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General Prospecting

Aspire Research Group Links
A comprehensive list of prospect research resources organized under subject headings.
(Last checked 07/12/18)

Prospect Research - The Ultimate Guide
(Last checked 07/12/18)

Wealth Screening - The Definitive Guide
(Last checked 07/12/18)

Foundation Center / Grant Space
Researching Individual Donors
If you are looking for information on individual donors, this user aid will help you in your search. We have selected a few of the most important print and electronic resources for you to begin your search.
(Last checked 07/12/18)

FundRaiser Blog
The FundRaiser Software Blog is an excellent resource for nonprofit organizations looking to learn more about fundraising, donor management, membership management, and much more. Here is a quote from a 2004 newslettr issue. Prospect research refers to the techniques used to be able to ask the right people for the right amount and the right project at the right time. Why should you dedicate time and effort (or even money and staff) to this process?
John D. Rockefeller, in 1933, commented on this, saying, "it is a great help to know something about the person whom you are approaching. You can not deal successfully with all people the same way. Therefore, it is desirable to find out something about the person you are going to-- what his interests are, whether you have any friends in common, whether he gave last year, if so, how much he gave, what he might be able to give this year, etc. Information such as this puts you more closely in touch with him and makes the approach easier." Advice from Michel Hudson, Fundraiser Basic eNewsletter, Sept. 1, 2004.
(Last checked 07/12/18)

Northwestern University
Research Bookmarks
Compiled and maintained by the Research staff of Alumni Relations and Development at Northwestern University. Check out the sources used for international funders.
(Last checked 07/12/18)

Philanthropy News Digest
A weekly online news service provided by the Foundation Center, summarizing philanthropy-related articles and feature topies in the U.S. media.
(Last checked 07/12/18)

Portico : Web Resources for Advancement Professionals
Portico is a collection of web sites, containing publicly available information, compiled for the use of the advancement community. Although we make every effort to ensure that the included sites are useful and up-to-date, we are not responsible for the content of each link.
(Last checked 07/12/18)

Pulls together a wide variety of information resources of potential interest to college and university development employees.
(Last checked 07/12/18)

Ten Minutes to Sustainable Funding : Building A Self-Sustaining Individual Giving Program (Online Video)
This free online video will provide you with an overview of the Benevon system for building sustainable funding from lifelong individual donors. This system ends the suffering about fundraising and builds passionate and committed lifelong donors.
(Last checked 07/12/18)

University of Southern California NETSource (Archived website) :
Selected Sites for Prospect Research on the Web
Sponsored by the University of Southern California, Development Research Department. Covers corporate intelligence sources, both in the U.S. and abroad; people directories; online newspapers providing both full text and searchable archives; etc.
[Also listed as NETSource : Selected Sites for Prospect Research on the Web]
(Last checked 07/12/18)

University of Virginia Portico
Assembled by prospect researchers at the University of Virginia, this web site includes pages on biographical information, corporate information, asset location and evaluation, nationwide listing of property assessors, public records, and more.
(Last checked 07/12/18)

Wall Street Executive Library Research Links
Provides an impressive array of prospect research sources of information.
(Last checked 07/12/18)

Getting started in prospect research : what you need to know to find who you need to find
Meredith Hancks. Rancho Santa Margarita, CA : CharityChannel Press, c2011. 218pp. Funding Center (1 East) HG177 .H36 2011
A nuts and bolts guide to setting up your research shop and discovering who your donors really are. Have you recently joined a new organization or found yourself with a new set of duties that include prospect research? Do you believe in the power of data to make informed decisions to help your organization raise more money? Do you want to participate as a valuable member of the fundraising team? GETTING STARTED IN PROSPECT RESEARCH will help you:
(1) Set up your own research shop.
(2) Conduct capacity and interest research.
(3) Uncover hidden gems in your database.
(4) Identify great new prospects.
(5) Create a list of your favorite sources for various types of data.
(6) Build relationships with fundraisers.
(7) Determine when to go it alone and when to bring in the experts.
(Last checked 07/12/18)

Prospect research : a primer for growing nonprofits
Cecilia Hogan ; with contributions by David Lamb. Sudbury, Mass. : Jones and Bartlett Publishers, c2008. 2nd edition, 420pp. Funding Center (1 East) HG177 .H64 2008
A detailed guide to expanding your donor base by implementing an advancement research plan. Written by a prospect researcher, this unique book provides you with the tips you need to find your next major gift donors. Novice and experienced researchers as well as fundraisers will appreciate this updated edition that focuses on prospect researching and the art of identifying and qualifying potential donors to nonprofit organizations. In addition to a detailed introduction to each step of prospect researching, the text includes sample forms and information on policies and procedures.
(Last checked 07/12/18)

