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For more information, consult Nonprofit Virtual Library.

Web Sites

American Institute of Philanthropy
A-Z List of Charities
AIP offers ratings on the following organizations in its Charity Rating Guide. AIP considers a group's willingness to provide basic documents to serious donors as an important factor in one's giving decision. These documents include an annual report, complete audited financial statements, and Internal Revenue Service form 990, with Schedule A where applicable.
(Last checked 05/02/18)

American Institute of Philanthropy
Charity Watch
Grades charities based on the percentage of contributions used for charity versus fund raising and administration.
(Last checked 05/02/18)

America's Best Charities
This site will help you find organizations that meet your interests, present information about their missions and programs, and link you to their web sites and/or email. Postal addresses, telephone, and fax numbers are also provided here. Entries are sorted out into categories such as : Animal, Children, Education, Environment, Health and Medical Research, Human Rights, Human Service, International Relief, Military-Patriotic, and Women. The site also offers key word searching and an online secure giving if you wish to make a donation.
(Last checked 05/02/18)

America's Charities
A coalition of more than 80 health, education, environment, human-services, and civil and human-rights charities.
(Last checked 05/02/18)

Capital Area United Way
The purpose of the Capital Area United Way, as described in its bylaws, is to provide local employers, employees and other donors a cost-effective system to address community health and human service needs through charitable gifts of time money and goods.
(Last checked 05/02/18)

Charity Channel
(Last checked 05/02/18)

Charity Choice: The Encyclopedia of Charities on the Net
Provides an online directory of charities in the United Kingdom.
(Last checked 05/02/18)

Here are the inspiring stories of 300+ charities, all of which have met the Combined Federal Campaign's 10 accountability standards, including low overhead. You can make an online donation to many of them.
(Last checked 05/02/18)

Charity Navigator
Rates more than 1700 charities, using financial data to analyze the charity's health.
(Last checked 05/02/18)

Earth Share
A coalition of over 40 environmental and conservation organizations.
(Last checked 05/02/18)

Developed by Desktop Assistance, a non-profit group in Helena, Mont., Ebase is a free data base program that allows charities to keep track of such information as how much money donors have contributed to the group, the topics on which activists want information, and how people prefer to be contacted. Non-profit groups can also e-mail members and donors directly from the program. Ebase can be downloaded free, but to make modifications to the data base, charities must own FileMaker Pro.
(Last checked 05/02/18)

BBB Wise Giving Alliance
A merger of the National Charities Information Bureau and the Council of Better Business Bureaus' Foundation and its Philanthropic Advisory Service.
Check out the Charity Reports Index listing the current BBB Wise Giving Alliance reports on charities and other soliciting organizations.
(Last checked 05/02/18)

Global Impact: International Service Agencies
A coalition of the nation's leading international relief and development organizations. ISA's mission is to help people overseas and in the U.S. who suffer from hunger, poverty and disease or from the ravages of war, oppression and natural disasters by raising awareness and funds in the workplace.
(Last checked 05/02/18)

GuideStar : Donors' Guide to Charities and Nonprofits
Donors and philanthropists can now more easily compare and monitor organizations to which they may contribute, while nonprofit organizations can perhaps spend less of their resources on fundraising. These are the goals of Philanthropic Research, Inc's GuideStar, a clearinghouse of information on more than 600,000 charities and nonprofit organizations. GuideStar hosts a searchable database, a newsletter, employment and volunteer opportunity listings, and valuable articles in addition to lists of links for both donors and nonprofit organizations. Database information includes brief descriptions of the charities/nonprofits and their programs, funding sources, geographic location(s), and income/asset statements. GuideStar derives its information from 990 tax submissions to the IRS as well as directly from the nonprofit organizations themselves. For more information, contact Kim Reardon, kreardon@seva.net; (804) 229-4631. [Also listed under Charities]
(Last checked 05/02/18)

Try the organization search engine.
(Last checked 05/02/18)

IRS Charities and Nonprofits Page
The IRS provides all kinds of tax information. Be sure to type in "78" to retrieve Publication 78, Search for Exempt Organizations. This online version of Publication 78, Cumulative List of Organizations, is intended to assist you in learning if an organization is exempt from federal taxation and, if so, determining how much of your contributions to that organization are tax deductible.
(Last checked 05/02/18)

