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Advancing Philanthropy
Published bi-monthly by the Association of Fundraising Professionals (AFP), Advancing Philanthropy is the idea and strategy magazine for fundraisers in all sectors. With detailed reports and analyses of current trends, Advancing Philanthropy educates, informs and challenges the entire development community. Every issue gives readers comprehensive information on how to do their jobs better - practical applications and how-to articles, new research, interviews with generous donors, and tips and ideas from peers in the fundraising profession. Advancing Philanthropy keeps members informed of the association's activities and highlights opportunities for volunteer leadership, advocacy and professional development. By providing practical information, useful tools and other resources, Advancing Philanthropy helps AFP members succeed and advance the fundraising profession. Access restricted to Association for Fundraising Professionals.
(Last checked 08/22/17)

Art Opportunities Monthly
Art Opportunities Monthly is designed exclusively for visual fine artists who want to support or show their work through juried competitions, grants, public art commissions, residencies, fellowships, mail art calls, university art galleries, non-profit art galleries, collaborative art projects, Internet art projects or other venues normally outside the commercial gallery system.
Each issue contains more than $3,000,000 for artists, each listing hand-selected and checked for accuracy. The listings are presented in capsule form so the busy artist can quickly determine whether something is worth pursuing further. A complete sample issue is available on the web site and upon request from sample@ArtOpportunitiesMonthly.com.
(Last checked 08/22/17)

Blue Avocado
The magazine for people who work and volunteer in the nonprofit sector.
(Last checked 08/22/17)

Charity Channel
CharityChannel eNewsletters, forums and other resources are now available for a modest fee of $37 for 12-months. Newsletters available include: CharityNews-USA; CharityNews-Canada; CharityNews-UK; CharityNews-International; CharityWire; Don Griesmann's Grant Opportunities; E-Philanthropy and Technology Review; Grants & Foundations Review; Major Gifts Review; Nonprofit Boards and Governance Review; Nonprofit Consulting Review; Volunteer Management Review; and We Review. Subscription required.
(Last checked 08/22/17)

Chronicle of Philanthropy
http://philanthropy.com/ (Current Issue)
A monthly published by the Chronicle of Higher Education. Includes news items about the world of philanthropy, grant makers, fund raising, managing non-profit groups, technology, etc. For more information, contact the Editorial and Business Office at (202) 466-1200.
The latest edition is available full text; earlier issues are available to those who have subscribed.
The Michigan State University Main Library has a subscription to the Chronicle of Philanthropy, including all the back issues in paper or microfiche. So if you want to access an article not available for free over the web, you can do so in our Main Library. We can also provide a password so you can access the full text online, but only in Main Library Reference.
(Last checked 08/22/17)

Chronicle of Philanthropy via Twitter
Follow the Chronicle of Philanthropy on Twitter and get access to up-to-the-minute headlines and information about upcoming features.
(Last checked 08/22/17)

The "how-to" source for nonprofit professionals published every two months. Provides a full-text feature article from the latest issue, plus a table of contents, as well as selected articles from past issues. A good source of practical tips and advice on a broad array of fundraising topics. Full access requires subscription.
(Last checked 08/22/17)

Crain's Detroit Business : Nonprofit News
Features news stories compiled by Crain's about nonprofits and philanthropy targeted to a Michigan audience of nonprofit managers, foundation executives, business leaders, and philanthropists. Registration required for full access to articles.
(Last checked 08/22/17)

Custom Development Solutions Newsletter (Articles)
Practical advice from a consulting firm locating in Isle of Palms, S.C.
(Last checked 08/22/17)

Don Kramer's Nonprofit Issues (Excerpts Only)
A newsletter of "nonprofit law you need to know". This web site provides excerpts from the most recent issue of this newsletter and past issues. A complete table of contents is provided for the most recent issue.
(Last checked 08/22/17)

e-Volunteerism (subscription information)
Published by Energize, a Philadelphia company that specializes in volunteerism, this online quarterly journal provides information about managing volunteer programs, including feature articles, descriptions of other Internet resources, editorials, panel discussions, and training curricula. The journal is designed so that readers can post their reactions to the articles and respond to one another's comments. The site is restricted to paid subscribers.
(Last checked 08/22/17)

Education World Grants Articles (sign-up for free)
Peek's Perspectives on Grants and Grantwriting
(Last checked 08/22/17)

Foundation Center Philanthropy News Digest News
A weekly online news service provided by the Foundation Center, summarizing philanthropy-related articles and feature topies in the U.S. media.
(Last checked 08/22/17)

