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Ann Marie Sanders Nomination Letters

Diane VanderPol's Nomination Letter on behalf of Ann Sanders:

I nominate Ann Marie Sanders, Depository Librarian, Library of Michigan, for the Bernadine Abbott Hoduski Award.

I have known Ann Sanders for nearly as long as I have been a Depository Librarian at a selective depository library in Michigan. Ann replaced Anne Diamond as my Regional Librarian in the fall of 1995, and she hit the ground running! She set up an ambitious schedule for personally visiting depository libraries in the state, including those in Michigan’s upper peninsula (at a distance of over 500 miles!); she and Cass Hartnett, Michigan’s other Regional Librarian at the time, reported on Depository Library Conferences and conducted biennial and geographic area meetings in the state; she provided training sessions for new depository librarians and staff members; she visited local depository librarians’ meetings; and she gave guidance and encouragement to libraries preparing for inspections. Recently she has assumed total responsibility for regional service to the depository libraries in Michigan following the decision of Detroit Public Library to relinquish regional status.

I am currently completing my first term on the Michigan Council of Federal Depository Libraries. Ann is a permanent member of the Council, so I have seen her in action in this capacity in addition to knowing her as my Regional Librarian. She has the amazing ability to recall the smallest detail from Instructions to Depository Libraries and yet not lose her overall vision for the program. She is open to new ideas – when we last updated our state plan she was willing to completely revamp the entire plan instead of merely making minor changes in the existing plan. The plan has since been approved by the directors of all forty-three depositories in the state as well as by the State Librarian. She has shepherded the selectives from the monthly handling of disposal lists through the ongoing move to a more electronic depository library system. She set up a system for electronically submitted disposal lists that includes a web page that tracks the progress of the list at the Library of Michigan from receipt through final approval. She has a firm grasp of the major issues, and freely shares her knowledge with her colleagues.

One of Ann’s greatest strengths is the ability to articulate her ideas clearly, both in speaking and in writing – and often with a touch of humor. She has put together a wonderful presentation on rare government documents, and after attending her session at a past Depository Library Conference I immediately went back to my library to how many rare documents we have in our nearly forty-year old collection. I was surprised!

Ann is clearly a presence at the Depository Library Conference, and she is not shy about asking well-informed questions. In fact at the recent Fall 2005 conference she actually asked a question that stumped the Public Printer!

My acquaintance with Ann is primarily through her work as my Regional Librarian and through our collaboration on the state council – both of which are in-state programs. But some of Ann’s significant contributions to the depository community have been made at the national level through her work on behalf of all regional libraries, and these are summarized by Janet Fisher in a separate letter. Other letters of support are coming from: Grace York, a colleague and Coordinator of the Documents Center at the University of Michigan; and Nancy Robertson, the Deputy Director of the Library of Michigan and Ann’s current supervisor.

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Grace York's Nomination Letter:

We Michiganians would prefer to keep Ann Marie Sanders all to ourselves. What a dynamo with a heart and soul as large as the entire depository library program! But, alas, our mothers taught us to share. So – for Mom’s sake and for Ann’s – I am delighted to support her nomination for the Bernadine Abbott Hoduski Founder’s Award.

Ann worked in government documents at Western Michigan University before graduating from library school and moving to Tennessee. She was lured back to the state in 1995 to become the Library of Michigan’s regional depository librarian. And, and Diane VanderPol has eloquently stated, “she hit the ground running.”

Most impressive is the individual care she has given to each of the selective depositories within her region. She has been determined to visit 20-42 libraries once every three years, blizzard, road repair or not. She and her regional colleagues at the Detroit Public (Cass Hartnett followed by Paula Kaczmarek) prepared us thoroughly for self studies and inspections. Ann represented the state when the Alma College librarian retired. She helped Ferris State University become a depository in 2001 before Congressional redistricting would eliminate a vacancy. She adopted the libraries in southeast Michigan in 2004 when the Detroit Public Library ceded its regional status. On October 9, 2005, the day her husband was due to return from reserve duty in New Orleans, Ann traveled 60 miles to Eastern Michigan University to give a presentation for the depository’s 40th anniversary.

In addition to individual care, Ann has been exemplary in providing numerous training sessions for new depository librarians, professional associations and the public each year. Her presentation on depository library operations to twelve Russian librarians in 2001 generated lots of interest and questions despite language barriers. Ann conducts biennial meetings of all depository librarians in the state with three geographic area meetings in alternate years. Reviewing GODORT-Michigan’s program schedule for the past 10 years, she must have either spoken at or hosted every single one.

Ann’s enthusiasm for the depository library program and her sense of humor are legendary. She combines both with common sense and the ability to work with everyone from a diverse group of depositories to four state librarians. Michigan’s depository disposal protocols allow some flexibility in handling large sets while maintaining a complete state collection. Ann developed a system for electronically submitted disposal lists. She established a listserv for Michigan depository coordinators. The Michigan State Plan for Federal Depository Libraries was completely revised in 2004 to reflect changes created by the electronic distribution of government information.

Ann has provided leadership on a national level through her active participation in regional librarian meetings. Her daughters, both born during her Michigan tenure, have only missed one trip to a fall Depository Library Council meeting in their lives!

