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Grantsmanship Techniques : B Titles

This bibliography lists books and videos available in the Michigan State University library collections. It is intended as a starting point for those who are interested in learning more about foundations, fundraising, proposal writing, nonprofit organizations, nonprofit organization administration, government funding, planned giving, prospect research, and voluntarism.

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Recommended subject headings include:
  • Arts fund raising
  • Nonprofit organizations
  • Charitable uses, trusts, and foundations
  • Promotion of special events
  • Charities
  • Proposal writing for grants
  • Church fund raising
  • Proposal writing in education
  • Corporations -- charitable contributions
  • Proposal writing in medicine
  • Direct mail fund raising
  • Proposal writing in research
  • Educational fund raising
  • Proposal writing in the social sciences
  • Endowments
  • Research grants
  • Fund raisers (persons)
  • Telephone fund raising
  • Fund raising
  • Voluntarism
  • Library fundraising
  • Volunteers
  • Also note that the various books and videos listed in this bibligraphy are assigned subject headings which you can try as well.

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    Video Titles Only

    THE BASIC HANDBOOK OF GRANTS MANAGEMENT. Robert Lefferts. New York, N.Y. : Basic Books, 1983. 292pp. Main Library Stacks HG177 .L43 1983
    Basic information on how to manage grants projects once the money is received. Lefferts reviews the role of project managers, staffing, relationships with the funding agency, reporting procedures, site visits, and budgeting. The chapter on financial management is extensive and includes many sample budget forms. Written for both new and experienced project directors.
    [Fund raising -- Handbooks, manuals, etc]
    [Grants-in-aid -- Handbooks, manuals, etc]
    [Research grants -- Handbooks, manuals, etc.]

    BAZAARS AND FAIR LADIES: THE HISTORY OF THE AMERICAN FUNDRAISING FAIR. Knoxville, Tn. : University of Tennessee Press, 1998. 285pp. Main Library Stacks HV544 .G67 1998
    The roots of the American fundraising fair probably date to the Soho Bazaar in 1816 London. Similar events came to North Amnerica by the late 1820s, and a comprehensive history is presented, from Civil War sanitary fairs, turn of-the-century bazaars, World War I and II fundraising events, and contemporary incarnations. Provides perceptions about and functions of these fairs, with numerous examples and illustrations. With bibliographic references and indexed.
    [Bazaars (charity)--United States--history]
    [Women in charitable work--United States--history]

    BECOMING A FUNDRAISER : THE PRINCIPLES AND PRACTICE OF LIBRARY DEVELOPMENT. Victoria Steele and Stephen D. Elder. Chicago, Ill. : American Library Association, 1992. 139pp. Main Library Stacks Z683 .S74 1992
    Intended for library directors, administrators, search committee members, development officers, or others looking for a library fund-raising program appropriate to their talents. The book examines librarians' fears about fund raising and describes ways to test one's potential to be an effective fund raiser. It also discusses building an effective development team, the major-gifts process, improving a library's image, and the role of "Friends of the Library" organizations. Thoughts on the future of library fund raising and a recommended reading list conclude the book.
    [Library fund raising]

    BECOMING A FUNDRAISER : THE PRINCIPLES AND PRACTICE OF LIBRARY DEVELOPMENT. Victoria Steele and Stephen D. Elder. Chicago, Ill. : American Library Association, 2000. 278pp. Main Library Stacks Z683.2.U6 S74 2000
    Also available as electronic book for Michigan residents.
    A complete look at library fundraising for library administrators.
    [Library Fund raising]
    [Fund raising - methods]
    [Public libraries -- United States -- finance]

    BEGGING FOR CHANGE: THE DOLLARS AND SENSE OF MAKING NONPROFITS RESPONSIVE, EFFICIENT, AND REWARDING FOR ALL. Robert Egger. New York: Harperbusiness, 2004. 216pp. Main Library Stacks HV41 .E35 2004
    Robert Egger looks back on his experience and exposes the startling lack of logic, waste, and ineffectiveness he has encountered during his years in the nonprofit sector, and calls for reform of this $800 billion industry from the inside out. In his entertaining and inimitable way, he weaves stories from his days in music, when he encountered legends such as Sarah Vaughan, Mel Torme, and Iggy Pop, together with stories from his experiences in the hunger movement -- and recently as volunteer interim director to help clean up the beleaguered United Way National Capital Area. He asks for nonprofits to be more innovative and results-driven, for corporate and nonprofit leaders to be more focused and responsible, and for citizens who contribute their time and money to be smarter and more demanding of nonprofits and what they provide in return. Robert's appeal to common sense will resonate with readers who are tired of hearing the same nonprofit fund-raising appeals and pity-based messages. Instead of asking the "who" and "what" of giving, he leads the way in asking the "how" and "why" in order to move beyond our 19th-century concept of charity, and usher in a 21st-century model of change and reform for nonprofits. Enlightening and provocative, engaging and moving, this book is essential reading for nonprofit managers, corporate leaders, and, most of all, any citizen who has ever cared enough to give of themselves to a worthy cause.

