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Michigan Women's Foundation
Summer 1997

Tenth Anniversary "Women of Achievement
and Courage" Galas

We did it again! This year, the eight annual MWF benefit galas in West Michigan and Southeast Michigan broke both fund raising and attendance records, raising $266,000 in total revenue and attracting over 1,000 guests. In Grand Rapids, guests were treated to a special appearance by honoree and former First Lady Betty Ford, who spoke not only of her commitment to women's equality, but of her work at the Betty Ford Center.

The Dearborn event had some special tenth anniversary flair: commemorative MWF t-shirts for all guests, and special birthday cakes decorated with MWF's signature flower, the trillium. Co- chairs Debbie Dingell and Geneva Williams led the singing of "Happy Birthday." Honorees Susan Watson, Karla Scherer, and Clinton Donaldson (accepting an award in honor of his late wife, Marie Farrell Donaldson) spoke eloquently of their personal convictions.

The continuous growth of the annual benefit dinners has been made possible through the diligent efforts of our volunteers. Special thanks go to our benefit dinner committees, listed on page 6. Also, we thank our corporate sponsors: General Motors, Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan, Chrysler Corporation, Detroit Edison, Ameritech, Comerica, First of America, Ford Motor Company, Kmart, Masco Corporation, NBD, St. John Health System, Varnum, Riddering, Schmidt & Howlett, and the Wege Foundation.

Peg's Perspective

The last few months have been exciting for the Michigan Women's Foundation. We moved our Lansing office to sites in Grand Rapids and Livonia. We hired several new staff. We achieved a record profit at our annual dinners.

Another activity has been just as energizing and instructive. It is our strategic planning process, which includes focus groups made up of donors, peer organizations, grantees and their clients. Mary Eckert of Leaders in Management designed and conducted the Strategic Plan. Nokomis Foundation provided the funding with the goal of improving our internal functioning.

Based on feedback from the focus groups we learned that:

I might add that these choices are not either/or but reference points for MWF's Trustees to consider at their annual retreat later this summer. Mission, fund development, and grantmaking priorities for the future will be affirmed.

As we continue with the strategic planning process, we would like feedback from each of you. Please take a few moments to complete and return the survey in this newsletter. It would help us greatly.

Have a terrific summer!

1997 Grants

MWF has made more than $200,000 in grants this year through three funding cycles: the General Grants Cycle, the Women's Health Funding Initiative, and Young Women for Change. All-volunteer committees review grant proposals and make recommendations for funding. We thank our grantmaking partners: Metro Health Foundation, Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan Foundation, Pharmacia & Upjohn Foundation, Boyd Foundation, Frey Foundation, the Michigan Department of Community Health, the Women's Bureau of the U.S. Department of Labor, and all of our donors statewide. Also, we would like to thank the volunteers on our grants committees, whose names are listed below.


Tish Preston, Chair; Bobbie Butler, H. Patricia Curran, Kate Dernocoeur , Jean Doss, Fran Farley, M.D., Mary Anne Ford , Beth Goebel, Stephanie Hearn, Mildred Jeffrey, Judy Karandjeff, Marsha Kreucher, Kathrin Kudner, and Marilyn Laken, Ph.D.


Chrystal Andrews, Katie Bode, Elise Boncher, Caroline Crawford, Rachel Dooley, Laura Furst, Linda Karadsheh, Missy Lake, Elizabeth Luong, Alison McDonnell, Tracey O'Neill, Hanna Phan, Kelly Steelman, and Lena Zwarensteyn


Terri Wright, Chair; Ruth Benedict, Barbara Hill, Susan Hoffman, Mildred Jeffrey, Wallis Klein, Monica Labe, Barbara Palmer, Tish Preston, Karen Sherrin, Nancy Smith, Amanda Van Dusen, and Jill Warren

General Grants Cycle Grants

Center for Women in Transition, Holland $2,900
For computer hardware and software. The Center For Women in Transition promotes women's self-determination through advocacy, shelter and education. However, its record keeping and data collection are currently done manually. The new equipment will provide shared case access, better client records, and the ability to access current information and research.

Child and Family Services of Northeast Michigan, Alpena $9,177
For "Making Child Care Pay," a project that will teach low income women the skills necessary to become self-sufficient by operating successful child care businesses. In rural northeast Michigan, 72% of female-headed households with children under age five live in poverty.

