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Grantsmanship Techniques : C Titles

This bibliography lists books and videos available in the Michigan State University library collections. It is intended as a starting point for those who are interested in learning more about foundations, fundraising, proposal writing, nonprofit organizations, nonprofit organization administration, government funding, planned giving, prospect research, and voluntarism.

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Recommended subject headings include:
  • Arts fund raising
  • Nonprofit organizations
  • Charitable uses, trusts, and foundations
  • Promotion of special events
  • Charities
  • Proposal writing for grants
  • Church fund raising
  • Proposal writing in education
  • Corporations -- charitable contributions
  • Proposal writing in medicine
  • Direct mail fund raising
  • Proposal writing in research
  • Educational fund raising
  • Proposal writing in the social sciences
  • Endowments
  • Research grants
  • Fund raisers (persons)
  • Telephone fund raising
  • Fund raising
  • Voluntarism
  • Library fundraising
  • Volunteers
  • Also note that the various books and videos listed in this bibligraphy are assigned subject headings which you can try as well.

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    Video Titles Only

    CALL FOR HELP : HOW TO RAISE PHILANTHROPIC FUNDS WITH PHONOTHONS. William F. Balthaser. Ambler, Pa. : Fund-Raising Institute, 1982. 152pp. Funding Center (1 East) HV41 .B2555 1982
    Describes each step of conducting a phonathon : whom to call, how to obtain telephone numbers for people on mailing lists of donors, how to recruit callers, how to train and motivate callers, how to set up a calling site, the necessary phone equipment and supplies, how to publicize the event, and how to prepare a script. It also recommends what seasons, days, and hours to call, and how to estimate the costs of running a phonathon. It includes sample letters to send to potential donors before the event, telephone scripts, and other forms.
    [Telephone phone raising]

    CAPACITY BUILDING FOR NONPROFITS. David J. Kinsey. San Francisco: Jossey-Basse, 2003. 117pp. Funding Center (1 East) HD62.6 .C36 2003
    Table of contents: Capacity building : a primer / David J. Kinsey, J. Russell Raker III -- Capacity building in human service organizations / Robert B. Jones -- Health sector capacity building / Dana R. Todsen -- The need for a literature base for religious giving / Scott M. Preissler -- Higher education consortia : raising aspirations through collaboration / Thomas R. Horgan -- Strengthening the capacity of cultural organizations to increase participation / Paul Connolly, Marcelle Hinand Cady -- The rest of the world : capacity building in the international context / Ben Imdieke -- Why capacity building matters and why nonprofits ignore it / Lilya D. Wagner.
    New Directions for Philanthropic Fundraising #40.
    [Nonprofit organizations--managment]

    THE CAPITAL CAMPAIGN HANDBOOK : HOW TO MAXIMIZE YOUR FUND RAISING CAMPAIGN. David J. Hauman. Washington, D.C. : Taft Group, 1987. 224pp. Funding Center (1 East) HG177 .H385 1987
    Whether you're an old hand or a first-timer, this handbook takes you up the ladder to your highest campaign goals. Describes how to create a prospect pool, a high-powered volunteer organization to maximize limited resources, what should be happening as the campaign proceeds -- and what shouldn't. Complete with sample plans, schedules and worksheets to keep your campaign organized.
    [Fund raising]

    CAPITAL CAMPAIGN IN HIGHER EDUCATION: A PRACTICAL GUIDE FOR COLLEGE AND UNIVERSITY ADVANCEMENT. G. David Gearhart. Washington, D.C. : National Association of College and University Business Officers, 1995. 220pp. Funding Center (1 East) LB2336 .G43 1995
    Kick off your campaign with this practical guide to planning and waging college and university capital campaigns.
    Also listed under Academic Fundraising.
    [Educational fund raising]

    CAPITAL CAMPAIGNS: CONSTRUCTING A SUCCESSFUL FUND-RAISING DRIVE. Edwar C. Schumacher. National Center for Nonprofit Boards, 2001. Funding Center (1 East) HG177 .S38 2001
    The support and participation of an organization's board members is critical to a capital campaign's success. In fact, if the board is uncertain about the viability of the campaign or its value to the organization, the campaign should not move forward. Producing income is not the only function of a capital campaign. It mobilizes volunteer leadership, brings a focus to fund-raising efforts, generates higher visibility in the community, and can boost the morale of everybody involved.
    Capital Campaigns presents an overview of capital campaigns. It will help board members make informed decisions about fund-raising efforts and understand what will be required of them and of the organization as a whole. Written in an easy-to-understand question and answer format, the booklet takes readers through the stages of a capital campaign and provides guidelines for board member involvement.
    Sample questions include: (1) What are the phases of a capital campaign? (2) How does a board decide if a capital campaign is needed? (3) What will board members do during a capital campaign? (4) How are volunteer fund-raising efforts organized?
    Also included are lists of five make-or-break decisions that campaign leaders should make, what should not happen during a capital campaign, and capital campaign terms and definitions.

    CAPITAL CAMPAIGNS FROM THE GROUND UP: HOW NONPROFITS CAN HAVE THE BUILDINGS OF THEIR DREAMS. Stanley Weinstein. Hoboken, NJ: John Wiley & Sons, 2004. xviii, 287pp. Main Library Stacks HG4027.65 .W45 2004
    This handbook covers all the major elements of a fundraising campaign to build or renovate, and also devotes chapters to the special situations of churches and historic preservation projects. Strategies for prospect research, creating the case for support, and volunteer training are all addressed. Numerous sample documents for every stage of the process are included.
    [Fund raising -- United States]
    [Nonprofit organizations -- United States -- Finance]
    [Project management -- United States]
    [Public buildings -- United States -- Finance]
    [Public-private sector cooperation -- United States]

    CAPITAL CAMPAIGNS: REALIZING THEIR POWER AND POTENTIAL. Andrea Kihlstedt and Robert Pierpont, eds. San Francisco, Ca. : Jossey-Bass Publishers, 1998. 125pp. Funding Center (1 East) HV41.2 .C3 1998
    Explores the lasting effects and the nuts and bolts of conducting a capital campaign. Part of the New Directions for Philantrhopic Fundraising series.
    [Fund raising -- United States]

    CAPITAL CAMPAIGNS : STRATEGIES THAT WORK. Andrea Kihlstedt and Catherine P. Schwartz. Gaithersburg, Md. : Aspen Publishers, 1997. 232pp. Funding Center (1 East) HG4027.65 .K55 1997
    Get the most out of your capital campaign! Covers how to hire an effective consultant, snare major gifts, court donors, use direct-mail and telephone solicitations, and design such materials as brochures and newsletters. Includes several flow charts and timetables as well as anecdotes from campaign veterans, such as the campaign chair who learned the importance of brevity when a prospective donor fell asleep during a solicitation.
    [Fund raising]
    [Nonprofit organizations -- finance]

    CAPITAL CAMPAIGNS: STRATEGIES THAT WORK. Andrea Kihlstedt. Sudbury : Jones and Bartlett, 2010. 3rd edition, 423pp. Funding Center (1 East) HG4027.65 .K55 2010
    One of the best selling books in its series, Capital Campaigns: Strategies that Work, Third Edition has served as a guide for campaigns of all sizes and configurations from small start-ups to colleges and universities. This book is a practical, hands-on guide to capital campaigns. It covers the field in its entirety and provides a useful, friendly, well-organized resource for novices and experienced professionals alike. Now in its third edition, Capital Campaigns: Strategies that Work, Third Edition has become a standard reference on this topic. It outlines step by step what you need to know to conduct a capital campaign and gets the point across with real life stories about campaigns. Charts, check-lists, timetables, budgets, and worksheets provide formats and samples that the reader can use or adapt for her campaign. This reference has also been updated to reflect the most recent trends in capital campaigns and now includes a CD-ROM full of reference material.