    BENCHMARKING FOR NONPROFITS: HOW TO MEASURE, MANAGE, AND IMPROVE PERFORMANCE. Jason Saul. St. Paul, Minn. : Amherst H. Wilder Foundation, 2004. 96pp. Main Library Stacks HD62.15 .S28 2004
    [Benchmarking (Management)]
    [Nonprofit organizations]

    THE BEST OF NON-PROFIT NUTS AND BOLTS (CD-ROM). Oviedo, Fl. : Non-Profit Nuts & Bolts (4623 Tiffany Woods Circle, Oviedo, Fl 32765; (407) 677-6564; http://www.nutsbolts.com. Digital and Multimedia Center HD62.6 B47 2001
    A collection of more than 2000 articles, tips, and techniques covering key topics such as fundraising, volunteer management, board relations, special events, committees, public relations, leadership, marketing, meetings, donor relations, budget-stretching ideas, media relations, staff management, teamwork, time-buster tips, member relations, technology, and more.
    [Nonprofit organizations -- Management]

    BEST PRACTICES IN GRANT SEEKING : BEYOND THE PROPOSAL Saadia Faruqi ; edited by P.D. Esmeralda Valague. Sudbury, MA : Jones and Bartlett Publishers, 2011. 190pp. Funding Center (1 East) HG177.5.U6 F374 2011
    Provides advice on improving foundation fundraising success, based on survey and interview data from nonprofits and grantmakers. Part 1 discusses areas nonprofits can focus on before seeking a grant, such as strengthening internal and external relations, designing programs, and collaborating. Part 2 explains how to improve the effectiveness of development operations, identify funders, and develop proposals. Part 3 elaborates on preparing for site visits and discusses the various types of visits. Part IV discusses stewardship principles and relationships with funders. With bibliographic references and index.
    [Fundraising--handbooks, manuals, etc.]
    [Nonprofit organizations--grantsmanship]
    [Foundation funding]

    BEST PRACTICES: THE MODEL EMPLOYEE HANDBOOK FOR CALIFORNIA NONPROFITS. Leyna Bernstein. San Francisco, Calif. : Jossey-Bass Publishers, c1998. 115pp. Main Library Stacks HF5549.5.E423 B47 1998; computer disk available in Software Collection.
    115 p. : ill. ; 28 cm. + 1 computer disk (3 1/2 in.)
    [Employee handbooks -- California]
    [Nonprofit organizations -- California -- Personnel management -- Handbooks, manuals, etc.]

    BEST PRACTICES OF EFFECTIVE NONPROFIT ORGANIZATIONS : A PRACTIONER'S GUIDE. Philip Bernstein. New York, N.Y. : Foundation Center, 1997. 183pp. Main Library Stacks HD62.6 .B48 1997
    Identifies and explains the organizational processes which provide the foundation for social achievement in all fields on non-profit activity. Topics covered include defining purposes and goals, creating comprehensive financing plans, evaluating services, and effective communication.
    [Nonprofit organizations -- management]

    BEYOND COLLABORATION: STRATEGIC RESTRUCTURING OF NONPROFIT ORGANIZATIONS. David La Paina. Washington, D.C. : National Center for Nonprofit Boards, 1997. 22pp. Main Library Stacks HD2769.15 .L34 1997
    Examines the motivations that encourage or discourage nonprofit leaders in considering mergers, consolidations, and joint ventures with other nonprofits.
    [Nonprofit organizations]

    BEYOND FUND RAISING : NEW STRATEGIES FOR NONPROFIT INNOVATION AND INVESTMENT. Kay Sprinkel Grace. NSFRE/Wiley Fund Development Series. New York, N.Y. : John Wiley & Sons, 1997. 288pp. Business Library HG4027.65 .G73 1997
    Advocates an increased understanding of fundraising and development principles by nonprofit executives and managers. Chapters cover such topics as values, changing attitudes, leadership, capitalizing the community's investment, stewardship, board development, levels of board and staff operation, and planning.
    [Nonprofit organizations -- finance]

