Issue 103, MAY 2004

Superintendent of Documents Judith C. Russell delivered a lecture at the EMU/Marriott Eagle Crest Conference Center in Ypsilanti on May 12th on the topic "Paperless Federal Government: The Move from Paper to Electronic Information." Source: Barbara Glover, Federal Depository Librarian, Eastern Michigan University; GOVDOC-M, May 4, 2004.

Ann Sanders will be out on leave for several months recovering from a burst appendix and getting ready to move into a new home! Bernadette Bartlett will be happy to answer questions concerning federal documents or the federal depository program during the interim. Ann Sanders should be back at work in June 2004.

Ball State University created a number of public service announcements about government documents, research libraries, etc. to run on the area's public television station, WIPB-Muncie. One PSA of particular interest is about finding and using government information. You can see it at The PSA idea was suggested by our Dean of University Libraries and filming was done by a campus crew. It ran several dozen times during Fall Semester 2003. Source; Diane Calvin, INDIGO: Indiana Networking for Documents and Information of Government Organizations (A Special Interest Group for State and Federal Government Information), Volume 10, #1 Fall-Winter 2003-2004

Tired of trying to find the Library of Michigan home page via the Department of History, Arts, and Libraries web page? The Library of Michigan now has a new direct link to its Web site at (Old links to this page using,1607,7-160-17445_19270---,00.html will continue to work.)

Trying to find something specific within the Library of Michigan web pages? Check out the link that reads "Library Collections and Services" under "Library of Michigan" on the left hand side of the page about 1/3 of the way down. And please let us know if you need additional help finding something at the Web site! Source: Sonya Schryer Norris, Web Site Administrator, Library of Michigan; telephone: 800-992-9012; MICHLIB-L, May 6, 2004.

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