MARCH 2001

Grace Brainin, Government Documents Librarian since 1984, is retiring after 28 1/2 years of service at the Royal Oak Public Library. She was instrumental in having the Royal Oak Public Library designated as a depository library. Until a librarian is permanently appointed to be the documents coordinator Pamela Gosik, Head of Adult Reference, will fill in.

Fran Buckley visited Sue Davidsen's Government Documents class at the University of Michigan School of Information on March 19th and gave a presentation on "And You Think Your In-Box Is Full: A Day in the Life of the Superintendent of Documents.

Kim Fournier, documents clerk at Schoolcraft College, developed a document check-in database using Microsoft Access almost a year ago. All documents received since April 2000 have been entered. Recently, this database was loaded to a shared library drive and it is available to librarians at the Reference Desk. The database provides us with a check-in record and complete shipping list information. We can query for withdrawals, and can identify in which part of our collection each document is located : reference, general collection, microfiche cabinet, offsite housing, etc. We recently copied our database to a zip disk and sent it with instructions to a DocTech in New York for a try-out. For further information about this database contact Kim Fournier at 734-462-4400 x5322 or .

Paula Kaczmarek reports that the Detroit Public Library has had Census training workshops for the staff. Three sessions of two hours each were offered in January and we repeated the training in March. It is easier for staff in the branches and departments to come to the lab for training for a few hours than it is to be away from their agencies all day. The sessions were hampered by the everchanging websites of the Census Bureau, and American FactFinder. This training will be improved and will be repeated starting again in the summer or fall. If there is interest from GODORT members we could open up registration, as we did with GPO Access training a few years back. If there is interest we could also schedule some all day sessions, with a lunch break, and people would not have to travel in on three separate days.

Jim LaMacchia has replaced Steven Klukowski as the documents contact for the Michigan State University Detroit College of Law Library.

Tom Manion is the new documents librarian in the Sociology and Economics Department at the Detroit Public Library. He started in March, which means there are now 4 librarians in that very busy department. Tom took the documents class at WSU a few years back.

Rhoda McGinnis is serving as the documents coordinator at Wayne State University's Purdy-Kresge Library following Sally Lawler's resignation.

Mary Murphy, Assistant Director at the Hackley Public Library in Muskegon, has taken over Marilyn Ryan's government documents duties.

Maureen Olle now has a couple of new addresses: Social Sciences/Government Documents Librarian, Troy Middleton Library, Louisiana State University, 53A Middleton Library, Baton Rouge, LA 70803; Work Phone: 225-578-7021; Fax: 225-578-9432; E-mail: You can also write to 4155 Essen Lane Apt. 255, Baton Rouge, LA 70809 or call 225-248-9484.

Julia Pointer, Clerical Assistant, left Detroit Public Library on March 23. She is a writer, who started a new career as a high school English teacher on March 26, with a position as a permanent substitute at Central High School in Detroit. She will be teaching Senior Honors English, Creative Writing (juniors), and will receive her Masters in English in May from University of Detroit Mercy. At her goodbye fete she said she really enjoyed working with documents and learning about the government. She was curious to see what changes might happen with a new Adminstration. But opportunity knocked, so she walked through the door to a new career.

Madelyn Ryan is replacing Sue Stancliff as the government documents contact person at Bloomfield Township Public Library. Madelyn can be contacted at

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