Issue 102, MARCH 2004

The Detroit Public Library is taking a one year hiatus from regional depository library responsibilities. During this time the library will re-evaluate the collection and DPLís role in the Federal Depository Library Program. All depository library files for Michigan selective depositories maintained at DPL are in the process of being transferred to the Library of Michigan. The vast majority of files have already been moved. Discard lists should be sent directly and exclusively to the Library of Michigan. Effective immediately do not send any discard lists to DPL. Effective immediately no disposal response letters will be sent by DPL. The remaining regional library, Library of Michigan, is the sole authority for disposal of federal depository items in the state. Selective depository libraries should send all queries for regional assistance to Ann Marie Sanders at the Library of Michigan. It has been a great pleasure for me and the documents staff to work with the depository libraries across the state in providing regional services. Along with the reference staff we look forward to a cooperative relationship with the depository community and the FDLP in this year. Source: Paula Kaczmarek, Detroit Public Library, MichGPO, March 28, 2004.

The Library of Michigan launched a new marketing URL on February 9th to allow quick and easy access to web information about both federal and state documents programs. This creates a short plain-English link or bookmark to documents information, and replaces the eagle logo on the Dept. of History, Arts & Libraries home page. (We eventually hope to add the eagle logo to the Library of Michigan's agency page, where it's more appropriate.) The link is: Source: Ann Marie Sanders, Head, Government Documents; Telephone: (517) 373-9489; E-mail:

The Osterlin Library at Northwestern Michigan College in Traverse City will be undergoing renovation currently scheduled from mid-May to early September. The library staff along with most of the reference collection, including some gov docs, will be moving to the building next door to the library. We will not be doing any loaning of materials until we're settled back in the renovated building. The telephone numbers will probably remain the same. You can contact Government Documents Librarian Ann Swaney at (231) 995-1065 and the library reference desk at (231) 995-1540.

The Thompson Library of the University of Michigan-Flint (0282) has withdrawn from the FDLP. The mechanism by which our collection will be disbursed is still pending. However, any library which has experienced fire, flood, building collapse or other disaster and knows somewhat which areas of the collection are no longer available/usable, etc. should contact Ann Sanders, Library of Michigan [] to request priority access to our disposal lists. New depositories may also want to consider what we have. Onsite visits will be welcomed once the procedure is approved and operational. Source: Dorothy Gae Davis, Documents Librarian, Thompson Library Documents, University of Michigan-Flint, Flint MI 48502-1950; E-mail:

Is anyone going to the Depository Library Council Meeting in St. Louis, Mo, April 18-21, 2004? The Red Tape Editor would love to include whatever you learn in the next issue of Red Tape.

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