    CAPITAL CAMPAIGNS : 21 WAYS TO REACH YOUR GOAL. Washington, D.C. : Council for the Advancement and Support of Education, 1990. 51pp. Funding Center (1 East) LB2336 .C36 1989
    A collection of articles written mostly by college fund raisers and consultants discussing such topics as feasibility studies, fund-raising stratgies, and the role of trustees, alumni, and public relations officials in capital campaigns.
    Also listed under Academic Fundraising.
    [Educational fund raising]

    see the book section of Religious Fundraising.


    CAREERS FOR DREAMERS AND DOERS : A GUIDE TO MANAGEMENT CAREERS IN THE NONPROFIT SECTOR. Lilly Cohen and Dennis R. Young. New York, N.Y. : Foundation Center, 1989. 237pp. Funding Center (1, East) HD62.6 C37 1989
    Offers practical advice for starting a job search and suggests strategies used by successful managers throughout the voluntary sector. Also covers the fundamentals of resume writing and interviewing, plus a description of nonprofit management programs at colleges and universities.
    [Nonprofit organizations -- United States -- Management -- Vocational guidance]
    [Nonprofit organizations -- United States -- Management -- History]

    CAREERS IN FUNDRAISING. Lilya Wagner. New York : Wiley, 2002. 332pp. Main Library Reference (1 East) Career Collection HG177 .W34 2002
    Careers in Fundraising takes the reader, step-by-step, down the various paths a fundraising professional may choose and illustrates some of the obstacles he or she may encounter on the way. Working under six major sections, Wagner then breaks each section down even further, so that the reader can skip to the chapter that has the greatest personal relevance. Topics range from "Understanding the Nonprofit Sector and the Working Environment" to "Preparing for a Career in Fundraising" to "Maintaining Excellence and Equilibrium." There are insights that are useful for all levels of professionals, including advice on how to find the right job, and how to handle challenges if you find your job is not the perfect fit.
    [Fund raising]

    A CASEBOOK OF GRANT PROPOSALS IN THE HUMANITIES. William Coleman, David Keller, and Arthur Pfeffer. New York, N.Y. : Neal-Schuman Publishers, 1982. 248pp. Main Library Stacks and Funding Center (1, East) AZ188 .U5 C37 1982
    Contains a variety of sample proposals including individual research grants, group research grants, program grants to individual institutions, and program grants to institutes and to cooperating universities.
    [Humanities -- Research grants -- United States]

    THE CASH FLOW MANAGEMENT BOOK FOR NONPROFITS : A STEP-BY-STEP GUIDE FOR MANAGERS, CONSULTANTS, AND BOARDS. Murray Dropkin and Allyson Hayden. San Francisco, CA: Jossey-Bass Publishers, 2001. 1st edition, 204pp. Funding Center (1 East) HG4027.65 .D763 2001
    A guide to help nonprofits improve cash flow management practices and increase income. Part 1 provides an overview of cash flow management and describes the different types of nonprofit income. Part 2 explains the various budgets, forecasts, policies, technology, and strategies involved in cash flow management. Part 3 describes special approaches for the different types of income, including grants, interest, membership dues, special events, real estate, and sales. Part 4 outlines a sample cash flow management plan and Part 5 contains sample reports, forms, and checklists.
    [Nonprofit organizations -- finance]
    [Nonprofit organizations -- management]

    CASH IN! FUNDING AND PROMOTING THE ARTS. Alvin H. Reiss. New York, N.Y. : Theatre Communications Group, Inc., 1986. 230pp. Fine Arts Library NX765 .R45 1986
    A compendium of imaginative new concepts, tested ideas and case histories of programs and promotions that make money and win audiences. Includes an annotated bibliography.
    [Arts fund raising -- United States -- handbooks, manuals, etc.]
    [Arts publicity -- United States -- handbooks, manuals, etc.]

    CASH NOW! A MANUAL OF 29 SUCCESSFUL FUNDRAISING EVENTS. Aaron M. Franks and Norman E. Franks. Vancouver, British Columbia: Creative Fundraising, 1994. 260pp. Funding Center (1, East) HV41.2 .F73 1994
    Includes information on logistics, licenses, and permits; personnel requirements and job descriptions for those involved in planning; space and equipment requirements; publicity and promotion; sponsorship, donations, and prizes; security; and follow-up activities. Among the ideas described are movie marathons, service and celebrity auctions, "bowling for dollars", golf and other recreational events, karaoke nights, and consignment garage sales. For all events the authors emphasize the importance of safe custody and control of cash, preparing a budget, media involvement, tax receipts, appropriate selection and naming of an event, invoices, insurance, and collecting outstanding pledges.
    [Fund raising -- handbooks, manuals, etc.]

    CATALOG OF NONPROFIT LITERATURE, see Philanthropy : A Bibliography of Books Available in the MSU Libraries

    THE CATHEDRAL WITHIN: TRANSFORMING YOUR LIFE BY GIVING SOMETHING BACK, see Philanthropy: A Bibliography of Books Available in the MSU Libraries

    CAUSE-MARKETING FOR NONPROFITS : PARTNER FOR PURSPOSE, PASSION, AND PROFITS. Jocelyne Daw. Hoboken, N.J. : Wiley, 2006. 278pp. Main Library Stacks HF5414 .D39 2006
    This book captures the exciting potential for business and nonprofits to partner for mutual benefit and discovery. Cause marketing aligns nonprofits and businesses to combine the power of their individual brands with a company's marketing might to achieve social and shareholder value while communicating their values. Cause Marketing for Nonprofits changes the way nonprofits view and execute cause marketing programs. It provides a wealth of hands-on, practical experience that can benefit any nonprofit organization interested in this innovative and growing form of generating revenue, building profile and achieving mission. No nonprofit can afford to ignore the contents of this important new book, the first designed specifically for the sector.
    [Social marketing]

    CHANGING BY DESIGN : A PRACTICAL APPROACH TO LEADING INNOVATION IN NONPROFIT ORGANIZATIONS. Douglas C. Eadie. San Francisco, Ca. : Jossey-Bass Publishers, 1997. 225pp. Funding Center (1, East) HD62.6 .E183 1997
    Offers strategies for non-profit groups that want to avoid stagnation. According to the author, non-profit groups often fail because 1) they fear tampering with the status quo; 2) they chew over too many details of daily operations; and 3) they ignore the need for new approaches. Stronger leadership, sensible risk taking, and effective new policies ward off potential disaster. Practice humility and engage in frank self-assessment. Board members must allot more time to arrive at creative solutions to tricky problems and that managers of non-profit groups need to avoid quick-fix ideas. And don't forget caution. Planned change should never be allowed to threaten the integrity of ongoing programs and services or cause so much anxiety that morale or performance are damaged.
    [Nonprofit organizations -- management]


    CHANGING DEMOGRAPHICS : FUND RAISING IN THE 1990S. Judith E. Nichols. Chicago, Ill. : Bonus Books, 1990. 267pp. Funding Center (1, East) HV41.9 .U5 N53 1990
    A how-to book on using demographics and psychographics to improve your fund raising efforts. In particular, it discusses strategies for understanding and reaching four new prospective donor groups : baby boomers, working women, Hispanics and older Americans.
    [Fund raising -- United States]

