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Database Resources Available

Foundation Directory Online Professional
Provides subscribers with access to an unprecedented wealth of timely, comprehensive information on grantmakers and their grants. Included is a database of the entire universe of over 140,000 private and corporate foundations, corporate giving programs, grantmaking public charities, and federal agencies in the U.S.; a database of almost 8 million recently awarded grants; and a keyword-searchable database of over 1 million recently filed IRS Forms 990 and 990-PF.

Foundation Grants to Individuals Online (Main Library IP Address Access Only)
Includes descriptions of more than 6,000 foundations and public charities that fund individual grantseekers, and is searchable by nine different criteria. Records provide contact information, financial data, application information, and program descriptions, with links to more than 500 foundation Web sites. Updated weekly.

An extensive online grants database owned and operated by Schoolhouse Partners, and it contains more than 16,000 funding opportunities provided by more than 5,100 unique sponsoring organizations. Also provides a selection of funding news.

Proposal Central
Altum, Inc. runs a site known as Proposal Central. Some private foundations and many voluntary health organizations such as the American Cancer Society, Juvenile Diabetes Foundation, American Lung Association, Epilepsy Foundation, Cystic Fibrosis Foundation and Muscular Dystrophy Association utilize this system for receipt of on-line applications. You may also find it useful to check this website for upcoming agency deadlines. Requires free registration.

SciVal Funding
Provides access to a searchable database of more than 25,000 active opportunities, almost 8M awarded grants (back to 2004), and 13,0000 international sponsors. Geographic coverage is strongest for the United States, Canada, United Kingdom, European Commission, Australia, Ireland, Singapore, India, South Africa, and New Zealand. At present academic discipline coverage is strongest in the sciences and business; hopefully it will beef up funding information in the arts, humanities, and social sciences as time goes by.
Note: SciVal is currently being revamped and will be branded as Pure Funding Discovery at the end of 2017.
For more information see Frequently Asked Questions: MSU Scholars (SciVal Experts/SciVal Funding)

OVPRGS Funding Opportunities Database
Updated several times each week, this database can be "filtered" by type of funding source (Federal, State, Foundation, Corporate, Institutionally Limited Proposals (ILP), Arts and Humanities, Career, Awards, Internal; or searched by keywords within the title of the Request for Proposal (RFP).

Online Funding Newsletters Available to MSU Faculty and Students

The Grant Advisor
A monthly newsletter (except July) providing grant and fellowship information of interest to academic faculty and graduate students. This version of THE GRANT ADVISOR includes hypertext links to organization web sites as well as electronic form letters for those organizations providing e-mail access.

The Grant Advisor Deadline Memos (PDF Format)
Update monthly (except July). Provides grant and fellowship deadlines of interest to academic faculty and graduate students. Requires Adobe Acrobat for viewing. Deadlines are sorted into the following categories:

  • Education Links
  • Fine Arts Links
  • Health Related Links
  • Humanities Links
  • Sciences Links
  • Social Sciences Links
  • International Links
  • Minorities/Women Links
  • Unrestricted/Other Links
  • .
  • Federal Register Links
  • .

    Research Development and Grant Writing News
    Published monthly by Academic Research Funding Strategies to provide help and advice to faculty seeking funding for their research projects.

    Nonprofit Newsletters and Current Awareness Services
    Some of these newsletters provides funding alerts. Others provide information about the world of philanthropy.

    Government Funders

    Federal Funding Tools and Information Resources
    Identifies places to start.

    State of Michigan Funding Information
    Identifies places to start.

    Key MSU Web Sites

    Michigan State University, Vice President for Research and Graduate Studies
    Central clearinghouse for research and funding information on campus, including both external and internal funding opportunities. Provides research summaries such as MSU External Funding Sources, 2013-2014

    Michigan State University
    Vice President's Office for Research and Graduate Studies
    Institution-Limited Competitions
    The Office of the Vice President for Research and Graduate Studies has developed a new procedure for managing institutionally limited funding opportunities. Such limited submission proposals will require a short pre-proposal to select the application(s) to be submitted from MSU. The pre-proposal guidelines and cover sheet are available on the Web at: http://resfacil.msu.edu/groups/ILP/. This site also lists the program announcements including the internal and external deadlines. Faculty are encouraged to subscribe to the Limited Submission Listserv to receive regular notifications of limited submission opportunities. Instructions for subscribing to the limited submission listserv can be found on the Institutionally Limited Proposals Web site. If you have any questions about this new process please send them to me or to limited@msu.edu. Source: Estelle J. McGroarty, Assistant Vice President for Research and Graduate Studies, Director of the Office of Research Development and Grants Coordination.

