIES AND FUNDRAISERS. Putnam Barber. San Francisco, Ca. : Jossey-Bass Publishers, March 2002. 138 pp. Gast Business Library K579.L5 A72 2002
    New Directions for Philanthropic Fundraising #31
    This issue provides background on the development and the current state of various approaches to accountability. Authors outline the legal powers of donors to charities and and consider choices in structuring gifts to increase leverage as well as examine the scope of federal laws affecting nonprofits. They also review tools to improve performance analysis and discuss the National Center for Charitable Statistics' role in accountability and examine how to create more effective government oversight of charitable activities.
    [Endowments -- United States -- Management]
    [Fundraisers -- United States]

    ACCOUNTING AND BUDGETING IN PUBLIC AND NONPROFIT ORGANIZATIONS: A MANAGER'S GUIDE. C. William Garner. San Francisco, Ca. : Jossey-Bass Publishers, 1991. 252pp. Funding Center (1 East) HJ9801 .G37 1991
    For managers with no formal training in the subjects of accounting and budgeting systems, this resource provides practical information.
    [Nonprofit organizations -- United States -- accounting]

    ACHIEVING EXCELLENCE IN FUND RAISING : A COMPREHENSIVE GUIDE TO PRINCIPLES, STRATEGIES, AND METHODS. Henry A. Rosso and Associates. San Francisco, Ca. : Jossey-Bass Publishers, 2003, 2nd edition, 531pp. Funding Center (1 East) HG177 .R67 2003
    A guide to the key elements of successful fund raising, explaining the profession's major principles, concepts, and techniques. The author demonstrates why fund raising is a strategic management discipline and describes the elements of the fund raising cycle, including the assessment of human and societal needs, setting of goals, selection of gift markets and fund raising techniques, and the solicitation and renewal of gifts.
    [Fund raising]

    ACHIEVING TRUSTEE INVOLVEMENT IN FUNDRAISING. Timothy L. Seiler, Kay Sprinkel Grace, eds. San Francisco, Cal. : Jossey-Bass Publishers, 1994. 117pp. Funding Center (1 East) HG177.5 .U6 A34 1994
    Articles include :
    (1) "Trusteeship in Difficult Times : Settlement Houses in the Great Depression"
    (2) "Trusteeship, Vision, and Fundraising : Return to the Fundamentals"
    (3) "The Road Least Traveled : Board Roles in Fundraising"
    (4) "Successful Trusteeship : An Executive Director's Viewpoint"
    (5) "Trustees and Staff : Building Effective Fundraising Teams"
    (6) "In Pursuit of Major Gifts : Nondevelopment Personnel in Fundraising"
    (7) "Trustee Education : Suggested Curriculum for Not-for-Profit Boards".
    New Directions for Philanthropic Fundraising no. 4.
    [Fund raising]
    [Nonprofit organizations]

    ADMINISTERING GRANTS, CONTRACTS, AND FUNDS : EVALUATING AND IMPROVING YOUR GRANTS SYSTEM. David G. Bauer. New York, N.Y. : American Council on Education, 1989. 234pp. Funding Center (1 East) HG4027.65 .B38 1989
    Partial contents : The purpose of the office of grants and contracts administration.--Measuring the success of your grants system.--Evaluating and improving your grant opportunity research system.--The role of the grants office in contacting funding sources.--The role of the grants office in the administration of private funds.-- The role of the grants office in the administration of Federal funds.
    [Nonprofit organizations -- United States -- Finance]
    [Fund raising -- United States]
    [Public contracts -- United States]
    [Corporations -- United States -- Charitable contributions]
    [Research grants -- United States]

    ADVANCEMENT SERVICES: RESEARCH AND TECHNOLOGY SUPPORT FOR FUND RAISING. Washington, D.C. : Council for Advancement and Support of Education, 1999. 228pp. Main Library Stacks LB2336 .A38 1999
    This book, edited by the director of alumni and development records at Duke University, aims to sharpen the skills of campus fund raisers and introduce them to new methods of discovering donors.
    Also listed under Fundraising for educators.
    [Educational fund raising -- United States]