    BEYOND THE BAKE SALE : A FUND RAISING HANDBOOK FOR PUBLIC AGENCIES. Sacramento, Ca. : City of Sacramento, Department of Parks and Community Services, 1988. 19pp. Main Library Stacks HG177 .M67 1988
    Contains a sensible analysis of the pros and cons of fundraising by a public agency. Enumerates internal issues to be considered such as financial goals, organizational goals, staff capabilities and training, hiring skilled staff, legal and fiscal options, etc. Also covers briefly the basics of grantsmanship and lists sources for further information.
    [Fund raising]
    [Social services -- Finance]

    BEYOND THE BOTTOM LINE: HOW TO DO MORE WITH LESS IN NONPROFIT AND PUBLIC ORGANIZATIONS. Martin W. Sandler, Deborah A. Hudson. New York, N.Y. : Oxford University Press, 1998. 256pp. Main Library Stacks JK421 .S27 1998
    In the pages of Beyond the Bottom Line, Sandler and Hudson provide detailed descriptions of nonprofits and public agencies that are meeting the challenge of doing more with less, and setting standards of efficiency and service that few business organizations can meet. The authors studied hundreds of nonprofit and public agencies around the country to find organizations like these that are meeting the challenges of shrinking resources and growing demand. Focusing on the thirty "best of breed" organizations, they developed a roster of attitudes and skills that distinguishes these top performers. In addition, they have distilled hundreds of practical techniques and strategies - transferable to any organization in any sector - that put these organizations at the head of their class.
    [Nonprofit organizations -- United States -- Management]

    BIBLIOGRAPHY, RESOURCES FOR PROSPECT DEVELOPMENT 1994-1995. Bobbie J. Strand, comp. Minneapolis, Mn. : Bentz Whaley Flessner, 1994. 16th edition, 102pp. Main Library Reference Funding Center (1 East) HG177.5 .U6 B5 1994/95
    A guide to information resources on individuals, foundations and businesses which may be major donor prospects. Also includes resources for issues relevant to the planning and administration of fundraising efforts.
    [Fund raising -- United States -- Bibliography -- Periodicals]
    [Philanthropists -- United States -- Rating of -- Bibliography -- Periodicals]
    [Endowments -- United States -- Evaluation -- Bibliography -- Periodicals]

    THE BIG FOUNDATIONS, see Philanthropy: A Bibliography of Books Available in the MSU Libraries

    BIG GIFTS FOR SMALL GROUPS : A BOARD MEMBER'S 1-HOUR GUIDE TO SECURING GIFTS OF $500 TO $5000. Andy Robinson. Medfield, Ma. : Emerson & Church, 2004. 104pp. Main Library Reference (1 East) Funding Center HV41.2 .R63 2004
    If yours is among the tens of thousands of organizations for whom six- and seven-figure gifts are unattainable, then Andy Robinson’s new book, Big Gifts for Small Groups, is just the ticket for you and your board. The subtitle, A Board Member’s 1-Hour Guide to Securing Gifts of $500 to $5,000 says it all. Believing that other books already focus on higher sum gifts, the author wisely targets a range that has been neglected: $500 to $5,000. Robinson has a penchant for good writing and for using exactly the right example or anecdote to illustrate his point. By the end of the book, your board members just may turn to one another and say, “Hey, we can do this” – and genuinely mean it.
    [Fund raising]

    BIG GIFTS : HOW TO MAXIMIZE GIFTS FROM INDIVIDUALS, WITH OR WITHOUT A CAPITAL CAMPAIGN. M. Jane Williams. Rockville, Md. : Fund Raising Institute, 1991. 330pp. Main Library Stacks HG177 .W55 1991
    Provides a step-by-step guide to interacting with major prospects, both on an ongoing basis and during a capital campaign. Includes over 400 illustrations -- sample charts, campaign brochures, reports, and worksheets -- used successfully by leading organizations in the fund raising process.
    [Fund raising]

    BIG-TIME FUNDRAISING FOR TODAY'S SCHOOLS. Stanley Levenson. Thousand Oaks, CA : Corwin Press, 2007. 187pp. Main Library Reference (1 East) Funding Center LC243 .L488 2007
    This book provides guidance on fundraising from foundations, corporations, individuals, and government agencies. In addition to the information about preparing applications and proposals, Levenson also discusses the role of principals, teachers, parents, and volunteers in the process. Includes examples of winning grant proposals, techniques for preparing a budget, tips for how to win grants and overcome obstacles, reproducible marketing documents, campaigns, and scripts, list of 101 foundations and corporations interested in giving to schools, examples of job ads for development positions, and an extensive bibliography.
    Also listed under Fundraising for Educators
    [Educational fund raising -- United States]
    [Proposal writing for grants -- United States]
    [Education -- United States -- Finance]