Foundation Center Philanthropy News Digest RFPs
The Foundation Center's RFP (Request for Proposals) Bulletin is published weekly in conjunction with the posting of the Digest to the Web. Each RFP listing provides a brief overview of a current funding opportunity offered by a foundation or other grantmaking organization. Interested applicants should read the full RFP at the grantmaker's Web site or contact the grantmaker directly for complete program guidelines and eligibility requirements before submitting a proposal to that grantmaker. Topics vary. Sample topics may include: Arts/Humanities, Athletics, Community, Education, Environment, Health, International, Journalism, Leadership, Libraries, Medical Research, Miscellaneous, Nonprofit Sector, Science, Social Science, Technology, Substance Abuse, Voluntarism, Women, and Youth/Families
(Last checked 08/22/17)

Funding Alert
The Funding Alert (Publication #E32-10915) weekly current awareness service lists funding opportunities, grantsmanship training and other items of interest to grant seekers. The alerts are faxed or sent through e-mail to subscribers. The alerts replace the Funding Watch newsletter which was discontinued in December 2002.
(Last checked 08/22/17)

Fund$Raiser Cyberzine
A digital magazine on the world wide web part of the internet. We target small to medium size groups looking to raise money (booster clubs, scout groups, school clubs, civic groups, sports teams, fraternal organizations, church groups, libraries, humane societies, arts groups - any and all kinds of non profit organizations). We give those readers loads of information, news, reviews, feature articles, and much more. All with a how to-hands on approach. We publish monthly and access to the current issue is always free. Abstract supplied by Deane Brengle , brengled@fundsraiser.com.
(Last checked 08/22/17)

Fundraising Authority Newsletter
Each week, the Fundraising Authority Newsletter brings the best tips, strategies, and advice on fundraising right to your inbox. As a subscriber, you'll get state of the art information on: (1) Writing a Fundraising Plan
(2) How to Ask for Money
(3) Holding Great Fundraising Events
(4) Finding New Prospects
(5) Fundraising Through the Mail, Over the Internet, and more.
(Last checked 08/22/17)

Fundraising for Small Groups Newsletter (Order info)
Designed for small groups with volunteer fundraisers that don't normally consider themselves nonprofits. Examples of groups that will find this newsletter helpful are: booster clubs, scout groups, school clubs, civic groups, day care centers, sports teams, fraternal organizations and church groups. Free, AOL friendly. Abstract supplied by Deane Brengle , brengled@fundsraiser.com.
(Last checked 08/22/17)

Grant Spy Daily E-Bulletins
Subscription service. Sample issue and news announcements are provided free of charge.
(Last checked 08/22/17)

Grantmakers in Health (GIH) Bulletin
A biweekly newsletter contains breaking news in health philanthropy on grants, people, surveys and studies, and upcoming conferences. Once a month, the Bulletin features a Grantmaker Focus spotlighting the activities and accomplishments of one of GIH's Funding Partners. This feature alternates with Issue Focus, an in-depth look at a single health issue, its implications for health grantmakers, and examples of what grantmakers are doing to make a difference.
(Last checked 08/22/17)

Grants Compliance Expert
Created with the busy grant writer in mind, GrantsWire is a new tool to get reliable information on federal as well as private foundation grants. It provides just-released details on grant opportunities from federal agencies and private foundations on a weekly basis delivered via e-mail. Our GrantsWire Research Team zeros in on the latest funding opportunities and regulatory changes. Web site provides access to archives (past issues) and information about subscribing.
Last checked 08/22/17)

Grants for Cities and Towns Hotline
This biweekly publication describes grant opportunities for municipalities.
(Last checked 08/22/17)

Grants for K-12 Hotline
This biweekly newsletter describes federal, corporate, and foundation grant programs available for K-12 programs.
(Last checked 08/22/17)

Grants for Libraries Hotline
This monthly newsletter describes grant opportunities for libraries and librarians, as well as opportunities in the field of education.
(Last checked 08/22/17)

Grassroots Fundraising Journal
This bi-monthly magazine will help you raise money from community-based sources. Learn how to increase your income and diversify your sources of funding using proven, practical strategies, including special events, direct mail, major donor programs, membership campaigns, and more. Annual subscription of six packed issues is just $32. The web site provides a featured article from the current issue, plus selected articles from past issues. Paper copies are available in the MSU Main Library (1 East) Reference Funding Center. Consult our online catalog for holdings and call number information.
(Last checked 08/22/17)

Breaking news from the Grassroots Fundraising Journal : Beginning January 2010, a subscription to the Grassroots Fundraising Journal will include on-demand access to all the past articles published in the Journal. For as long as you subscribe to the Journal, GIFT will waive the usual $3 charge per article, so it's free to you. That's more than two decades of the best fundraising tips, for you to use anytime, day or night.