Prospect research for fundraisers : the essential handbook
Hoboken, NJ : Wiley, 2013. 216pp. Remote Storage HV41.2 .F55 2013
Note: Also available online.
The authors explain how prospect research fits into the fundraising plan, and what impact it has on the gift cycle. They provide many real-world examples and suggestions, and discuss how to identify and research new prospects both in the U.S. and internationally, explain the fine points of donor relationship management systems, and share the latest trends. With bibliographical references and index.
(Last checked 07/12/18)

For additional resources on this topic, search the online catalog, Catalog of Nonprofit Literature. You can begin your search using the subject heading "Prospect research" or "Fundraising--individual solicitation." Note articles and publications can be requested through your favorite Foundation Center Cooperating Collection or your local public library.

People Prospecting

Note: No one web site is totally comprehensive. This is simply a collection of various useful tools I have discovered on the web. Some are great for finding e-mail addresses; some for postal addresses; some provide biographical information. All have potential for the prospect researcher. Enjoy.

Instantly find people and their assets, associates, relatives, and much more. A subscription database.
(Last checked 07/12/18)

Formerly called World Alumni Page
Trying to track down a former friend or graduate of a particular institution. Well if everyone registered, it might prove an awesome database. Check it out to see how many people have registered with the college or university of your choice.
(Last checked 07/12/18)

Anywho Directory Services
Find Telephone Number, Email, Home Page URL, FAX, Toll Free Number, and Address. Sponsored by Internet Directory Group of AT&T Labs.
(Last checked 07/12/18)

Argali White & Yellow
The most complete and reliable search of telephone and email directories on the Internet. Requires downloading of free software.
(Last checked 07/12/18)

This site is provided by A&E Television Networks, the producer of the Biography television series. There are biographical descriptions of 20,000+ persons with the descriptions varying in length from a few sentences to several paragraphs.
(Last checked 07/12/18)

Finding People
Lots of people want to use the Internet to find somebody. Advice from Richard A. Lawhorn.
(Last checked 07/12/18)

Forbes 400 Richest People in America
Archives : http://www.forbes.com/richlist2003/rich400land.html
In another dog-bites-man story, Bill Gates once again tops Fortune's Richest 400 list this year. Interactive maps show national distribution of the richest Americans. Users must register (for free) to read the dozen features that accompany the list.
(Last checked 07/12/18)

InfoSpace.com's Ultimate Directory
InfoSpace is a new Web based phone directory that claims to be the "most comprehensive on the Internet," with over 112 million listings. Users can search people, businesses, yellow pages, and fax directories in the U.S. and Canada. A blue pages government and toll free 800 number directory is available for the U.S. only at this time. Forthcoming services include a large email search service and map-based individual, business, and government directories. As always, there is no guarantee that information found is correct (as it is based on telephone directory listings), but the sheer magnitude of this venture, along with the fact that it includes Canadian as well as American listings, merits a look.
(Last checked 07/12/18)

Lycos WhoWhere?
"WhoWhere? is the leading Communications Guide enabling people and businesses worldwide to find, connect and collaborate with each other by providing directories of email addresses, phone numbers and addresses, company URL's, free web based email and much more." Courtesy of the Lycos Network.
(Last checked 07/12/18)

The Obituary Page, 1994-
An attempt to capture obituary information from around the world. The webmaster invites readers to submit information from their local areas around the world.
(Last checked 07/12/18)

Aims to be the ultimate search tool for info about people on the Web. Links to such things as vital records, demographics, e-mail, phone, reverse directories and genealogy resources.
(Last checked 07/12/18)

Superpages.com People Directories
Useful for finding both people and businesses, courtesy of the yellow pages.
(Last checked 07/12/18)

"The leading provider of white pages, yellow pages, free homepages, free email, and other personalization services on the web. If you use your yellowpages phonebook to find a business or lookup businesses you should be using Switchboard to lookup businesses online in the online yellow pages. If you are using the white pages phonebook next to your telephone to lookup people, find phone numbers, you should be using the online white pages from Switchboard to lookup people, find addresses and find phone numbers. Switchboard has addresses, zip codes, maps and directions, as well as information about nearby businesses for both businesses and people. Switchboard also has email lookup where you can find an email address, look at message boards and find free email and homepages associated with people on the web."
(Last checked 07/12/18)

(Last checked 07/12/18)

For additional resources on this topic, search the online catalog, Catalog of Nonprofit Literature. You can begin your search using the subject heading "Prospect research" or "Fundraising--individual solicitation." Note articles and publications can be requested through your favorite Foundation Center Cooperating Collection or your local public library.