    BLACK TIE OPTIONAL : THE ULTIMATE GUIDE TO PLANNING AND PRODUCING SUCCESSFUL SPECIAL EVENTS. Harry A. Freedman. Rockville, Md. : Fund Raising Institute, 1991. 247pp. Main Library Stacks HM263 .F69 1991
    A "how-to" book for planning and producing special events. Provides lists easy-to-understand techniques, strategies, and checklists for quick reference and worksheets to help plan budgets, set ticket prices, and organize committees.
    [Fund raising -- United States]
    [Promotion of special events -- United States]

    BLUEPRINT FOR A CAPITAL CAMPAIGN: AN INTRODUCTION FOR BOARD MEMBERS, VOLUNTEERS, AND STAFF. Christine Graham. Shaftsbury, Vt. : CPG Enterprises, 1997. 21pp. Main Library Stacks HG177 .G73 1997
    A straightforward and systematic description of capital campaign fundraising, from planning to completion. This booklet will demystify the process and help each participant understand their role. Includes chronological checklist and tips on how to maintain campaign momentum.
    [Fund raising]

    BOARD BUILDING CYCLE : NINE STEPS TO FINDING, RECRUITING, AND ENGAGING NONPROFIT BOARD MEMBERS. Sandra R. Hughes, Berit M. Lakey, and Marla J. Bobowick. Washington, D.C. : National Center for Nonprofit Boards, 2000. 52pp. Main Library Stacks HD2769.15 .H84 2000; computer disk in Software Collection on 4th floor, West.
    Provides worksheets, evaluation surveys, and other items for prospective and current board members.
    [Boards of Directors -- United States]
    [Nonprofit organizations -- United States]

    BOARD CHAIR HANDBOOK. Linda Dietel. Washington, D.C. National Center for Nonprofit Boards, 2001. 36pp. and optical disk. Main Library Stacks HD62.6 .D54 2001; computer disk available in the Software Collection
    The board chair plays an indispensable role in a nonprofit organization. Because of the chair’s unique position, he or she needs knowledge and skills specific to this important role. The Board Chair’s Handbook is a complete guide to the roles and responsibilities of the chair and is designed to help board chairs perform their duties. This booklet will also help board chair’s gain a full understanding of this challenging and rewarding job. The handbook includes: (1) Tips for getting started in the job; (2) Suggestions for developing board policies and procedures ; (3) Recommendations for handling a variety of issues; (4) Advice for cultivating talent for future board leadership. Also included is a diskette containing sample meeting agendas and customizable letters for the board chair’s use including, asking a board member for an annual gift, cultivating and recruiting a prospective board member, inviting someone to join the board, and asking a board member to step down.

    BOARD DEVELOPMENT PLANNER: A CALENDAR OF NONPROFIT BOARD INITIATIVES. Washington, D.C.: National Center for Nonprofit Boards, 2001. 40pp. plus optical disk. Main Library Stacks HD2769.15 .B66 2001; CD-ROM with helpful checklists, a board development calendar, and sample forms available in Software Collection
    An annual board development calendar is a time-saving tool that will help your board set priorities and identify areas for improvement. The Board Development Planner provides nonprofit leaders with the essential components of effective governance scheduled over a 12-month period.
    This new resource from NCNB will walk you through the process of setting up your own board development calendar and provides the necessary resources to carry out each important activity. Important topics include: (1) Making board development a priority, (2) Ensuring the necessary resources, (3) Identifying important legal and moral issues, (4) Providing appropriate oversight, and (50 Strengthening board operations
    Also included is a CD-ROM containing a sample development calendar, a series of 20 checklists providing step-by-step guidelines on the basics of nonprofit board responsibilities, and evaluation sheets.

    BOARD FUND RAISING MANUAL. Darla Struck. Frederick, Md. : Aspen Publishers, 1992. 75pp. Main Library Reference Funding Center (1 East) HV41.2 .B6 1992
    Describes how trustees can use both business and personal connections to find new donors and shows board members how to oversee special fund-raising drives and events.
    [Fund raising; Directors of corporations]

    THE BOARD MEMBER'S BOOK : MAKING A DIFFERENCE IN VOLUNTARY ORGANIZATIONS. Brian O'Connell. New York, N.Y. : Foundation Center, 2003. 3rd edition, 248pp. Main Library Reference (1 East) Funding Center HV97 .A3 O33 2003
    1985 edition and 1993 edition also available.
    A perfect guide to the issues, challenges, and possibilities that emerge from the interchange between a nonprofit organization and its board. Packed with inspiration and practical advice, this book covers : the impact of nonprofit organizations on the U.S. today; the different responsibilities of board members, volunteers, and staff; finding, developing, and rewarding good board members; recruiting, encouraging, and evaluating the executive director; effective strategies for fundraising and financial planning; how to make the most out of meetings and evaluate results; how to conduct ethical evaluations; and more!
    [Voluntarism -- United States]
    [Endowments -- United States]

