Clare Beck from Eastern Michigan University will have an essay ("Adelaide Hasse : The New Woman as Librarian") appearing in a new book called _Reclaiming the American Library Past : Writing the Women In_ which will be released soon by Ablex Press.

John Brandt has joined the University of Michigan's Documents Center staff as Social Science Data Librarian on September 19. In addition to serving at the public services desk, he will be working within the library and at U-M's Population Studies Center to develop user-friendly interfaces to statistical data sets. John worked as an undergraduate in documents at St. Olaf College before taking a paraprofessional position in documents at Emory University. He served as a Associate in the Graduate Library's Reference Department while attending the University of Michigan SILS program.

Sharon Bradley, Cooley Law School Library, will be attending the Fall Depository Library Council meeting in Memphis, Tennessee.

Charlotte Bynum, a recent University of Michigan SILS graduate, and new Associate Librarian for Reference Services, Detroit College of Law at Michigan State University, attended our recent GODORT of Michigan Meeting at Schoolcraft College. We hope she will come back again. Her e-mail address, for a while, is []; she can also be contacted at (313) 226-0160.

Georgia Clark, Director of the Neef Law Library and Godort of Michigan member, was recently presented with the 1995 G. Flint Purdy Memorial Award for her steadfast service to Wayne State University, the University Libraries, and the Wayne State Law School throughout her twenty-two years of employment.

Maria Danna, University of Detroit-Mercy, has a new e-mail address: [].

Sue Davidsen reports that by September 1, 1995 the Go M-Link Gopher will be history. As a result, anyone using a gopher client to access Go M-Link should start using a lynx interface or switch to Netscape, Mosaic, or Hot Java. Go M-Link's new URL will be [].

Carolyn Gaswick, Albion College, has a new e-mail address: [].

Larry Hall at Alma College has a new e-mail address: [].

Cass Hartnett is teaching ILS 580, "Sources of Federal Government Information", at the University of Michigan School of Information and Library Studies this fall. Sue Davidsen, of M-Link fame, taught the course the previous term.

Cass Hartnett also reports that the Detroit Public Library has two new library clerks; Vickie Jackson is the new Documents Clerk in the Technology and Science Division and Barbara Roseman is the new Senior Clerk in the Documents Office.

Steven Klukowski (e-mail :; telephone : 313- 226-0159) has been appointed Documents Librarian at the Detroit College of Law.

Susan Kruger has been appointed Librarian II, responsible for U.S. federal documents in the Sociology and Economics Division of the Detroit Public Library.

Arlene Nyman (Alma College Library) came with Larry Hall to attend her first GODORT of Michigan meeting at Schoolcraft College. We hope she will come again!

Terri Rogers, former Documents Librarian at the Detroit College of Law, has accepted a position as Law Librarian at the San Joaquin College of Law in Fresno, California. Scott Livingston will cover documents until a replacement is hired.

Ann Marie Sanders has been chosen as the new Librarian II, Depository Librarian in Technical Services, at the Library of Michigan. She will begin work sometime during September. Her e- mail address is [].

Debbi Schaubman, International Documents Librarian, Michigan State University, has written a guide to the U.N. World Conference on Women for students and faculty at MSU. An expanded version with web links is available on the web at [].

Janet Schneider of Bradner Library, Schoolcraft College, is the newest elected member of the Michigan Council of Federal Depository Libraries. Her term will expire in 1998. Other members of the Council include: Anne Birkam, Public Libraries of Saginaw; Cassandra Hartnett, Detroit Public Library; Darlene Pierce, Northern Michigan University; and Kim Ranger, Grand Valley State University. The permanent chair of the Council is Ann Marie Sanders.

Janet Schneider has a new e-mail address : [].

Shari Shaw is now the primary federal documents clerk at Oakland University.

Lynn Skalzalski is the new Documents Librarian at Modonna University (a selective housing site for Schoolcraft College's documents).

Grace York reports that the University of Michigan Documents Center Web Page received new graphics in August, thanks to the effort of Barbara Perles, A SILS student. The site now has separate pages for federal, foreign, international, Michigan, and state/local documents; documents in the news; documents librarianship (including job postings); statistics; political science; and class assignment guides (international simulations, Congressional research, Executive Branch research).

Grace York also reports that the Documents Librarianship Home Page includes pointers to RED TAPE, the GODORT-Michigan Home Page, ALA GODORT, ALA, ARL, the GODORT Handout Exchange, Administrative Notes, and depository libraries with web sites.

More U-M News. According to Cass Hartnett, the University of Michigan Documents Center's new quarters on the second floor of the Hatcher Graduate Library are quite beautiful and Grace York has an enviable private office. Incidentally, because of the construction of two new building connectors, it is now possible to walk from the library school (West Engineering building) through the Shapiro Undergraduate Library and Science Library to the Graduate Library.

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