Citizens for the Prevention of Childhood Sexual Abuse, Iron Mountain $7,200
To support a teen violence education program for all middle school students in five school districts in the Upper Peninsula. The curriculum will address the issues of date rape, sexual harassment, and violence.

Children's Center of Wayne County, Detroit $3,500
To provide advocacy, transportation and emergency assistance to incarcerated or post-release parenting or pregnant women. Therapist/advocates will prepare these women to become emotionally and economically self-sufficient as they rebuild their lives.

The Corner Health Center, Ypsilanti $4,500
To develop a strategic plan to maintain the clinic's capacity to provide services to at-risk youth. In the face of massive welfare reform and an increase in the number of uninsured youth and young adults, the Center must evaluate its operations and long-term plans. The vast majority (89%) of the teens served by the Center are women.

Elder Law of Michigan, Statewide $6,900
To develop a handbook for older Michigan women to explain the laws and legal decisions they face. In addition, when legal advice is needed, toll-free telephone support will be provided to women 60 or older by three female attorneys.

The Information Center, Southgate $5,000
To fund part-time staff for the Chysalis Boutique, a clothing store and support center for low income women seeking first-time employment. The goal of the boutique is to assist women in making a favorable impression during the job interview and to provide an initial wardrobe for the first critical weeks of work.

Michigan Coalition Against Domestic and Sexual Violence, Statewide $6,148
To fund a leadership development institute which will strengthen efforts to eliminate violence against women. This project will train new executive directors, middle managers and advocates to build management, fund raising, and legislative advocacy skills.

Michigan Waterways Council of Girl Scouts, Port Huron $2,000
For mentorship program focused on goal attainment for at-risk girls. Mentors will provide girls in grades six through eleven with direction, support and encouragement in achieving their goals so that they can build a better sense of self-esteem.

National Council on Alcoholism/Regional Area, Lansing $3,500
To provide operating support for the Women's Day Treatment Program, which helps chemically dependent women of color recover and develop sober lives. Clients strengthen their parenting skills, educational plans and health.

Planned Parenthood of East Central Michigan, Flint $2,000
To fund a newly created education program for low-income menopausal women, most of whom have no access to such information. The clinic will offer menopause counseling/education classes aimed at assisting menopause-aged women to deal with the biological, social and psychological impact of menopause.

Planned Parenthood of Southeast Michigan, Detroit $7,800
To fund an education program on the subjects of abstinence, birth control, reproduction and STD's. This program targets low-income, non-teen African American women, who give birth to almost 75% of all babies in Detroit annually.

RAVE of West Michigan, Grand Rapids $5,000
To fund the "In Touch With Teens" education project. This teen violence prevention curriculum, targeted for middle and high school youth, will train facilitators, educators, students and parents to increase awareness of teen violence and to effect a positive attitude change concerning these issues.

SOS Crisis Center, Ypsilanti $3,000
For a volunteer program matching trained women from community churches with homeless mothers participating in shelter programs. The volunteers, or ■sisters,■ will provide caring emotional support, trust and hope in the context of a personal relationship to help these homeless women rebuild their lives and reconnect with their communities.

Women's Survival Center of Oakland County, Pontiac $6,375
To fund computer hardware and software at this crisis intervention center for women. The computer systems will provide staff the ability to increase services to clients and improve the professionalism and accuracy of financial statements and statistics.

Women's Health Funding Initiative Grants

Careerline Tech Center, Holland $47,120
This project will increase wellness and attendance in vocationally-based programs by providing resources and opportunities for Ottawa County teen mothers or mothers-to-be. It addresses excessive absences in school due to the physical and mental health of teen mothers and will provide summer workshops, classes, homebound instruction, sick child care, and on-site health services as a complement to the vocational training already offered at Careerline Tech. This "one stop shopping" approach enables teen mothers to earn a high school diploma or vocational certificate while accessing health services.

Wayne State University, School of Medicine, Division of Community Health Programs, Detroit $50,000
This grant will develop and produce an age appropriate, culturally sensitive video for African American girls ages 9-12 and their parents or caregivers. Its primary goal is to prevent teen pregnancy by educating girls on decision-making skills, setting goals, and developing healthy relationships with the opposite sex. A secondary goal is to educate parents about the messages taught in the video and reinforce those messages at home. The video will be seen through a network of distributing agencies, such as Metro Girl Scouts, Highland Park Teen Health Center, Pontiac Urban League, Women's Justice Center, YWCA of Western Wayne County, and Delta Sigma Theta Inc. After each video showing, topic guides will be provided to facilitate peer discussion groups.