    BOARD MEMBER'S GUIDE : A BENEFICIAL BESTIARY. Winnetka, Ill. : Conversation Press, Inc., 1995. 117pp. Main Library Stacks HV97 .A3 B73 1995
    A humorous guide that compares volunteer board members to various animals.
    [Voluntarism -- United States]
    [Endowments -- United States]
    [Directors of corporations]

    THE BOARD MEMBER'S GUIDE TO FUND RAISING : WHAT EVERY TRUSTEE NEEDS TO KNOW ABOUT RAISING MONEY. Fisher Howe. San Francisco, Cal. : Jossey-Bass Publishers, 1991. 140pp. Main Library Stacks HV41.9 .U5 H68 1991
    Discusses various techniques used by trustees to raise moneey from foundations, government agencies, individuals, and corporations. It examines the trustee's role as both a solicitor and an overseer of the entire nonprofit organization.
    [Fund raising]
    [Directors of corporations]
    [Nonprofit organizations]

    THE BOARD MEMBER'S GUIDE TO STRATEGIC PLANNING: A PRACTICAL APPROACH TO STRENTHENING NONPROFIT ORGANIZATIONS. Fisher Howe and Alan Shrader. San Francisco, Cal. : Jossey-Bass Publishers, 1997. 144pp. Business Library HD62.6 .H693 1997
    Nonprofit board members know that strategic planning can lay the foundation for strong governance, sound management, effective fund raising, and the solid evaluation of mission fulfillment. Unfortunately, board members also often avoid strategic planning -- citing everything from lack of time and consultant cost to questioning the value of strategic planning if things are going so well. This quick, easy-to-use, compact guide for busy nonprofit board members -- written by Fisher Howe, a veteran board member and sought-after consultant to nonprofits -- demonstrates how strategic planning need not be tedious, irrelevant, or expensive. In fact, it shows how strategic planning can generate interest, enthusiasm, and pride in the performance of an organization. Fisher Howe's practical, no-nonsense approach demystifies the often intimidating strategic planning process, shows why it is essential, and provides detailed instructions for successful execution. Offering illustrative examples and straightforward action steps, Howe guides board members through each critical phase:
    (1) Putting strategic planning in perspective, from the benefits to the usual barriers to overcome
    (2) Preparing for and conducting strategic planning -- organization, procedures, and design
    (3) Producing a logic-based future vision of the organization
    (4) Producing the critical end products -- strategic and operational plans
    Working from actual case histories drawn from organizations with which he has consulted, Fisher Howe creates a blueprint from which both novice and experienced board members can construct their own strategic plan.
    [Strategic planning]
    [Directors of corporations]
    [Nonprofit organizations}
    [Fund raising]

    BOARD RECRUITMENT AND ORIENTATION: A STEP-BY-STEP, COMMON SENSE GUIDE. Hildy Gottlieb. Tucson, Az: Renaissance Press, 2001. 125pp. Main Library Stacks HD62.6 .G688 2001
    Does your organization have a better program for recruiting and training the janitor than recruiting and training its board members? This step-by-step manual will help you create a strong recruitment and orientation program, putting your board on the road to increased effectiveness. Whether your board needs minor tweaks or a major overhaul, you will find yourself coming back to this common sense guide again and again.
    [Nonprofit organizations -- Management -- Handbooks, manuals, etc.]

    BOARDROOM VERITIES: A CELEBRATION OF TRUSTEESHIP WITH SOME GUIDES AND TECHNIQUES TO GOVERN BY. Jerold Panas. Chicago, Il. : Precept Press, 1991. 238pp. Main Library Stacks HD62.6 .P36 1991
    A salute to trusteeship that looks at why men and women are willing to join boards and give their time, compassion, and commitment. In 80 brief chapters, time-tested truths are presented covering virtually every aspect of what it takes to have a healthy and effective board. Based on interviews with over 100 trustees - some famous, others localized fund raisers in organizations just like yours. Filled with philosophy and common-sense advice, these stories and anecdotes will be the motivation for your board members to strive to be the best trustees they can be. What's the optimum size of boards? What's the necessary number and types of committees? On what basis do you select officers and new members? Who are your "roaring advocacy" board members? These and every possible question about your board will be answered in detail. Jerry Panas' exclusive board assessment rating system is also included, worth the price of the book itself.
    [Trusts and trustees]
    [Directors of corporations]