    CHANGING WORLD OF FOUNDATION FUNDRAISING: NEW CHALLENGES AND OPPORTUNITIES, see Philanthropy: A Bibliography of Books Available in the MSU Libraries

    THE CHARITABLE APPEALS FACT BOOK : HOW BLACK AND WHITE AMERICANS RESPOND TO DIFFERENT TYPES OF FUND-RAISING EFFORTS. Emmett D. Carson. Washington, D.C. : Joint Center for Political Studies, c1989. 69pp. Funding Center (1 East) HV41.9.U5 C37 1989
    [Fund raising -- United States]
    [African Americans -- Charitable contributions]

    THE CHARITABLE NONPROFITS: AN ANALYSIS OF INSTITUTIONAL DYNAMICS AND CHARACTERISTICS. William G. Bowen ... [et al.]. San Francisco : Jossey-Bass Publishers, c1994. 288pp. Funding Center (1, East) HV91 .C454 1994
    Describes the world of charitable nonprofits; gives an overview of the trends in institutional populations; and examines the complex relationship of such factors as institutional type, age, size, and sources of revenue.
    [Charities -- United States]
    [Nonprofit organizations -- United States]

    CHARITY AUCTION MANAGEMENT MANUAL. Gerald M. Plessner. Arcadia, Cal. : Fund Raisers, Inc., 1986. 83pp. Funding Center (1 East) HG177 .P62 1986
    Contains everything you need to know to conduct a high-income producing charity auction, including tips on how to choose your ideal planning committee, how to write dynamic press releases, invitations, and articles, how to solicit valuable merchandise, how to coordinate food, drink, and other accommodations, and much more.
    [Fund raising -- United States]

    CHARITY BEGINS AT WORK : ALTERNATIVES TO UNITED WAY DRAMATICALLY CHANGE THE BILLION DOLLAR WORLD OF WORKPLACE FUND RAISING. National Committee for Responsive Philanthropy. Washington, D.C. : The Committee, 1986. 64pp. Funding Center (1, East) HV41.9 .U5 C47 1986
    Invaluable for people just beginning to look at workplace fund raising, to nonprofits looking for a new source of revenue, to employers thinking about allowing their employees a choice of charities, and to employees wanting choice in their workplace charity drives. Who is raising money at the workplace, how they're doing it and why they're doing it. Separate articles focus on health agencies, international charities, social action community organizations, black charities, women's groups, and United Way.
    [Fund raising -- United States]
    Charities -- United States]

    CHARITY, PHILANTHROPY, AND CIVILITY IN AMERICAN HISTORY, see Philanthropy: A Bibliography of Books Available in the MSU Libraries

    CHECKS AND BALANCES : THE BOARD MEMBER'S GUIDE TO NONPROFIT FINANCIAL AUDITS. Andrew S. Lang. Washington, D.C. : National Center for Nonprofit Boards 2001. 36pp. Funding Center (1, East) HF5686.N56 L358 2001
    Board members have a responsibility to keep current with an organizationís financial situation, and annual financial statement audits can provide invaluable information. However, it is important to understand what to expect from your auditor and the financial audit.
    A properly planned and conducted financial statement audit is a strategic tool that will help management, various constituencies, and board members objectively evaluate the organizationís financial performance. Even if last yearís audit was clean, it is important to utilize your audit to promote continued financial stability and growth. Occasionally, an auditorís findings can be the breakthrough information nonprofit managers need to embrace a dramatically different manner of operating.
    Checks and Balances, co-published with ASAE, defines ways in which a nonprofit organization can maximize the effectiveness of an audit and leverage the auditor as a partner in financial stability. Discover: (1) Reasons for conducting an audit - beyond the typical incentives including governance rules, provisions in a loan agreement or grant, or ascertaining the value of an organization. (2) How to choose among a variety of auditing firms - to ensure that a thorough understanding of your organization is obtained and value-added benefits are provided. (3) Products of a financial statement audit - including the resulting opinion and management letter which empower management and the board to accurately view the strengths and weaknesses of the financial position. (4) The importance of auditor independence - which exists at the heart of a productive auditor/management relationship.
    By becoming an informed consumer of financial statement audits, your auditor can become a strategic resource that will help promote the financial success of your organization.

    CHURCHES AS A COMMUNITY RESOURCE AND SOURCE OF FUNDING FOR HUMAN SERVICES. Susan Grettenberger. Washington, DC : Aspen Institute, Nonprofit Sector Research Fund, 2001. 19pp. Funding Center (1 East) HV41.9.U5 G74 2001
    As devolution reduces government support of assistance services, religious congregations have been identified as potential providers. Yet few efforts have been made to understand the congregations' capacity to provide those services. This study documents the work of the United Methodist Churches of Michigan and their potential to provide more non-religious services to their communities. In what service areas are the church groups already active? Have requests for assistance increased in recent years? If so, do churches have the ability to meet the increased needs? What groups are the churches more likely and less likely to help? In what areas could the churches bolster their efforts?
    [Human services -- United States -- Finance]
    [Churches -- Charitable contributions -- United States]
    [Fund raising -- United States]

    COLLECTION OF DIRECT MAIL FUND RAISING APPEALS. Mitchell Keller, ed. KRC Development Council. New Canaan, Conn. : The Council, 1984. 124pp. Funding Center (1, East) HV41 .K69 1984
    A swipe file of direct mail letters divided into three parts : prospect appeals seeking first-time gifts from people on rented or exchanged lists; appeal letters designed to secure repeat gifts from active supporters; a final section pointing out unconventional ways to use the mails in conjunction with other fund raising media.
    [Fund Raising]
    [Advertising, Direct Mail]

    THE COMMONS: NEW PERSPECTIVES ON NONPROFIT ORGANIZATIONS AND VOLUNTARY ACTION. Roger A. Lohmann. San Francisco, Ca. : Jossey-Bass Publishers, 1992. 344pp. Main Library Stacks HN90.V64 L64 1992
    [Voluntarism -- United States; Associations, institutions, etc. -- United States]
    [Nonprofit organizations -- United States]

    COMMUNICATING EFFECTIVELY WITH MAJOR DONORS. Dianne A. Brehmer, ed. San Francisco, Ca. : Jossey-Bass Publishers, 1995. 118pp. Funding Center (1, East) HV41.9 .U5 C66 1995
    New Directions for Philanthropic Fundraising no. 10.
    Based on the premise that communication and personal relationships with donors are vital factors in effective fundraising, this sourcebook takes practitioners back to the basics: the importance of reaching donors through effective, authentic, and ethical communication. Articles include:
    (1) "Communication Contexts of Fundraising"
    (2) "Quality Communication in Achieving Fundraising Excellence"
    (3) "Communication in Cultivation and Solicitation of Major Gift Donors"
    (4) "Listening in Fundraising"
    (5) "Between the Lines : Intracacies of Major Donor Communication"
    (6) "Integrating Marketing, Public Relations, and Fundraising for Successful Results"
    (7) "Saying What Donors Want to Hear"
    (8) "Understanding Cultural Difference in Fundraising"
    [Fund raising]

    COMMUNICATION POWER: ENERGIZING YOUR NONPROFIT ORGANIZATION. Larry D. Lauer. Gaithersburg, Md. : Aspen Publishers, 1997. 208pp. Funding Center (1, East) HD30.3 .L38 1997
    Nonprofits are well aware that good communication skills help them strengthen their organizations, have a strong impact on fund raising, and improve marketing efforts. Good communication can also help lower costs, increase contributions, improve board relations, and increase community support. This book covers every aspect of communications, both internal and external. In addition, it provides a unique managerial how-to focus, with information on presentation skills, effective crisis plans, tips for handling difficult situations, on-camera tips, and more. Forms, checklists and guidelines make the techniques easy to use right away.
    [Nonprofit organizations]

    COMMUNITY FOUNDATION COMPETENCY GUIDE : SELF-ASSESSMENT AND ACTION PLAN FOR PROFESSIONAL DEVELOPMENT. National Agenda for Community Foundations, National Training Project. Washington, D.C. : Council on Foundations, 1988. 37pp. Funding Center (1, East) HV97.A3 N39 1988
    This guide helps board members, chief executive officers, and staff members identify and evaluate their competency in areas such as mission, governance, resource development, management, communications, and public relations.
    [Charitable uses, trusts, and foundations - handbooks, manuals, etc.]

