MARY ARGEROPOULOS will assume depository responsibilities on an interim basis at Northern Michigan University at least until the end of the spring term. Her telephone number will be (906) 227- 2270; her e-mail address is [].

SANDRA CALEMME's responsibilities have expanded to include serving as Acting University Archivist for the University of Detroit Mercy.

CAROLE CALLARD has taken advantage of an early retirement program offered by the State of Michigan; January 31, 1995 was her last day at the Library of Michigan as a state of Michigan employee. She begins work at GPO as a Depository Inspector on February 21st! Congratulations and best wishes. Callard reports that she has found an apartment near the Crystal City stop on the Washington Metro. Her new address is 1314 S. 28th St., Arlington, VA 22206; her phone number is (703) 519-8717.

SUE DAVIDSEN, former Red Tape Editor and current Editor of MLink News, has a new e-mail address []. Davidsen also reports that Go MLink will be soon making the transition from a gopher server to the world wide web and warns those who usually access it via gopher to acquire a www client like Mosaic or Netscape.

DOROTHY GAE DAVIS, University of Michigan--Flint, reports that she has a new e-mail address [] or [].

ANNE DIAMOND has taken advantage of an early retirement program offered by the State of Michigan; January 31, 1995 was her last day at the Library of Michigan. Diamond sent a letter to the federal depository librarians in Michigan thanking them for helping her make her 19 years at the Library of Michigan both enjoyable and successful. And on behalf of GODORT of Michigan, we all thank Anne for the many services she has provided to the Michigan depository community. Diamond's home address is 3536 W. Broadmoor Drive, Lansing, MI 48906.

DEBBIE GALLAGHER has a new address: 1509 Pine Valley Blvd, Apt. #12, Ann Arbor, MI 48104.

RICHARD GOERNER, head of the Government Documents Department at Michigan Tech, has a new e-mail address [].

CASS HARTNETT has agreed to serve as chair of the Michigan Council of Federal Depository Libraries; she is looking for volunteers to serve with her.

LINDA KAWAGUCHI, University of Michigan Law Library, reports that her new e-mail address is []. For the time being, her old e-mail address [] will still work.

CAROLYN LAUER, Data Services Coordinator, Michigan Information Center, has a new e-mail address [].

JOSEPH PASKOSKI, GPO Library Inspector, and CASS HARTNETT will be visiting the following libraries soon: Hoyt Public Library (March 28), St. Clair County Library (March 29), Oakland University (March 30), Livonia Civic Center Library (March 31), Oakland Community College-Orchard Ridge Campus (April 3), University of Detroit Mercy Law Library (April 4), and the Detroit College of Law Library (April 5).

DARLENE PIERCE at Northern Michigan University has been promoted to the position of Head, Public Services Division. She will complete her regular term as a member of the Michigan Council of Depository Libraries. Her new telephone number will be (906) 227-2195.

MARILYN RYAN, Hackley Public Library, Muskegon, has a new e-mail address [].

EUNICE TEEL has a new e-mail address [].

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