    THE BOARD'S ROLE IN THE STRATEGIC MANAGEMENT OF NONPROFIT ORGANIZATIONS. Julie Siciliano. New York, N.Y. : Garland Publishing, 1993. 134pp. Main Library Stacks BV1100 .S53 1993
    A Survey of Eastern U. S. & Canadian YMCA Organizations.
    [Strategic planning]
    [Directors of corporations]
    [Nonprofit organizations -- management]
    [Fund raising]

    BOARDS THAT LOVE FUNDRAISING: A HOW-TO GUIDE FOR YOUR BOARD. Robert Zimmerman and Ann Lehman. San Francisco, Calif. : Chichester : Jossey-Bass ; John Wiley, 2004. 120pp. Main Library Reference (1 East) HV41.2 .Z56 2004
    Shows that all board members (no matter the level of experience) can not only learn to raise funds, but also provides effective tips to the more experienced fundraisers. This workbook published by Jossey-Bass offers inspiring examples of boards that have grown from fear and loathing of fundraising to eager anticipation. This inspiration is accompanied by practical advice and exercises for boards based on the authors' extensive experience in working with nonprofits of all sizes. This invaluable book:
    (1) Provides information on board structure and its impact on raising money
    (2) Outlines the concepts that will empower you to ask for money effectively and fearlessly
    (3) Describes the wide variety of methods nonprofits use to raise money and the board's role in each area
    (4) Shows how to recruit board members who can help with fundraising
    (5) Explores the vital issues of fundraising, planning, staffing, evaluation, and working with consultants.
    [Nonprofit organizations -- finance]
    [Fund raising]

    BOARDS THAT MAKE A DIFFERENCE: A NEW DESIGN FOR LEADERSHIP IN NONPROFIT AND PUBLIC ORGANIZATIONS. John Carver and Alan Shrader. San Francisco, Cal. : Jossey-Bass Publishers, 1997. 242pp. Business Library HD2745 .C37 1997
    Also available as electronic book for Michigan residents.
    John Carver presents a radically new model of board governance that energizes board members to build a strong, vibrant organization that achieves its goals. Carver's approach enables boards to get down to the real business of governance: making policy, articulating the mission of the organization, and sustaining its vision. Carver shows how boards can create policies that support the overall purpose of their organization, and guides them in working with managers to accomplish that purpose. He outlines procedures for delegating authority to an executive officer, evaluating management's performance, and making decisions as a board. And he shows how boards can govern themselves to stay on course toward their long-term goals.
    1990 edition available in Gast Business Library.
    [Directors of corporations]
    [Nonprofit organizations -- management]
    [Associations, institutions, etc. -- management]

    BOOKKEEPING BASICS: WHAT EVERY NONPROFIT BOOKKEEPER NEEDS TO KNOW. Debra L. Ruegg. St. Paul, Minn. : Amherst H. Wilder Foundation, 2003. 128pp. Main Library Stacks HF5686.N56 R84 2003
    Bookkeeping is an essential task for all nonprofit groups. Bookkeeping helps organizations safeguard their assets and make decisions about programs. Their guide provides detailed instructions for setting up and maintaining financial records. A key step in bookkeeping is maintaining copies of checks, deposit receipts, and invoices. The guide explains how to record those transactions and then summarize the information to help charity directors and board members assess the group's financial well-being. A table lists the documents that should be retained, along with ideas on organizing them. Throughout the book, for reference, are sample records and statements. The book also describes some of the requirements for handling nonprofit contributions. The authors explain, for example, that charities must classify donations to reflect whether donors have placed restrictions on their gifts.
    [Nonprofit organizations -- Accounting]

    BOOKKEEPING FOR NONPROFITS : A STEP-BY-STEP GUIDE TO NONPROFIT ACCOUNTING. Murray Dropkin and James Halpin. San Francisco : Jossey-Bass, c2005. 236PP. Gast Business Library HF5686.N56 D76 2005
    This book will help bookkeepers new to non-profit accounting. The book goes into detail, showing actual entries, and the reasoning behind them. It also points out dos and don'ts, basic accrual accounting, and what reporting an accountant will need for the 990 form. The book is a primer for the non-profit bookkeeper and/or organization treasurer.
    [Nonprofit organizations -- Accounting]

    BORN TO RAISE : WHAT MAKES A GREAT FUNDRAISER : WHAT MAKES A FUNDRAISER GREAT. Jerold Panas. Chicago, Ill. : Pluribus Press, 1988. 228pp. Main Library Stacks HG177 .P36 1988
    Contains interviews and advice from 50 successful fundraisers, such as Vartan Gregorian of the New York Public Library, the Rev. Theodore Hesburgh of the University of Notre Dame, Oral Roberts, etc. Identifies the 30 most important criteria for being a successful fundraiser, 63 fundraising truths and principles, and provides a self-appraisal test for determining what your fundraising strengths and weaknesses are.
    [Fund raising]

