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Fund Raiser / Grant-Writing Consultants

American Fundraising Institute (AFRI)
A co-op of many of the best independent fund raising consultants in America. Whatever your fund raising needs, we can provide them. Currently, we have partners in Arkansas, Florida, Georgia, Idaho, Louisiana, Mississippi, Montana, New York, North Carolina, Pennsylvania, Tennessee, Texas, and Virginia. Web page provides answers to frequently asked questions, fund raising stories and jokes, as well as news about the organization.
(Last checked 10/21/16)

Association of Fundraising Professionals
The AFP web site containing background information on the association and its certification program for fund raisers; a national directory of fund-raising consultants; a calendar of events sponsored by the association; and articles that explain the association's views on matters such as compensation and how to value gifts of appreciated property. Note: portions of the web site are restricted to members only. [Also listed under Nonprofit Resource Library]
(Last checked 10/21/16)

Association of Fundraising Professionals, Greater Detroit Chapter
formerly known as the National Society of Fund Raising Executives (NSFRE),
Greater Detroit Chapter

(Last checked 10/21/16)

Blue Lotus Consulting and Training
Provides consulting for nonprofit and community-based organizations primarily in California but also in other parts of the country as well, in fundraising, capacity building and technical assistance training. Check out the tips and links sections for some pointers to free sources of information on the web.
(Last checked 10/21/16)

Breton Group
A Grand Rapids, Michigan firm assisting churches, libraries, and other nonprofits with development campaigns.
(Last checked 10/21/16)

Chronicle of Philanthropy Directory of Services
Includes consulting services.
(Last checked 10/21/16)

CyberGrants.com is a new venture which brings together the needs and the communications of grantseeker AND foundation or corporate grantmaker. Grantseekers can research grant guidelines and develop on-line proposals, while, member foundations can review proposals -- right online. Requires registration.
(Last checked 10/21/16)

DMOZ Fundraising Consultant Links
A selection of fundraising consultant firms with web addresses posted on AOL.
(Last checked 10/21/16)

Grant-Writing Consultants
Check the back of each issue of the Chronicle of Philanthropy. Look in the Directory of Services section.

Joyaux Associates
Joyaux Associates' new website includes resources on philanthropy and fundraising, information on training and workshops, details on the firm's services and capabilities, and, of course, back issues of the Newsyletter.
(Last checked 10/21/16)

Mal Warwick and Associates
A full-service fundraising and marketing company based in Berkeley, California. Founded in 1979, the firm provides full-service direct mail fundraising, consulting on fundraising and marketing, and writing and design. Clients have included the Nature Conservancy, the Environmental Defense Fund, the Palo Alto Medical Foundation, the Florida Hospital Foundation, TURN, Wellstone for Senate, Global Exchange, and hundreds of other organizations. The firm's Internet fundraising unit assists nonprofit organizations in using the Internet and online services for acquiring new members and cultivating existing ones. The members of the firm have published numerous books on fundraising.
(Last checked 10/21/16)

Michigan Nonprofit Association
Consultant and Resource Directory Database
Includes listings of fundraising consultants, grant writers, and many other service organizations of interest to Michigan nonprofits.
(Last checked 10/21/16)

Montgomery Consulting
Montgomery Consulting, Inc. specializes in: 1) Fundraising for nonprofit organizations of all types, and 2) Helping organizations and units of government to implement more effective Community and Economic Development initiatives. To some, our firm may seem to have an odd combination of lines of business. However, both of these activities involve working with an agency's or community's leadership to create a compelling vision for a better tomorrow and then mobilizing people and resources to achieve that vision. For more information, contact Mike Montgomery at michael@montgomeryconsultinginc.com or call (248) 224-7330
(Last checked 10/21/16)

Northwest Michigan Council of Governments
2194 Dendrinos Drive
PO Box 506
Traverse City, MI 49685
Telephone: (231) 929-5000
Fax: (231) 929-5012
Provides grantwriting and consultation on a limited, fee for service basis, for local units of government and non-profits in the Traverse City, Michigan area. Assistance provided depends upon the timing (i.e., staff resources available), scope of assistance desired, and other factors. For more information contact Matt McCauley. Annotation provided by Elaine Wood, NWMCOG Deputy Director, February 20, 2007.
(Last checked 10/21/16)