    COMMUNITY VISIONS, COMMUNITY SOLUTIONS: GRATMAKING FOR COMPREHENSIVE IMPACT. Joseph A. Connor and Stephanie Kadel-Taras. St. Paul, Minn. : Amherst H. Wilder Foundation, 2003. 107pp. Funding Center (1, East) HM766 .C67 2003
    Fragmented problems and fractured resources. Power issues and turf protection. The appearance of collaboration without real substance. Small wonder so many funders get frustrated -- and so many community problems go unsolved. It doesn't have to be this way. By focusing on solutions, funders can encourage and enable communities, and be a real part of community problem solving.
    [Public-private sector cooperation]

    COMPENSATION IN NONPROFIT ORGANIZATIONS: ALL TYPES OF NONPROFIT ORGANIZATIONS. Crete, Il. : Abbott, Langer & Associates, 2000. 13th edition, 2 vols. Funding Center (1, East) HD4965.5.U6 C657 2000 v.1-2
    Based on a survey of more than 1500 nonprofit organizations.
    [Nonprofit organizations -- Employees -- Salaries, etc. -- United States -- Statistics]

    COMPLETE BOOK OF FUND-RAISING WRITING. Don Fey. Rosemont, N.J. : Morris-Lee Publishing Group, 1995. 166pp. Funding Center (1, East) HG177.5 .U6 F49 1995
    All you need to know to put greater power into preparing proposals, case statements, direct mail letters, reports, speeches, newsletters, brochures, special events, audiovisuals, and more.
    [Fund raising -- United States]

    THE COMPLETE BOOK OF GRANT WRITING : LEARN TO WRITE GRANTS LIKE A PROFESSIONAL. Nancy Burke Smith. Naperville, IL : Sourcebooks, 2012. Revised edition, 310pp. Funding Center (1 East) HG177 .S63 2012 : This guidebook provides tips, information, and views from both sides of the grantseeking experience. It goes into detail on writing the five core components of a grant proposal, and includes more than twenty sample proposals and letters. Also discusses grantwriting as a career. COMPLETE BOOK OF MODEL FUND-RAISING LETTERS. Roland Kuniholm. Englewood Cliffs, N.J. : Prentice Hall, 1995. 378pp. Gast Business Library HG177 .K86 1995
    Contains more than 350 fundraising letters which you can adapt for your own use. Samples include : special appeals, letters to major donors, sustaining gifts from regular donors, lapsed donor reactivation, foundation and corporate requests, gifts-in-kind requests, and much more.
    [Fund raising]
    [Nonprofit organizations -- finance]

    COMPLETE FUND RAISING GUIDE. Howard R. Mirkin. New York, N.Y. : Public Service Materials Center, 1978. 159pp. Remote Storage HV41 .M57
    A basic "how-to" manual on virtually every kind of fund raising campaign, including raising funds from government, business and labor, foundations and the general public.
    [Fund raising]

    COMPLETE GRANTS SOURCEBOOK FOR HIGHER EDUCATION. David G. Bauer. Phoenix, Az. : Oryx Press, 1996. 3rd edition, 340pp. Funding Center (1 East) LB2336 .A6 1996
    1980 edition also available.
    The pressure to pursue and obtain resources from outside your college or university has never been greater. Each year more and more faculty are finding that their evaluation, merit raise, or promotion system is based more and more on sponsored research or extramural grant funding and less on teaching proficiency. This book is designed to provide faculty members, administrators, and researchers with the most complete and accurate information available on the best foundation, corporate, and government funding sources for higher education. Also provides tips on how to craft a winning proposal.
    Also listed under Education.
    [Endowments -- United States -- Directories]
    [Universities and colleges -- United States -- Finance --Directories]

    see the book section of Religious Fundraising.

    COMPLETE GUIDE TO CAREERS IN FUND RAISING. Dubuque, Iowa: Kendall/Hunt Publishing, 1999. 88pp. Funding Center (1, East) HV41.9.U5 H65 1998
    This book is written for the person who either wants to pursue fund raising or whose bos has just made it part of his or her job description. Provides an overview of the fund-raising profession, defining the types of work--such as prospect research, grant writing, and donor solicitation--expected of professionals. They outline 20 traits that help make one a successful fund raiser, such as perseverence and strong communication skills, and note that while people in other professions may possess those qualities, fund raisers must regularly employ all of them to excel. Also summarizes the duties associated with various job titles, from the director of development to the special-events coordinator. Also covers how to break into the profession, assessing the potential of a job offer, negotiating a job salary, and setting one's sights on more-challenging and lucrative work, including consulting. To order, call (800) 228-0810.
    [Fund raising -- United States]
    [Fund raisers (Persons) -- Training of -- United States]
    [Fund raisers (Persons) -- Employment -- United States

    THE COMPLETE GUIDE TO CORPORATE FUND RAISING. Joseph Dermer and Stephen Wertheimer. New York, N.Y. : Public Service Materials Center, 1982. 112pp. Remote Storage HG4027.3 .C65 1982
    A collection of essays on how to win corporate support. Special sections address how to raise corporate funds for a university or hospital; a cultural institution; an advocacy organization; or social service agency.
    [Corporations -- finance]
    [Fund raising]

    THE COMPLETE GUIDE TO FUND-RAISING MANAGEMENT. Stanley Weinstein. New York, N.Y.: John Wiley & Sons, 1999. 307pp. plus computer disk. Funding Center (1, East) HV41.9.U5 W46 1999; Computer disk in Software.
    A comprehensive treatment of fundraising principles and practices, including information about creating case statements, record keeping, prospect research, cultivating donors, major gifts, grants, direct mail, telemarketing, special events, planned giving, and capital campaigns. Covers management and human resources issues, planning, budgeting, ethics, and evaluation of a fundraising program. Indexed. To order your own copy, call (800) 225-5945.
    [Fund raising--United States--management]
    [Nonprofit organizations--United States--Finance]