    ADVANCING BEYOND THE TECHNIQUES IN FUND RAISING. Maurice G. Gurin. Rockville, Md. : Fund Raising Institute, Taft Group, 1991. 149pp. Funding Center (1 East) HG177 .G859 1991
    Provides an overview of philanthropic history and practice and a discussion of the major concerns of professional fund raisers--ethics, the value of research, volunteer organizations, cause-related marketing, the fund-raising role of boards, etc. In addition, the book examines the contributions of several fund-raising innovators, from Benjamin Franklin to Harold J. Seymour. Also includes an analysis of fund-raising education and literature.
    [Fund raising]

    ALL THE WAY TO THE BANK: SMART NONPROFIT MONEY MANAGEMENT. Susan Kenny Stevens. Minneapolis, MN : Larson, Allen, Weishair & Co., c2002. 2nd ed., 127pp. Funding Center (1 East) HG4027.65 .S74 2002
    [Nonprofit organizations -- finance]

    ALTERNATIVE FUNDING SOURCES: PROSPECTS, REQUIREMENTS, AND CONCERNS FOR NONPROFITS. Dwight F. Burlingame, Warren F. Ilchman, eds. San Francisco, Ca. : Jossey-Bass Publishers, 1989. 120pp. Main Library Stacks LB2328 .A1 N4 No. 68
    New Directions for Philanthropic Fundraising series #68.
    The authors explore the prospects, pitfalls, benefits, and requirements for increasing notraditional revenue sources. Topics include:
    (1) New funding options for nonprofits and their long-term challenges
    (2) Diversified income and important legal and tax issues
    (3) The implications of charitable gaming
    (4) A guide to diverifying income through auctions
    (5) How and why the Arthritis Foundation launched a "cause-branding" initiative
    (6) Step-by-step action advice when considering new entrepreneurial ventures.
    [Community colleges -- United States -- finance]

    AMERICAN FOUNDATIONS: AN INVESTIGATIVE HISTORY, see Philanthropy: A Bibliography of Books Available in the MSU Libraries

    AMERICAN PHILANTHROPY, see Philanthropy: A Bibliography of Books Available in the MSU Libraries

    AMERICAN PROSPECTOR : CONTEMPORARY ISSUES IN PROSPECT RESEARCH, VOLUME 1. American Prospect Research Association. Rockville, Md. : Fund Raising Institute, 1991. 172pp. Main Library Stacks LB2336 .A64 V.1
    Contains twelve papers on prospect research, including: (1) "Identifying Japanese Prospects in the Era of Good Corporate Citizenship"; (2) "Find Out About Japanese Giving"; (3) "The Structure and Role of Prospect Research in Private Comprehensive Universities"; (4) "Special Gifts from Special People"; (5) "In Search of Populations with High Major Donor Potential"; (6) "Online Information Services Come to Research"; (7) "Guidelines for the Use and Storage of Sensitive Information"; (8) Taking a Proactive Team-Role in Research"; (9) "Identification of Individual Prospects Through Proactive Research"; (10) "The City Manager Problem"; (11) "The Field Screening Program and Its Evolution"; and (12) "The Impact of Psychographics on Prospect Research".
    [Educational fund raising -- research -- United States -- handbooks, manuals, etc.]
    [Endowments -- United States -- handbooks, manuals, etc.]

    AMERICA'S NONPROFIT SECTOR. Lester M. Salamon. New York, N.Y. : Foundation Center, 1999. 2nd edition, 203pp. Funding Center (1 East) HV91 .S23 1999
    The author larifies the basic scope, structure, operation, and role of nonprofit sector in the U.S. Earlier edition in Main Library Stacks.
    1992 edition
    [Charities -- United States]
    [Nonprofit organizations -- United States]

