1. Run GODORT business meetings.
  2. Arrange and run executive board meetings.
  3. Present the annual report at the annual spring meeting.
  4. Coordinate with the Thurston Award Committee.
  5. Write letters on behalf of GODORT at the request of the membership.
  6. Decide, with the executive board, any changes in annual membership fees, and present this to the membership at the annual spring meeting.
  7. In January appoint a nominating committee for executive board officers whose term is expiring.
  8. Coordinate ballots for the election, or appoint someone to do so.
  9. Appoint Liaison to Michigan Council of Depository Libraries

Past President:

  1. Make a list of new executive board officers and send it to each one. Include position, institution, phone and fax numbers, and e-mail addresses.
  2. Make sure newly-elected executive board officers have a copy of the current bylaws.
  3. Have new GODORT letterhead and envelopes printed as necessary.

President-Elect/Program Chair:

  1. Coordinate at least 2 programs, one of which is to be the annual spring meeting. Include time on the programs for business meetings of GODORT (as a whole, not the executive board meetings).
  2. Coordinate nametags, printed programs/agendas, and registrations.


  1. Keep minutes of GODORT business meetings and executive board meetings.
  2. Type changes to the by-laws when amended and distribute these to the executive board and the Red Tape Editor.
  3. Maintain the GODORT Calendar.
  4. Maintain the GODORT Manual of Duties.


  1. Keep the organization's accounts (track the income from membership, program registrations, etc.).
  2. Balance the checkbook.
  3. Present annual or semi-annual report on the State of the Treasury.
  4. Maintain the membership list (up-to-date name and address information, membership year's paid). Provide the membership information to the Red Tape Editor for mailings.
  5. Write checks to cover organizational expenses relating to meetings and other business (reimbursement for postage, etc.)
  6. Bring the checkbook, receipt book, and membership forms to GODORT meetings.
  7. Send an acknowledgement letter to new members.


  1. Coordinate award nominations:
  2. Put a note in Red Tape early in the calendar year asking for nominations for the Lifetime Achievement and Jennie awards; announce at meetings, etc.
  3. Present nominations to the executive board for decisions on awardees.
  4. Send a letter to the awardees notifying them; ask them to come to the annual meeting for presentation. (GODORT will pay for their program fee). Copy this letter to the Program Chair.
  5. Have plaques/bowls made for the awardees in time for the annual spring meeting.
  6. Maintain a file of applications for the Boyles Professional Development Award.

Liaison to Michigan Council of Depository Libraries:

  1. Attend meetings of the Michigan Federal Depository Libraries Council (MFDLC.)
  2. Solicit the views and positions of the members of GODORT of Michigan and represent these views and positions to the MFDLC.
  3. Present a written or oral report to the executive board after each meeting of the MFDLC.

Red Tape Editor:

  1. Edit the newsletter.
  2. Oversee the publishing and distribution of the newsletter, in print and electronic formats.
  3. Update the mailing list for the newsletter with the membership information provided by the Treasurer.
  4. Maintain the GODORT of Michigan Website.

Prepared by Kim Ranger, Grand Valley State University, 6/95.

Updated by Barbara Glover, Eastern Michigan University, 9/00.

Updated by Barbara Glover, Eastern Michigan University, 1/01.

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