Guidestar Blog
Read the latest articles posted on GuideStar to see which topics are catching nonprofits' attention. Find out which news organizations are citing GuideStar in stories. Read GuideStar's news releases. Find back issues of the GuideStar Newsletter or subscribe to it today.

(Last checked 08/22/17)

HandsNet WebClipper Service
The WebClipper service searches more than 500 Web sites that provide information for social-services groups and sends members a daily e-mail message with new information in their fields of interest. It also allows members to conduct Internet searches on social-services topics, publish reports on line, and contact other members. WebClipper is run by HandsNet, a San Jose, Cal., organization that provides technology help to other non-profit groups. A one-year subscription costs $99, and a 30-day trial membership is available. The web site usually provides a recent sampler of news items.
(Last checked 08/22/17)

Insider's Guide to Fundraising ENewsletter
Emerson and Church, Publishers, vendors of many books on fundraising and nonprofits topics offer a free email newsletter and archives. Current contents includes:
(14) Getting Board Members to Give
(13) Seven Reasonably Easy Things You Can Do to Improve Your Proposal
(12) Connecting with your donors
(11) Nine Mistakes to to Avoid
(10) The Gift of Silence
(9) Top 10 Truths about Raising Money by Mail by by Stephen Hitchcock
(8) Don't swaddle your communications with these interest-draining veils by Tom Ahern
(7) To raise more money, sharpen your niche by Joseph Barbato
(6) Triggering emotions to raise more money by Tom Ahern
(5) How to raise a lot more money with your direct mail appeals by Mal Warwick
(4) Identifying your audience for bequests by David Valinsky & Melanie Boyd
(3) Tapping previous donors by Jerry Panas
(2) The first gift often leads the way by Harvey McKinnon
(1) Making the foundation program officer your ally by Martin Teitel
(Last checked 08/22/17)

Mal Warwick Donor Digital Blog
(Last checked 08/22/17)

New Directions for Philanthropic Fundraising (Table of Contents and Abstracting Service)
All issues in this series are available in the MSU Main Library. our online catalog for location and call numbers. Many recent issues are also available online.
New Directions for Philanthropic Fundraising was created to strengthen voluntary giving by addressing how the concepts of philanthropy pertain to fundraising practice. In each quarterly paperback, authors address themes related to fundraising management and technique, always keeping in mind the values of voluntarism and public benefit that characterize philanthropic organizations. Sponsored by the Indiana University Center on Philanthropy.
Titles in this series include:
  • Fundraising matters : true stories of how raising funds fulfills dreams, #1
  • Women as donors, women as philanthropists, #2
  • Financial practices for effective fundraising, #3
  • Achieving trustee involvement in fundraising, #4
  • Nonprofit organizational culture : what fundraisers need to know, #5
  • Ethics in Fundraising: Putting Values into Practice, #6
  • Cultures of giving : how region and religion influence philanthropy, #7
  • Cultures of Giving II: How Heritage, Gender, Wealth, and Values Influence Philanthropy, #8
  • Fundraising by public institutions, #9
  • Communicating Effectively with Major Donors, #10
  • Improving fundraising with technology, #11
  • Alternative revenue sources : prospects, requirements, and concerns for nonprofits, #12
  • What fundraisers need to know about state and federal regulation : how it can influence all aspects of their work, #13
  • Building and managing an asset base : information and advice for nonprofit organizations, #14
  • The Professionalization of Fundraising: Implications for Education, Practice, and Accountability, #15
  • Developing Major Gifts, #16
  • The Practice of Stewardship in Religious Fundraising, #17
  • Marketing the Nonprofit: The Challenge of Fundraising in a Consumer Culture, #18
  • Women as Fundraisers, #19
  • Small Nonprofits: Strategies for Fundraising Success, #20
  • Capital Campaigns: Realizing Their Power and Potential: #21
  • Understanding and Improving the Language of Fundraising, #22
  • The Changing World of Foundation Fundraising, #23
  • Hispanic Philanthropy: Exploring the Factors That Influence Giving and Asking, #24
  • Impact of Technology on Fundraising, #25
  • Serving the Public Trust: Insights into Fundraising Research and Practice, Volume I, #26
  • Serving the Public Trust: Insights into Fundraising Research and Practice, Volume II, #27
  • Approaching Foundations: Suggestions and Insights for Fundraisers, #28
  • Understanding the needs of donors : the supply side of charitable giving , #29
  • The role of the planned giving professional : serving nonprofit organizations and their donors, #30
  • Accountability : a challenge for charities and fundraisers, #31
  • Understanding donor dynamics : the organizational side of charitable giving, #32
  • Direct and interactive marketing : new techniques for fundraising success, #33
  • Diversity in the Fundraising Profession, #34
  • Taking fundraising seriously : the spirit of faith and philanthropy, #35
  • Creating tomorrow's philanthropists : curriculum development for youth, #36
  • Fundraising in diverse cultural and giving environments, #37
  • Engaging youth in philanthropy, #38
  • Exploring the relationship between volunteers and fundraisers, #39
  • Capacity Building for Nonprofits, #40
  • Exploring measurement and evaluation efforts in fundraising, #41
  • Philanthropy Across the Generations, #42
  • Fundraising as a profession : advancements and challenges in the field, #43
  • Transformational leadership : vision, persuasion, and team building for the development professional, #44
  • Improving and strengthening grant-making organizations, #45
  • Global perspectives on fundraising, #46
  • Reprising timeless topics, #47
  • Exploring Black Philanthropy, #48
  • Expanding the Role of Philanthropy in Health Care, #49
  • The Transformative Power of Women's Philanthropy, #50
    (Last checked 08/22/17)