    THE BREAD GAME : THE REALITIES OF FOUNDATION FUNDRAISING. Herb Allen, ed. Regional Young Adult Project and Pacific Change. San Francisco, Ca. : Glide Publications, 1981. 150pp. Main Library Stacks HV41 .B656 1981
    A short, easy-to-read book on the "nature and feeding habits of the beasts known as foundations". Contains many practical pointers on how to go about fund raising from these beasts.
    [Fund raising]
    [Proposal writing in the social sciences]

    BUDGET-BUILDING BOOK FOR NONPROFITS : A STEP-BY-STEP GUIDE FOR MANAGERS AND BOARDS. Murray Dropkin and Bill La Touche. San Francisco, Ca. : Jossey-Bass, 1998. 157pp. Funding Center (1 East) HG4027.65 .D76 1998
    Most non-profit organizations are subject to a greater degree of regulation and oversight than are businesses and that many managers of non-profit groups are puzzled by the complex accounting systems that are often needed to operate a charity.
    [Nonprofit organizations--finance]

    A BUDGET PRIMER AND WORKSHEETS FOR PROPOSAL WRITERS. Craig E. Daniels. Washington, D.C. : Association of American Colleges, Federal Resources Advisory Service, 1979. 39pp. plus appendix. Main Library Stacks H62.5 .U5 D355
    A workbook designed primarily to assist in preparing budgets for federal grant programs.
    [Research grants -- United States]
    [Federal aid to research -- United States]

    BUILDING A STRONG FOUNDATION : FUNDRAISING FOR NONPROFITS. Richard L. Edwards and Elizabeth A. S. Benefield. National Association of Social Workers Press, 1996. 192pp. Main Library Reference Funding Center (1 East) HG4027.65 .E34 1997
    Addresses all the aspects necessary to raise funds successfully in a nonprofit environment. Learn how to build the relationships that are central to successful fundraising activities.
    [Fund raising]
    [Nonprofit organizations -- United States -- finance]

    BUILDING AN ENDOWMENT : RIGHT FROM THE START. Lynda S. Moerschbaecher. Chicago, Ill. : Precept Press, 2001. 136pp. Main Library Stacks HV16 .M52 2001
    You often begin the monumental task of building an endowment with few resources, little support and even less time. In this book you will learn how to overcome these pressures and also learn the process of setting up and securing an endowment fund. We will examine where money comes from, where it goes and how it grows. We will set forth rules and guidelines for its management. We will unlock and outline the ways in which an endowment fund can become a most effective fundraising investment. After reading this book, you will not only have a solid grasp of what endowment is and how it works, you will be ready to build an endowment right from the start.

    BUILDING AND MANAGING AN ASSET BASE : INFORMATION AND ADVICE FOR NONPROFIT ORGANIZATIONS. Jimmie R. Alford. San Francisco, Ca. : Jossey-Bass Publishers, Dec. 1996. 130pp. Gast Business Library HF5686.N56 B8 1996
    New Directions for Philanthropic Fundraising #14.
    For any nonprofit organization, building and managing an asset base is a continual process that demands hard work and creative leadership rather than mere luck. The authors of this volume--nonprofit directors and fundraisers, as well as accountants, lawyers, and consultants who assist nonprofits--offer insightful, practical recommAndations and real world examples of how to build and manage an asset base. Learn how any organization can develop a planned and deferred giving program and successfully present that program to potential donors. Get expert advice on the technical side of building and managing assets with updates on tax issues and investment strategies for maximizing income from endowment growth. Discover how to work effectively with intermediary agents such as trust and private banking officers, legal counselors, and community trusts to secure planned and major gift support. This sourcebook will serve as an invaluable tool for any nonprofit organization, whether it is an established institution with a multi-million dollar budget or a grassroots agency looking to grow.
    [Nonprofit organizations -- United States -- Finance]
    [Fund raising -- United States]
    [Charitable uses, trusts, and foundations -- United States]
    [Endowments -- United States]

    BUILDING BRIDGES : FUND RAISING FOR DEANS, FACULTY, AND DEVELOPMENT OFFICERS. Mary Kay Murphy. Washington, D.C. : Council for Advancement and Support of Education, 1992. 131pp. Main Library Stacks LB2336 .B85 1992
    The book's four sections cover strategic planning and defining the roles of development-team members, ethics and attitudes necessary for successful fund raising, determining who to approach for major gifts and how to go about the solicitation process, and considerations for deans at small or health-sciences institutions.
    Also listed under Academic Fundraising
    [Educational fund raising -- United States]
    [Education, Higher -- United States -- Finance]
    [Public relations -- Universities and colleges -- United States]

