1997 Series #2
February 28, 1997
Table of Contents
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Attached is a listing of funding opportunities and other related items mentioned in the February 28, 1997 issue of ERC Newsbriefs. Items preceded by a "$" represent grant or loan opportunities; items preceded by a " -" indicate conferences, seminars, etc. Items preceded by a "+" are general news announcements.

MSU faculty and staff may request that information be sent to them via CAMPUS MAIL or by FAX. Be sure to indicate which items you want and provide and appropriate campus mail address or fax number that you want the information sent to.



  • +Results of Project on Management and Leadership Research
  • $ Intimate Partner Violence Prevention Research - March 20 (letter of intent)
  • $ Telecommunications & Information Infrastructure Assistance Program - Deadline: March 27
  • $ Family Violence Prevention and Services - Deadline: March 31
  • - National Summit on Volunteerism
  • $ Special American Business Internship Training Program - Deadline: March 31
  • $ AmeriCorps: State, National, Indian Tribes, & U.S. Territories Program
  • +Report on the Economic and Budget Outlook
  • -Association for Health Services Research Annual Meeting
  • Miscellaneous Deadline Reminders for Grant Programs


  • $ Small Research Grant in Secondary Analysis in Demography and Economics of Aging
  • $ Utilizing Retired Persons as Resources/Educators to Combat Health Care Waste, Fraud & Abuse
  • $ Minority Dissertation Research Grants in Aging - Deadline: April 18
  • +Program Links Elderhostel and Adult Day Care
  • +Newsletter Examines Impact of HIV/AIDS on Older Community


  • Deadline Reminders for Grant Programs
  • $ Business in the Arts Awards - Deadline: April 30
  • +National Endowment for the Humanities Publications


  • $ Healthy Start Cooperative Agreements - Deadline: April 15
  • $ Healthy Kids Replication Program - Deadline: May 1
  • +Proposed Child Abuse & Neglect Research Priorities for Fiscal Years 1997-2001
  • +Early Childhood Mentoring
  • +Looking for Children's Activities


  • $ Community Policing Discretionary Grants for Fiscal 1997
  • $ Demonstration and Evaluation of Safe Communities Programs - Deadline: May 1
  • $ Economic and Community Development in Low-Income/Isolated Communities - Deadline: July 1
  • - National People's Action Conference
  • +Sustainable Economic Development


  • Deadline Reminders for Grant Programs
  • $ Projects with Industry - Deadline: April 21
  • +Booklets Explain Rights of Disabled


  • $ Innovative Alcohol-Impaired Driving Projects - Deadline: April 1 (preapplication)
  • $ SAMHSA Opportunities for Knowledge Development & Application Cooperative Agreements
  • $ SAMHSA Cooperative Agreement for "Starting Early Starting Smart" - Deadline: April 17
  • $ Evaluation of Youth Substance Use Prevention Program - Deadline: April 25


  • Deadline Reminders for Grant Programs
  • $ Learn and Serve America: Higher Education - Deadline: March 19
  • $ Foreign Language and Area Studies - U.S. Students/Scholars - Deadline: March 28
  • +University-Community Partnerships
  • $ National Security Education Grants to Institutions of Higher Education
  • $ Science and Technology Education - Deadline: May 1 and November 1
  • $ Higher Education Collaboration Between U.S. & European Community - Deadline: May 16
  • -Conference Theme on Leadership
  • -Increasing Family Involvement in Education
  • +Publications of the National Science Foundation
  • +Implementing Conflict Resolution Programs in Youth-Serving Settings

  • ...$Human Cognition and Perception - Deadline: July 15 (target date)
  • ...$Linguistics - Deadline: July 15 (target date)
  • ...$Social Psychology - Deadline: July 15 (target date)
  • ...$Science and Technology Studies - Deadline: August 1 (target date)


  • $Small Grants for Wetland Conservation Projects - Deadline: April 4
  • $Pollution Prevention Information Network - Deadline: April 28
  • - National Wildlife Week
  • +Draft Guidance on Childhood Lead Screening
  • +1997 Conservation Guide