    ANGELS IN THE AMERICAN THEATER: PATRONS, PATRONAGE, AND PHILANTHROPY. Robert A. Schnke, ed. Carbondale : Southern Illinois University Press, 2007. 314pp. Funding Center (1 East) PN1590.S7 A54 2007
    Angels in the American Theater: Patrons, Patronage, and Philanthropy examines the significant roles that theater patrons have played in shaping and developing theater in the United States. Because box office income rarely covers the cost of production, other sources are vital. Angels -- financial investors and backers -- have a tremendous impact on what happens on stage, often determining with the power and influence of their money what is conceived, produced, and performed. But in spite of their influence, very little has been written about these philanthropists. Composed of sixteen essays and fifteen illustrations, Angels in the American Theater explores not only how donors became angels but also their backgrounds, motivations, policies, limitations, support, and successes and failures. Subjects range from millionaires Otto Kahn and the Lewisohn sisters to foundation giants Ford, Rockefeller, Disney, and Clear Channel. The first book to focus on theater philanthropy, Angels in the American Theater employs both a historical and a chronological format and focuses on individual patrons, foundations, and corporations.
    [Performing arts sponsorship -- United States]

    ANNUAL GIVING: A PRACTICAL APPROACH. Fritz W. Schroeder. Washington, DC: Council for Advancement and Support of Education, 2000. 169pp. Funding Center (1 East) HG177 .S35 2000
    A comprehensive manual specifically for institutions of higher education. Covers both the theoretical underpinnings of the annual appeal, as well as the practical methods for a successful outcome. Includes glossary and bibliography.
    [Nonprofit organizations -- finance]
    [Fund raising]

    ANNUAL GIVING STRATEGIES : A COMPREHENSIVE GUIDE TO BETTER RESULTS. Ann D. Gee. Fairfax, Va. : Council for Advancement and Support of Education, 1990. 223pp. Funding Center (1 East) HG177 .A56 1990
    Intended as a guide to annual-fund drives for colleges and universities. Describes the elements of the annual fund drive, from initial planning to evaluation. It discusses variations on the three major methods of solicitation--direct mail, phonathons, and person to person--and recommends methods for dealing with the various constituencies reached by such a compaign, from alumni to trustees. Also discussed are special programs to raise the overall success of an annual drive, including gala events and challenge and matching gifts.
    [Fund raising]
    [Corporations -- charitable contributions]

    APPLYING FOR RESEARCH FUNDING : GETTING STARTED AND GETTING FUNDED. Joanne B. Ries and Carl G. Leukefeld. Thousand Oaks, Ca. : Sage, 1995. 256pp. Funding Center (1 East) HG177 .R53 1995
    In an environment of shrinking resources, getting research funding from both government and the private sector is becoming more and more competitive. This book helps the reader approach the grant application process and develop a competitive and successful application. It moves the reader through the important elements of the application process: making choices at the start, making key contacts, assessing research environments, and knowing what to include on and when to write an application. Some of the other topics this helpful volume covers are how to write a persuasive application, how to target the application to its reviewers, and what to expect when an application is or is not funded.
    [Proposal writing for grants]
    [Research Grants]

    APPROACHING FOUNDATIONS : SUGGESTIONS AND INSIGHTS FOR FUNDRAISERS. Sandra A. Glass, ed. San Francisco, Cal. : Jossey-Bass, 2000. 123pp. Funding Center (1 East) HV41.9.U5 A66 2000
    Provides practical suggestions for experienced and new fund raisers about how to raise money from foundations more effectively. Contents: Foundation fundraising for new organizations / James C. Murphy -- Family foundations : a case study approach / Charles S. Weiss -- Securing foundation support for medical programs / Teresa Kemp Zielenski, Mary Anne Hohman -- Raising money internationally : foundations and beyond / Patrick O'Heffernan -- How resources affect and stimulate collaboration / Pamela A. Wuichet -- Preparation before proposal writing / Patricia Martin -- Universities and foundation support : working with faculty and administration / John C. Schneider -- Writing the proposal of the future / Meredith Roche.
    [Fund raising]
    [Nonprofit organizations
    [Corporations -- Charitable contributions]