    THE COMPLETE GUIDE TO FUND-RAISING MANAGEMENT. Stanley Weinstein. New York, N.Y.: John Wiley & Sons, 2002. 2nd edition, 350pp. plus computer disk. Funding Center (1, East) HV41.9.U5 W46 2002; Computer disk in Software
    A comprehensive guide to the standard fundraising techniques including major gifts, direct mail, special events, grants, planned giving and capital campaigns most utilized in non-profits. Beyond defining each fundraising technique, Mr. Weinstein explains how to apply the techniques and necessary tools. For example, chapters on building case statements, presentations, presentation materials, prospect identification and cultivation, and nurturing relationships augment the Major Gifts Program chapter. He also includes a companion CD-ROM that provides work examples of fundraising presentation materials and resource management forms. Some of the forms include pledge cards, organization budget process, solicitation analysis, call reports, charitable gift annuity documents and checklists for effective fundraising letters and many other useful documents. In addition to great information about fundraising techniques and tools, The Complete Guide to Fundraising Management contains chapters on the five major fundraising principles and a short overview of the sector.
    [Fund raising--United States--management]
    [Nonprofit organizations--United States--Finance]

    THE COMPLETE GUIDE TO GETTING A GRANT : HOW TO TURN YOUR IDEAS INTO DOLLARS. Laurie Blum. New York, N.Y. : Poseidon Press, 1993. 256pp. Funding Center (1, East) HV41.9 .U5 B58 1993
    A solid, basic overview of the grant-writing process, from assessing needs and researching a match to proposal writing and follow-up. The guide is aimed at individuals who wish to fund projects, either with or without nonprofit affiliations; however, it would be a useful primer for any novice grant seeker.
    [Fund raising -- United States -- handbooks, manuals, etc.]
    [Proposal writing for grants -- United States -- handbooks, manuals, etc.]

    THE COMPLETE GUIDE TO MONEY MAKING VENTURES FOR NONPROFIT ORGANIZATIONS. Peter C. Brown. Rockville, Md. : Fund Raising Institute, 1986. 233pp. Funding Center (1, East) HG4027.65 .B76 1986
    "Generate more earned income for your nonprofit with this self-help guide. This workbook leads you through the stages of identifying and structuring money-making ventures, organizing board and staff commitment, developing a business plan and avoiding costly mistakes all while contributing directly to your group's nonprofit mission. Includes actual planning documents of four nonprofits' quests for earned income."
    [Nonprofit organizations -- United States -- finance]
    [Nonprofit organizations -- United States -- management]
    [Fund raising -- United States -- handbooks, manuals, etc.]

    THE COMPLETE GUIDE TO NONPROFIT MANAGEMENT. New York, N.Y. : John Wiley & Sons, 2000. 2nd ed., 374pp. Funding Center (1, East) HD62.6 .C66 2000
    1994 edition available in Gast Business Library. The comprehensive and practical guide to successful fundraising-revised and updated The Complete Guide to Fundraising Management, Second Edition provides a user-friendly road map for fundraising success in a highly competitive philanthropic environment. A practical how-to book tailored specifically to the needs of professional and volunteer fundraisers, it moves beyond theory to address the day-to-day problems faced in these organizations, and offers sound advice and proven solutions. The book and accompanying CD-ROM include all the tools, tips, and techniques you need to make your nonprofit stronger and find the resources you need. Inside you will find: The five principles of fundraising Resource development strategies Information management techniques Tips on prospect identification and market research Guidelines for running major gift programs Sections on fundraising by mail, by telephone, and through special events Capital and endowment campaign key success factors No matter what your fundraising goal is-whether you need a detailed tour of the entire fundraising process or just a little help here and there-The Complete Guide to Fundraising Management, Second Edition is for you.
    [Nonprofit organizations -- management]

    THE COMPLETE GUIDE TO PLANNED GIVING : EVERYTHING YOU NEED TO KNOW TO COMPETE SUCCESSFULLY FOR MAJOR GIFTS. Debra Ashton. Cambridge, Mass. : JLA Publications, 1991. Revised second edition, 440pp. Funding Center (1, East) HV41.2 .A85 1991
    A volume about real life as a planned giving officer. Written with the assumption that you know absolutely nothing about fund raising, planned giving, estate planning, or development. As a result, this book gives relentless detail about areas of the business which experience planned giving professionals take for granted. This book is unique because it provides insight into the day-to-day, real-life ups and downs of major gift fund raising and discusses both the conflicts and compromises which will arise in the context of your work--and what to do about them.
    [Fund raising -- United States -- handbooks, manuals, etc.]
    [Nonprofit organizations -- United States -- finance -- handbooks, manuals, etc.]
    [Charities -- United States -- finance -- handbooks, manuals, etc.]

    COMPLETE GUIDE TO WRITING SUCCESSFUL FUNDRAISING LETTERS FOR YOUR NONPROFIT ORGANIZATION. Charlotte Rqins Dixon. Ocala : Atlantic Publishing, 2008. Includes CD-ROM. Funding Center (1 East) HG177 .D59 2008
    [Fund raising]
    [Nonprofit organizations--finance]

    THE COMPLETE WRITING GUIDE TO NIH BEHAVIORAL SCIENCE GRANTS. Edited by Lawrence M. Scheier & William L. Dewey. New York : Oxford University Press, 2008. 506pp. Funding Center (1 East) RA11.D6 C65 2008
    A veritable cookbook for individuals or corporations seeking funding from the federal government, The Complete Writing Guide to NIH Behavioral Science Grants contains the latest in technical information on NIH grants, including the new electronic submission process. Some of the most successful grant writers in history have contributed to this volume, offering key strategies as well as tips and suggestions in areas that are normally hard to find in grant writing guides, such as budgeting, human subjects, and power analysis. A "who's who" among grant reviewers, this guidebook provides "inside" information as to why some grants are scored well while others flounder during review. A must-read for both entry level grant writers making headway in the complex NIH grant system for the first time as well as more seasoned investigators who can't seem to break the barrier to funded research grants, Drs. Scheier and Dewey's comprehensive volume provides simple and clear explanations into the reasons why some grants get funded, and a step-by-step guide to writing those grants.
    [National Institutes of Health (U.S.) -- Research grants]
    [Social sciences -- Research grants -- United States]
    [Psychology -- Research grants -- United States]
    [Psychiatry -- Research grants -- United States]
    [Medical sciences -- Research grants -- United States]
    [Research grants -- United States]
    [National Institutes of Health (U.S.)

    THE CONCERT BOOK : THE FUND RAISER'S DETAILED GUIDE FOR ARRANGING SPECIAL EVENTS. James F. Hollan. Chicago, Il. : Bonus Books, 1999. 151pp. Funding Center (1, East) HV41.2 .H65 1999
    Step behind the scenes and follow the entire planning and execution of a major benefit concert. This book from an expert is indispensible for any organization wishing to stage a major concert fund raiser.
    [Fund raising -- planning -- handbooks, manuals, etc.]
    [Special events -- planning -- handbooks, manuals, etc.]

