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Planned Giving Resources

The 11 questions every donor asks and the answers all donors crave : how you can inspire someone to give generously. Harvey McKinnon. Medfield, Mass. : Emerson & Church, c2008. 104pp. Funding Center (1 East) HV40 .M14 2008 : McKinnon has identified 11 core questions, ranging from "Why me?" to "Will my gift make a difference?" to "Will I have a say over how you use my gift?" And the suggested answers are illuminating....One thing is certain: McKinnon is an eloquent instructor. Rather than dryly tell you to "Do this" or "Do that," the author punctuates his prose with dramatic real-life stories....And they're highly engaging, each one skillfully selected to drive home a point. You'll discover, for instance: (1) How a volunteer coached by a nationally known consultant secured a gift of $175,000 without ever once asking for the gift. (2) How the chair of a YWCA sparked a first-time gift of $100,000 with a single disarming question from her heart. (3) How by sensing his donor's ability to give, a development officer at a technical institute turned a $100,000 gift into a $1 million gift. (4) How by artful negotiation the head of fundraising for a leading HIV/AIDS organization prevented the rock band Queen from donating a vast sum of money to something entirely wasteful. (5) How with an exquisite 30-minute presentation, and a double-shot of espresso, the Head of Fundraising for Greenpeace International transformed a $1 million gift into a $10 million gift....Jerold Panas, who knows a thing or two about fundraising, calls The 11 Questions "A beautifully polished gem, with real-life stories that unerringly hit their mark." That's high praise from America's grandmaster of philanthropy.

Canadian Association of Gift Planners
This site provides links to Internet resources of interest to planned-giving officials in Canada and the United States. It also has links to charities that present planned-giving information on their websites.
(Last checked 10/13/17)

Charity Village's Planned Giving Sampler
A sampler of articles appearing previously in Canadian FundRaiser.
(Last checked 10/13/17)

National Network of Estate Planning Attorneys (NNEPA)
Provides a directory of estate planning attorneys who can help you draw up a will.
(Last checked 10/13/17)

Philanthropic Giving Resources
This web site provided by a planned giving consultant in New Jersey offers lots of free advice.
(Last checked 10/13/17)

In addition to providing ordering information on a planned giving manual, this site also provides numerous links to additional planned giving web sites.
(Last checked 10/13/17)

Planned Giving Design Center
The world's largest community of planned giving professionals provides lots of news, articles, and other resources of interest.
(Last checked 10/13/17)

Planned Giving For Small Nonprofits. Ronald R. Jordan and Katelyn L. Quynn. New York : Wiley, 2002. 323pp. Funding Center (1 East) HG4027.65 .J67 2002 : Proven methods for launching -- and growing -- a planned giving program.... Planned Giving for Small Nonprofits provides easy-to-follow guidelines for beginning and sustaining a planned giving program with the limited resources of a small organization. Drawing upon forty years of combined experience in planned giving, expert authors Ronald Jordan and Katelyn Quynn show managers how to achieve the careful analysis, employee commitment, and organizational support necessary to launch a successful program.... In addition to step-by-step advice, this helpful guide contains a host of examples and case studies from a wide variety of nonprofits, including educational and religious institutions, healthcare organizations, and cultural associations. The authors break their blueprint for planned giving success into seven key components: (1) Background Issues; (2) Getting Started; (3) Planned Gifts; (4) Gifts of Assets Other Than Cash; (5) Working with Donors; (6) Marketing; (7) Planned Giving and Taxes... Each subject is further analyzed into key subtopics, such as gift acceptance policies, endowed funds, and personal property gifts. Nonprofit managers in all areas will find Jordan and Quynn's authoritative guide an invaluable addition to their professional libraries.

Planned Giving Roundtable of SE Michigan
The purpose of the Planned Giving RoundTable of SouthEast Michigan (PGRTSEM) is to increase the use of planned gifts as tools for support of charitable organizations through the dissemination of information regarding the advantages and techniques of planned giving.
(Last checked 10/13/17)

Planned Giving Today
Planned Giving Today is a professional, subscription-based, 12-page newsletter that is sent monthly by first class mail to an estimated readership of more than 4,000 individuals throughout the United States and Canada. Launched in September 1990, the publication serves the charitable gift-planning community as a practical resource for education, information, and professional linkage. It aims to help gift planners enable others to give generously, prudently and joyfully. Ultimately, it promotes thoughtful giving as a way of life for the universal benefit of society. The web site provides full text access to recent issues.
(Last checked 10/13/17)

Planned Giving Web Services
Over the next ten years, the holders of $43.5 trillion dollars will distribute this unprecedented sum to heirs, government, and charities who make a case for a planned gift. Developing planned giving websites for colleges, universities, hospitals, museums, arts organizations, social services organizations, music schools, churches, synagogues. Complete services including content driven websites and custom designed websites. Web site contains order form for an article reporting the latest data on seniors' use of the Internet. The article supports our premise that the Web delivers wealthier, more financially savvy, and more motivated prospects than direct mail.
(Last checked 10/13/17)

The Power of Legacy and Planned Gifts : How Nonprofits and Donors Work Together to Change the World. Kevin Johnson. San Francisco, CA : Jossey-Bass, c2010. 310pp. Funding Center (1 East) HV41.2 .J62 2010 (Also available as online ebook) : Planned and legacy giving expert Kevin Johnson tailors a how-to guide to the needs of small to medium-sized nonprofits. Written in an easy-to-understand fashion for use in a variety of settings, the book provides the practical knowledge and tools that smaller organizations need to connect with loyal donors and to build a pipeline of future income from bequests to sustain, strengthen, and advance their work and organizational missions. Clear, realistic steps help both organizations and individuals effectively use their resources and accomplish their goals.

Practical Guide to Planned Giving, 2000 (Book). Farmington Hills, Mich. : Taft, 1999. 8th edition, 997pp. Funding Center (1 East) HG177.5 .U6 P7 2000
A comprehensive resource for planning, managing, and marketing successful planned giving programs.

Western Michigan Planned Giving Group
Established in 1987, the Western Michigan Planned Giving Group was organized for the purpose of uniting gift planning officers from local charities with legal and financial advisors. Through the process of education and networking, local gift planning officers and professional advisors become better equipped to serve the needs of donors and prospective donors in the west Michigan area and beyond.
(Last checked 10/13/17)

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