1997 Series #5
May 30, 1997
Table of Contents
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Attached is a listing of funding opportunities and other related items mentioned in the May 30, 1997 issue of ERC Newsbriefs. Items preceded by a "$" represent grant or loan opportunities; items preceded by a " -" indicate conferences, seminars, etc. Items preceded by a "+" are general news announcements.

MSU faculty and staff may request that information be sent to them via CAMPUS MAIL or by FAX. Be sure to indicate which items you want and provide and appropriate campus mail address or fax number that you want the information sent to.



  • +KIDS COUNT Data Book Says School Reform Needed
  • $ Head Start Research Projects - Deadline: June 18 (notice of intent)
  • $ Strengthening Social Services: A U.S.-Middle East Exchange Program - Deadline: June 27
  • $ Community Policing Practices Grants - Deadline: June 30
  • $ Measuring What Matters in Community Policing - Deadline: June 30
  • + 1997 World Refugee Survey
  • $ Optional Prescreening Process for NICE3 Program - Deadline: July 1 (presolicitation)
  • $ Continuation of Fire Research Grants Program - Deadline: September 30
  • + An Anlysis of State Income Tax Burdens on Low-Income Families in 1996
  • + Miscellaneous Deadline Reminders for Grant Programs
  • + Study of Tax Cut Proposals Introduced in Early 1997


  • $ Self-Care Behaviors and Aging
  • + Guidelines on Early Alhimer's Disease
  • + Dictionary Helps Unravel Meanings of Strange-Sounding Eldercare Terms
  • + Videos Give Caregivers a Break
  • + Assisted Living Resources


  • $ Child Care Research partnerships - Deadline: July 7
  • $ Financial Assistance to Expand Head Start Enrollment - Deadline: July 14
  • + Study of Impact of Accreditation on Child Care Program Quality/Staffing
  • + Study Finds Many Children Eligible for Medicaid Not Enrolled


  • $ Historically Black Colleges & Universities Expanding Partnerships for Neighborhood Revitalization
  • $ Grants to Assist Small and Emerging Cooperatives - Deadline: July 31
  • $ Sustainable Development Grant Program - Deadline: August 15
  • - Training for Community Action Agencies
  • _ Community Investment Institute


  • $ Alcohol Research Center Grants - Deadline: November 19 (letter of intent)
  • $ Research on the Origins and Pathways to Drug Abuse
  • $ Behavioral Science Track Awards for Rapid Transition
  • - International Conference on Drug Policy Reform
  • + Creating Safe and Drug-Free Schools


  • + Deadline Reminders for Grant Programs
  • + Federal Work-Study Programs
  • $ National Institute on Disability & Rehabilitation Research Programs - Deadline: June 23
  • $ Public Charter Schools Program - Deadline: June 30
  • $ Overseas Educational Advising Services Seeking Partnerships
  • $ Drug and Violence Prevention Programs in Higher Education - Deadline: August 1
  • $ Safe and Drug-Free Federal Activities Program - Deadline: August 1
  • $ National Science Foundation Research Programs in Biological Sciences
    Research Experiences for Undergraduates: Sites (NSF 96-102) - Deadline: September 15
  • $ National Science Foundation Research Programs in Computer Information and Science Engineering
    Numeric, Symbolic, and Geometric Computation - Deadline: September 15
    Software Engineering and Languages - Deadline: September 15
    Interactive Systems - Deadline: September 15 (target date)
  • $ National Science Foundation Research Programs in Education and Human Resources
    Research Experiences for Undergraduates: Sites (NSF 96-102) - Deadline: September 15
  • $ National Science Foundation Research Programs in Mathematical and Physical Sciences
    Research Experiences for Undergraduates (NSF 96-102) - Deadline: September 17
    Teacher Enhancement (National Science Foundation)
    Publications of the the National Science Foundation, including NSF 96-14, International Opportunities for Scientists and Engineers and 96-83, Activities in Support of Two-Year College Science, Mathematics, Engineering, and Technology Education; FY 1995 Highlights


  • - Summer Study - Learn Grantsmanship Online
  • - Grantsmanship Center Offers Training Program and Grant Proposal Writing Workshops
  • + The 1997 Classic Fund Raising Reference Tool
  • + New Edition of FC Search Now Available