Company Prospecting

CEO Express Business Research
Provides an impressive array of business research tools available over the web. Categories include: business links, company research, financial markets, government agencies, international business, investing and ipo research, online investor services, online marketing, quotes and market news, sec, small business, statistics, and more. Also check out the daily news and info section which provides extensive links to news resources.
(Last checked 07/12/18)

EDGAR is a database of corporate information provided by the US Securities and Exchange Commission. For a tip on how to use EDGAR for prospect research, click here.
(Last checked 07/12/18)

Hoover's Online
They call themselves "The Ultimate Source for Company Information." Whether your looking for CEOs or corporate headquarters addresses, this site has the data. Hoover's provides free access to over 10,000 company capsules. Each capsule provides a general description of the company and basic contact information, as well as links to other sites. For a subscription fee, you can get indepth corporate information for more than 2500 public and private companies worldwide, along with links to company web sites and to other information. Hoover's Online recently announced that it now provides access to the latest news stories on thousands of public and private companies worldwide, thanks to partnerships with CNNfn, the Los Angeles Times, Pathfinder, Ziff-Davis' ZD Net, Infoseek, and washingtonpost.com.
(Last checked 07/12/18)

Matching Gift Details [Book]
Provides profiles of more than 7500 companies with matching gift programs. Latest edition currently available: 51st, 2007. Available in Main Library Reference (1 East) Funding Center under the call number HG4028 .C6 C3

East Lansing, Michigan Yellow Pages
(Last checked 07/12/18)

GTE's Superpages
Reasons for using those hefty phone books only for door stops keep growing. GTE SuperPages provides phone numbers for more than 10 million businesses. And it's super fast.
(Last checked 07/12/18)

Allows users to search its U.S. database of over 110 million names for telephone numbers and addresses. Listings are compiled from white pages directories throughout the U.S., although because white pages directories are usually updated annually, there is a possibility that the listing you get might be out of date. Switchboard is searchable by name, city and state. Retrieval looks exactly like a telephone listing. A help file is available on the home page. You may also register at the site and personalize your listing, adding an e-mail address if you wish. 10 million U.S. businesses are also searchable.
(Last checked 07/12/18)

For additional resources on this topic, search the online catalog, Catalog of Nonprofit Literature. You can begin your search using the subject heading "Prospect research" or "Fundraising--individual solicitation." Note articles and publications can be requested through your favorite Foundation Center Cooperating Collection or your local public library.

Professional Organization Directories

American Medical Association Doctor Finder
Find physician addresses and credentials. From the AMA home page, click on "AMA Health Insight" and then "Physician Select".
(Last checked 07/12/18)

FindLaw.Com Find a Lawyer
(Last checked 07/12/18)

For additional resources on this topic, search the online catalog, Catalog of Nonprofit Literature. You can begin your search using the subject heading "Prospect research" or "Fundraising--individual solicitation." Note articles and publications can be requested through your favorite Foundation Center Cooperating Collection or your local public library.

Professional Research Organization Directories

Association of Advancement Services Professionals (AASP)
(Last checked 07/12/18)

Association of Fundraising Professionals
The Association of Fund Raising Professionals has unveiled a new web site containing background information on the association and its certification program for fund raisers; a calendar of events sponsored by the association; and articles that explain the association's views on matters such as compensation and how to value gifts of appreciated property.
  • Future plans call for a national directory of fund-raising consultants, schedules for meetings of its 138 local chapters, and articles from its newletter.
    (Last checked 07/12/18)

    Association of Professional Researcher's for Advancement (APRA)
    Provides conference announcements, membership information, and links to resources. APRA publishes an online journal called APRA Connections. APRA also maintains a listserv for prospect researchers, PRSPCT-L.
    (Last checked 07/12/18)

    CASE Library Services
    The web site for the Council for the Advancement and Support for Education, the international education association serving professionals in the fields of alumni relations, communications, and philanthropy. Be sure to check out the web links.
    "Do you need sample annual fund brochures, job descriptions, phonothon scripts, or class agent manuals? Do you need articles from our CURRENTS magazine about donor recognition, the importance of endowment campaigns, or the steps in a major donor solicitation? Do you need to find the name of that new book on fund raising on the Internet, setting up a school foundation, or planning a library campaign? To find out what we can do for you, call (202) 328-5942 or 328-5958, stop by our Washington, D.C. office, or e-mail library@ns.case.org.]
    (Last checked 07/12/18)

    For additional resources on this topic, search the online catalog, Catalog of Nonprofit Literature. You can begin your search using the subject heading "Prospect research" or "Fundraising--individual solicitation." Note articles and publications can be requested through your favorite Foundation Center Cooperating Collection or your local public library.



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