JUNE 2000

Sharon Bradley has forwarded the Godort of Michigan Executive Board minutes for November 8, 1998. If you are interested, they are available at

Carole Callard, Library of Michigan, is giving a presentation at the National Archives in Washington, D.C. on July 10-14, 2000 on Goverment Documents for Librarians, Genealogists, Archivists and Historians and also on the WPA.

Sandra Church at the University of Detroit Mercy McNichols Campus Library was married on May 20, 2000 at the Dearborn, Inn and honeymooned on Captiva Island in Florida. She is now Sandra Church Wilson. Sandra's telephone number is (313) 993-1071 and her e-mail is in case you want to congratulate her.

Judith J. Field, Senior Lecturer, Library and Information Science Program, Wayne State University, recently received the 2000 WSU Excellence in Teaching Award for her commitment to giving a quality education to the next generation of library and information science leaders. The selection committee selected Field based upon her excellence in three areas: teaching, instructional materials and advising/mentoring. She is also a long-time member of Godort of Michigan and has taught many government documents classes over time. Source: Paula Kaczmarek, Detroit Public Library, Government Documents Department, (313) 833-1025; E-mail:; GOVDOC-M, May 17, 2000.

Debbie Gallagher will be conducting a workshop for the Michigan Economic Developers Association on August 24th at their Annual Conference at Crystal Lake Resort. The MEDA participants are interested in enhancing their knowledge of Michigan government web sites, as well as other sites that will provide statistics, research, best practices and legislative and regulatory updates. In conjunction with the conference, she has an article in the MEDA magazine, Association News "A Guide to State Government Online" with tips on researching issues, contacting state officials and dealing with the press. On September 7th, Debbie is scheduled to conduct a workshop with the opposite point of view at the Michigan Department of Environmental Quality Annual Workshop. DEQ staff wants to know about other sites that will help them in their work at DEQ. We'll cover non-profits, educational and research sites, media, government and NGOs and how each can be used in preparing for meeting and talking with businesses, the community and the press. If you'd like handouts, outlines, etc. from either of these presentations when they're over, please e-mail Debbie. Source: Debbie Gallagher, Government Information Specialist, Michigan Electronic Library, Ann Arbor District Library Northeast Branch Library, 2713 Plymouth Road, Ann Arbor MI 48105-2427; E-mail:; Phone: (734) 996-3180; Fax: (734) 994-1856.

Cassandra Hartnett, former Regional Depository Librarian at Detroit Public Library and now at the University of Washington Libraries, is the new moderator for GOVDOC-L. Cass also was instrumental in starting up a Government Documents round table in the northwest.

Kate Pittsley, a former Godort of Michigan officer and still a member, is now in charge of the Michigan Teacher Network at If you ever gets questions from school teachers, you should check out this great resource.

Michael Samson reports that renovation of the WSU Arthur Neef Law Library started on April 25, 2000.  Renovation information (scope, challenges, schedule, services, pictures) is posted and updated regularly at: After the renovation is completed, all the government documents will be located on the lower level. The library home page will provide an interactive floor plan when the move is completed. A picture of government documents 'as of now' can be found at: Source: Michael Samson, Librarian, Arthur Neef Law Library, Wayne State University, 468 W. Ferry Mall, Detroit, MI 48292; e-mail: ; telephone: 313-577-6184; fax: 313-577-5498; url:

Grace York reports that she has been having her best year since 1971. Not only did she live to see the new millennium, but she also travelled to St. Petersburg and Moscow at the invitation of the U.S. Department of State to represent the United States depository program, received a promotion at the University of Michigan to full Librarian, received the Marta Lange Award from ALA's Law and Political Science Section, and connected her house to Ann Arbor City water and sewer! So what next? The GPO self-study.

Michael (Mike) Vetman has accepted the position as Government Documents Librarian at Zumberge Library, Grand Valley State University, (Allendale, MI 49401) and will start on June 12, 2000. His new addresses include: telephone: (616) 895-2863; fax: (616) 895-2895) e-mail: Thanks to Kim Ranger for forwarding this information.

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