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Starting a Non-Profit Organization : A Resource List

Here's a short list of resources to consult for background information on starting a nonprofit organization:

Michigan Nonprofit Association
Starting a Nonprofit Organization in Michigan
(Last checked 09/12/17)

Forming a Nonprofit Corporation in Michigan
Resources for state-specific information on forming a nonprofit organization. Courtesy of the Citizen Media Law Project.
(Last checked 09/12/17)

How Do I Start a Nonprofit Organization?
Advice from the Foundation Center's GrantSpace Knowledge Base.
(Last checked 09/12/17)

How to Start a Non-Profit Organization in Michigan
Courtesy of Harbor Business Compliance.
(Last checked 09/12/17)

Starting a Michigan Nonprofit Organization
Links and information on initial filings for forming a nonprofit organization in Michigan. Courtesy of Hurwit & Associates.
(Last checked 09/12/17)

Foundation Center's FAQ on Establishing a Nonprofit Organization
The Foundation Center helps non-profit groups learn how to solicit foundation grants and deal with other aspects of financing and managing a new charity. The center's headquarters is at 79 Fifth Avenue, New York 10003-3076; (212) 620-4230 or (800) 424-9836; fax (212) 807-3677.
(Last checked 09/12/17)

National Center for Charitable Statistics Nonprofit FAQ
(Last checked 09/12/17)

Minnesota Council of Nonprofits : How to Start a Nonprofit Organization
You want to start a nonprofit? Great! MCN commends you for embarking on this wonderful new endeavor and welcomes you to the nonprofit sector. We hope the following information is helpful to you as think about starting a new organization. We also hope you'll rely on MCN as a information resource as you grow your nonprofit into a strong and successful organization. Advice from the Minnesota Council of Nonprofits.
(Last checked 09/12/17)

Tax Info for Charities and Other Non-Profits
(Last checked 09/12/17)

IRS Publication 557: Tax Exempt Status for Your Organization
(Last checked 09/12/17)

NonProfitExpert.Com's Starting a Nonprofit
(Last checked 09/12/17)

Nonprofit Resource Guide
A directory of agencies that provide nonprofits assistance.
(Last checked 09/12/17)

Nonprofit Virtual Library
A compilation of resources on running a nonprofit.
(Last checked 09/12/17)

The following books may be of help. All are available for consultation in the Michigan State University Libraries and can be obtained through interlibrary loan or purchased through a local bookstore.

250 Questions for Starting a Nonprofit. Martin Stephens. Adams Media Corporation. 208pp. on order : From budgets to bylaws, 250 Questions for Starting a Nonprofit provides you with the knowledge you need to make a plan, set realistic goals, and obtain sustainable financing for your nonprofit. This easy-to-understand guide walks you through each step of the process with Q&As that show you how to turn a grassroots idea into a federally recognized organization. Inside, you'll find detailed explanations on:
(1) The differences and similarities between organizations and corporations
(2) Publicizing and advertising through social media
(3) Using crowdsourcing sites like Kickstarter to raise money
(4) Forming the initial board of directors and filing incorporation documents
(5) Attracting the best volunteers and staff members

The everything guide to starting and running a nonprofit : all you need to establish, manage, and maintain a successful nonprofit business Jim Goettler. Avon, Mass. : Adams Media, c2010. 289pp. Funding Center (1 East) HD62.6 .G648 2010
Accompanied by a CD-ROM (located in the Digital and Multimedia Center (4 West) containing sample documents of articles of incorporation, bylaws, budgets, and IRS nonprofit status applications.

How to Form a Nonprofit Corporation, seventh or 2005 Edition. Anthony Mancuso. Berkeley, Ca. : Nolo Press, 2005. MSU College of Law Library KF1388.Z9 M36 2005
An in-depth guide to the legal aspects of starting a non-profit organization, including how to obtain tax-exempt status from the Internal Revenue Service. It includes state-by-state resources and software with samples of legal documents. Published by Nolo Press, 950 Parker Street, Berkeley, Cal. 94710; (800) 992-6656; fax (800) 645-0895.

How to Form a Nonprofit Corporation : With Forms. Mark Warda. Naperville, IL Sphinx Publishing, A Division of Sourcebooks, 2000. MSU faculty and staff can access this title online via NetLibrary. A legal survival guide.