    ARE WE READY? : SOCIAL CHANGE PHILANTHROPY AND THE COMING $10 TRILLION TRANSFER OF WEALTH, see Philanthropy: A Bibliography of Books Available in the MSU Libraries

    ARE YOU SITTING ON A GOLD MINE? : FUNDRAISING SELF-ASSESSMENT GUIDE. Jill Muehrcke. Madison, Wi. : Society for Nonprofit Organizations, 1996. 134pp. Funding Center (1 East) HV41.9.U6 A73 1993
    [Fund raising]
    [Nonprofit organizations -- United States -- finance]

    THE ART AND SCIENCE OF PHILANTHROPIC FUNDRAISING. James R. Norvell and Thomas J. Reynolds. National Charitable Initiative, 2003. 181pp. Funding Center (1 East) HV41.2 .N67 2003
    For seasoned nonprofit professionals, [this book] presents a fresh perspective and, it's hoped, stimulation to delve deeper into generosity's mysteries. For nonprofit board members, it offers methods to improve not only fundraising but all organizational performance through better planning. For fundraisers at all levels, it provides a deeper look at the emerging understanding of philanthropic decisions.

    ART + SCIENCE OF GRANTSMANSHIP : GRANTS FOR NONPROFITS. John V. Tesoriero. Philadelphia, PA: Xlibris Corporation. 2003. 148pp. Funding Center (1 East) HG177 .T47 2003
    Covers pre-proposal research and planning through the post-grant follow-up. One chapter deals with preparing the proposal budget.

    ART OF FILM FUNDING : ALTERNATIVE FINANCING CONCEPTS. Carole Lee Dean. Studio City, CA : Mihael Wiese Productions, 2007. 251pp. Funding Center (1 East) PN1993.5.U6 D35 2007
    This book is your reference guide for creating the perfect pitch, inspiring your winning application, finding and connecting with funding organizations, making a successful "ask," and landing the money to make your film.
    [Motion picture industry -- United States -- finance

    THE ART OF FUNDING AND IMPLEMENTING IDEAS : A GUIDE TO PROPOSAL DEVELOPMENT AND PROJECT MANAGEMENT / Arnold R. Shore & John M. Carfora. Thousand Oaks, Calif. : SAGE, c2011. 89pp. Online resource : This book was written in response to the needs of faculty and graduate students for a meaningful guide that starts where they begin a research project - with their very best ideas - and progresses in an orderly fashion to: "Develop their starting ideas to the fullest; "Find sources of support that intersect most appropriately with their core interests; "Write a proposal that builds systematically on their ideas and interests and makes a beginning contribution to knowledge; "Conduct the project with innovative guidelines on project management that help the PI and the project team participate in and experience the excitement of bringing a research project to life.

    THE ART OF PLANNED GIVING : UNDERSTANDING DONORS AND THE CULTURE OF GIVING. New York, N.Y. : John Wiley & Sons, 1995. 362pp. Funding Center (1 East) HV41.9 .U5 W48 1995
    Traces the process of acquiring a planned gift from the first phone call to managing the gifts assets.
    [Fund raising]
    [Deferred Giving]

    THE ART OF RAISING MONEY. William J. Smith. New York, N.Y. : American Management Association, 1985. 277pp. Gast Business Library Folio HG177 .S64 1985
    [Fund raising]

    ART OF TRUSTEESHIP: THE NONPROFIT BOARD MEMBER'S GUIDE TO EFFECTIVE GOVERNANCE. Candace Widmer, Susan Houchin. San Francisco, Ca. : Jossey-Bass Publishers, 2000. 186pp. Gast Business Library HD62.6 .W53 2000
    [Nonprofit organizations - management]

    THE ART OF WINNING CORPORATE GRANTS. Howard Hillman and Marjorie Chamberlain. New York, N.Y. : Vanguard Press, 1980. 180pp. Funding Center (1 East) and Business Library HG174 .H55
    Outlines ten keys to the corporate treasury: (1) know why corporations give; (2) know to whom corporations give; (3) know what corporations give; (4) know how corporations give; (5) know thyself; (6) research; (7) develop creative tie-ins; (8) meet with the corporation; (9) write the winning proposal; and (10) follow through. Also points out questions evaluators ask, provides a sample proposal, outlines key information sources, and provides information on how to obtain tax-exempt status.
    [Fund raising]
    [Corporations -- charitable contributions]