  • + Deadline Reminders for Grant Programs
  • $ Cooperative Agreements on Research on Lyme Disease - Deadline: June 13 (letter of intent)
  • $ Primary Prevention of Childhood Lead Poisoning - Deadline: June 16 (letter of intent)
  • $ Family Planning Male Research Projects - Deadline: June 23
  • $ Educational Programs in Occupational Safety and Health - Deadline: July 1 and November 15
  • $ Intervention Studies in Agricultural Safety & Health - Deadline: July 15
  • $ Integrated Preclinical/Clinical AIDS Vaccine Development - Deadline: July 30
  • $ Workers' Compensation Health Initiative - Deadline: September 5
  • $ Public Health Conference Support Grant Programs
  • $ The Medicaid Managed Care Program -- 1997
  • $ Priorities in Behavioral Research in Cancer Prevention and Control
  • $ Epidemiology of AIDS/Retroviral-Associated Cancers
  • - Getting Ready for Ntional Adult Immunization Awareness Week
  • + Medicaid Managed Care: A Guide for States
  • + State Directory of Programs for Elderly or Disabled
  • + Guide Examines Teachers and Their Response to HIV/AIDS
  • + Guide on Adult Immunization
  • + The Private Health Insurance Market


  • + Deadline Reminders for Grant Programs
  • $ Rural Rental Housing Program - Deadline: June 16
  • $ Comprehensive Improvement Assistance Program - Deadline: June 30
  • + How to Use Miliary Bases for Housing for the Homeless
  • $ Housing Opportunities for Persons with AIDS - Deadline: July 15
  • - Conference Will Examine Policy Changes Affecting Homelessness
  • - Seminar on Affordable Housing and Historic Preservation
  • + Guide for Low Income Housing Developers


  • - 1997 Nonprofit Risk Management Institutes
  • + New Publications from Independent Sector
  • + New Resource Material for Screening Volunteers to Prevent Child Sexual Abuse
  • + Helping Nonprofit Organizations Get Started


  • - National Council of La Raza Annual Conference
  • + A portrayal of Black Teachers and Their Stories
  • + Teaching Children How to Live & Work in a Multicultural Environment


  • - Conference on Festivals of the Church Year
  • + Yearbook of American & Canadian Churches


  • $ Job Opportunities for Low-Income Individuals Program - Deadline: July 7
  • $ Residential Energy Assistance Challenge Option Program Plans - Deadline: July 9
  • $ Child Abuse and Neglect Demonstration Projects - Deadline: July 14
  • $ Family Violence Prevention & Services Program - Deadline: July 15
  • $ Adoption Opportunities Program - Deadline: August 19
  • + Guidelines for Government-Wide Implementation of the Welfare-to-Work Program
  • + Results of Federal Safety Net Programs
  • + Teen Parents and the Welfare Reform Law
  • + Guidelines in Child Sexual Expolitation Cases
  • + Directory of Human Needs Organizations


  • $ Development Projects for Women and Girls
  • + Funding Sources for Women and Girls
  • + Examining Some of the Consequences of Violence Against Women
  • + An Evaluation of the STOP Violence Against Women Grants Program
  • + HIV Prevention and Women


  • - Youth Violence Prevention in Public Housing
  • + An Examination of Youth Development Programs
  • + Guide for Interested Youth Workers
  • + Report on Juvenile Offenders in Nebraska
  • + Resource Catalog on Materials Regarding Health Issues
  • Advocating a "Youth Development Approach"

    by Ronald J. Meshanko, President, ERC

    Most donors to nonprofit organizations are actively involved in a congregation on Saturday night or Sunday morning. The people in the pew are the people who will support your nonprofit -- if you ask them. Remember, when you address a congregation, you are not only speaking to the people in the pews, but also to each family, individual, small-business owner, teacher, counselor, foundation executive, bank officer, journalist...

    How can you tap into this potential source of donors? Here are some basic tips to make your nonprofit more visible to congregations and potential donors in the pews:

    • Establish a Congregational Campaign Subcommittee whose job is to develop an annual campaign to identify, research, cultivate, solicit, and properly thank congregations in your service area. Focus on large congregations in affluent areas first.

    • Cultivate congregations attended by your board, staff volunteers, and clients first. Conduct research to determine how many volunteers (including board members) and clients are from each congregation. Use this information in your personalized approach to each church or synagogue.

    • Make your nonprofit visible in each congregation through bulletin inserts, posters, borchures/fliers, and speakers.

    • Help the minister, rabbi, or pastor by offering volunteer or ministerial opportunities for confirmation classes and congregants. Ministers love prepared homilies so ask your local seminary homiletics class to pepare a homily that mentions your nonprofit and mission.

    • Thank each congregation for its financial and volunteer support. Use certificates that are presented after a homily or communion rite.

    • Every congregation needs flowers for holy days. Thank donors by sending appropriate flowers to thier congregation on holy days or special days (Easter, Christmas, Mother's Day, etc.) It is an excellent way to thank the donor and the minister at the same time.

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