    Michigan State University, Vice President for Research and Graduate Studies
    Research Facilitation & Dissemination
    This unit seeks to assist all faculty in identifying useful sources for extramural support, and to facilitate inter-institutional, university-wide, and large team interdisciplinary projects and proposal writing efforts. Services include:
    (1) Grant-writing support for approved projects.
    (2) Free Wiki and blog hosting for project and proposal development
    (3) Direct training -- and subventions for third-party training -- in grant proposal development and project management.
    (4) Travel support for visits to Federal and other grant officers for discussion of possible projects.
    (5) Grants Administration By College or School, January 2014, identifying key contacts in larger campus units.
    (6) Research and Creative Activity Contact List
    For more information, contact Loraine J. Hudson, Director, 238 Administration Building, Michigan State University; E-mail: ljh@msu.edu; Telephone: (517) 432-4499

    Michigan State University, Vice President for Finance and Operations
    Office of Sponsored Programs
    Contract and Grant Administration
    The place to go for technical assistance in preparing grant proposals and budgets.

    Michigan State University. Office of the Provost
    Awards, Grants, Fellowships, and Academic Programs
    A compilation of distribution and due dates of various awards, grants, fellowships, and academic programs administered by the offices of the Provost, Vice President for Research and Graduate Studies, and Inclusion and Intercultural Initiatives. Websites (when available) and contact information are listed. The all-university awards are announced each year at the University Awards Convocation held in February.

    MSU University Development: Office of Corporate and Foundation Relations
    Working documents from Lucille Fallon, Director
    If you are planning to seek more than $20,000 from a national corporation or a foundation to finance your research, you are required to contact this unit for clearance. Requests for support below $20,000 should also be discussed prior to making the request. Also note that all requests to any Michigan based corporation or foundation must be cleared. For more information, take a look at the University Development Corporate and Foundation Relations Official Home Page.

    Michigan State University AgBio Research
    Commodity Group and Agriculture Industry Funding
    Commodity Group RPFs
    Sample funders for Michigan State University research projects have included the Cherry Marketing Institute, Michigan Apple Committee, US Apple Association, Michigan Farm Bureau, National Corn Growers Association, and the National Pork Producers Council. This web site lists all organizations that have had typical overhead fees waived as well as current requests for proposals.

    Michigan State University, Graduate School, Funding Opportunities
    Outlines financial aid available to graduate students at Michigan State University, including scholarships, fellowships, travel money, graduate assistantships, and emergency funding.

    Michigan State University
    Honors College
    National/International Fellowships & Scholarships
    The place to start for undergraduates and graduates seeking national prestigious scholarships. Check the NIFS Calendar for upcoming orientation sessions.

    Michigan State University Scholarship Search
    MSU offers a wide variety of scholarships, some of which have criteria which severely limit the number of students who might be eligible for the scholarship, while others have much broader criteria. This facility should help you find those MSU scholarships for which you might be eligible.

    Michigan State University Libraries
    Grants and Related Resources
    Migrating to Grants and Related Resources LibGuide
    Be sure to check out the following sections:
    (1) Grants for Individuals, with breakouts by academic status, population category, and by subject.
    (2) Grants for Nonprofits
    (3) Academic Fundraising
    (4) MSU Awards and Grants
    (5) Lifecycle Data Management Planning

    Michigan State University Libraries
    Grants and Related Resources Blog
    This new blog features items of interest to grantseekers in general, whether they be faculty, staff, students, or the community at large. Many items feature resources available through the MSU Libraries Funding Center, a Foundation Center Funding Infomation Network Partner.

    Michigan State University Libraries
    Research Data Management Guidance
    The Research Data Management Guidance service is a joint effort between the MSU Libraries and University Archives to respond to the emerging concern surrounding research data management. Effective research data management is an active and ongoing process during the entire research lifecycle, from project conception to long after it is finished.

    Michigan State University
    Writing Center
    Trixie Smith, the Director of the MSU Writing Center, can assist faculty and graduate students in setting up research proposal writing groups.


    Annual Register of Grant Support
    Wilmette, Ill. : National Register Publishing Co., annual. Funding Center (1 East) LB2336 .A7
    Includes information on programs sponsored by government agencies, public and private foundations, educational and professional associations, special interest organizations and corporations. Covers a broad range of interests including academic and scientific research, publication support, equipment and construction support, in-service training, competitions and prizes, and travel and exchange programs. Organized by broad subject areas with four indexes: subject, organization and program, geographic and personnel.

    The Grants Register
    New York, N.Y. : St. Martin's Press, annual. Funding Center (1 East) LB2338 .G7
    The complete guide to postgraduate funding worldwide.

    Additional choices can be found by reviewing the books listed in ....

    Grants for Individuals


    Grant for Nonprofits

    Proposal Writing Resources

    Academic Fundraising Web Sites
    Provides around 80 web links, including the ones below.

    Nonprofit Fundraising Web Sites
    Identifies around 500 proposal writing resources and other related topics available over the web.

    Fundraising Web Sites for Educators
    Identifies over 100 web sites of potential interest to teachers and principals.

    Need More Information About Grants Research or Proposal Writing?
    The Grants and Related Resources Home Page contains a section called Grantsmanship Techniques which provides an exhaustive annotated listing of books available in the Michigan State University Library.

    Interested in Attending Another Workshop?

    Additional Conference, Meeting, and Workshop Opportunities





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