Nonprofit fundraising 101 : a practical guide with easy to implement ideas & tips from industry experts. Darian Rodriguez Heyman with Laila Brenner. Hoboken, New Jersey : Wiley, [2016] 334pp. Ebook : Nonprofit Fundraising 101 is a practical guide for nonprofit professionals and decision makers that helps them take their cause mobile. Building on the success of the author's previous title, Nonprofit Management 101, Nonprofit Fundraising 101 takes readers deep into the specific applications of mobile technology -- one of the hottest topics for nonprofits. This this new book provides readers with practical tips and tools, as well as expert advice and insights from a variety of well-recognized industry experts, comprehensively addressing all areas a nonprofit can utilize mobile technology. It expertly addresses how to use mobile to build and retain audiences, manage and promote content, recruit and utilize volunteers, fundraise more efficiently and effectively, and monitor organizations' goals and key performance indicators, as well as offers specific mobile tools and applications that will meet each nonprofits needs. Readers of this book get a comprehensive look at a critical and emerging set of tools and practices, all designed to empower and enable them to use mobile technology to run their nonprofits more effectively and efficiently. Also features a toolkit of resources, best practices, and practical tips to establish and maintain a robust mobile presence for their nonprofit. Nonprofit Fundraising 101 addresses the entire spectrum of mobile technology use for nonprofits, including information on topics ranging from organizational effectiveness, audience building and communications strategies, volunteer recruitment and management, as well as an overall guide to existing tools and applications

The Nonprofit Handbook : Everything You Need to Know to Start and Run Your Nonprofit Organization Gary M. Grobman. Harrisburg, Pa : White Hat Communications, c2005. 4th ed., 469pp. Main Library HD62.6 .G762 2005
The definitive reference manual for starting and running a nonprofit corporation in the United States, this handbook provides information on everything from legal issues to fundraising techniques. Details of how to incorporate, register to lobby, apply for tax exemptions, and comply with charitable solicitation laws are included for every state and for the District of Columbia. Information about current federal laws, regulations, and court decisions that apply to nonprofits, as well as on staffing, advocacy, strategic planning, and bookkeeping is provided. This updated edition includes a discussion on the trends in nonprofit management and the future of the nonprofit sector.

The Nonprofit Handbook. Fund raising. James M. Greenfield. New York, N.Y. : John Wiley & Sons, 2001. 3rd edition, 1154pp. Funding Center (1 East) HD62.6 .N662 2001

The Nonprofit Handbook. Management. Tracy Daniel Connors. New York, N.Y. : John Wiley & Sons, 2001. 3rd edition, 932pp. Gast Business Library HD62.6 .N662 2001

Nonprofit management 101 : a complete and practical guide for leaders and professionals. Darian Rodriguez Heyman, editor. San Franciso, CA : Jossey-Bass, [2011] 643pp. Gast Business Library HD62.6 .N657 2011 (Also available as an ebook) : A comprehensive handbook for leading a successful nonprofit this handbook can educate and empower a whole generation of nonprofit leaders and professionals by bringing together top experts in the field to share their knowledge and wisdom gained through experience. This book provides nonprofit professionals with the conceptual frameworks, practical knowledge, and concise guidance needed to succeed in the social sector. Designed as a handbook, the book is filled with sage advice and insights from a variety of trusted experts that can help nonprofit professionals prepare to achieve their organizational and personal goals, develop a better understanding of what they need to do to lead, support, and grow an effective organization. Addresses a wealth of topics including fundraising, Managing Technology, Marketing, Finances, Advocacy, Working with Boards. Contributors are noted nonprofit experts who define the core capabilities needed to manage a successful nonprofit.

Starting and Managing a Nonprofit Organization : a Legal Guide. Bruce R. Hopkins. New York: Wiley, 2001. 3rd edition, 344pp. Gast Business Library KF1388 .H66 2001
Discusses state and federal tax and fund-raising laws that govern the creation and operation of a non-profit organization. MSU faculty and students also have access to an electronic version of the 2001 edition. Note: 2005 edition available in the MSU College of Law Library.

Starting and Running a Nonprofit Organization. Joan M. Hummel. Minneapolis, Minn. : University of Minnesota Press, c1996. 2nd edition, 152pp. Gast Business Library HD62.6 .H85 1996

Tax Planning and Compliance for Tax-Exempt Organizations : forms, checklists, procedures. Jody Blazek. John Wiley & Sons, 1999. 3rd edition, 818pp. Available in the Michigan State University Gast Business Library KF6449 .B58 1999

More resources on starting a non-profit organization can also be found in The Non-Profit Handbook, an annual supplement published by The Chronicle. To obtain a copy, call (202) 466-1234.




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