Young Women for Change (Kent County) Grants

Therapeutic Horsemanship $1,680
Twenty overweight girls will participate in the Kent Hopes and Horses program, a six-week riding course to improve physical condition, self-esteem and leadership skills.

Planned Parenthood of West Michigan $3,330
To design and distribute "getting-ready-for-growing-up" kits for girls ages 8- 12. The kits celebrate womanhood and teach girls to value and respect their bodies during this important time in their lives.

Rose Haven $5,000
An education outreach worker will talk in schools and teen centers about the dangers of prostitution. She will serve as a counselor to teen prostitutes in who come to Rose Haven's outreach center to seek shelter from the streets.

Communities for Equity $10,000
To promote equity for girls in sports across the state of Michigan by urging schools to comply with Title IX. Communities for Equity will collaborate with parent organizations to educate the public about the injustices that female athletes are enduring as a result of non-compliance with the twenty-five year old passage of Title IX.

MWF Board Welcomes New Trustees

The Michigan Women's Foundation is pleased to welcome six new Trustees:

Lynn Feldhouse , Manager and Secretary of the Chrysler Corporation Fund since 1982. Under her management, the fund's asset base increased from less than $2 million to approximately $64 million and the Fund's giving level increased from $1.5 million in 1982 to $23 million in 1996. Ms. Feldhouse, a graduate of Wayne State University's School of Business Administration, lives in Rochester Hills with her husband, Bob and daughter, Katherine.

Sandra Hardy is co-founder of the National Network on Women as Philanthropists, an organization that helps women become philanthropists through educational seminars, symposiums, forums, the media and newsletters. Ms. Hardy, former Assistant Vice President of Western Michigan University and a graduate of the Thomas M. Cooley Law School in Lansing, is the author of Reinventing Fundraising: Realizing the Potential of Women's Philanthropy. She lives in Traverse City with her husband, Tom.

Barbara Hill , Assistant Executive Director, Development for the Michigan Metro Girl Scout Council, has more than 18 years experience in the non-profit sector. Ms. Hill served as a management consultant for the YWCA of the USA in New York, as a faculty member at the YWCA of the USA's Leadership and Management Development Center in Phoenix; and as an Adjunct Faculty of Saginaw Valley State University. She received a Bachelor's degree from Kentucky State College and a Master's of Social Work from George Warren Brown School of Social Work at Washington University, St. Louis, MO. She and her husband, Kenneth Hill, executive director and founder of the Detroit Area Pre-College Engineering Program, live in Detroit. Ms. Hill is the parent of Jason Keenan Orr, an aspiring journalist.

Barbara Goldman Kratchman is the incoming President and CEO of ARTServe Michigan. Most recently, she served as vice president of the not-for-profit services group at Stone, August, Baker & Company in Troy. She is a graduate of the University of Michigan. Long recognized for her contributions to the non- profit sector, Ms. Kratchman has served as a member of the board of Concerned Citizens for the Arts in Michigan and treasurer and executive committee member of Arts Action Alliance.

Beth Konrad is managing partner/owner of Konrad & Moore, Inc., a firm specializing in communications consulting and strategic planning. Konrad holds a Bachelor of Science in Communications and Speech from Indiana State University. She is incoming chairman of the board of the Salvation Army-Southeastern Michigan. She is a past vice president of the Economic Club of Detroit. Konrad, husband Frank D. Wilberding, Jr.; and daughters Samantha and Abigail live in Grosse Pointe Park.

Marianne Udow , a resident of Ann Arbor, is Senior Vice President-Corporate Strategy and Health Care Administration for Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Michigan. She has a master's degree in health services administration form the University of Michigan School of Public Health. Her articles have appeared in several national publications. Udow was named the 1994 winner of the John H. Romani Outstanding Alumni Award for the University of Michigan School of Public Health.

Kudos for Wright

Trustee Terri D. Wright received the 1997 Michigan Healthy Mothers, Healthy Babies Outstanding Achievement Award June 12 at the Novi Hilton. The award, to be named the Terri D. Wright Outstanding Achievement Award, will be presented annually by the Michigan Healthy Mothers, Healthy Babies Coalition to advocates for improving the quality of mother/child health care. Wright is chief of the bureau of Child and Family Services for the Michigan Department of Community Health.