Closer to home, Ann is also responsible for the State of Michigan depository library program and a good portion of the Library of Michigan web site. Her web pages at,1607,7-160-17449_18637---,00.html are iconic. They include a promotional brochure which selective depositories may adapt for themselves, progress of processing disposal lists, the Michigan State Plan for Federal Depositories, Michigan documents shipping lists, and a manual for state documents depositories.

Ann, together with Paula Kaczmarek, was recognized by the Government Documents Round Table of Michigan in 2003 with the Jennie Award for “exemplary leadership to the Michigan documents community” and “for championing the value of documents to our citizenry.” Ann has provided exemplary leadership to the entire documents community. I truly hope she will be recognized for her wonderful career.

Nancy Robertson's Nomination Letter:

I write in full support of the nomination of Ann Marie Sanders for the Bernadine Abbott Hoduski Founders Award. Ms. Sanders has been the Regional Federal Depository Librarian and the Michigan Documents Depository Librarian for the Library of Michigan for over ten years, and I have worked with her during that entire period.

Ann is well respected within the state, as well as nationally, for her keen understanding of the guidelines and standards for both the state and the federal depository programs. Beyond that, however, she also fully grasps the reasoning and impetus behind those guidelines and standards and is able to articulate why and how it is best for participating libraries within the state of Michigan and elsewhere to use them in managing their documents collections, facilities and staffing to enhance the quality and comprehensiveness of the services they seek to provide for their patrons.

Ann is not just a superior advocate and facilitator for how things have worked best, in the past and in the present, though. She is an innovative thinker and someone willing and able to meet new challenges for the achievement of broader success for her depository libraries statewide and for how others can implement new models of operation nationwide. This is the kind of attitude and spirit that has allowed her to achieve the national reputation she has developed.

A few years ago, she was the driving force in the Library of Michigan’s partnership with G.P.O. to create the Regional Depository Web pages that serve all of the Regional Federal Depository Libraries in the country. She was the initiator, as well, of the Library of Michigan’s groundbreaking entrance, for this state at least, into the Digital Archive pilot project and continues to work for expansion of the reach of the digital archiving of web documents produced by all agencies and branches of Michigan government.

This past year, Ann initiated the request of the Library of Michigan to participate in the first, pilot phase of the G.P.O. consultant initiative project, and she worked very closely with G.P.O. staff and management in the planning and implementation of the project. Once the trial project was closed, Ann was specifically invited to participate on a task force that will work with G.P.O. and the University of Maryland in establishing guidelines for the next phase of that consultant initiative project. These are the types of activities that allow Ann to continually expand her knowledge base, her expertise and her interaction with the myriad of professionals within the documents communities at home, regionally and nationally.

Ann never settles for the status quo for herself or from the libraries she serves. Her creativity and knack for successful collaboration are the cornerstones of the outstanding success she has achieved in her field. I hope that you and your selection committee decide to honor her for these achievements with the Hoduski Founders Award. Thank you for your consideration.

Janet Fisher's Nomination Letter:

I am thrilled to support the nomination of Ann Marie Sanders for the Bernadine Abbott Hoduski Founders Award.

Periodically I have consulted with Ann about state documents concerns, although my greatest familiarity with her abilities has been in the area of federal documents. This will be the focus of my support for Ann to receive this prestigious award.

Ann is a leader in federal documents depository efforts. Ann has worked with a few other documents librarians to create the Regionals’ Pages for the use of regional librarians and for selective depository librarians who need guidance and best practices resources. In April 2000, she gave a presentation at the Depository Library Council meeting on this web resource. Through Ann’s efforts, the regional page is kept up-to-date and hosted by the Library of Michigan.

Ann has been active in sharing her knowledge of the depository system and providing service to selective depositories and to the public. Ann and I have worked together on two presentations on assisting selective depositories. At the 1997 Regionals’ meeting in Minneapolis, Minnesota, Ann detailed her activities in Michigan and made recommendations as part of a presentation on “Encouraging Effective Selectives: Helps, Hints, and the Experience of Regionals.” The second presentation we worked together on was “Profile of a Successful Depository Library – A Regional Perspective” presented at the Depository Library Council meeting in Reno, Nevada (April 2003). It was clear that Ann communicates regularly with the depository librarians in her state and is always looking to improve the services that her regional depository offers to the depository librarians in her state. These examples of services in Michigan and suggestions for improvements in all types of depositories are an indication of her knowledge of the field and efforts to continuously improve service.

Ann also pushed forward to get the first GPO consultant to assist in outreach efforts and evaluation of depository needs in Michigan. The proposal process and final signoff on the Memorandum of Understanding took 18 months. Ann was able to gain and sustain the support of her state library in this project, enabling the state library to clearly assess the value of the consultant.

The Michigan depository structure has long been a model for other states of an active depository consortium with the interest of the regional depository librarian and selective depositories to inform the public. Ann has represented the state library and the depository libraries of Michigan in an exemplary way.

I highly recommend Ann Marie Sanders for the Bernadine Abbott Hoduski Founders Award. It has been a privilege to work with Ann for the last 10 years and to give my support to GODORT for this recognition of Ann’s talents and long-term commitment to the field.

P.S. Special thanks to Diane VanderPol (Documents and Reference/Instruction Librarian, Hekman Library, Calvin College and Calvin Theological Seminary, 1855 Knollcrest Circle SE, Grand Rapids, MI 49546) for having the heart and initiative to nominate others for this and other awards over the years! The Red Tape Editor

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