    CONDUCTING A SUCCESSFUL ANNUAL GIVING PROGRAM : A COMPREHENSIVE GUIDE AND RESOURCE. Kent E. Dove, Jeffrey A. Lindauer, and Carolyn P. Madvig. San Francisco, Ca. : Jossey-Bass Publishers, 2001. 491pp. Funding Center (1, East) HV41.2 .D678 2001
    Revitalize your annual giving program with this unprecedented guide! Discover a new level of comprehensive thought on the most primary of all fundraising efforts: the annual giving program. This book discusses all the key components -- including telemarketing, direct mail, special events, personal solicitation and matching gifts -- and reveals how to integrate each one into a coherent, fluid fundraising plan. Through the book, the authors address changes in technology and the need to value donors at every stage of the process. An extensive resource section provides you with a wealth of sample mailings and personnel guidance.
    [Fund raising]
    [Nonprofit organizations -- Finance]
    [Charities -- Finance]

    CONDUCTING A SUCCESSFUL CAPITAL CAMPAIGN : A COMPREHENSIVE FUNDRAISING GUIDE FOR NONPROFIT ORGANIZATIONS. Kent E. Dove. San Francisco, Cal. : Jossey-Bass Publishers, 1988. 292pp. Funding Center (1, East) HG177.5 .U6 D68 1988
    Advice is given for all types and sizes of campaigns, including educational, arts, community-service, health-care, and religious groups. Describes all the necessary elements or phases needed for any campaign endeavor. Includes case statements, program brochures, question and answer sheets, plan-of-action/volunteer handbook, pledge forms, newsletters, and letterheads/envelopes.
    [Fund raising -- United States -- handbooks, manuals, etc.]
    [Nonprofit organizations -- United States -- finance -- handbooks, manuals, etc.]

    CONDUCTING A SUCCESSFUL CAPITAL CAMPAIGN. Kent E. Dove. San Francisco : Jossey-Bass Publishers, c2000. 2nd edition, 510pp. Main Library Stacks HG177.5.U6 D68 2000
    "The new, revised and expanded edition of the leading guide to planning and implementing a capital campaign."
    [Fund raising -- United States]
    [Nonprofit organizations -- United States -- Finance]

    CONDUCTING A SUCCESSFUL DEVELOPMENT SERVICES PROGRAM : A COMPREHENSIVE GUIDE AND RESOURCE. Kent E. Dove, Vicky Martin, Kathy Wilson, Mary M. Bonk, and Sarah C. Biggs. San Francisco, Ca. : Jossey-Bass Publishers, 2001. 620pp. Main Library Stacks HV41.2 .C66 2002
    Filled with guidance from well-known and respected authors, this first-of-its-kind book lays the groundwork that all development offices need to have in place in order to run successful fundraising programs; budgets, staffing, management, research resources, plus clear guidance on establishing and managing a prospect-management program. The book also features chapters on effective reporting, donor appreication, and donor recognition. Non nonprofit organization can survive without an efficient development office -- this must-have resource is the key to success for every development professional.
    [Fund raising]
    [Nonprofit organizations]

    CONDUCTING A SUCCESSFUL FUNDRAISING PROGRAM : A COMPREHENSIVE GUIDE AND RESOURCE. Kent E. Dove. San Francisco, Ca. : Jossey-Bass Publishers, 2001. 961pp. Funding Center (1, East) HV41.2 .D68 2001
    This comprehensive guide covers all the traditional elements of fundraising -- including annual giving, majors gifts and planned giving, corporate and foundation relations, prospect reseach and management, and fundraising literature and promotions -- as well as current issues such as gift administration, technology, and the use of consultants and paid solicitors.
    [Fund raising]

    CONDUCTING A SUCCESSFUL MAJOR GIFTS AND PLANNED GIVING PROGRAM : A COMPREHENSIVE GUIDE AND RESOURCE. Kent E. Dove, Aloan M. Spears, Thomas W. Herbert. San Francisco, Ca. : Jossey-Bass, 2002. 557pp. Funding Center (1, East) HV41.9.U5 D68 2002
    Explains how to identify prospects for major gifts and how this level of philanthropy related to planned giving. It outlines how to build a program for this type of fundraising and how to market it.
    [Fund raising]
    [Nonprofit organizations -- United States -- finance]

    CONFESSIONS OF A FUND RAISER : LESSONS OF AN INSTRUCTIVE CAREER. Maurice G. Gurin. Washington, D.C. : Taft Group, 1985. 162pp. Business Library HG177 .G86 1985
    A real-life memoir by one of fund raising's elder statesmen, including anecdotes on every lesson he has ever learned on every step of the way, from writing the first appeal letter to overseeing a $75 million capital campaign for the Museum of Modern Art.
    [Fund raising]
    [Fund raisers -- biography]

    CONFESSIONS OF A SUCCESSFUL GRANT WRITER : A COMPLETE GUIDE TO DISCOVERING AND OBRTAINING FUNDING / [Joanne Oppelt]. Rancho Santa Margarita, CA : CharityChannel Press, c2011. 132pp. Funding Center (1 East) HV41.2 .O74 2011 : Guides you through the proposal writing process. Chapters cover funding research, the eight questions funders want answered, crafting the budget, and how to maintain organizational success after the grant. Includes sample proposals for program support and capital equipment. ... Do you want to tap into grant funding? Do you have responsibility to increase donations through foundation, corporate or government funders? Do you want to increase your acceptance rate? Confessions of a Successful Grants Writer will help you to: Understand various funder motivations; relate to funders in language they understand; discover new prospects; build successful relationships; write proposal narratives; present effective budgets; work with organizational and program staff; and position you and your agency for success. This guide is for grant writers and other development professionals; foundation, corporate and government relationship professionals; and anyone wanting to raise more revenue through proposals. Author Joanne Oppelt, MHA, GPC has been in nonprofit organization resource development since 1993. She is also an Adjunct Professor at Kean University, teaching courses in fund development. On average Joanne garners forty-five funded grants--raising more than a million dollars--per year.

    THE CONSULTANT'S GUIDE TO PROPOSAL WRITING : HOW TO SATISFY YOUR CLIENTS AND DOUBLE YOUR INCOME. Herman Holtz. New York, N.Y. : John Wiley & Sons, 1986. 294pp. Business Library HF5718.5 .H63 1986
    [Proposal writing]

    CONSULTING WITH NONPROFITS: A PRACTITIONER'S GUIDE. Carol A. Lukas. St. Paul, Mn.: Amherst Wilder Foundation, 1998. 223pp. Funding Center (1 East) HV41.2 .O74 2011 HD69.C6 L85 1998
    The field of consulting for nonprofit organizations has exploded over the last 25 years. This book provides an overview of the different types of consulting jobs available. She also details what is involved in the six stages of any consulting job--negotiating contracts, gathering data, planning, implementing, evaluating, and tying up loose ends--and shows how they apply to tasks specific to non-profit groups. Also covers the practical aspects of establishing a consulting business, such as marketing one's business, hiring staff members, establishing pay rates, obtaining start-up funds, and acquiring technical assistance. Includes a list of resources, sample proposals and worksheets for both consultants and clients.
    [Nonprofit organizations -- Management]
    [Community development consultants]

    COPING WITH CUTBACKS: THE NONPROFIT GUIDE TO SUCCESS WHEN TIMES ARE TIGHT. Emil Angelica and Vincent Hyman. St. Paul, Minn. : Amherst H. Wilder Foundation, 1997. 114pp. Funding Center (1 East) HV41.2 .O74 2011 HG4027.65 .A54 1997
    Offers strategies for non-profit groups facing a financial squeeze due to dwindling support from the federal government. Offers ways to cut costs, bolster revenues, and revamp the structure of the organization to insure stable financial management. Includes checklists and worksheets and shares the results of a survey that asked 63 non-profit groups how they intend to respond to budget cuts.
    [Nonprofit organizations -- finance]

    CORPORATE AND FOUNDATION FUND RAISING: A COMPLETE GUIDE FROM THE INSIDE. Eugene A. Scanlan. Gaithersburg, Md. : Aspen Publishers, 1997. 276pp. Funding Center (1 East) HG177 .S29 1997
    Get the inside scoop on fundraising from the people who give the money away . . . grantmakers. Interviews with a variety of funders provide an insider's perspective on how to successfully raise money for your organization. Learn first-hand what grantmakers are looking for in your proposals, and get information on industry-wide trends and issues affecting all grantseekers.
    [Fund raising]