  • +Fundraising for Nonprofit
  • +Religious Funders Guide for Nonprofit Community-Based Organizations
  • +Grassroots Fundraising Series
  • +Unraveling State Fund Raising Laws
  • +Foundation Center Offers an Electronic Reference Desk


  • Deadline Reminders for Grant Programs
  • $ Reducing Tobacco Use by Children and Youth - Deadline: March 15 (letter of intent)
  • $ Small Grant Program for National Institute of Arthritis & Musculoskeletal/Skin Diseases
  • $ Exploratory Grants in Chronic Renal Failure in Children - Deadline: March 18 (letter of intent)
  • $ Maternal and Child Health Special Projects of Regional and National Significance
  • $ HIV, AIDS and Related Illnesses Collaboration Award
  • $ Fiscal 1997 Programs of Maternal and Child Health Services
  • $ State and Community-Based Childhood Lead Poisoning Prevention - Deadline: April 9
  • $ Comprehensive Community Mental Health Services for Children and Their Families
  • $ Traumatic Brain Injury Surveillance Program - Deadline: April 16
  • $ HIV Services and Access to Research for Children, Youth, Women, and Families - Deadline: April 18
  • $ Small Business Innovation Research (Health Care) - Deadline: April 29
  • $ Minorities in Medical Oncology - Deadline: June 1, October 1, and February 1, 1998
  • +Free Eye Exams for Low-Income Workers/Families Without Health Insurance


  • -How to "Hold a Housing Sabbath"
  • - National Conference on Homelessness
  • - Examining Historic Preservation and Affordable Housing Rehabilitation
  • +Report Documents Potential of Section 3
  • +Publication Contains Information on Lead Hazard Disclosure Requirements
  • +Publications Available on Mutual Housing and Community Land Trusts


  • +Experiences in Risk Management Sought - Deadline: April 1
  • -Annual Conference on Managing Tax-Exempt Organizations
  • +Ten Basic Responsibilities fo Nonprofit Boards Now on Audiotape
  • +National Directory of Corporate Public Affairs 1997
  • +Tools Help Build Stronger, More Effective Organization


  • Deadline Reminders for Grant Programs
  • $Preparatory, Pregraduate and Indian Health Professional Scholarships - Deadline: April 1
  • $ Bilingual/Bicultural Service Demonstration Program - Deadline: April 11


  • +Fact Sheet on Preventing Delinquency & Crime in New Hispanic Population


  • $ Fund for Rural America Program - Deadline: March 24 (planning grants)
  • $Migrant and Seasonal Farmworker Program - Deadline: April 14
  • $Technical Assistance for Rural Transportation Systems - Deadline: May 1 (preapplicaton)

    by Ronald J. Meshanko, President, ERC

    Many foundations require prospective grantees to send a letter of intent before submitting a formal proposal. The purpose of the letter of intent is to 1) inform the funder that you wish to submit a proposal; 2) briefly describe the project you would like the foundation to fund; and 3) sho them why it is in their interest to fund the project. Some foundations give particular instructions for preparing a letter of intent. Follow their instructions as well as the following tips.

    1. Be brief and concise! The letter should only be two or three pages long, double-spaced, and printed on letterhead.

    2. Tell the funder what you want in the very first sentence which should include: agency name, mission statement, type of grant being sought (i.e., program, general support, capital, etc.), total project budget, and the amount that still needs to be raised for the project.

    3. Show the funder how the project matches their funding priorities and interests. For example, "Your support of this pilot program will help the XYZ Foundation meet its goals of helping families overcome poverty and gain self-sufficiency in Washington, D.C.

    4. Provide enough information to entice the funder to want to read a full proposal. Do not tell the funder everything about the project. You will do that in the proposal and its supporting documentation.

    5. Attach the program budget (or agency budget for a general support proposal) and a newsletter or general brochure. Do not attach additional materials, but save them for the full proposal.

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