MARCH 1997

Sue Davidsen, Senior Associate Librarian with the University of Michigan Library has joined the staff of Merit Network, Inc., as a Librarian effective January 20, 1997. In order to foster closer ties with the library community and a better appreciation of library interests and needs, Sue will serve as Merit's liaison to the Michigan library community. As part of Merit's effort to bolster and encourage community networking, access and contribution to Internet content, she will also serve as Merit's Community Information Coordinator to further the development of community information resources in the state of Michigan. Sue will continue in her role with the University Library's MLink Program as Director of Collections & System Development for the Michigan Electronic Library (MEL). Source : MEL-NEWS, February 5,1997.

Cassandra Hartnett will start a new job on March 24 as United States Documents Librarian at the University of Washington. Source : E-mail, February 23, 1997.

Barbara Hulyk, a former Regional Depository Supervisor at the Detroit Public Library, reports that she recently subscribed to AOL and found the Godort of Michigan and Red Tape web sites. Her America Online e-mail address is "Give my greetings to everyone. I still use documents--we get lots from NOAA , EPA, F&WS, etc. at the Mote Marine Research Lab Library where I volunteer and occasionally am paid staff. For those who wonder, retirement is great--am much too busy to work." Source : E-mail, January 16, 1997.

Paula Kaczmarek (Manager, Government Documents, Detroit Public Library, 5201 Woodward Ave., Detroit MI 48202; Telephone: (313) 833-1025; Fax: (313) 833-0156: E-mail: reports that:

  • Linda Kawaguchi's position at the University of Michigan Law Library has not been filled yet.
  • Susan Fields left St. Clair County Library in January for sunny California. Stan Arnett is acting and experienced Kathy Thomson is still the clerk there.
  • Detroit Public Library dedicated its Internet lab on January 17, but needs to work out a few glitches before making it available to the public. Should be ready soon.
  • The Biennial meeting will be April 30 at the Library of Michigan and will feature Dr. Jose-Marie Griffiths from the University of Michigan who was recently appointed to the NCLIS by Bill Clinton.
  • On May 20 Michael DiMario, the Public Printer, will be addressing OWLLS (Oakland, Wasktenaw, Wayne, Livingston, Library Network). Jennie Cross invited him and there are plans to invite a larger audience to his address. Probably will occur in the Washtenaw / Ypsilanti area.

    Diane Mayers has advertised a full-time State and Canadian Depository Librarian (Librarian I) position at the Michigan State University Libraries. Salary: $28,500 minimum, depending on qualifications. Send letter of application, resume, and names/addresses of three current references to Libraries Human Resources, Michigan State University, 100 Library, East Lansing, MI 48824-1048. Review of applications will begin January 31, 1997. For more information, call Diane Mayers at (517)432-1362; send a fax to (517)432-3532; or send an e-mail to

    Debbi Schaubman, Head, Government Documents Library at Michigan State University and International Documents Librarian, reports that the MSU Libraries have recently purchased REFWORLD, a collection of databases on a single CD ROM developed by the Centre for Documentation and Reseach of the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees. According to her, it has a lot more information than the corresponding web site mentioned in the December 1996 issue of RED TAPE. For more information, send an e-mail to :

    Robert Schroeder, Government Documents Librarian, McNichols Campus Library, University of Detroit Mercy, 4001 W. McNichols Road, Detroit, MI 48226, has a new e-mail address :

    Robin Van Alstine has advertised a full-time Federal Documents Reference Coordinator position at the Library of Michigan. (H) $14.81-$20.42 per hour (approx. $30,806-$42,474) Interested persons should submit a Library of Michigan Application for Employment form by 5:00 p.m., Februrary 29, 1997. For more information, contact Robin VanAlstine, Human Resources Director, Library of Michigan, 717 W. Allegan St. - P.O. Box 30007, Lansing, MI 48909.

    Grace York made documents news in New Jersey recently. "It was wonderful that Grace York, a leader within the library community in enhancing electronic access to government information, participated in the panel regarding the 'Devolution of Data to the States' at the recent national meeting of APDU. Coordinator of the Documents Center at the University of Michigan Library, Grace contributed the library perspective to the discussion on the shift of responsibilities and costs from the federal government. She masterfully articulated many of the challenges ahead for libraries--connectivity, equipment, software, training and personnel. These are not only technical issues but also significant budget burdens, as libraries and users face substantial new costs to make electronic information usable for their needs. These concerns are especially crucial for the almost 1400 depository libraries who, in partnership with the federal government, provide the public with no-fee local access to government information." Source : Sarah-Alicia W. Burkman, sburkman@phoenix.Princeton.EDU, "APDU Meeting Highlights", DOX-NJ, December 17, 1996.

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