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The Grand Rapids Foundation
A Sound Investment

When Curtis M. Wylie died in 1958, he had no idea that his bequest to The Grand Rapids Foundation totalling $6.2 million would be worth more than $17 million in 1997. Throughout the years, his gift has had a significant impact on this community and will continue to do so for many years to come.

No doubt Curtis Wylie would have been pleased with his investment.

Wylie was the son of a Petoskey banker, and he had turned a modest inheritance into a substantial real estate and business fortune. When he died in 1958, a trust worth $6.2 million was set up at The Grand Rapids Foundation, transforming The Foundation into a major community funding agent.

Between September 1959 and May 1960, after income from the trust became available, The Foundation distributed $160,000 to community organizations -- more than four times the amount of annual grants before the Wylie bequest. In addition, The Foundation was able to fund -- for the first time in four decades -- important capital ventures, such as $10,000 to the Anti-Tuberculosis Society for an X-ray bus, $15,000 for the Public Museum's new planetarium, and $15,000 for new lighting in the Art Gallery.

Today, Curtis Wylie's original gift is still making a dramatic difference in this community. Because of the Foundation's wise investment policies and a commitment to good stewardship, the fund is now worth $17.5 million and generates $650,000 for community projects in many different areas of need. Because the Foundation spends only the income generated from its funds, the actual value of gifts will continue to increase -- in turn generating more income for future projects. Like all contributions to The Grand Rapids Foundation, Curtis Wylie's donation was a gift that truly does keep on giving.

75 YEARS (1922-1997)

Help us prepare for the next 75 years of caring for community needs in the greater Grand Rapids area. Call 454-1751 for more information on ways you can support The Grand Rapids Foundation.

Funding for this postcard series was provided by Michigan National Bank and Old Kent Bank.

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