by Ronald J. Meshanko, President, ERC
ERC Newsbriefs Excerpt, October 1996

Saying "Thank You" to your donors is the key to receiving again. Thank you letters not only express the gratitude of the agency for the donors' support, but also provide you with the opportunity to educate the donor about the agency's mission and to ask the donor to become involved in different ways. Never ask for money in a thank you letter. However, you can insert a self-addressed envelope which five to seven percent of the receivers will return with another gift. That is, if you write a good thank you letter.

The thank you letter should state how the donor's gift is being used:

You can also ask the donors to support the agency in other ways than giving monetary gifts. Ask them to consider volunteering in different positions. Let the donors know what in-kind gifts you need (a computer? desk? foodstuffs?). Tell them that you would be glad to send them special reports of studies on your mission area. Always welcome the donors to "come and see" firsthand the miracles that they are making possible.

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