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Weatherwax Foundation, 145 S. Jackson St., Jackson, MI 49201-1283; Telephone : (517) 787-2117; E-mail

Weatherwax Foundation Brochure
Providing History, Application Guidelines and Procedures

The Weatherwax Foundation

In 1981 Kenneth A. Weatherwax, and his son Peter A. Weatherwax, established the Weatherwax Foundation in Jackson, Michigan. Longtime area industrialists, the Weatherwaxes owned and managed Acme Industries and Paka Plaza along with other business enterprises. Upon the death of his father in 1988, Peter Weatherwax undertook sole management of the foundation and expanded its service and reach in philanthropic works. Under his direction, the foundation's three major emphases included education, social agencies, and institutions promoting the arts.

The Weatherwax family legacy has served a variety of schools, both private and public, from primary to university grade levels. Activities in music, culture and the church were recipients of foundation support. In addition, projects helping children and families received aid and encouragement from Weatherwax Foundation grants.

Today, the Weatherwax Foundation carries on the spirit and interests of Kenneth and Peter Weatherwax. Their far-reaching vision of business and community success continues to be a force for good and brings life-enhancing opportunities to everyone served by the Weatherwax Foundation.

Guidelines and Application Procedures
for Grant Seekers

The Weatherwax Foundation funds projects promoting and supporting education, civic and social programs, culture, science and the arts, primarily in the greater Jackson area and, to a lesser extent, in the adjacent counties. Grant requests seeking funding for individuals or on-going operational expenses are generally discouraged.

Grant proposals must be made following the format outlined below and may be submitted at any time. Granting decisions are made in January, May, and August. Grant requests which do not include the criteria required, or an explanation of their absence from the proposal, will not be considered. It is the grant seeker's responsibility to see that applications are complete.

Include in your request:

  1. An explanation of the need and the amount requested, not to exceed two pages in length. Please note other funding sources from which you seek or have received funding.

  2. Criteria to be used to measure the success of the project outcome.

  3. Letter from the IRS confirming tax-exempt status.

  4. Audited financial statements for the most recent two years.

  5. Budget of the organization for the current and most recent two years.

  6. Budget for the project.

  7. Listing of the organization's board of directors and executive and project manager with brief statements of qualification.

Some topics we suggest you address in your proposal include:

  1. How will the project enhance or improve the life of your community?

  2. Has the community demonstrated a need or desire for the project?

  3. Can the project sustain itself after the grant is completed? Is it a one-time expenditure?

  4. Are the principal agents of the organization well-qualified to make the project a success?

  5. Are the needs expressed in the project being served by other organizations?

  6. Are the financial projections reasonable and economical?
The Weatherwax Foundation will acknowledge receipt of your application within thirty days. Grant requests may or may not be funded within the cycle in which they are received.

Grant requests may be mailed to:

Weatherwax Foundation
145 S. Jackson St.
Jackson, MI 49201-1283

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