    BUILDING DONOR LOYALTY : THE FUNDRAISER'S GUIDE TO INCREASING LIFETIME VALUE. Adrian Sargeant, Elaine Jay. San Francisco : Jossey-Bass, c2004. 208pp. Main Library Stacks HV41.9.U5 S27 2004
    Hands-on guide discusses designing programs to reflect donor needs and aspirations, loyalty through monthly giving plans, how to develop a relationship strategy, common pitfalls, how demographic variables can be used, and donor recognition.
    [Fund raising -- United States]
    [Philanthropists -- United States -- Attitudes]
    [Nonprofit organizations -- United States -- Marketing]

    see the book section of Religious Fundraising.

    BUILDING THE WORLDWIDE COMMUNITY FOUNDATION MOVEMENT, see Philanthropy: A Bibliography of Books Available in the MSU Libraries

    BUILDING YOUR DIRECT MAIL PROGRAM. Gwyneth J. Lister. San Francisco, Ca. : Jossey-Bass Publishers, 2001. 81pp. Business Library HG177 .L57 2001
    Direct mail is the lifeblood of any organization's fundraising program, providing steady income for the annual fund, helping to acquire new donors, creating opportunities to communicate with current donors, and providing valuable information about both donors and prospects. But it is also a highly personal fund raising vehicle-a one-on-one relationship that is developed, nurtured, and maintained. In Building Your Direct Mail Program-the latest book in the Excellence in Fund Raising Workbook Series-Gwyneth J. Lister provides the tools to make direct mail programs as effective and efficient as possible. With material tailored for volunteers and professionals who have little or no experience with direct mail, the author walks readers step-by-step through the process of creating a strong direct mail program. The book includes nuts-and-bolts information on the basics, from deciding who should receive the direct mail package and working with list brokers to creating and budgeting the package and evaluating the results. Lister also offers specific tips and strategies for all phases of the direct mail process, including guidelines for projecting mailing costs, advice on determining when it is most effective to use a direct mail campaign, suggestions for testing direct mail packages, and more. In addition, the book is filled with a wealth of handy worksheets, checklists, and tips for avoiding the most common pitfalls. Nonprofit fund raisers, professionals, consultants, and managers will find Building Your Direct Mail Program an invaluable guide to developing one of the key fund raising tools of any organization-a successful direct mail program.
    [Direct mail fund raising]

    BUILDING YOUR ENDOWMENT. Edward C. Schumacher. San Francisco, Ca. : Jossey-Bass, c2003. 88pp. Funding Center (1 East) HG4027.65 .S38 2003
    This practical workbook will help you put in place the last component of a comprehensive development office— an endowment program. Building Your Endowment gives development professionals, executive directors, consultants, and volunteers the information needed to understand and implement an endowment program that will get bottom-line results. Based on the philosophy and teachings of Henry R. Rosso— founder of the Fund Raising School and the preeminent twentieth century fund raising educator— Building Your Endowment is infused with Rosso's views, approaches, and perspectives on fund raising. Building Your Endowment Offers systemic approaches to developing an endowment fund raising program Includes the strategic choices an organization faces when developing endowments Contains a proven approach to endowment donors that has been successful for other organizations Gives a summary of the unique components of endowment and how it is different from other kinds of fund raising.
    [Nonprofit organizations -- Endowments]

    BUSINESS OF EVENT PLANNING: BEHIND-THE-SCENE SECRETS OF SUCCESSFUL SPECIAL EVENTS. Judy Allen. Toronto : J. Wiley and Sons, 2002. 329pp. Main Library Stacks GT3405 .A54 2002
    Covers preparing proposals, setting fees, designing multicultural events, using efficient new technologies, and more. Also included are sample letters of agreement, sample layouts for client proposals, forms, and checklists.
    [Special events--planning]

    BUSINESS THINKING IN NOT-FOR-PROFIT ORGANIZATIONS. Gail Walraven. Gaithersburg, Md.: Aspen Publications, 1995. 130pp. Main Library Stacks HD62.6 .W355 1995
    [Nonprofit organizations -- management]

    BUYING A MOVEMENT: RIGHT-WING FOUNDATIONS AND AMERICAN POLITICS, see Philanthropy: A Bibliography of Books Available in the MSU Libraries

    BY THE PEOPLE: A HISTORY OF AMERICANS AS VOLUNTEERS. Susan J. Ellis and Katherine H. Noyes. San Francisco : Jossey-Bass Publishers, 1990. 432pp. Main Library Stacks HN90.V64 E43 1990
    1978 edition also available.
    [Voluntarism -- United States -- History]
    [Volunteers -- United States -- History]

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