The Philanthropic Initiative, Inc.
The Philanthropic Initiative, Inc. (TPI) is a not-for-profit organization offering philanthropic design and management services to corporations, foundations, individuals and families. Founded in 1989, TPI currently oversees in excess of $40 million in annual giving. As of this date, TPI works with 60 clients, 35 family foundations, 15 corporations, and 20 community foundations or regional grantmakers. TPI's services include helping clients set philanthropic goals, target and research areas of interest, develop specific program and grantmaking procedures that includes measurement and evaluation. TPI also directly manages and administers programs on behalf of clients. TPI is a public charity, and clients frequently use TPI as an anonymous intermediary for project funding.
(Last checked 10/21/16)

Research Associates
A South Carolina consulting firm which also provides training sessions, publications, web links, and a Funding Alert Newsletter.
(Last checked 10/21/16)

Schoolhouse Partners
Schoolhouse Partners is dedicated to assisting schools, libraries, municipalities, and other non-profit groups to discover ways of reaching goals that they once believed to be unreachable. Our hands-on support, consultancy, and research tools are intentionally aimed at ensuring that partnerships among individuals, schools, community organizations, and funding sources are created and strengthened. In the process, we hope to build dreams, resurrect hopes, and realize successes for all constituents. Designing and constructing collaborative alliances is our highest priority.
Schoolhouse Partners is a full-service consulting firm that provides assistance to educational, nonprofit, and community agencies in obtaining grant funding. Since 2003, we have helped nonprofit and tax-exempt groups raise millions of dollars through hundreds of funded grants and awards. And, since 2003, we have returned approximately $107 for every dollar spent on our services.
(Last checked 10/21/16)

Seliger & Associates
Seliger + Associates provides comprehensive grant writing, grant source research, and related services for public and nonprofit agencies throughout North America on a consulting basis. Also provides free access to two types of free information on grant availability : the online Seliger Funding Report and e-mail Grant Alerts.
(Last checked 10/21/16)

Society for Nonprofit Organizations
National Directory of Service - Product Providers
The Society for Nonprofit Organizations is a 501(c)(3) organization founded in 1983. Our mission is to provide new and established nonprofit organizations - throughout the US and globally - with resources that can help them to accomplish their missions more effectively.
(Last checked 10/21/16)

The University Financing Foundation, Inc. (TUFF)
A non-profit tax-exempt private operating foundation, which was incorporated in 1982 to assist colleges and universities in obtaining research and educational facilities and equipment at the lowest possible cost. Our services include low cost loans or lease financing, at very low interest rates, for any valid research or educational acquisition. For research institutions who wish to use Indirect Cost procedures to fully recover the cost of facility usage, we can provide consulting, tax-exempt financing, construction and third-party arm's length lessor services. TUFF's WWW site will provide you with a look at the organization, its project history and its people, and will acquaint you with some of the "rules" that govern debt financing by higher education institutions.
(Last checked 10/21/16)

Who Offers What : A Descriptive Forum for Products and Services for the Nonprofit Sector
A 2004 directory provided by Contributions, vol. 18 January-February 2004.
(Last checked 10/21/16)

Write Source
Originally based in Michigan, this firm has moved to Connecticut. Specializes in total grantseeking, grant resource and evaluation, prospect research, and development writing for the nonprofit community. For more information, contact Diane Gedeon-Martin, President; telephone: (888) 801-7676 or from Connecticut at (860) 657-9734; e-mail: info@write-source.com
(Last checked 10/21/16)

Zimmerman Lehman
"Since 1988, Zimmerman Lehman has offered large and emerging nonprofits expert counsel in fundraising, capital campaigns, board development, strategic planning, and executive search. Our services, trainings, and publications provide nonprofits with the means to pursue funds aggressively and operate successfully." Telephone (415) 986-8330; outside of San Francisco call (800) 886-8330 or send an e-mail to zl@zimmerman-lehman.com.
(Last checked 10/21/16)  

Related Articles and Books

All About Consulting -- Using Consultants, Doing Consulting
Assembled by Carter McNamara, MBA, PhD., Nonprofit Manager's Library.
(Last checked 10/21/16)

All About Using Consultants
Practical advice from Carter McNamara, The Management Assistance Program for Nonprofits, St. Paul, Minnesota. Sections include: Situations When a Consultant is Useful; Where to Get Consultants; Making Consultants as Productive as Possible; getting and Hiring the Consultant; and Additional Advice.
Also listed under Nonprofit Fundraising.
(Last checked 10/21/16)

Consulting Fees for Grant Proposal Writing
How much to charge for grant preparation and research is a question that vexes both consultants and the organizations they work for. Members of TGCI-Forum, The Grantsmanship Center's online discussion group, offer their ideas and insights. Still available thanks to the Internet Archive.
Also listed under Nonprofit Fundraising.
(Last checked 10/21/16)