    THE ART OF WINNING GOVERNMENT GRANTS. Howard Hillman and Kathryn Natale. New York, N.Y. : Vanguard Press, 1977. 246pp. Funding Center (1 East) HJ275 .H45
    [Fund raising]

    THE ART OF WRITING SUCCESSFUL R & D PROPOSALS. Donald C. Orlich and Patricia Orlich. Pleasantville, New York : Redgrave Publishing Co., 1977. 73pp. Funding Center (1 East) and Business Library HG174 .O7
    A practical and well-tested guide to those desiring to write proposals for research, demonstration, or development programs.
    [Proposal writing in research]
    [Research Grants]

    THE ARTFUL JOURNEY: CULTIVATING AND SOLICITING THE MAJOR GIFT. William T. Sturtevant. Chicago, Il. : Bonus Books, 1997. 219pp. Main Library Stacks HV41.2 .S78 1997
    Persuading a wealthy person to make a large donation takes intense concentration and effort from a charity fund raiser, according to the author. This book is a guide to help fund raisers improve their chances of landing such gifts.
    [Fund raising -- Handbooks, manuals, etc.]
    Charities -- Finance -- Handbooks, manuals, etc.]
    [Nonprofit organizations -- Finance -- Handbooks, manuals, etc.]
    [Endowments -- Handbooks, manuals, etc.

    The Artist's Guide to Grant Writing is designed to transform readers from starving artists fumbling to get by into working artists who confidently tap into all the resources at their disposal. Written in an engaging and down-to-earth tone, this comprehensive guide includes time-tested strategies, anecdotes from successful grant writers, and tips from grant officers and fundraising specialists. The book is targeted at both professional and aspiring writers, performers, and visual artists who need concrete information about how to write winning grant applications and fundraise creatively so that they can finance their artistic dreams.
    [Arts -- United States -- Finance]
    [Arts fund raising -- United States]
    [Proposal writing for grants -- United States]

    ARTS FUNDING : AN UPDATE ON FOUNDATION TRENDS. Loren Renz and Steven Lawrence. New York, N.Y. : Foundation Center, 1998. 69pp. Fine Arts Library, 4th floor, West NX711.U5 W43 1998
    Arts Funding: An Update on Foundation Trends provides a framework for understanding recent trends in foundation support for arts and culture and spotlights new and leading arts funders. The report focuses on grantmaking in 1996 and analyzes over 11,000 arts grants awarded by 800+ foundations, providing a detailed picture of giving priorities in the field. Among other topics, Arts Funding compares the growth of foundation arts support in the 1990s with other sources of support, examines changes in giving for specific arts disciplines, and explores shifts in the types of support funders award. This edition of Arts Funding also includes several enhancements, such as an analysis of arts grantmakers and recipients by region, an overview of arts funding by family foundations, an examination of the impact of smaller grants on the field, and brief profiles of arts grantmakers that support individual artists.

    ARTS FUNDING 2000: FUNDER PERSPECTIVES ON CURRENT AND FUTURE TRENDS. Loren Renz, Caron Atlas. New York, N.Y. : Foundation Center in cooperation with Grantmakers in the Arts, 1999. 74pp. Fine Arts Library, 4th floor, West NX711.U5 R4 1999
    This study explores the current state of arts grantmaking and previews emerging themes and issues. Based on in-depth interviews with 35 leading foundations and corporations nationwide, conducted in 1999, the report offers an inside perspective on recent changes in arts funding priorities and strategies and on factors affecting decision-making.
    [Arts -- United States -- endowments]

    ARTS MANAGEMENT : A GUIDE TO FINDING FUNDS AND WINNING AUDIENCES. Alvin H. Reiss. Detroit, Michigan : Taft Group, 1992. 267pp. Fine Arts Library NX765 .R44 1992
    A comprehensive fund-raising guide for use by administrators at all types of arts organizations. Topics discussed include working effectively with board members, volunteers, and artists; courting business and government support; creating direct-mail pieces; and audience development. One of the book's six chapters examines several case studies of successful fund-raising ventures and events, including the use of celebrities and special events with a foreign theme.
    [Arts -- United States -- Management]

    see the book section of Religious Fundraising.