    Nonprofit & Voluntary Sector Quarterly (Table of Contents Service)
    Subscription journal available to MSU faculty, staff, students, and visitors.
    An international, interdisciplinary journal for nonprofit sector research dedicated to enhancing our knowledge of nonprofit organizations, philanthropy, and voluntarism by providing cutting-edge research, discussion, and analysis of the field. NVSQ provides a forum for researchers from around the world to publish timely articles from a variety of disciplinary perspectives.
    (Last checked 08/22/17)

    Nonprofit Management and Leadership (Full Text)
    The first journal to bring together the best thinking and most advanced knowledge about the special needs, challenges, and oportunities of nonprofit organizations. Each issue of NML offers readers the authoritative insights of top executives and scholars on the common concerns of nonprofit leaders in all settings, including social services, the arts, education, foundations, community development, advocacy work, religion, professional associations, and others. Cosponsored by the Mandel Center for Nonprofit Organizations at Case Western Reserve University and the Centre for Voluntary Organisation at the London School of Economics. Note: access restricted to subscribers.
    (Last checked 08/22/17)

    NonprofitPro (Full Text)
    Nonprofit Pro and its predecsser FundRaising Success (founded in 2003) is a practical guide for nonprofit organizations. It exists to help development staffs raise money for and interest in their organizations' missions. FundRaising Success' mission is simple: to provide nonprofits with the most useful and pertinent information, strategies and expert advice to help them generate the necessary fundraising revenue to fulfill their mission. To achieve that goal, FS provides solid, strategy-based information that even the most seasoned fundraisers will find useful. Among the topics it covers: e-philanthropy, direct response, direct mail, annual appeals, capital campaigns, planned giving, special events, corporate fundraising, major gifts, endowmets, cause-related fundraising, fundraising software, gratns, DRM, database management, copy/creative, regulatory issues, people, lists, donor research, telemarketing, donor recognition, gift annuities, donor retention and reactivation, matching gifts, tributes and memorials, sponsorships, research, privacy, package and control, and market segments.
    (Last checked 08/22/17)

    Nonprofit Quarterly (NPQ)
    In a rapidly changing world, keeping on top of industry trends is a must. Geared towards nonprofit leaders, educators, foundations, independent activists, and other civil society professionals, the Nonprofit Quarterly (NPQ) is a reliable nonprofit news outlet covering a range of topics of interest to their target audience. NPQ's guiding philosophy is that "an active, engaged, and sometimes disruptive civil sector is critical to a healthy democracy in the same way that a free and independent press is." Selected articles are available on the journal's Web site.
    (Last checked 08/22/17)

    Nonprofit Times
    A monthly trade journal focusing on current events and issues affecting the nonprofit industry. Subscription required.
    (Last checked 08/22/17)

    Nonprofit World (Full Text)
    The bimonthly Journal of the Society for Nonprofit Organizations, which focuses on nonprofit management and fundraising. MSU faculty, staff, and students have access to full text articles in Nonprofit World via Proquest Direct. If you are not affiliated with MSU, try this direct link to Nonprofit World for partial access.
    (Last checked 08/22/17)

    onPhilanthropy.com is a global resource for non-profit and philanthropy professionals. It is free of charge and features several industry-leading e-mail newsletters. onPhilanthropy.com is published by Changing Our World, Inc., a leading U.S. fundraising and philanthropic services company. We began publishing in 1999 with a monthly e-newsletter. Thanks to our dedicated staff and contributors, onPhilanthropy.com has become one of the leading online voices in the sector. We've grown to five different newsletters and feeds, and we welcome more than 100,000 non-profit and philanthropy professionals to our site and newsletters each month.
    (Last checked 08/22/17)