Southeast Michigan Executive Committee

Co-Chairs: Debbie Dingell, Geneva Williams

Penney Bailer, Brenda L. Ball, Gerry Barrons, Sharon Bernard, Denise Betti, Lila Cabbil, J. B. Dixson, Marla Drutz, Jane Eckels, Lynn Feldhouse, Kay Felt, Carolyn Forrest, Joan Gehrke, Sue Goulding, Marilyn F. Gushee, Pearl M. Holforty, Kay Hunt , Mildred Jeffrey, Helen Katz, Susan L. Kelly, Sari B. Klok, Beth Konrad, Bunny Kratchman, Shirley Maddalena, Aretha Marshall, Alyssa Martina, Sue Marx, Susan McClanahan, Terry Merritt, Charlene Mitchell, Eunice E. O'Loughlin, Barbara Palmer, Tish Preston, Veronika Quaroni, Anne Roberts, Lynda Ronie, Carla Schwartz, Tessie Sharp, Susan Sherbow, Judith S. Slotkin, Pat Solomon, Sheryl Stone, Leslie Touma, Alice Wark, Pat Williams-Taitt

West Michigan Executive Committee

Co-Chairs: Lisa Wurst, Faye Richardson

Deb Bailey, Joan Bennett, Catherine Berhendt, Jeannine Bryant, Judi Castillo, Terry Decker, Christina De La Garza, Jennifer Dowling, Jean Enright, Lynnette Ferrell, Judith Frey, Beth Goebel, Terri Handlin, Janice Hanley, Mary Hartfield, Joyce Hassen, Carol Hendricks, Rev. Dr. Linda H. Hollies, Kim Hughes, William Jack, Janet Knaus, Leslee Lewis, Fred Missad, Leslie Murphy, Bonnie Nawara, Valerie Rhodes, Carol Sarosik, Dr. Mary Seeger, Sandy Sefton, Susan Shannon, Nancy Skinner, Gloria Tate, Dawn Veltman, Maribeth Wardrop

Michigan Women's Foundation Board of Trustees

Bobbie S. Butler
Hilda Patricia Curran
Lynn A Feldhouse
J. Kay Felt
Judith C. Frey
Beth Goebel
Sondra C. Hardy
Barbara A. Hill
Pearl M. Holforty, C.P.A.
Kay Hunt
Mildred M. Jeffrey
Beth Konrad
Barbara Goldman Kratchman
Marjorie Peebles-Meyers, M.D.
Tish Preston
Mary Jo Pulte
Tessie Baltrip Sharp
Jane R. Thomas, Ph.D.
Marianne Udow
Terri D. Wright

Michigan Women's Foundation Advisory Council

Julia Darlow
Teresa S. Decker
Deborah I. Dingell
Jean Enright
Ruth R. Glancy
Linda M. Gobler
Florine Mark
Helen W. Milliken
Lelie Murphy
Lana Pollack
Hon. Maureen P. Reilly
Margaret Taylor Smith
Marilyn Steele, Ph.D.
Geneva Williams

Michigan Women's Foundation Staff

Margaret A. Talburtt, Ph.D. (Executive Director)
Kathy Tkach
Louise Motoligin
Jennifer Steiner
Brook Eddy

MWF Has Moved

Please note our new addresses:

17177 N. Laurel Park Drive, Suite 445
Livonia, MI 48152
phone: 313-542-3946
fax: 313-542-3952

25 Sheldon Blvd. SE
Grand Rapids, MI 49503
phone: 616-458-1557
fax: 616-458-5815

MWF and Trillium Notes
  • The Michigan Women's Foundation was established in 1986 as a way to increase support for programs and projects that empower Michigan women and girls. One over 60 women's funds in the United States, MWF uses your contributions to make grants to a variety of women's organizations. In addition, MWF provides training and consultation to women's nonprofits through the state to help these groups strengthen their management. The Foundation also works to increase public awareness of the needs of Michigan women and to encourage other foundations, individuals and the corporate community to increase their support of women's programs.
  • MWF is a partnership of donors, volunteers and women's nonprofit organizations from across Michigan. For further information, contact the Foundation office.
  • Trillium is a publication of the Michigan Women's Foundation.
  • Our logo, a trillium, is a wildflower often found in Michigan. It blooms in abundance from early May through late August. It was commonly used by Michigan Indians to ease the pain of childbirth. The trillium is also the symbol for modest beauty.
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