    CORPORATE AND FOUNDATION FUNDRAISING MANUAL FOR NATIVE AMERICANS. Kansas City, Ks. : Corporate Resource Consultants, 1993. 222pp. Funding Center (1 East) E98 .F3 C67 1993
    A step-by-step guide to securing private sector grants for Native American planners. Includes sample forms and guidelines, plus information on non-profit incorporation, tax exempt status, and program budgeting.
    [Fund raising -- United States -- handbooks, manuals, etc.]
    [Proposal writing for grants]

    CORPORATE AND FOUNDATION FUNDRAISING MANUAL FOR NATIVE AMERICANS. Hilary Henri Tun-Atz and Phyllis A. Meiners. Kansas City, Mo. : CRC Pub. Co., 1994. 3rd edition, 296pp. Funding Center (1, East) E98 .F3 C67 1996
    CRC presents its proven fund development system, a step-by-step process for securing private sector grants. The primer focuses on such activities as non-profit incorporation, proposal writing, prospect resarch, and use of Internet fundraising sites. Sample forms and guidelines included. Call (800) 268-2059 to place orders.
    [Fund raising -- United States -- handbooks, manuals, etc.]
    [Proposal writing for grants]
    [Corporations -- charitable contributions -- United States -- handbooks, manuals, etc.]

    CORPORATE CONTRIBUTIONS HANDBOOK: DEVOTING PRIVATE MEANS TO PUBLIC NEEDS, see Philanthropy: A Bibliography of Books Available in the MSU Libraries

    CORPORATE GIVING AND THE LAW : STEERING CLEAR OF TROUBLE. John A. Edie. Washington, D.C. : Council on Foundations, 1999. 2nd edition, 36p. Gast Business Library KF1389 .E35 1999
    Examines 55 legal and regulatory pitfalls for corporate foundations and giving programs.
    [Corporations--charitable contributions]

    CPR FOR NONPROFITS : CREATIVE STRATEGIES FOR SUCCESSFUL FUNDRAISING, MARKETING, COMMUNICATIONS, AND MANAGEMENT. Alvin H. Reiss. San Francisco, Ca. : Jossey-Bass Publishers, 2000. 218pp. Funding Center (1 East) HG177.5.U6 R45 2000
    [Fund raising]
    Includes actual examples from nonprofit organizations, which are used to explain the process, from getting recognition for a nonprofit organization, to holding fundraising events and asking for gifts.
    [Nonprofit organizations -- United States -- Finance]
    [Nonprofit organizations -- United States -- management]

    CRACKING THE CORPORATIONS : FINDING CORPORATE FUNDING FOR FAMILY VIOLENCE PROGRAMS. Margaret Dunkle. Washington, D.C. : Center for Women Policy Studies, 1981. 26pp. Funding Center (1 East) HQ1154 .D88 1981
    Outlines the necessary steps for cracking the corporations, including researching the sources, determining who will coordinate the strategy, making connections, writing the proposal, and follow- up.
    [Social service -- finance]

    CRAIN'S NONPROFIT NEWS : 1998 RESOURCE GUIDE. Detroit, Mich. : Crian Communications Inc., 1998. Funding Center (1, East) HD2769.2 .M5 C7
    A one-stop guide to Michigan nonprofits. Lists the top 250 Michigan nonprofits (ranked by annual revenue). Also provides an alphabetical and geographic index. Additional sections include: Advice from A to Z (excerpts from Crain's Nonprofit News), government and tax reporting requirements for Michigan nonprofits, a directory of vendors experienced in serving nonprofits, and a directory of support groups, associations, and other resources for nonprofits. For more information, call (800) 678-9595 or fax (313) 446-1680.
    [Nonprofit organizations -- Michigan -- Directories]

    CREATING A SCHOOL FOUNDATION : HOW TO DEVELOP NEW FUNDING SOURCES FOR YOUR DISTRICT. Roberta Weiner. Alexandria, Va. : Capitol Publications Inc., 1992. 65pp. Funding Center (1, East) LC243 .A1 W45 1992
    Also listed under Fundraising for Educators
    [Educational fund raising]
    [Public Schools -- United States -- finance]
    [Endowments -- United States]

    CREATING AND FUNDING EDUCATIONAL FOUNDATIONS : A GUIDE FOR LOCAL SCHOOL DISTRICTS. James J. Muro. Boston, Mass. : Allyn & Bacon, 1995. 256pp. Funding Center (1 East) LB2825 .M789 1995
    Faced by the need to do more with reduced budgets, many school districts are finding educational foundations an attractive option. These private foundations have enabled concerned citizens in many communities to raise additional funds for educational programs, projects, partnerships, and staff development not funded by tax support. This book offers a complete guide to creating and operating a private educational foundation in any school district.
    Also listed under Fundraising for Educators
    [Educational fund raising]
    [Education -- United States - finance]
    [Public Schools -- United States -- finance]
    [Endowments -- United States]

    CREATING AND IMPLEMENTING YOUR STRATEGIC PLAN : A WORKBOOK FOR PUBLIC AND NONPROFIT ORGANIZATIONS. John M. Bryson. San Francisco, Ca. : Jossey-Bass Publishers, 1996. 117pp. Funding Center (1 East) HD30.28 .B788 1996
    This hands-on workbook is designed to be used as a companion to John M. Bryson's landmark book Strategic Planning for Public and Nonprofit Organizations, now available in a thoroughly revised and updated second edition. Creating and Implementing Your Strategic Plan provides a step-by-step guide to conducting strategic planning in public and nonprofit organizations. The book is filled with illustrative examples and detailed questionnaires that take the reader through each phase of the planning process. Using easy-to-understand worksheets, Bryson and Alston provide clear instructions for creating a strategic plan tailored to the needs of the individual organization. In addition to the strategic planning worksheets the authors offer concrete guidelines for conducting brainstorming sessions and developing show cards as well as outlining a useful workshop equipment checklist. Using the Creating and Implementing Your Strategic Plan is a simple and easy way to heighten interest and broaden participation in strategic planning within any organization.
    [Nonprofit organizations -- Management]

    CREATING CARING AND CAPABLE BOARDS : RECLAIMING THE PASSION FOR ACTIVE TRUSTEESHIP. San Francisco, Ca. : Jossey-Bass Publishers, 2000. 199pp. Gast Business Library HD62.6 .T93 2000
    For the millions of people who serve on nonprofit boards and for the executive staff who work with those boards. Offers readers a new and proven model of board leadership. Based on more than ten years of practical experience, this step-by-step process can help board members to refine their understanding of the organization, strengthen their commitment to mission and goals, and improve their ability to lead cohesively and effectively. Author Katherine Tyler Scott explores the historical context of board service, explains the duties of board trustees, and offers straightforward exercises to help trustees fulfill their unique roles. Much more than a guide, this book invites boards to renew their commitment to improving the social sector through caring and competent leadership.
    Contents: pt. 1. Understanding trusteeship. Recovering a tradition of trusteeship. A legacy in jeopardy. What does it mean to hold in trust? Preparing for trusteeship. A framework for understanding trusteeship. The power of giving -- pt. 2. Depth education for trustees. Preparation for depth education. Evaluating the board's readiness for depth education. Organizational assessment. Recovering the history that shapes us. Understanding our mission. Understanding the publics we serve. Building our future together. The board as leader.
    [Nonprofit organizations -- management]
    [Trusts and trustees]