    Philanthropy Journal
    A publication of the A.J. Fletcher Foundation started by Todd Cohen in 1999. Formerly called Nonprofitxpress and Nonprofit News Online. Philanthropy Journal publishes state, national and international news on fundraising, giving, managing, volunteering, innovation and technology in the philanthropic community. It is also possible to subscribe to a weekly e-mail newsletter. In addition to news, the web site features job openings, events calendars and announcements about grants/gifts and people working in the sector. For more information, visit the web site or contact Donnie Stanley at (800) 853-0801; (919) 890-6242; or (919) 890-6279 Fax.
    (Last checked 08/22/17)

    Philanthropy Roundtable (Excerpts)
    Provides a feature article from the most recent and back issues of Philanthropy, the quarterly magazine of the Philanthropy Roundtable. Requires subscription for full access. Focus: charitable giving and related topics.
    (Last checked 08/22/17)

    Planned Giving Today (Full Text)
    The practical newsletter for planned giving professionals. Web site provides access to full text to recent issues (since December 2006).
    (Last checked 08/22/17)

    Responsive Philanthropy Archive (Full Text)
    The NCRP Quarterly provides comprehensive coverage of the latest trends and critical issues surrounding foundation, corporate and workplace philanthropy as they affect social justice and the public interest. Subscriptions to Responsive Philanthropy are a free benefit of NCRP membership, and are also available to non-members for $25 annually for four issues.
    Also available in the MSU Library. Check MAGIC for holdings and locations.
    (Last checked 08/22/17)

    School Funding Newsletter
    Filled with grant sources, tips on grant writing, best sources for programs & materials, top web sites, and, best of all, you can request a free copy via this web site.
    (Last checked 08/22/17)

    Seliger Grantwriting Blog
    Seliger + Associates provides access to free information on grant writing and related topics. Courtesy of Seliger Associates. Requires free registration.
    (Last checked 08/22/17)

    Society for Nonprofit Organizations
    Funding Alert
    Researched by the Society for Nonprofit Organizations, Funding Alert is the leading e-newsletter for current grant and funding opportunities. For $39/year, you'll receive a monthly email with an extensive list of current funding opportunities - conveniently organized by category.
    (Last checked 08/22/17)

    Texas Department of State Health Services Grant Tips and News
    A current awareness service listing new funding opportunities in the area of health and medicine compiled by the Texas Department of Health Funding Information Center. Although some notices are specific to Texas, most are relevant to public health fundraisers all over the country.
    (Last checked 08/22/17)

    Voluntas: The International Journal of Voluntary and Nonprofit Organizations
    The official journal of the International Society for Third-Sector Research, Voluntas is an interdisciplinary international journal that aims to be the central forum for worldwide research in the area between the state, market, and household sectors. Articles are published in English but abstracts in French, German, and Spanish are included, and submissions in these languages are welcomed. The journal combines full-length articles with shorter research notes (reflecting the latest developments in the field) and book reviews. Voluntas is essential reading for all those engaged in research into the Third Sector (voluntary and nonprofit organizations) including economists, lawyers, political scientists, psychologists, sociologists, and social and public policy analysts. It aims to present leading-edge academic argument around civil society issues in a style that is accessible to practitioners and policymakers. Access restricted to MSU and other subscribers.
    (Last checked 08/22/17)

    ZimNotes (Order form)
    ZimNotes Sample Issue
    More Sample Issues
    Sign up for this electronic newsletter which provides information, articles, and news on fundraising, marketing, boards and planning published by Zimmerman Lehman, a fundraising consulting firm based in San Francisco.
    (Last checked 08/22/17)

    Catalog of Nonprofit Literature
    Want to use a database to find articles to read? Check out this searchable database. It incorporates the unique contents of the Foundation Center's five libraries and contains more than 24,900 full bibliographic citations, of which more than 17,000 have descriptive abstracts. Updated daily. Items covered deal with everything from the theory and philosophy of philanthropy, biographies of philanthropists, administration and management of nonprofits, and materials issued by foundations or nonprofit organizations. Ask your local library if they carry the journals or books cited. If not ask about Interlibrary Loan.
    (Last checked 08/22/17)

    Charity Village's Online Topics
    A collection of articles sorted by topic by Charity Village, an organization servicing Canadian nonprofit organizations.
    (Last checked 08/22/17)


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