Eaton County Community Foundation, P. O. Box 294, Charlotte, MI 48813; telephone : (517) 543-7500, ext 305
Eaton County Community Foundation, c/o Mona Ellard, MSU Extension, Courthouse Complex, Charlotte, MI 48813; telephone : (517) 372-5594

Eaton County Community Foundation


Your donation to the Eaton County Community Foundation makes a lasting impact -- right here, where it will do the most good.

The Foundation acts as a community savings account. By collecting contributions from people who care about are area, investing those funds carefully and building a healthy endowment, we can use the investment income to help meet our community's most pressing needs.

Investment income from the endowment is used each year to help fund worthwhile projects; the Community Foundation is a permanent sourceof charitable revenue.

"The idea behind our Foundation is ingenious and simple: Build a substantial endowment from contributions both large and small -- and use the income it generates to meet our Community's Charitable Needs." .....Judge Thomas S. Eveland


  • You may make a gift of any amount to the Foundation. Regardless of its size, your donation will benefit the community.

  • Some donors make an unrestricted contribution, allowing the trustees of the Foundation to decide how to direct the income and enabling us to respond to changing community needs.

  • Other donors prefer to designate their gift for a certain cause. If you have an interest that's important to you -- education, elder care, the arts or youth programs for example -- you can choose for your donation to help fund programs in that particular area. This is called a field-of-interest fund.

  • You may also name a specific charitable organization that you would like your donation to support.

  • You can add your gift to an already existing fund, establish a new fund in your name, or create a special fund in living tribute to a family member or friend.


    We have a very special opportunity to raise money for our Eaton County Youth. Our community foundation is eligible to receive up to $1 million from a challenge grant offered by W.K. Kellogg Foundation. The challenge requires two local dollars to be permanently endowed in a field-of-interest or the unrestricted endowment fund for each $1 received from Kellogg.

    Our goal is to raise $100,000. Only funds raised before April 1, 1998 qualify for the match.

    The W. K. Kellogg funds will permanently endow this gift in a youth field-of-interest fund. Grants made by the Community Foundation from the interest will be used for local youth related programs.


    The Michigan Community Foundation Tax Credit allows you to reduce your Michigan income tax liability by up to one-half of the amount of your donation ($100 for individuals, $200 for couples). The illustration below shows how much such a gift would actually cost a donor in the 31% tax bracket.

    Your Gift
    Less Michigan Tax Credit
    Less Federal Tax Deduction
    Total Tax Savings

    Benefit to Community

    An individual that donates $200 to a field-of-interest or unrestricted endowment in the Eaton County Community Foundation will leverage $100 from the W.K. Kellogg Foundation for a total benefit of $300 to the community.

    Benefit to Business

    The Michigan Tax Credit permits corporations and others to reduce Michigan Income Tax or Single Business Tax Liability by a credit of 50% of the amount contributed to a community foundation, subject to the maximum credit of $5,000 or 5% of tax liability before claiming any credits, whichever is less.

    NOTE: This information is for illustration only. Your particular tax situation should be discussed with your personal or corporate tax advisor.


    Enclosed is my check for $_______.
    Made payable to the Eaton County Community Foundation.




    This gift is a memorial for:



    Request information:

    I am interested in the Eaton County Community Foundation and would like more information on the following:

  • Annual pledge to Fund.
  • Pledge to be paid out of my estate at my death.
  • Fund as beneficiary of a life insurance policy.
  • Designated funds to institutions and agencies.
  • Gift of assets to the Fund with income payable to me for the rest of my life.
  • Incentive or matching gifts.
  • State of Michigan Community Foundation income tax credit.
  • Other



    Circle information desired and send to:

    Eaton County Community Foundation
    P.O. Box 294

  • Charlotte, MI 48813
    (517) 543-7500 or (517) 485-6444
    Contact Hon. Thomas S. Eveland Ext. 305


    To build an endowment fund to enrich and enhance the quality of life of the citizens of Eaton County.

    The Eaton County Community Foundation was established as a non- profit corporation and with an alliance to the Capital Region Community Foundation. We've expanded our circle of friends and supporters and began to establish a healthy endowment.

    The Foundation does not, itself, carry out any community service or charitable programs. It funds programs carried out by other community organizations. The role of the Foundation is simply this:


    The Foundation is governed by a Board of Trustees. These individuals serve for a limited term and without compensation. The Foundation is a component fund of the Capital Region Community Foundation using their professional staff members.


    Hon. Thomas S. Eveland
    Floyd Jewell
    Leonard Peters
    Susan S. Bolhouse
    William Ferrigan
    Vince Ferris
    Peter Dunlap
    Anthony Sommer
    Dan Templin
    Mona J. Ellard
    Pamela Anderson
    Keith Bazaire
    William Atkin
    Jon Reynolds
    Richard Turbin
    Carol Parr, Youth Board Advisor

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