Beverlee Babcock has replaced Bill Vine as documents coordinator at the Macomb County Library. Her e-mail address is (

Anne Diamond reports that the Michigan State Documents Manual, the first comprehensive manual of instructions ever created for state depository library coordinators, has been completed and will be distributed in the near future.

Anne Diamond also reports she is currently collecting revised Joint Statistical Agreements with all the current participants in the State Data Center Program. When this process is completed, she plans to update and issue a new State Data Center directory in early 1995. In addition to containing entries for all the signatories, the directory will also contain a complete list of federal depository libraries in the state and the the seven census depository libraries in Alpena, Battle Creek, Bay City, Big Rapids, Grand Rapids, Holland, and Northland where census information is available.

Anne Diamond recently conducted a new Documents Coordinator Session at the Library of Michigan on November 15th for Carolyn Price, Marilyn Ryan, and Eunice Teel. In addition to a tour of the facilities at the Library of Michigan, the documents coordinators get a thorough overview of both the state and federal documents program.

Leah Ellsworth, Detroit Public Library, has transferred out of the documents world. She is now switchboard operator for DPL. Her new telephone number is (313) 833-1000.

Judy Field has taught a documents course, LS811, at Wayne State University this semester.

Debbie Gallagher has accepted a job with the M-Link Project.

Richard Goerner is the new Head of Government Documents at the J. Robert Van Pelt Library, Michigan Technological University, 1400 Townsend Drive, Houghton, MI 40031. Goerner is the former head of the Government Documents/Maps Library at Farleigh Dickinson University. Welcome to Michigan! Teresa Spence served as the interim documents coordinator until Goerner arrived.

Cass Hartnett reports that the Michigan Council of Federal Depository Libraries had a planning meeting on September 16th and *tentatively* set a date for the 1995 General Biennial Meeting. That date is Tuesday, May 9, 1995; the location will be the Library of Michigan. So mark your calendars.

Cass Hartnett has taught a documents course, ILS580, at the University of Michigan this semester called "Sources of Federal Government Information". She wishes to thank Kate Pittsley for the outline and materials she left her to conduct this class.

Mary Beth Harvey, Wayne State University Law Library, has taken a new job with BFI providing environmental training programs for school children. Her new telephone number is (810) 349-3215.

Bill Kramer is documents coordinator again at Oakland University.

Ruth Neveu has replaced Linda Cullum as the documents coordinator at Lake Superior State University. Her e-mail address is (

Darlene Pierce at Northern Michigan University has a new e-mail address: (

Carolyn Price is now in charge of Federal Documents in addition to to Michigan Documents at the Flint Public Library.

Betty Ramey at the Oakland County Reference Library has moved her operations to a newly consolidated facility called the Oakland County Library.

Debbi Schaubman has been appointed the Acting Head of the Government Documents Library at Michigan State University.

David Shirley at Central Michigan University has a new e-mail address: (

Sharon Tafunai at Southwestern Michigan College has a new e-mail address: (

Eunice Teel is now the federal documents coordinator for North Central Michigan College.

Richard Vettese at Grand Rapids Public Library has a new e-mail address: (

Sister Mary Waickman at Marygrove College has a new e-mail address: (

Grace York has compiled a new electronic directory for the 104th Congress on the University of Michigan Libraries gopher. A new directory for the Michigan Legislature cannot be far behind.

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