by Ronald J. Meshanko, President, ERC
ERC Newsbriefs Excerpt, February 29, 1996

In the last issue, I addressed the key evaluators for determining if your ministry is ready for fund raising. In this issue, I will present more basic considerations that you should address before setting up a fund raising program for your ministry.

  1. Does your ministry have a 501(c)(3) IRS status separate from that of your church? If yest move on to question 3.

    • Recruit a pro-bono attorney to assist with the legal papers and filing with the IRS.
    • Contact your local government to check if any other nonprofit is using the name you have selected for your ministry nonprofit.
    • Prepare articles of incorporation and by-laws and file them with the local government.
    • Organize an incorporating bord of directors.
    • File for a federal EIn (Employer Identification Number).
    • File for an IRS 501(c)(3) exemption.
  2. Does your ministry have a balanced annual budget with both income and expense sections?

  3. Do you have set fund raising goals?

  4. have you trained your board in fund raising? If not, request ERC or another consultant to provide board training. You should be able to answer YES to each of these questions before beginning a fund raising program for your ministry.

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