    CREATING FOUNDATIONS FOR AMERICAN SCHOOLS. Dan H. McCormick, David G. Bauer, and Daryl E. Ferguson. Gaithersburg, Md. : Aspen, 2001. 246pp. Funding Center (1 East) LC243.A1 M33 2001
    Unless you can reach beyond property-tax funding, your budget can't reach much beyond teacher salaries and building maintenance. But across America, schools and districts are doing more--creating foundations to raise funds for everything from bricks-and-mortar projects to scholarships to after-school enrichment. With guidance from America's most-experienced foundation development consultants, Creating Foundations for American Schools provides the know-how and tools K-12 schools and districts need to build the types of foundations colleges and universities use so successfully to raise money-and standards!
    Also listed under Fundraising for Educators
    [Educational Fund Raising]

    CREATING SMALLER CORPORATE GIVING PROGRAMS. Washington, D.C. : Council on Foundations, 1994. 58pp. Funding Center (1 East) HG4028.C6 C74 1994
    Learn how to establish a professionally manageed giving program and explore ways to better organize and operate such programs. Includes sample mission statements, giving guidelines, and grant applications.
    [Corporations--charitable contributions]

    CREATING TOMORROW'S PHILANTHROPISTS: CURRICULUM DEVELOPMENT FOR YOUTH, see Philanthropy: A Bibliography of Books Available in the MSU Libraries

    CREATING YOUR EMPLOYEE HANDBOOK: A DO-IT-FOR YOURSELF KIT FOR NONPROFITS. Leyna Bernstein. San Francisco : Jossey-Bass Publishers, c2000. 1st edition, 256pp. plus computer disk. Main Library Stacks and Labor/Industrial Relations Library (3 West) HF5549.5.E423 B473 2000 (Computer disk is located in the Software Collection (4 West)
    [Nonprofit organizations -- Personnel management -- Handbooks, manuals, etc.]

    CREATIVE FUND-RAISING : A GUIDE FOR SUCCESS. Mary Ann Burke and Carl Liljenstolpe. Menlo Park, Cal. : Crisp Publications, 1993. 113pp. Funding Center (1, East) HG177 .B87 1993
    Designed to help organizations and companies to assess their fund-raising needs, identify and nurture donors and implement various strategies and activities that will raise the needed funds.
    [Fund Raising]

    see the book section of Religious Fundraising

    CREATIVITY, INNOVATION, AND ENTREPRENEURSHIP IN LIBRARIES. Donald E. Riggs, ed. New York, N.Y. : Haworth Press, 1989. 233pp. Funding Center (1 East) Z678 .C77 1989
    Discusses alternative ways to finance library services.
    [Library finance]

    CRISIS MANAGEMENT FOR NONPROFIT ORGANIZATIONS: TEN STEPS FOR SURVIVAL. John C. Peterson and Pamela Rypkema. Washington, D.C. : Nonprofit Risk Management Center, 1996. 56pp. Funding Center (1 East) HD49 .P388 1996
    A crisis in a nonprofit organization threatens an organization's ability to fulfill its mission. It may involve lost access to the use of facilities, death or injury, disrupted operations, unprecedented information demands, intense media scrutiny, or irreparable damage to an agency's reputation. This publication provides a ten-step crisis management process that falls within three general activity categories: planning, management, and recovery is suggested.
    [Nonprofit organizations]

    CRITICAL ISSUES IN FUND RAISING. Dwight F. Burlingame, ed. New York, N.Y. : John Wiley & Sons, 1997. 266pp. Funding Center (1 East) HG177 .C75 1997
    Fund-raising professionals must cope with a growing list of important issues, including resource management, increased regulation at all levels of government, ethical scrutiny, donor diversity, and the estabilishment of professional standards. Based on a think tank sponsored by the NSFRE in collaboration with the Counsel for the Advancement and Support of Education, the Association for Research on Nonprofit Organizations and Voluntary Action, and the Indiana University Center on Philanthropy. The participants address these issues and premises head-on, often coming up with surprising conclusions on controversial topics such as formula versus nonformula fundraising, fund-raising cost ratios as a measure of efficacy, and the perceived scarcity of minority donors. They explore fundamentals--donor motivation, demographics, innovative fund-raising strategies, and marketing versus public relations; advanced practices--cost effectiveness, regulation, law, and financial management; challenges in fundraising--ethics, diversity, and accountability; and international perspectives--fund raising in western Europe.
    [Fund raising]
    [Nonprofit organizations -- finance]

    CORPORATE CONTRIBUTIONS HANDBOOK: DEVOTING PRIVATE MEANS TO PUBLIC NEEDS, see Philanthropy: A Bibliography of Books Available in the MSU Libraries

    THE CROWDFUNDING BIBLE [electronic resource] : HOW TO RAISE MONEY FOR ANY STARTUP, VIDEO GAME, OR PROJECT Scott Steinberg, with Rusel DeMaria ; edited by Jon Kimmich ; [foreword by Eric Migicovsky]. [United States] : Read.me, c2012. 1 online resource (80 p.) : col. ill. HG4027.7 .S85 2012 Online
    "... the Crowdfunding Bible shows you how to launch, market and successfully operate a high-tech fundraising campaign, regardless of your chosen industry, scope or budget"
    [Fund raising}
    [Venture capital]
    [Small business-finance]

    CULTURES OF CARING: PHILANTHROPY IN DIVERSE AMERICAN COMMUNITIES - A SPECIAL REPORT, see Philanthropy: A Bibliography of Books Available in the MSU Libraries

    see Philanthropy: A Bibliography of Books Available in the MSU Libraries or
    the book section of Religious Fundraising.

    CULTURES OF GIVING II: HOW HERITAGE, GENDER, WEALTH, AND VALUES INFLUENCE PHILANTHROPY, see Philanthropy: A Bibliography of Books Available in the MSU Libraries

    CULTIVATING DIVERSITY IN FUNDRAISING. Janice Gow Pettey. New York, N.Y. : John Wiley & Sons, 2002. 281pp. Funding Center (1 East) HG177 .P48 2002
    Janice Gow Pettey offers a succinct overview of the history of the immigration and migration of four major ethnic groups (African American, Asian American, Hispanic/Latino and Native American) in the United States and reviews each group's cultural traditions of charitable giving and the adaptations they have made once exposed to traditional American charitable giving styles. Nonprofit professionals who have direct experience working with the group about which they are writing have submitted case studies in fundraising within these ethnic communities to serve as examples. Successes are included along with well-intentioned failures. Current demographic information demonstrates the impact ethnic groups have on traditional giving patterns. The author also addresses the larger influence undocumented giving by American immigrants has on their countries of origin and discusses how these gifts serve as a driver of foreign economies.
    [Fund raising]
    [Nonprofit organizations -- finance]

    CULTIVATING FOUNDATION SUPPORT FOR EDUCATION. Mary Kay Murphy, ed. Washington, D.C. : Council for Advancement and Support of Education, 1989. 210pp. Funding Center (1 East) LB2336 .C78 1989
    Shows development officers how to understand the foundation's mission; research for potential foundation matches; make the initial approach; develop a winning proposal; and administer a grant to create a lasting partnership. In all, it includes 26 essays exploring every aspect of building your working relationships with foundations.
    Also listed under Academic Fundraising.
    [Educational fund raising -- United States]
    [Endowments -- United States]

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