Issue 96, MARCH 2003

John Downey, International Documents Librarian at the University of Michigan, will be retiring to Arizona at the end of August. (GY)

Congratulations to Jodie Gardner of Delta College who just had twins on Feb 28, 2003. Elisabeth Grace Gardner was 6 pounds 6 oz and 17.5 inches long and Abigail Ruth Gardner was 5 pounds 1 oz and 17.5 inches long. Gardner will resume her duties as Delta college's Depository Librarian at the end of May. While Mom is on maternity leave,Gloria Kriewall will be handling depository duties at Delta.

On November 20, the Senate unanimously confirmed Bruce James, former CEO of Barclays Law Publishers and current Chairman of the Congressional Roundtable of Printing Industries of America, as the 24th Public Printer of the United States. Regarding the recent debate over contracting out printing away from the Government Office of Printing, James stated that he will stay clear of the controversy. He sees it as "an issue between Congress and the Executive." He pledged to do everything in his power to ensure that all printed materials successfully reach the 1,300 depositories throughout the nation for public access. Source: NCC Washington Update, Vol. 8, no. 48, Dec. 4, 2002.

Richard Maciejewski was named Detroit Public's Librarian of the Year for 2002. Richard has been head of the Municipal Reference Library for just about forever. He was GODORT of Michigan President in 1987-88. (GY)

Judy Russell has been appointed the Superintendent of Documents, the first woman to hold this office.

Michael Samson from the Arthur Neef Law Library at Wayne State University will be attending the 2003 Spring Council Meeting in Reno, Nevada, in April and will be making a presentation on "Take e-Government Everywhere: Share e-Government Without an Active Internet Connection". The preliminary agenda is avaialable at

Ann Marie Sanders, Library of Michigan, will also be presenting "Profile of a Successful Depository Library—A Regional Perspective" at the 2003 Spring Council Meeting in Reno. (MS)

Denise Schoene, Documents Assistant at the University of Michigan, was the recipient of last fall's Library Streamliner's Award for her efforts to digitize the 1929 Detroit City Directory for use with the 1930 Census Schedules. (GY)

Ann Swaney reports that the Northern Michigan College Osterlin Library has redesigned their Government Documents Web Page. According to Ann, "we have a few graphics to add yet, but I'd be interested in any feedback that people want to share." Her e-mail address is

Grace York reports that the University of Michigan mounted its first Marcive tapes on February 24. Federal depository documents will continue to be distributed to divisional libraries and most will be classified. However, the Marcive records will track previously uncataloged microfiche and pamphlet collections while adding electronic monographs to the on-line catalog.

Grace York also reports that she has developed a new web page that may be of interest to all Government Documents Librarians entitled Boolean Protocols of Political Science Data Bases. It provides comparative searches in about 17 different search engines from GPO Access to JSTOR to Google to Proquest. Well worth copying and adapting for your own libraries!

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