Consulting or Contracting : Knowing What You Need
In the nonprofit world, agencies may find themselves working with both consultants and contractors not recognizing the difference. Each fulfills an important function and both can bring immense value. At times, a person may function as both. I know I did. If your organization is considering bringing in an external resource, it is important to know what you want in advance to ensure the person you hire is capable of completing the work you need. Advice from Julie Seewald Bornhoeft, CFRE, Feb 25, 2003. Note: Use Mozilla Firefox to retrieve article.
(Last checked 10/21/16)

Fundraising Consultants : A Guide for Nonprofit Organizations
Eugene A. Scanlan. Hoboken, N.J. : Wiley, c2009. 210pp. Funding Center (1 East) HG177 .S293 2009
Gene Scanlan provides a thoughtful and deliberative guide for how to select, develop, and maintain successful relationships with consultants that can help organizations achieve their goals. It is also an excellent resource for consultants, both new and experienced, on how to best serve our clients.
(Last checked 10/21/16)

Hanging Your Consultant Shingle in the Nonprofit Sector
Provides advice for those considering becoming consultants, as well as answers to frequently-asked questions about working independently with nonprofits. Advice from the Fieldstone Alliance.
(Last checked 10/21/16)

Hiring a Consultant
There are times in the life of almost every group when a fundraising consultant can be helpful. These times are characterized by one or more of the following situations: (1) You need someone with skill and knowledge who cares about the issues your organization is concerned with, but is far enough removed to have perspective on how your organization can improve its overall fundraising or some particular aspect of it.
(2) You need help deciding on a course of action related to fundraising.
(3) You need someone to carry out a time-limited fundraising task.
(4) You need someone one day each week or month to help design a work plan, provide guidance and be available to answer questions for your bright, energetic but inexperienced fundraising staff.
(5) You are between staff and need someone temporarily to run the development function of your organization.
Article by Kim Klein, Shelterforce Online, Number 97, Jan./Feb. 1998.
(Last checked 10/21/16)

How Do You Evaluate the Performance of Grant Writers and How Do You Pay Them?
Source : Unrealistic Expectations, Pay Practices That Grantors Often See As Tainting The Funding Process, And Poor Planning And Follow Through, Can Doom The Best To Failure. Tony Poderis, Positioning Grant Writers For Success.
(Last checked 10/21/16)

Beverly A. Browning. Chandler, Ariz. : Bev Browning & A$$ociate$, c2001. 62pp.
Funding Center (1 East) HG177.5.U6 B775 2001
A 2005 edition is also available.
This is the first "how-to" book for the field of grants consulting. If you are looking for a start-up guide to enter this emerging home-based business, then this book is the one for you! This book is for budding entrepreneurs who are amazed, dazed and even crazed trying to figure out how to break into the field and make a full-time living writing grants and doing other grants-related consulting. It's short, but detailed and hits the target as the leader of "how-to" books in the consulting field!
(Last checked 10/21/16)

How to Hire a Contract Grant Writer
(Last checked 10/21/16)

So You Want to Be a Philanthropy Consultant
Includes a list of questions to consider before starting a consulting business, along with links to additional consulting resources. Advice from Kris Putnam-Walkerly and the Philanthropy411 Blog, May 15, 2009.
(Last checked 10/21/16)

Entrepreneur Press. 200pp.
Funding Center (1 East) HG177 .S73 2008
Grant writing is a billion dollar industry full of profitable business opportunities! Serving as the link between funders and grantees, professional grant writers are quickly becoming valuable partners to fundraising and philanthropy associations. Use this comprehensive guide to learn the art of researching, preparing and submitting winning grants as well as finding and maintaining clientele and grant projects. Learn how to: Also includes a comprehensive resources listing, a four-stage guide to writing funding proposals plus insider tips and techniques.This is a must-have resource for new or experienced grant writers looking to expand their talents and take their careers into their own hands!
(Last checked 10/21/16)

To Consult, or Not to Consult -- That is the Question
Advice from a fundraising consultant, Tony Poderis.
Also listed under Nonprofit Fundraising.
(Last checked 10/21/16)

Using Consultants for Fun and Profit

Many nonprofit organizations use consultants, some sparingly; some on a regular basis. What are these consultants doing and why are they hired by nonprofits? Advice from Stan Hutton of the About.Com Guide to Nonprofit Charitable Organizations, Jan. 2, 2001.
(Last checked 10/21/16)

What Should You Do Before Engaging An Outside Grant Writer?
Advice from Tony Poderis appearing in Schoolhouse Partners Blog, August 25, 2009.
(Last checked 10/21/16)


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