Useful tool for identifying charities working in various states or on international basis. Note browse category.
(Last checked 05/02/18)

Michigan Licensed Charities, April 2018
Courtesy of the Office of the Attorney General.
(Last checked 05/02/18)

The National Center for Charitable Statistics, or NCCS
Sponsored by the Center on Nonprofits and Philanthropy at the Urban Institute, this new web site offers a wealth of practical resources: summaries of national and state tables on the number, size and scope of charitable organizations; a database of 164,000 public charities with public support, total expenses and total assets for 1992 (the database is searchable by state and NTEE organization classification code, and up to 1,000 records can be extracted in a single query); and a selected bibliography, links to other sites and data dictionaries for other files available from NCCS. Within the next couple of months, NCCS plans to expand the site to include more summary tables, more financial variables, all databases as well as additional resources for nonprofit researchers and policymakers. For more information, contact Tom Pollak, Center on Nonprofits and Philanthropy at 202-857-8536 or send e-mail to tpollak@ui.urban.org.
(Last checked 05/02/18)

Charitable Donations: Give or Take?
Your charity dollars are an investment in your community, the nation and the world. It's wise to use just as much caution when making your charitable giving decisions as you do when making other decisions affecting your overall financial picture.
(Last checked 05/02/18)

Hey You, Deep Pockets. Do You Know Who You're Helping?
Reviews major sources for checking up on nonprofits. Source: CNN Interactive, Site Seer Review, December 19, 1996.
(Last checked 05/02/18)

How Do We Rate Charities
We rate charities by evaluating two broad areas of performance; their Financial Health and their Accountability & Transparency. Our ratings show givers how efficiently we believe a charity will use their support today, how well it has sustained its programs and services over time and their level of commitment to being accountable and transparent. In the not-too-distant future, we plan to also rate charities' reporting of their results. We provide these ratings so that givers can make intelligent giving decisions, and so that the philanthropic community can more effectively monitor itself. Courtesy of Charity Navigator.
(Last checked 05/02/18)

How to Find a Charity's Assets, Liabilities, Other Financials, and Accounting Information
Use this guide as a quick reference to find important information on nonprofit groups from the forms they’re required to file with the Internal Revenue Service.
Source : Chronicle of Philanthropy, August 9, 2016. Note: The MSU Libraries provide full access to the Chronicle of Philanthropy for the MSU Community.
(Last checked 05/02/18)

Mining the 990: A Guide to Gleaning Key Data From Charities’ Tax Forms
Source : Chronicle of Philanthropy, August 9, 2016. Note: The MSU Libraries provide full access to the Chronicle of Philanthropy for the MSU Community.
(Last checked 05/02/18)


Annual Charity Index. Arlington, Va. : Council of Better Business Bureaus, Philanthropic Advisory Service, annual. HV85 .A73
Latest edition in Remote Storage
Also check out web page for more recent information.
(Last checked 05/02/18)

A Guide for Giving 250 Charities and How They Use Your Money. Howard Gershen. New York, N.Y. : Pantheon Books, 1990. 341pp. Remote Storage HV97 .A3 G47 1990


Michigan Attorney General's Office Information Resources

Michigan Attorney General's Office: Charitable Trust Section
Provides an overview of the Attorney General's legal responsibilities concerning charities in the state of Michigan and how to go about registering a charity in the state of Michigan. The web site also includes a number of informational brochures, including:

(Last checked 05/02/18)

For more information about charities or other nonprofit organizations in Michigan, contact:
Consumer Protection & Charitable Trusts Section
Office of the Attorney General
P. O. Box 30214
Lansing, MI 48909
Telephone: (517) 373-1152
Fax: (517) 335-1935

The Charitable Trusts Section can provide copies of nonprofit or charity tax returns for a fee. Call to Find out the cost.
Charitable Trusts Section
Office of the Attorney General
P. O. Box 30214
Lansing, MI 48909
Telephone: (517) 373-1152
Fax: (517) 335-1935  

U.S. Internal Revenue Service Information

How to Apply to the IRS for Charity Certification
(Last checked 05/02/18)




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