Shakurra Amatulla (The Grant Lady)'s
List of Emergency Resources



-Community food pantries

-Local Social Services Dept. for food stamps

-Community hotline numbers listed under your state's Internet web page or in the white pages telephone book under "City/State Government"

Housing Eviction

Legal Problems

-American/State Bar Association Lawyer Referral Service

-local Legal Aid Society

-Local Social Services Dept. may have a "one-shot" deal fund in which it pays your landlord to stave off eviction and you reimburse the agency (you must be employed)

Medical Problems

-Local Social Services Dept. for Medicaid Assistance

-Local Social Security Administration for Medicare or Disability Determination

-Community hotline numbers of free clinics or with sliding fee scale

-For costly drug prescriptions: A number of major drug companies have free prescription drug programs for those in need. Contact your physician for more information on program eligibility.

Telephone Bills

-Check with your local telephone company to see if you qualify for a "lifeline" service in which company takes certain steps to avoid turning off your service

-Negotiate with phone company for deferred payment or installment payments before phone is disconnected

-Eliminate long distance telephone service; use low cost telephone calling cards

Utility (light & gas) Bills

-Most utility companies have a special fund to assist customers in need

-Local Social Services Dept. may assist in paying bill in cases of pending shutoffs

The Grant Lady's website WAS available at, but it lapsed when she moved to Germany for a time and has been taken over by someone else. She has now returned to the United States and resides in Burbank, California. For those who are interested Shakurra Amatulla now offers The Complaint Lady website.



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