    THE ASK: HOW TO ASK ANYONE FOR ANY AMOUNT FOR ANY PURPOSE. Laura Fredricks. San Francisco, Ca. : Jossey-Bass, 2006. 252pp. Funding Center (1 East) HG177 .F68 2006
    Fredricks covers many types of solicitations including requests for support for annual campaigns, major gifts, capital campaigns, and bequests. Among the considerations she covers are the timing of the approach, and selecting the right person for the ask. Materials in the appendices include a sample thank you letter, marketing items, and the Association of Fundraising Professionals Code of Ethics. With bibliographical references.

    ASKING : A 59-MINUTE GUIDE TO EVERYTHING BOARD MEMBERS, VOLUNTEERS, AND STAFF MUST KNOW TO SECURE THE GIFT. Jerold Panas. Emerson and Church, 2004. 108pp. Funding Center (1 East) HG177 .P36 2006
    Panas argues that anyone can become an effective fundraiser.

    ASKING PROPERLY: THE ART OF CREATIVE FUNDRAISING. George Smith. London: White Lion, 1996. 220pp. Funding Center (1 East) HG177 .S57 1996
    This book is almost certainly the most authoritative book ever written about the creative aspects of fundraising. Smith offers a profound analysis of donor motivation and is critical of the extent to which charities take their supports for granted. But this book is no mere commentary on current practice, it offers an utterly comprehensive checklist on how to optimize the creative presentation of the fundraising message. Covers how to write, how to design, how to use direct mail, press advertising, broadcast media and the telephone, how to think in terms of undraising 'products'. The whole gallery of creativity and media is surveyed and assessed, with hundreds of examples of dunrasing campaigns from around the world illustrating the need to 'ask properly'.
    [Fund raising]
    [Nonprofit organizations--finance

    ASPEN'S GUIDE TO SIXTY SUCCESSFUL SPECIAL EVENTS : HOW TO PLAN, ORGANIZE, AND CONDUCT OUTSTANDING FUND RAISERS. Frederick, Md : Aspen Publishers, 1996. 318pp. Funding Center (1 East) HV41.2 .A87 1996
    Provides a straightforward "recipe" for planning a wide variety of fundraising special events. With 60 events of varying complexity featured, every nonprofit is sure to find a fundraiser that matches its needs. Each entry contains a description of a successful event and one organization's history of hosting it; how much money must be spent and can be raised, and suggestions for securing underwriting or in-kind donations; how much time and effort is needed for successful planning; the community participation required to make the event a success; and how many staff members and volunteers will be needed. Every event has its own countdown timeline listing each step of the planning process and when it should be completed, and additional forms and checklists are provided.
    [Fund raising]

    ASSESSMENT OF THE CHIEF EXECUTIVE : A TOOL FOR GOVERNING BOARDS AND CHIEF EXECUTIVES OF NONPROFIT ORGANIZATIONS. Jane Pierson and Joshua Mintz. Washington, D.C. : National Center for Nonprofit Boards, 1999. Rev. ed, 53pp. Funding Center (1 East) HD62.6 .P54 1995 book; computer disk available in Software Collection.
    [Nonprofit organizations -- management]

    THE AUCTION BOOK : A COMPREHENSIVE FUNDRAISING RESOURCE FOR NONPROFIT ORGANIZATIONS. Betsy and Beatty and Libby Kirkpatrick. Denver, Co. : Auction Press, 1987. 163pp. Funding Center (1 East) HV 41.2 .B43 1987
    A step-by-step description of how to run a charity auction. It includes sample calendars, organizational charts, and contracts, and discusses how to recruit and organize volunteers.
    [Fund raising]

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